A Big Mistake Pt. 02

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I was speechless as my dad let go of me, leaving the bag of clothes and everything else on my bed. He closed my bedroom door as I slowly walked over to my bed. I started picking out the items of clothing. First there was a black pencil skirt, it looked like it would stop a fair bit above my knees if I did wear it. Then some patterned tights. I always loved the look of girls legs in tights, but now I was supposed to wear them? I just didn’t want to get in trouble that morning, and my stupid brain came up with the quickest excuse possible, and now I have a job as my dad’s secretary. I let out a little sigh as I pull out a satin purple blouse, it has a slight frilly design on the short sleeved cuffs. I guess this is supposed to be my interview outfit as it’s on the top of the rest of the clothes. I see some black laced panties and a matching bra resting on top of a makeup box and a pink razor and some shaving gel.

This is too much, I think. I just need to explain that I woke up after that party dressed like that as a mistake. I leave the outfit on my bed and walk over to the door. As I’m about to open it, the handle turns and my dad pokes his head in.

“Oh great, you found what I wanted you to wear today, is everything okay?”

I look up at him, gulping as I prepare to speak.

“Look Dad… I’m really happy that you found me a job, but do you think I could wear boys clothes for it? I don’t actually like wearing girls clothes that much to be honest…”

He frowns a little, looking at me with a slight confused expression.

“You..? You don’t? Son, no one minds if you wear those, and anyway, you got this job because you wear girls clothes. It’s not exactly going to look great for the company if we have someone like you working there and dressing like the rest of the men, HR will think that we are forcing you to dress a certain way. No one will laugh at you or call you names, so have a shower, you can put your hair in a ponytail, then once you’re washed, shaved and dressed, Mum will come in and help you with your makeup. We have two hours til the interview so hop to it!”

I don’t get a chance to reply as he closes the door and I even hear him turning the shower on for me. Feeling defeated, I pick up the clothes, a hairband and the shaving kit. Walking out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, I strip and climb into the shower, feeling the hot water wash over my body. I wash my hair first before coating my legs in the shaving foam. I’ve never had much body hair being quite fair haired and blonde, so it doesn’t take long to shave them smooth. Still, it looks and feels quite odd now they are hairless. I get out of the shower and shave my facial hair and then dry my hair, putting it up in a ponytail like I was told to. I’ve worn my hair like this a few times, usually when going for a run, so it doesn’t fall over my face. It feels different this time though. I start getting dressed, putting on my panties first, covering my pubic hair and cock. I tuck it in a bit as they’re quite small and it’s making an obvious bulge. I pull up the tights next, feeling them practically glide up my smooth legs, it’s a strangely nice feeling and I stop for a moment, anadolu yakası escort admiring my own legs in them and running my hand down then back up them. I see why girls wear these, but I’m not a girl. I think about taking them off and just flat out refusing to work for my dad. I shake my head though, if I do that not only will everyone be angry with me, I still will have to find a job. I put the bra on, noticing that it’s padded, giving the illusion that I have small breasts. It’s a bit uncomfortable, digging slightly into my skin. I try to ignore it as I pull up the skirt, hugging my legs and butt. Then putting on the tight satin purple blouse and doing up the buttons.

Turning around I look at myself in the mirror. I move my hips from side to side as I check out my own figure. With the padded bra and the pencil skirt, I even look like I have feminine curves and features on my body. My cock twitches a little. I’m turning myself on, and I can’t help but let out a little laugh, shaking my head as I look away. I pick up my clothes and open the door as I see my parents there waiting. I blush, feeling so embarrassed as they both give me reassuring smiles.

“You look lovely, dear!” My mum says as she takes my hand and leads me into my bedroom. She’s got a small mirror in her hand already, giving it to me as she sits me down.

“Now just stay still, I will do this quickly so try to learn what you can. But I can show you some tips another time when you aren’t in a rush, so just relax and sit still.”

Relax? I think. I haven’t had a chance to relax since waking up this morning. I do sit still though, just looking blankly ahead as my face is powdered with foundation, and a little red blush, highlighting my already defined cheekbones. I watch as she pulls out some eyeliner, then holding open my eyes as she draws around them, making me blink a few times before I’m told not to. Keeping my eyes open wide, she brushes my lashes with some mascara then puts some light pink eye-shadow on my eyelids. My mouth drops open as I see her picking up too clip on hooped earrings, placing them a little painfully on each ear.

“Don’t worry dear, I’ve booked an appointment at the salon for this weekend, you won’t just be getting your ears done though, the rest is a surprise!”

She genuinely looks pleased with herself as my stomach starts feeling like I’m on a roller coaster. Leaning forward, she lifts my chin up and tells me to pout my lips, she even squashes them together for me then gets out some lip liner first, drawing around them. I’ve had quite big lips all my life, I used to get teased for it when growing up as they were red as well, my friends asking me why I’m wearing lipstick even though I wasn’t. Maybe they could see the future, as my mum runs a bright pink lipstick over them, coating them in it then tells me to press my lips together a few times. I obediently do so, feeling the strange sensation of them as they touch, with the lipstick on. I go to get up once I’ve done that but she puts her hand on my shoulder, telling me I look great but there’s one last thing. She puts her hand in my new makeup box and pulls ataşehir escort out a pink lip gloss.

“You look wonderful but those lips are practically begging for a bit of shine!”

I’m held down, sitting on my bed, as her other hand runs the lips gloss generously over my lips. Then she takes the mirror from my hand and holds it up in front of my face. I don’t even recognise myself, bringing my hand up to my cheek as if to just make sure that I’m looking at me in the mirror. Breaking the spell I’m under from being in shock of how I look, my mum takes the mirror and shakes her head.

“Of course, I know what you’re thinking. Those nails can’t be like that when you look so perfect everywhere else!”

She takes my hands and places them on her lap as she starts painting them a shade of pink to match my lips. When she’s finished she tells me to be careful as they dry and that I should do my toes in future, but wearing the tights it won’t matter much today. She takes out some shiny black, 4-inched heels from one of the bags on my bed and kneels down in front of me, helping me into them then standing up and taking my arm to help me up.

“Now I know you’ve worn heels before, probably quite a few times I imagine, so you don’t need any practice. But still, you have to walk carefully in them, nice a slow, so you don’t fall over at work.”

I let out a heavy sigh, looking down at myself as I see the padded bra pushing out the front of the blouse I’m wearing before my mum speaks again.

“Don’t worry dear, you look fantastic, and it’s fine being a bit nervous before starting a new job anyway.”

I want to tell her that’s not why I feel nervous but I keep my glossy lips closed, feeling her let go of my arm as I walk around my room for a bit. She leaves me, exiting my bedroom as my dad walks in and let’s out a loud whistle.

“Wow! You look great Charlie, and a fair bit… well, let’s say fresher looking, than when I found you after your party. I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready, but don’t take too long, we don’t want to be late.”

I watch him as he leaves my room, waiting a few moments before I walk out as well. I walk into the bathroom and check myself out in the mirror. At least no one will recognise me, I think to myself as I look at my reflection. I walk downstairs once my nails are dry. My dad is waiting by the front door for me. After a quick hug from mum, my dad takes my hand and leads me into the car. He plays the radio while we drive off to his work building, his hand resting on my leg just below my skirt, every now and then moving his fingers over the soft material of my tights. It feels weird having a man touching me like this, especially my father, with the already strange sensation of wearing the tights. I do my best not to think about it too much as we pull into the car park of his work.

“Now technically this will be the interview, but I’m not going to ask you any questions or anything, we just need to do this as a formality, instead I’ll just show you around and introduce you to everyone.”

I nod as he gets out the car and walks around to my side, helping me out and holding my hand ümraniye escort again as we walk into the building. He lets go of my hand as we walk around. I don’t say much as I’m introduced to everyone, just politely smiling, I can tell though by all the knowing looks I get that my dad must have told them about me dressing like this. Everyone seems nice enough though, and I feel my dad’s hand every now and then moving to my lower back as he guides me around the office.

As we get close to his office, and I’m being introduced to the last group of people, I feel my dad’s hand run down my back and onto the back of my skirt, feeling his fingers grip my butt lightly through the skirt. I try not to react as he and the other few men chat for a bit, but my face is going red as my own dad is playing with my ass. He keeps it there as he and the men all say bye to each other and he walks me into his office room, closing the door behind us.

“Finally, some alone time…” He whispers into my ear as he turns me to face him, pulling me close up to his body with both hands now on my ass.

“Now you’ve nearly got the job but there’s some things we have to do to make sure you’ll be suitable for the position, don’t worry though, I have a feeling you’ll be perfect.”

He squeezed my ass through my pencil skirt tightly, sending a rush through my body. My head is spinning as I can barely believe what my dad is doing. I go to speak but as I open my mouth he leans down and aggressively kisses me, pushing his tongue deep in my mouth. Now I’ve kissed before, but only girls, never having been kissed AS a girl. My dad holding me up against him as he roughly kisses me, his stubble against my smooth face, as odd as it is, it felt quite nice as I closed my eyes and got lost in the moment. After he broke the kiss, I was nearly breathless, panting slightly as he looked down at me, one hand sliding up my back and to my hair. I felt him grabbing hold of my ponytail as he started pulling me downwards. It started to hurt a bit so I lowered myself, realising what he wants from me as I get to my knees in front of him, seeing the large bulge in his trousers as he unbuckles his belt then pulled out his large and hard, throbbing cock, right in front of my face. I look up at him as I see his eyes piercing down into mine, he doesn’t smile as he just nods. I run my eyes back down his body and to his cock.

It’s like my body is moving without me telling it to, as I lean forward and wrap my glossy lips around his cock, tasting my dad for the first time as I feel his cock against my tongue. I start sucking on him softly, running my tongue over his cock like how I’ve enjoyed blowjobs myself before, then lowering my head as my lips go down the length of his cock. I hear a grunt from him so I look up, with his cock buried deep in my mouth, hitting my throat. I keep eye contact as I start working my lips up and down, getting into a rhythm, giving my dad a blowjob in his office. I gag a little each time it hits my throat, saliva dripping out over my lips, getting faster and faster as my head bobs up and down. A few minutes of this and then I feel my dad’s hand grabbing the back of my head as he forces me all the way down on his cock and I feel him cum, his cock twitching as his cum fills up my mouth, forcing me to swallow as much as I can, feeling his warm sticky cum down my throat before he pulls me off his cock.

“I think you can improve, but it was good enough, congratulations Charlie, you got the job.”

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