3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 04

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All Characters 18+


Morning light blazed through my window, right into my eyes. I woke up, hating the dawn, just like every other morning. The one thing that separated this from all of the other mornings that I’ve been alive on Earth was the still slumbering form of my freshly fucked, naked little sister, who was lying in my arms.

Her beauty took my breath away, as I studied her in the freshly minted sunlight. Her curly red hair cascaded over my pillow. It stilled smelled faintly of the strawberry shampoo that she used last night. Her milky white skin felt silky smooth under my palm. I rubbed across her shapely hip, up her smooth, flat stomach, to her perky freckled breast. Her nipple came alive under my touch, rising to full arousal within seconds. She moaned softly. My gaze moved back to her face, and her brilliant green eyes opened for the first time that day.

“Good morning, Katie.” She made a small grunt as she stretched languidly, her small arm extended over her head. My morning wood popped in between my sibling’s delectable ass cheeks, as her nubile body moved against mine. She giggled softly, and pushed her ass back against my probing member.

“Geez, Jack. Are you always in the mood for sex?” Her ass cheeks clenched, seizing my throbbing erection. I groaned into her hair quietly, purposely trying to avoid the excessive amount of noise that was made during our frantic coupling last night.

“I’m always ready, Kay. Especially when it’s a certain sexy redhead, with a fantastic body.”

“Oh, and who would that be?” She flicked her fiery mane in my face for emphasis. I remembered pulling that very same hair last night, right when she began to cum all over my stiff cock. The memory began to whip me into a sexual frenzy. I wanted to dip down in the bed, reposition my dick, and slam it into her waiting fuck hole. She said that she liked rough sex, and her actions last night demonstrated it plainly. I also remembered the advice from Julia; don’t jump right to the good stuff, go slow, and get her in the mood. It seemed like a good plan.

I moved her hair aside, and began to kiss her cheek, then her earlobe, and then her neck. She cooed happily at the sensations that my lips and tongue were making on her bare skin. She tasted faintly salty, probably from the sweat that we worked up not even six hours ago. I wanted to completely devour her, like a zombie in a bad horror flick. I mixed small, soft bites with the kisses on the neck. I didn’t nip hard enough to leave a mark, but it was a definite contrast with the soft smooches. Her coos became small, needy yelps, perfectly in time with the progress of my teeth on her skin. After lingering for a while on the neck, my kisses proceeded downwards over her shoulders, and along the ridge of her spine.

I had never before had the chance to study the nude female form in detail before. The sex that I had experienced with my ex seemed to be done out of a sense of obligation, rather than passion. It had been satisfying to a young virgin male, who didn’t know any better; but the past few days had taught me some things. Sex should be about desire, about need, and about lust. It shouldn’t be something that you have to force yourself to do, in order to keep your man. Sex like that is hollow, and ultimately unfulfilling. Sex with Julia, and later with Katie was erotic, and spontaneous, and beautiful.

I drank in Katie’s naked form like a man who has worn a blindfold all of his life, and had it suddenly stripped away. It was as if I had never used my five senses until now. I felt different inside; changed. In that moment, I was sexually alive.

I continued kissing, licking, and biting down her spine, until I reached the small of her back. This area doesn’t get an overwhelming amount of male attention, but it is a very sexy place. Her muscles knitted together there to form the graceful swell of her fabulous teenage ass. My sister might not have been a cheerleader like Julia, but she was still very trim and fit. She was a vision of young beauty, without an ounce of unwanted fat anywhere on her small frame. My hands roamed over her body freely, keeping constant skin contact between us. I continued to rain kisses on her unblemished ass cheeks, and even nipped hard at the crack of her ass. This feeling of my teeth on her naked bottom made her moan lustily.

“Oh my god, Jack. That feels amazing, but you should stop.” Her mouth said stop, but the rest of her body disagreed. She breathed fast and shallow, a sure sign of her excitement. Her ass continually pushed back against my face, and I decided to continue my worship of her body. I kissed and sucked, licked and bit, and even rubbed my morning stubble against the erotic wonder that was my sister’s beautiful backside. I took my time, and it really seemed to be worth it.

My real objective was to eat her pussy. I’m not talking about the spontaneous tongue fucking that I gave Julia. I wanted to slowly tease my sister, before licking, and sucking her to orgasmic izmir escort bayan oblivion. I wanted to pleasure her in every way with my mouth, fingers, and tongue.

“Flip over on your back, sweetie.” I caressed her stomach firmly, to make sure that I didn’t tickle her.

“Baby, we can’t…”

“Katie!” I firmly cut her off, and my tone clearly displayed that I would have no more refusals. I was surprised at the sexual dominance that I showed during the past few days. It had never manifested like this with my ex, but maybe if it had she wouldn’t have been my ex.

Katie rolled over in bed, and spread her legs lewdly. She knew full well what I was up to, and submitted to it willingly. She propped the pillow behind her head, so that she could look down on my prone form, which settled in between her knees. I continually coached myself to keep things slow. This wasn’t a sprint, it was a marathon.

I kissed and licked her right knee. She laughed at the tickling sensation, but I continued my attentions, eventually moving up to her thigh. She moaned lustily. I guess it wasn’t funny anymore.

“Please baby,” she said. I thought that she would ask me to stop again, but her fingers entwined themselves in my short brown hair, and started pulling me towards her pouting pussy lips. I got a good look at it, from a very close perspective. Her hairless lips were puffy and tight, with a healthy pink flush from her excitement. Her engorged clit was clearly visible. She was also very wet. Her left thigh glistened with girl juice that had escaped during my ferocious attack on her ass. I took an immediate detour toward that spot, and her guiding hand slipped out of my hair. She sighed in frustration at her inability to get me to close the deal quickly. Her sigh evaporated into nothingness when my mouth made contact with her thigh.

I finally got to taste her sweet nectar, though from an indirect source. I feasted on her moist thigh starting near her hip bone, and working my way back toward her center. Her taste was a little musky, and kind of sweet. It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like after a wild night of sex. Her excited pussy smelled fantastic. I worked my way to her inner thigh, and she could take being teased no more. She grabbed my head in both hands, and pushed my mouth down onto her wet slit. The byproduct of this motion was the mashing of my nose right into her engorged love nubbin.

“Oh god, yes!” She began to shudder slightly as a small orgasm ripped through her body. She ground my face tighter against her sex, pushing and pulling my face up and down her pussy in a desperate attempt to prolong the mini-orgasm. Her orgasm deepened, and so did her moans, despite the fact that I had not really done anything but let her grind against my face. My mouth and chin were already covered with her juices. I really couldn’t draw breath, but I just rolled with it, and thrust my tongue between her lips. “Oh fuck, baby. Lick my pussy. Lick my pretty little cunt.”

Her dirty talk was doing its job, getting me all fired up. I planted my hands on the insides of her thighs in order to get leverage to take a deep breath. I pushed my face away, breathed a couple of quick breaths, and dove back in. After that, she didn’t press down as hard, so I was able to breathe almost normally, though her hands stayed locked on the back of my head. I sucked first one, then the other labia into my mouth. They were plump and juicy, and felt delicious in my mouth. I hummed with satisfaction, and got an immediate reaction from her.

“Jack, please lick my clit,” she begged. “Please baby, stop teasing me. Please.” Her pleading wasn’t just in her voice. I looked up at her, and her eyes pleaded too. Her bottom lip was caught between her teeth in supplication. I finally caved, and locked my mouth over her clit. I sucked it into my mouth, and her grip on the back of my head immediately tightened. She crushed my face mercilessly into her. I guess that the time for teasing was over. I wanted to move my lips on her little button, but found that I could not move. I was locked in place, so I made the best of the situation by attacking her clit with my tongue. This must have been exactly what she needed, because her whole body began to squirm and buck under me. Her breathing became erratic, some deep, and others quick and shallow. I knew that she was close to an earth shattering orgasm, because she had stopped moaning loudly, and instead made little whimpering noises. Her back arched like she was trying to throw me off, while her thighs clamped my head firmly in place. She went silent as her whole body tensed in one divine shiver of ecstasy. Cum squirted out of her in streams, completely coating my chin and neck, and even running onto my chest. I kept my tongue moving throughout the entire suffocating ordeal, until her shaky hands roughly pulled my face away from her snatch.

“No more, baby. Please, no more. Please stop.” She couldn’t get any more emphatic than that. If the sensitivity of izmir escort my penis after an orgasm was anything to judge by, she might not want to be touched right now. I took the not so subtle hint, and instead began to kiss her flat belly. After a few minutes, she began to stroke my head like I was a cat that needed attention. “That was so fucking good, Jack. So damn good, baby.” She murmured “so good” over and over again, like it was a mantra; like she was meditating. In a way, I guess that she was. I finally ceased my kissing, and lay against her stomach, spent.

Over the next few minutes our breathing gradually returned to normal, her breath short from orgasm, mine from asphyxiation. Although this was probably not the most comfortable position that I had ever been in, I was very tired from my exertions, and soon fell back asleep.

I awoke later from a gentle shake from my sister.

“Jack, wake up. I’ve got to pee. Jack!” She shook me again.

“Yeah, Kay… I’m awake.” I rolled off her, and our skin stuck together slightly from her dried juices.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I really have to go.” She flashed me a quick smile as she exited the bed. “Besides, we both have to take a shower. I smell like a whore after a long weekend.” I laughed at the expression, but I had to say that she was probably right; we had to reek of sex. I stood up too, and Katie bent down to sort out our clothes, since we had left them in one big pile on the floor last night. She pulled on her panties and tank top, and waited until I pulled on my boxers and t-shirt. She swooped in towards me, and gave me a solid kiss on the mouth.

“I meant everything that I said last night, big brother.” I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, because we talked about a bunch of stuff last night, including the fact that she was in love with me. “Thank you for the fantastic sex last night, and for this morning. I still can’t believe that I drenched you like that.”

“Does that happen all the time?” I wondered if it was normal for a girl to cum that much. I know that my ex never did, and although I could definitely tell when Julia came, it wasn’t like Katie’s geysers.

“Umm… no, not really. It just happens sometimes, when I’m really excited.” She blushed, turning a cute shade of pale pink. I could tell by her refusal to meet my eyes that she was embarrassed. “It didn’t weird you out, or anything, did it? I mean… I didn’t mean to…” I cut her off before she could ramble on anymore.

“It was fucking hot. I liked it… a lot, especially this morning.”

“Really?” She stared at me with wide eyes.

“Yeah. It’s just kind of nice to know that I can excite someone like that.” She smirked at me, reminding me fondly of her cousin, and lover.

“Believe me, Jack. You have no problems in that area… Julia included.”


“Really.” She kissed me quickly once, and then pulled back. “I really have to go, cutie. Could you check out there for mom and dad?” I figured out what she meant quickly. It would look really suspicious for her to come out of my room this early. I peeked down the hall, past the kitchen, and my parent’s bedroom door was still closed.

“All clear,” I announced. She slipped past me and across the hall to the bathroom. I opened up my window, to air my bedroom out. It really wouldn’t do to have my room smell like hot, dirty fucking. I didn’t know what to do about my sheets, since I had a giant wet spot from this morning, which was in addition to the ones left over from the past couple of days. It should be ok, since my parents really aren’t the type to go in your room, or check out your stuff. Luckily, they take a hands-off approach to parenting. I did need to wash my sheets today, though.

I was kind of zoned out when I noticed the wet spot on the wall. It was right where I slammed my sister against the wall, where our first sex had taken place. I knew that she had a really hard orgasm, but I didn’t expect there to be as much cum as I was seeing. It was in huge Christmas tree shape, painted in her girl juice on the wall’s green paint.

I picked the towel that I showered with yesterday up out of the floor. It was kind of stiff looking, and I remembered that Julia had cleaned herself off with it after I soaked her in semen yesterday morning. I threw it back on the floor. I could get one out of the bathroom. I opened my door, and heard the shower running. Katie must be in there. I crossed the hall, and knocked on the door to the room that the girls shared.

“Hmmph?” Julia answered sleepily. Fuck.

“It’s Jack, can I come in?”

“One sec.” I heard light footsteps approach the door and the lock disengage. The door opened about six inches. I couldn’t make out anything through the crack, because it was still dark in there. After a few seconds I heard Julia call out, “are you coming in, or not, dumbass?”

I stepped through the door, and closed it behind me. Julia was standing by the bed, naked as the day she was born. I looked escort izmir her over appreciatively. She really was a fucking knockout. She was pretty tall for a girl, with a tight, athletic body that you can only have if you are an eighteen year old cheerleader. Her honey brown hair was worn down today, instead of in her usual ponytail. All her curves were definitely in the right places, and her stomach is to die for. She has just a hint of six pack abs under her perfectly tanned skin. I couldn’t read her like Katie, but I thought that she looked at me appraisingly.

“Can I use the towel that you took a shower with yesterday?” She smirked at me crookedly.

“Is this some kind of weird fetish? Wouldn’t you rather sniff my panties, or suck my toes?” I laughed, thinking about how silly that the request sounded. I guess that I could have just used a clean towel to clean the wall.

“No, I just need to kind of… mop up something.”

“Wow, I guess that I was right when I called you a stud yesterday.” She giggled, and pulled the towel off her headboard, and tossed it to me. “Did you guys have as much fun as it sounded like?”

“Yeah, it was awesome. A little different than what I would have imagined, but it was great. Were we really that noisy?”

“No Jack, I interrupted you guys twice just so I could get a peek at that magnificent cock of yours.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to apologize for.” I smiled a quick one at her. “Why do you say that it was different than what you expected?” I paused for a minute, and wondered if I should answer. I didn’t want to hurt Katie’s feelings.

“I just thought that she would be one for romance, not for the rough stuff.”

“Every girl likes to be romanced, Jack. She isn’t just some mindless skank that wants to be used, and then thrown away. Did you really get that impression?”

“No. No. No. It’s not like that.” Her stare was accusatory, and I started to get defensive. “Like I said, it was just different.”

“Look.” She placed her hand firmly on my chest. “I don’t know what you two have talked about, but I do know that she really likes you. Please don’t hurt her.” My mouth hung agape.

“I would never hurt her, never.”

“Then listen to my advice,” she paused to make sure I was really paying attention. “Don’t bring up the fact that she likes it rough, she’s kind of sensitive about it. It’s the reason that her and Donnie broke up. He couldn’t get it through his narrow little mind that sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked hard. Maybe he was gay. I don’t know.”

“They broke up over sex?” It was the most retarded thing that I had ever heard. Who would break up with a beautiful girl because of sex? Maybe he was gay. Jules giggled at my incredulous expression.

“Look, I’m just saying for you not to make this an issue. When you have sex, just do what feels right. If it feels right for you to just let go, and fuck the holy hell out of her, then do it. Believe me; she’ll thank you for it.”

“Ok, I’ll take your advice. You probably know her better than anyone.” She smiled at me fondly, I really did like her. She always seemed to know the right thing to say to make you feel good.

“I can’t believe that she spent the night in your room. What if your mom and dad got up early today?” I just shook my head, I didn’t know. I had to admit, I really liked waking up with her in my arms, and I really could get used to that. “So, what did you two get up to this morning?”

“What do you mean?” I tried to play my innocent act on her, but I could see that she wasn’t buying it for a second. She leaned in close, and whispered seductively in my ear.

“Did you guys do it again this morning, while I was asleep? Did you stuff her tight little pussy full of that big cock of yours?” She reached down, and cupped the lump in my boxers. My prick jumped at her unexpected touch, and started to grow exponentially.

“No.” I swallowed hard, a lump in my throat. “I just went down on her.”

“Very good. Did she cum?” I nodded, my sudden excitement started to take away my ability to speak. “Did she take care of you?” Her breath tickled the sensitive skin of my ear. I shook my head, and she slapped my ass hard. “Well, I’m not going to, either. We have plans for you, big boy.” She cupped my balls, beneath my raging hard on. “I want these to be nice and full later.”

“Nobody likes a tease, Jules.” Both of our heads whipped around guiltily, to find my sister standing in the doorway. Apparently, Julia hadn’t heard her enter the room either. She came over, and kissed both of us on the mouth; first her, and then me. This deactivated most of the tension in the room.

“How are you doing, Kay?” My sister smiled at her best friend, and moved over to the dresser to pick out clothes.

“Good. Actually, I’m doing better than good.” Julia giggled, and was mimicked by my sister.

“You have to tell me all about it. And I want details, girlie.” When they started giggling again, I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to listen to the play by play.

“See you at breakfast, girls. I need to get in the shower.” I pulled the door shut behind me, cleaned the mess up in my room, and headed off to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32