A 45th Birthday She’d Never Forget

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There was actually a time that I wasn’t looking forward to my 45th birthday. Frankly, I don’t think I encountered any woman that would.

Perhaps, though, if I could have seen into the future of how it actually did turn out, I might have projected a little more enthusiasm. But at first, it was impending gloom and doom.

After 21 years of marriage, I was recently divorced from my husband, Mike. Things hadn’t been that great the last five years or so, but we had tried to make it work until at least our daughter Pamela, 19, graduated from college.

I thought for awhile things might get a bit better; Mike and I had even had a marathon lovemaking session the night before things went to hell.

The bottom had dropped out for me when I had come in from a “girls’ day” with my friends the day after we’d had our endless lovemaking session, a little tired from both it and the afternoon with my friends.

I had come into the house to look for Mike, only to find my 47 year old husband having sex on our sofa in the den with a coed that lived up the street, the girl the same age as Pamela.

At least I could give him credit for not fucking her in our marriage bed.

Both hadn’t heard nor seen me come in; I decided to wait until he and his teenage whore finished their little encounter, and now both of them fully dressed, they had come out to see me sitting calmly in the living room.

The looks on their faces were priceless; once the girl had made her departure (in a tearing hurry, by the way). I threw his ass out, changed the locks, and, the next day, filed for divorce.

Evidently, he didn’t want his little sexual affair with the coed exposed(and who knew how many other women he had humped with before and after the little tramp), so he was quite generous in the settlement with enough alimony coming in that I still didn’t have to work, along with the house and Pamela’s college expenses paid for.

But the creature comforts didn’t make up for my lack of any “action” after my divorce.

Even at 5’5 and naturally a 40D,I was 160 pounds, middle aged with a grown daughter; hardly the young, sexy Barbie type men nowadays were looking for.

Though I was told that I was still pretty by friends, men in my own age bracket–or any guys for that matter– weren’t exactly hitting on me.

Six months after my divorce, my birthday was approaching and, since that last encounter with my ex-husband, haven’t been with anyone, not even a one-night stand.

As a result, my vibrator saw a lot of me when I got horny, which was recently quite often.

Maybe my new sexual appetite had something to do with the self-improvement program I’d taken on recently; I’d begun working out with Pamela as well as taken an empowerment course to bolster the self-esteem that had been blown to smithereens when I had seen Mike fucking that young coed in the den.

I’d even had the sofa he and his whore been going at it on burned and replaced with a new one, as well as a new, bigger bed in the master bedroom.

I’d even gone to a club down the street a few times, though I felt a little odd among the younger patrons there.

Men may not have not hit on me there, either, except a few creeps now and again, but that was quickly solved by the bartender I had befriended, John.

I may have not been getting sex then, but I was certainly starting to feel better about myself, even though I was dreading my birthday.

The only good things I thought was going to happen at the time was that Pamela was coming home for that weekend with her boyfriend, and a group of my friends were going on boating excursion that Saturday, including our next door neighbor, who’d recently been separated himself.




“So what are you doing Friday night?” Pamela asked when she called me that week. “Jason and I won’t be in until Saturday morning. Surely you got something to occupy yourself.”

I’d just laughed and told her the usual thing I did, leaving out that later that night would probably be spent with the vibrator and a good, quality adult film.

“Oh come on, Mom. You’ve been working out and looking really nice. You should go out for a couple of hours at least and show yourself off.”

I sighed, perhaps my beautiful daughter was right. “All right, I’ll go for a drink for an hour or so.”

“That’s the spirit, Mom! Jason and I will see you Saturday morning.”

Saturday, of course, was the dreaded birthday.

When Friday came, I got in some shopping for a new outfit to go out that evening. It was age appropriate, a dress and heels that were sexy without being slutty.

I then went back to the club I had gone to before, eager to show off my new look even though I wasn’t expecting anything exciting.

To my amazement and delight, John was behind the bar that night. He was thirty-two, single, blond, six feet, and with a nice athletic build that wasn’t too big.

John also had a vibrant personality and was always pleasant, even güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when he was dealing with obnoxious drunks and creeps that were bothering women.

And of course, the younger women were always trying to flirt with him. I would often tease him about it, even kidding him about taking a girl out back on his breaks. He would shake his head and laugh, saying most of them weren’t really his type, but it came with the job.

Long story short, one of them must have been his type, at least for a a very brief period that evening, because shortly after he had gone on his break, he had made his way out back alone–or at least I thought he was alone.

I decided to go out for a bit of air myself, being it was a nice night and the smoke and noise were getting to me just a bit.

I walked around the lot for a bit, catching the fresh air, then came back toward the club to go back in, when I spied some movement and heard low voices at the back of the building when I came around on my way back.

To my shock, there was John, leaning back against the building, his pants down just below his hips and a blond that may have been a few years older than my own daughter squatted before him with her top down, performing oral sex on him!

I stood back a little, frozen, hoping neither would see me, but I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as the girl had nearly his entire manhood in her mouth, sucking him greedily.

“That’s it,” I heard him grunting at her. “Suck it all, you slut. Suck my cock. Come on, make me cum, you whore.”

She continued to suck his cock without even taking a breath for awhile longer, his head thrown back and his groans of ecstasy growing a little louder.

“I’m gonna cum,” he finally announced.

John then pulled out of her mouth, jerking a large load of semen onto her breasts. She may have liked sucking dick, but evidently wasn’t into swallowing cum.

“Oh yeah, you little slut, you like it jacked on those tits, huh?” he grunted as he stroked his cock harder.

She nodded, throwing back her head as John continued to cum all over her large breasts.

When he finally finished, he whipped up his pants and zipped them as the girl wiped off her cum-covered breasts with Kleenex she’d gotten from her purse before pulling up her top.

“Thanks. That was really needed tonight,” he told her before he went back inside.

Somehow, I couldn’t help but wonder if the girl felt as dirty going through all that as I had watching it happen.

I will admit that though that scene had gotten me a bit horny, John hadn’t seemed like the type of guy that would be getting blow jobs from strange women at the back of a building.

But I guess that’s how much I can know about people sometimes.

I stayed at the club a bit longer than I’d planned; I’d really gotten into the fun atmosphere as the night progressed.

And for some funny reason, John was paying more attention to me than he usually did, even after he’d gotten his cock sucked by and then jerked off on the boobs of the nameless blond.

I did see her again in the club a bit later; I don’t think two hours had gone by since she’d given John that blow job that she was leaving with two other men.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t wait to get home and relive what I witnessed earlier and get myself off with the vibrator.

Well, that plan was scrapped when John came over at last call.

“Hey, Lorraine,” he said. “I’m closing the place tonight. Why don’t you hang out awhile after closing?”

“Are you even allowed to have people in here when you close?” I asked.

John shrugged. “I do it all the time with a few of my buddies, but none of them are here tonight. And I could use the company.”

What the hell, I thought. All that was waiting for me at home was an empty house until Pamela and Jason came tomorrow morning.

And it wasn’t every day some guy asked me to keep them company. Never mind there was a thirteen-year age difference between us.

When the place finally cleared out at two o’clock, John locked the doors and came back to where I sat.

“Ahh,” he sighed. “Quiet at last. If this place didn’t pay me so well and I didn’t meet some cool people, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate all that shit. But it’s better than my last job.”

“Plus think of all the sexy, willing women you meet,” I said laughingly, keeping the little blow job he’d gotten earlier in mind. “I bet most of them want to go home with you.”

He gave a snort as he washed some glasses. “Yeah, and bet on the biggest percentage of them being sluts. Plus most of them are college girls, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.”

You could’ve fooled me, I thought. You just had the mouth of one of those “sluts” on your dick earlier tonight.

Men. They were all alike; all bullshit and no substance. Just like my ex-husband.

I played along with it nevertheless. “So what are you looking for?”

“A nice, smart, good woman about my age or a bit older.”

I raised an eyebrow. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “Oh really?”

He then sat down beside me and began to rub my leg a bit. “Yeah. I really like older women, especially ones with a little meat on their bones. Very sexy. Kind of like you.”

“All right, you’re really laying it on now, John,” I laughed.

“Oh, baby, I am far from laying it on,” he said, then, startling me, pulled me to him and slid his tongue down my throat in a deep kiss.

Though it was a hot kiss, I broke it off. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

“I saw you earlier,” he said. “You may not think I did, but you were watching me get my cock sucked. You liked seeing that, didn’t you? Hey, it isn’t the first time I had some chick give me a blow job back there. And while this last one was sucking me and getting my shit jacked on her tits, I was thinking it was you the whole time.”

“Wait….you–” I began.

“If you knew how many times I thought about you like that. Why do you think I wanted you to stay behind?”

It hit me then–this hot, younger guy those little campus girls flirted with, fantasized about, and even a few had even gotten the chance to suck him, here he was with ME!

“Oh, baby, I’ve always wanted you,” he continued. “There wasn’t a day that didn’t go by that I hadn’t thought about fucking you since you told me about being divorced. And then you came back tonight looking even more sexy. I had to get you to stay.”

So much for the vibrator tonight! I had thought. I was about to get sex the first time in months…..

John then pulled me up and led me over to one of the tables, then shoved me onto my back.

I had kicked off my heels before John peeled off my thong and dove his head between my legs, his tongue all over my pussy.

“Ohhhhh…John…,” I moaned as he tongue fucked me, then ran the flat of it up and down my slit. This guy could really eat out a woman!

“Damn, baby, your pussy is so wet and so ready,” he said, then dove back down, working his tongue in and out of my cunt, licking and sucking my clit.

He spent a long time eating me, eventually making me cum, before tongue fucking me again, this time both my cunt and ass.

I couldn’t take it anymore; as I climaxed again, I knew I needed his cock in me.

“Fuck me, John,” I gasped. “I need fucked now!”

Flipping me over on the table, he got up to strip naked before getting behind me and guiding himself into my waiting slit.

I let out a gasp of pleasure as each inch of his cock filled my sex-starved pussy, then he began to fuck me with a hard passion.

I was now in the midst of having even better sex than I’d ever had with Mike, even if it was on one of the tables of an empty nightclub with a man thirteen years my junior.

“Ohhhh, baby. Your pussy is so fucking tight and so hot!” he called as he continued to pump his cock in and out.

“You love getting fucked, don’t you, baby?” he asked between grunts. “You needed some good dick tonight, huh? God, Lorraine you are the hot lay I always imagined you were!”

“Fuck me, John. Harder.” I called, indeed enjoying every inch of his cock in me. “Give it all to me!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” he called, giving my pussy an even harder pounding. “Baby, I could fuck you all damn night!”

We may have fucked doggy for about five or ten minutes, me losing count of how many times I had actually cum before John pulled out his cock.

We changed positions, John pulling off the rest of my clothes before putting me onto my back and wrapping my legs around his waist.

He then rammed his cock back inside me and proceeded to fuck me so long and hard while grabbing and sucking my tits, my head spinning with desire and lust at how good he felt deep inside me.

Then I felt him tighten up and his massive prick swell inside me; he was close to having his own orgasm.

“Lorraine…. I’m ready to cum ….” John gasped.

“John….cum for me….. I want to see and feel you cum for me,” I said huskily.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes! I’m gonna cum now!”

John then fucked me even harder before I began to feel my pussy filled with shots of his hot cream, filling me up to where it felt like it would overflow before he pulled out, straddled my upper body and sprayed the last of his cum onto my tits.

When he finished, he moved off of me and collapsed onto the chair at the table, catching his breath.

I still lay there on the table, totally satisfied and rubbing cum into my breasts.

“Well, happy birthday to me,” I said with a smile.

“Huh?” John asked.

“It’s my birthday,” I grinned at him. “And what better present could a lady have gotten than a good screw?”

He grinned back at me. “Well, baby, happy birthday indeed. And there’s more where that came from every Friday night.”

Well, I will certainly take him up on that, I had thought before we got dressed and left.

I had never felt so satisfied in all my years of having sex…or even getting off güvenilir bahis şirketleri with my vibrator.




Even though I had gotten home in the early pre-dawn hours after my fuck session with John (who even gave me his phone number at home–ha!), I did manage to get a shower and a few hours of sleep before Pamela and Jason were due to arrive.

I’d already been up and had my bathing suit on under my shorts when they arrived. The boating party would be in a few hours, and they were eager to change into their own swim clothes.

Pamela had always loved the outdoors and could have lived in her bikini if she had her way. And of course, the beautiful girl she was, Jason would have never complained.

Chris, the neighbor that was bringing his boat to the party, called and made sure everything in order.

He was a successful chiropractor that had done some neck and back cracking on me off and on, especially during my divorce from Mike, and we’d become good friends.

With his good Nordic features and intense blue eyes, Pamela had found him “hot,” and was always trying to get me with him.

Of course, I had always laughed it off.

“Pamela, he’s twenty nine years old. I’m sure there are plenty of women his own age he can get his pick from. Besides, we’re just friends.”

“Age is just a number, Mom. A lot of women date younger guys. And he’s separated from Tina now.”

“Separated, not divorced, Pamela. Technically, he is still married.”

“Not for long,” she smiled. “And if I was a little older and wasn’t already going out with Jason, I’d sure hit it.”

Jason then came into the kitchen where we were, and we abruptly changed the subject to other things.

Later that afternoon, we were all at the river picnicking and people were taking turns with taking Chris’ boat out on the river.

It was a beautiful boat that had an auto pilot feature as well as a big cabin below the immaculate deck. I couldn’t wait to get on it myself when me, Pamela and Jason had our turn.

I did get my turn eventually, but it wasn’t with my daughter and her boyfriend.

Chris himself came over after the whole birthday cake scene was over and several people who’d already gone on the boat now got up a volleyball game nearby.

“Let’s go, birthday girl,” he said, pulling me up. “Your turn. You get the royal treatment.”

“Should I be honored?” I teased him.

“Oh, you’ll love what I have in mind very much.”

We had just gotten aboard and was halfway from shore when I realized I had forgotten my shorts. I felt a bit naked in just my one-piece in front of Chris, but he had been up front steering, and didn’t seem to care.

Lost in thought, I had been leaning against the railing looking at the clear skyline when Chris suddenly appeared behind me. Startled, I had jumped a little.

“Sorry,” he said with a little laugh, lightly rubbing my shoulders. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“But who is….”

“The auto pilot,” he grinned. “I didn’t want to be a bad host. You want to see the rest of it?”


The cabin had been gorgeous; there had been a little bar off to the side of the area that was furnished with oak and glass tables, and a huge leather sofa. I was already in awe of it.

What woman would want to sleep around on such great guy with a gorgeous home, a successful practice and a beautiful boat?

If he’d been a bit younger, I wouldn’t have minded having him for Pamela, I thought at the time.

“What do you think?” Chris asked.

“Absolutely beautiful,” I approved. “You are one lucky man.”

Chris gave a snort. “Yeah, lucky everywhere but marriage. But that’s my own damn fault.”

I was confused. “How is that? I can’t see where you did anything wrong. You were very good to Tina if I remember correctly.”

“Tina was a slut way back in school. She was fucking around on me with a couple of guys even back then. But I thought if I treated her right and we got married, she’d change.”

He then sighed. “It was good for a couple of years, but it turned out she was a bigger slut than ever, even if I was giving it to her all the time. The breaking point was when I came home and caught her in bed with the landscaper.”

“Sounds like the shit I went through with Mike. Only he was screwing some college girl young enough to be our daughter in the den.”

“Heh,” he kidded, handing me a drink. “They should get together. They’re both whores.”

“Here here to that,” I said, raising my drink.

We then sat for awhile, talking and laughing about the day, before Chris cut me off with a deep, passionate kiss, our tongues soon entwined around each other’s.

He then pulled my hand to the crotch of his shorts, which now sported a healthy erection trying to get free from the cloth.

“You know, this is going to sound weird, but I’ve always wondered what it was like to have sex with you. What do you think I was thinking about when I said you’d love what I had in mind very much?”

“Chris, really, I’m a little out of your age league.”

“Which makes it that much hotter. I always wondered what it was like to be with an older woman. Actually, I’ve been wanting to fuck your brains out since I’d worked on your back and neck while you were divorcing Mike.”

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