9 Hours of Foreplay

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I had come home on leave from the Navy in October of ’89. It had been a full two years since I had been home to Missouri. I had just returned from a six month deployment to the Mediterranean and had a lot of pent up energy and sexual tension that any 22 year old would normally have…….I had a loaded cock that was way passed due to be shot!

I had gone down to the bar in the neighboring town. I entered in the weekly Euchre tournament, and who would you suppose I drew as my partner? At first I didn’t recognize her, it had been 4 or 5 years since the last time I had seen Sherry. After talking for a few minutes, I realized who she was and that I hadn’t known she wore glasses.

I had had the hots for this gal since I was a teenager and had first seen her when she was dating my cousin, I was always so jealous because I thought she was so fine. I am sure that there was probable some jacking off sessions dedicated to her, back in them days! Her usual outfit that I had normally always seen her was tight jeans that really showed off her nicely well rounded ass and tight t-shirts that really showed off her large c cup tits. I really loved it when she was cold, because her large pointed nipples were always a pleasure to SEE!

We started playing our first game and it was soon discovered that we weren’t going to make it to the next round, we sucked! I had bought her a couple of drinks after our defeat and we talked a lot. Her marriage was on the rocks and she was separated and had the divorce ball rolling. I walked her to her car, and asked her out.

If you recall the in the paragraph above I had had the hots for this girl for a long time, were talking about 7 years. I tried my best to get her to go out with me, and she was really hesitant, because she was recently separated and knew that her ex would get wind of it and stir up more shit. I finally talked her into giving it a try, and we decided on the next day, Friday night.

I showed up at her place for dinner, a burnt beef roast that had suffocated in her crock pot for about ten hours while she was at work. I laughed about it, and told her not to worry about it, and then I took her into my arms and said, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time” and I gave her a deep long French kiss. I guess it may have been a little bold, but you’ll have to remember, that I had been at sea for six months and if the wind blew, I got a hard on!

We went to my little hometown and went to the local bar. We talked and drank with our friends, and it just felt so natural having her beside me all night. As much as I could, I would hold her hand or rub her leg, it didn’t matter, just as long as I was touching her.

I took her home, and we went inside her place and turned the TV on. We sat down on the couch, and soon we were making out. We wound up lying down and continued with some hot and heavy kissing.

I had never been harder or hornier as I was that night in the couch. I trailed kisses up and down her neck for hours. I had spread her legs with my thigh and placed it up against that hot little pussy encased in her tight jeans. As I would be kissing her very sensitive neck, she would be riding my thigh. Each time I would try to advance things, like cupping her nice tits or squeezing her nice ass she would religiously grab my hand and return it bahis firmaları to a safe place.

This hot make out session went on for hours. I would occasionally giggle at her, she would ride my thigh as I pushed it tightly against her pussy and then she would say Mickey, we can’t, we need to stop. Soon after those words rolled off her lips, I would start kissing her again and she would start riding my thigh again. This was definitely hard on me and I am sure she would say the same.

It was now 5am, and she had continued all night long to stop me from stroking her luscious tits and that wonderful ass. Each time I thought I was getting to her, she would break away from the kiss and tell me that we needed to stop and that she couldn’t, shouldn’t do this.

I finally gave in as she said that she had to get to bed. I asked that since it was so late, would she mind if I spent the night, and she said that it was o.k. I guess she thought I would be sleeping on the couch, were I had been locked in her embrace for the last five hours.

I watched her go into the bathroom and I walked into her bedroom. I was undressing as she walked in from the bathroom. She was in a t shirt and panties and I was down to my underwear. She later told me that when she came into the bedroom and saw me undressing, she thought,” this is going to be interesting!” Dear reader, please remember I had been at sea for six months and that I had wanted this women for at least 7 years!

We climbed into bed and the games began. It was a carbon copy of the couch, only this time we only had cotton separating us, her t shirt and panties and my briefs. As I slide my leg between hers I finally felt just how hot and wet that little pussy was! She immediately started riding my thigh again while I kissed up and down her neck. She kept moaning and saying we got to stop, I can’t do this.

It seemed as if time stood still, I was so horny, and I could have cut glass with my dick. It was maddening to have her ride my thigh, feel her heat, feel her wetness, hear her moaning, and then have her move my hand away when I would try to reach for her panties to get my fingers into her heat. I have never before or since that night ever, ever been that hot and horny.

As she was riding my thigh and moaning, I finally found that she was out of control enough that she hadn’t noticed my hand cupping and squeezing her tit. I continued playing with her plumb tit and started pinching and pulling on her nipple. I heard her again say, Mickey we have got to stop, I can’t do this, but she didn’t move my hand away from her nipple.

I changed to the other side of her neck and that put my chest half way covering her and it also added more pressure to her pussy while she was riding my thigh. I could also now feel a wet spot where her wetness has run down my thigh and soaked into the sheets. This girl was hotter than a firecracker and still holding out……..barely!

I couldn’t take it any longer, we had now been making out for almost 7 straight hours and we were both to the point where something had to give, actually I had been to that point for a long time, she was almost there, she was straddling the fence literally, it was actually my thigh.

I tried again to move my hand into her panties to find that hot massively wet pussy that kaçak iddaa I so terrible needed. Again her hand caught me wrist and I heard her say, Mickey, please we got to stop, you’re making me crazy and I can’t do this!

I thrust my thigh harder at her as she moaned and spoke those words again. Almost as soon as she finished the last word she started orgasming. It was as though a flood gate had opened, as she moaned as she spread her legs wider and ground herself hard into my drenched thigh. I rolled her onto her back in the middle of her orgasm, and her legs spread open inviting me in, even though I don’t think she was in any condition to coherently realize what she had just allowed!

I started grinding into her hard, I would normally call it dry humping, but with the wetness that was soaked through her panties, it was anything but dry! It had a great effect on her as my cotton covered cock gave direct contact to her swollen clit and rolled her directly into her second orgasm. I was going crazy, her I had the woman that I had dreamt of and jacked off to, riding my cock and moaning in my ear as she came. As she came down from her second orgasm and was still breathing heavy, she was surprised to find me between her thighs grinding into her and she almost sobbed and said Mickey, this has gone far enough, we have to stop.

I thought to myself, that’s easy for you to say, you just got off TWICE! I started necking on her again and French kissing her as she started grinding herself into my cock while she whimpered. I slid my hands down under her and cupped each cheek of her ass and continued grinding into her. She and I were both soaked from the combination of her juices and my precum.

I leaned to one side and reached between us and fished my cock out of my underwear, she realized what I was doing and she reached down and cupped her hand over her mound to protect her hot little pussy from my cock, FUCK, this girl was killing me! I forced my cock down, now his head was against the sheets and the base was up against the back of her hand and I started grinding into her hand. As I started kissing and necking on her again she slowly and cautiously pulled her hand out of the way and allowed my cock to start grinding into her again.

I again heard her tell me that we had to stop, as she couldn’t fuck me, she had to stop, we had to stop! As she speaks she is mewing in my ear as I grind into her and she is pushing back. I leaned over to one side and pulled up her t shirt and exposed her very erect nipple connected to her hot tit and pinched and pulled at it. She started necking on me and started moaning louder as I increased the pressure on her nipple.

I raised up and grabbed her t shirt and pulled her free of it and started kissing her again as I started pulling at both of her hard super sensitive nipples that were as big as erasers and about a ¼ inch long,(spectacular). I moved down her body a little and started sucking and nibbling on each off her lovely nipples. I felt her hand go down and start rubbing at her clit, I thought she needed help so I reached up and snacked a finger into the leg of her underwear and slid a finger directly into the hot wet and extremely tight pussy of hers.

She reached down and held my hand and stopped my movement, I continued sucking and tugging at kaçak bahis her nipples. I felt her hand move back up to her swollen clit and started making those familiar little circles that all girls make, and I started moving my fingers in and out of her again. I knew she wouldn’t be able to take this for very long, her working on her clit and my fingers sliding in and out of her honey pot.

I slowly moved back up her torso trailing kisses all the way, as she continued to rub her clit and I continued to slip my finger in and out of her. As my cock neared her center she was getting very close to another orgasm. I stretched the leg of her panties more with my free fingers and eased my hard dick into the palm of my hand. It became wet very quickly; everything in that area was already soaked, now including me!

It was almost the same instant, she started orgasming just as I had advanced forward and touched her wet lips with my the head of my dick. As she rolled through her orgasm, I removed my finger and was sliding the head of my dick back and forth through her wet lips. I waited until her orgasm was just starting to wind down and then I slammed my cock all the way into her. I bottomed out and started immediately grinding into her and she rolled right back into another orgasm, only this was a deeper orgasm and she moaned loudly.

I started pumping myself in and out of her as she growned herself into me to maximize my thrusts and the pressure against her clit. By this time I had been hard as a rock for almost 9 hours, I won’t lie, I lasted about fifteen strokes, I think I got light headed as I held myself deep inside her and unloaded, six long months worth of pint up tension!!!!

It felt like I was on another planet, as I finally became coherent again and realized that I was still grinding into her and found that she had wrapped her legs around me and was grinding back at me. All I could do was smile at her, until she grabbed my nipples and started kissing me. I was still hard as a rock and as I started stroking in and out of her again I felt like my dick was on fire.

I was still horny as hell, but the pain was intense, I leaned back and pulled out of the place I had wanted to be for the last 7 or 8 years and felt of my dick. I realized I had extremely rubbed it raw from all the dry humping and especially on the side from when it was rubbing against the leg of her panties as I tore into her hot little pussy. I grabbed her panties and slipped them down her ankles and then I proceeded to slip back into her and we had slower more gently session of lovemaking, I did come again, and this is no small feat for me, it was only the second time in my life that I had had two orgasms on the same hard on!

As we finished I told her how long that I had been infatuated with her and that I was always so jealous when I saw her with my cousin. We talked for just a bit longer and then we both fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I was the first one awake and I had only been asleep for about three hours. I started kissing her again and as she woke up completely she started kissing me back as I started entering her again. This was a long slow love making session that ended with us exploding together!

I dressed to leave not long after our last episode, and I literally was on cloud nine. We continued to see each other after that, until I left to go back to the Navy. We logged some serious phone time, a $300.00 a month phone bill was not uncommon. I asked her to marry me and we have been together ever since!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32