1st Strip Poker Game

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This is a true story of the first time I swallowed a load of cum.

I had just turned 18 and my neighbor, Tony, and I messed around a little bit. Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome features. We played around a little; mostly mutual jack offs and occasionally stroking each others hard cocks. I got to see him shoot his hot, sticky load but I was never the one to make him cum and I was hoping to change that. It was a pretty infrequent thing, mostly a couple times we stumbled on someone’s porn stash.

One hot summer day there didn’t seem to be anyone around the neighborhood, so I went to see what Tony was up to. His house was quiet and dark with no cars in the driveway. I knocked twice and was about to turn and go when he answered the door. He was dressed like me in shorts and a T-shirt. He explained no one else was home and he was down in the basement watching TV and asked if I wanted to come in and play pool.

We played a couple games with Tony winning handily when he said he was bored.

“We need to do something else, make it more interesting…”

“What do you have in mind?”, I replied.

“How about strip pool?”

“No way, you just beat me three straight.” I blurted without thinking I might be blowing my chance for some fun.

“Well how about strip poker, then?” Tony asked.

“Okay, I guess”

“But we need to have some rules”, Tony explained. “Shoes are one item since you have flip-flops and I’m barefoot.”

“Sounds fair.”

“We’ll play 5 card, 3 draw and if the losing hand is mostly red, the winner gets to take off whatever he wants from the loser.”

“OK” I tried to reply nonchalantly but I was already starting to get hard.

“And the loser has to suck the winner’s dick.”

Tony looked at me like maybe I’d change my mind and back out but I was already thinking there wouldn’t be any losers in this game.

“I’m up for it if you are” I replied.

I moved to the couch in front of the TV while Tony went to get a deck of cards. We sat side by canlı bahis side on the couch while Tony dealt out the first hand on the little coffee table in front of us. I didn’t get anything good and even after I drew 3 cards. I only had Jack high and four of the cards were red. Tony flipped over a pair of 4s.

“Looks like I get to take something off you. Stand up so I can get those shorts off.”

I stood and turned in front of Tony. He reached for button and zipper but just rubbed his hands against my hardening cock. By the time he had the shorts undone and dropped to the floor my cock was at full mast. You could see the pre-cum stains in my grey briefs. He rubbed my cotton covered cock a couple more times before passing me the cards to deal.

I dealt out a hand. I kept a King and Queen but didn’t get anything good and was left with King high, mostly red. Tony grinned and flipped over a pair of Aces.

“Well, let’s get that underwear off” Tony laughed.

I stood up again and turned toward Tony. He didn’t waste any time and pulled the briefs straight down. My cock sprung back up and pointed straight at Tony’s face. He reached out and cupped my balls and fondled them a little.

“Man, I don’t know how much more you can take,” he said as gave my cock a couple of strokes and then took his thumb and rubbed a drop of pre-cum over the head of my cock. He stopped much too quickly and started to deal the cards again.

This hand was looking much better; a pair of fives. I drew three cards hoping for another five but got a pair of eights for two pair. Tony’s hand looked like he tried for a straight. He didn’t get his straight and wasn’t left with anything good but even though I was happy to win a hand the cards were all black.

“It’s your deal” Tony said as he pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it to the floor.

By now I was only wearing flip-flops and a T-shirt while Tony was down to his shorts and underwear.

I dealt and got three hearts. I drew two and got my flush. Tony didn’t even show his cards when he saw my flush but stood in front of me so I could take off his shorts. I appreciated bahis siteleri the opportunity to rub his crotch like he did to me. I got his shorts off but took my time feeling his cock through his tighty-whities. Even though I’d got to play with it a couple other times, I loved the feel of his thick cock. Tony pulled away and gathered up the cards to deal. I was back to having the advantage with two items, my shoes and shirt versus his underwear.

When Tony dealt I got four hearts again and tried for a flush by drawing one card. I didn’t get it and he had a pair of queens.

“Stand up and turn around”, Tony demanded.

I did as directed and felt him stand behind me. He reached inside my T-shirt and started to push it up but stopped at my chest. He pulled me back into him as his hard cock rubbed against my ass. He rubbed my hard nipples and then started to squeeze and pinch them as he rocked his cotton-covered dick in the crack of my bare ass. It felt great.

“This game was a great idea” he hoarsely whispered in my ear. “One of us is going to get the blowjob we need so bad.”

He pushed my shirt the rest of the way up and threw it to the floor. I was nude except my flip-flops.

“Deal the last hand, let’s find out who gets to be a cocksucker today.”

I dealt and got a pair of eights and felt pretty confident even though I didn’t draw anything to make it better. Tony had a huge smile as he turned over a pair of tens.

“I’m the winner. Get down here and start sucking my cock”

I kicked off my flip-flops and pushed the coffee table back away. I got on my knees between his legs and started to pull of his underwear. Tony arched his back and lifted his hips to help get them off. his cock was right there, inches from my face. It was hard and leaking pre-cum and back against his flat belly. It looked great. this was the best view I’d ever had of it. It looked a lot like mine; cut, about 6 inches with a nice mushroom head. His was considerably thicker than mine and I liked that, too.

“Hey, a bets a bet. You lost so start sucking.”

I didn’t want to seem too eager and that was all I needed bahis şirketleri to hear. I made an “O” with my mouth and put his cock in and started to go up and down on him. I didn’t know what I was doing so I was basically jacking him off with my lips. Tony would moan and say something like, “Damn, that’s good”, every once in awhile.

Eventually, he said “Stop”.

“Lick my balls”.

I pulled off his cock and reached out with my tongue and started to lick his walnut sized balls. They hung loosely in his sack and I loved the way they moved. I gently sucked one into my mouth and rolled it around. I heard a soft “oh” from Tony so I decided to try the same thing with his other nut.

“Lick up my shaft”. I made sure I had plenty of spit and started to run my tongue from the base of shaft to the underside of his head. I held his cock in my hand to steady it. He seemed to flinch when I got to glans area. I continued up to the top of his head and this is when I first noticed the taste of his cum. It was salty and sticky and I had been afraid it would gross me out but it didn’t. I ran my tongue around his head a little to get some more.

Eventually I wanted to feel it in my mouth again so I started to bob up and down again. I pulled back and just kept the head in my mouth, sucking and now and then swirling my tongue.

“That’s good! Keep sucking but stroke my cock” I didn’t even know what I’d been doing with my hands so I started to stroke with my right and play with his balls with my left.

“God, I’m gonna cum!” I heard him say it but didn’t stop what I was doing. “I’m cumming!” he practically yelled as he pushed me off his cock. I pulled off and watched his cock only inches from my face. At first I thought we stopped too soon but then his cock twitched and cum blasted up his chest to his shoulder. He had three big blasts that reached most of the way up his chest. I stroked it a little bit and he got a couple smaller shots. I loved the feel of his meat pulsating in my hand. I’d felt mine many times but this was even better.

“Man, you’re good” he grinned. “We should probably take care of you, too.”

I stood and he reached out to stroke my cock. I couldn’t hold back and after a few strokes I blasted my load up his arm. I felt weak kneed and sat on the couch.

“Man, we should play cards more often” Tony laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32