Zoo Bar

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Nadine, friends and I headed out to the Zoo Bar at Queen and Bathurst in Toronto. It was a Friday night in mid-December. It was so cold that night, that even with my heavy winter coat on, my nipples stood out proudly as we walked from the car across the street to the club. Under my coat I was wearing a green and beige skin tight lace top. I wore nothing underneath and my large nipples were nicely hidden behind the flower designs. My grey pleated mini skirt blew up with each gust of wind and I fought to keep my bare bottom from showing off on the street. My legs were bare but I wore lace up chunky heeled boots that went to mid calf.

Nadine, forever the unsatisfied slut, was hoping to get her casual sex buddy to commit to her soon. But she also had a thing for Valerie, sex buddy Troy’s best friend. She couldn’t have one without the other finding out, but she was going to try.

My best friend Mickie, had agreed at the last minute to come too. She was still reluctant though, knowing that her boyfriend who was stuck at work, would be jealous.

Being the only single female in the group, I was out for meat that night. While half-ass dating Mr. “I’m single I swear”, who hadn’t called me in over a month, I’d decided to finally give up the dating scene and go straight for the kill.

We arrived at the bar around nine-thirty. Nadine and I had been drinking since around seven o’clock. We were already blitzed. Mickie, always the responsible one, would later be the designated driver to drive her and I back to Pickering. The other two had wallets full of money to spend on booze at the bar.

“So, am I allowed to bring someone home tonight, Mom?” I teased Nadine as we entered the bar. I scanned the crowd for a cute face but found none.

“Sure, as long as I can test him out first,” she teased back.

“Get your own!” I laughed and headed off with Mickie to the washroom to adjust the lengths of our skirts, mine shorter, hers longer.

After a quick and fruitless tour of the bar, we headed back to the others to find Nadine getting kisses from Troy and Valerie. Mickie and I looked at each other, not sure if we should intrude.

“Well, she never said to get lost, so it’s still open territory,” I glanced at Mickie to see if she agreed with me.

“True, but I’m disappearing if she gets nasty. She’s your friend, you deal with it.” We walked up to the three of them and Troy grabbed me around the waist.

“Excuse me?” I pulled his grubby construction worker hands off me. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Nadine says if I want to kiss someone, it can’t be her. You’re the next best thing.” He pulled me back towards him and kissed me full on the mouth before I had a chance to escape.

“So? What do you think?” Nadine raised her eyebrow at me.

“I’m supposed to have an opinion on that? Well, I’ll give it a B.” I shrugged at Troy and then turned to Valerie. “You aren’t gonna kiss me too are you?”

“Not unless you want me to.”

“No, no offense or anything. I’m just looking for someone to kiss that isn’t being lusted after by one of my friends.” I smiled at Nadine who gave me a warning look. Troy was within earshot, but I hadn’t said it loud enough for him to hear over the blaring rock music.

“Well, see ya. Hunting time.” I grabbed Mickie by the arm and we walked off to check out the scenery yet again. Most of the guys had girls with them, and the other half were the long-haired rocker çubuk escort types that I didn’t like. What did I expect, being in a rocker bar?

“Ohh, check that out!” Mickie’s arm shot out in front of me, nearly smacking my nose off my face, to point to two guys standing by the speakers. One was wearing a grey corduroy golf hat backwards. He had a smirk on his face, curving the side of his full mouth upwards. From what I could see in the dim lights, it looked like he had a shaved head, hopefully meaning he wasn’t a full blown rocker. In my drunken state, I decided he was British. I didn’t even pay attention to the other one, once my eyes were on the first guy.

“I wonder if he’s watching,” I wondered aloud as I turned to Mickie. “You know he’s mine right? You’ve got your Stevie,” I teased her and batted my eyelashes at the guy as we walked past. He didn’t even notice. We were back where we started, so we rejoined our friends.

“Good try Ginnie, but maybe he’s taken.” Mickie suggested.

“No way. He’s not allowed to be.” I shook my head and took the beer Troy handed to me. “Thanks.” I swallowed down a good portion of the beer and looked around the bar again.

“Who’s up for dancing?” Nadine asked and grabbed both Troy and Valerie’s hands and led them onto the dance floor. Mickie and I followed. We formed a circle and moved to the beat of Green Day.

“Mmm! There he goes!” I grabbed Nadine’s arm and pointed out the guy I’d seen as he walked past us to the washrooms.

“So, go get him you little flirt. You know what to do.”

“I can’t,” I whined.

“Why not?” She looked at me.

“I’m chicken. I can’t just go up to him. I need an excuse.” I admitted.

“Troy, get her another drink. She needs more courage.” Nadine announced and reached over to pull one side of my shirt off my shoulder, but the neck wouldn’t stretch that far and I cried out.

“Knock it off!” I pushed Nadine’s hand away and stuck my tongue out at her, “Aren’t I sleazy enough wearing a see-through lace shirt that you have to rip my neck to expose my shoulder?”

“No, not really.” Nadine answered snottily.

Troy handed me some beer money and told me to get him one too. I grabbed Mickie’s hand and dragged her to the bar with me.

“What are you gonna try?” She eyed me suspiciously.

“That line Dom wants me to use.” I told her with a grin.

“You’re a slut.” She shook her head at me.

“I am not! I’m still a virgin, so I’m a tease.”

The guy came over and stood next to me at the bar. He gave us a casual glance but nothing more. He ordered a beer. I ordered two as well.

As the bartender was getting our beer, I leaned back towards Mickie.

“You know, I really want to kiss someone tonight. Know anybody?” I asked loudly. The guy looked over at me and his eyes crinkled slightly as he smiled.

“Yeah, I might,” he replied after a brief hesitation. He had a British-sounding accent.

“Oh really? Who might that be?” I asked, grabbing onto Mickie’s arm for support. I couldn’t believe the line was working. And on such a sober looking guy, a drunk one I could understand, but this one?

“I might.” He smiled. He had a devilish little boy smile.

“You’re on your own now,” Mickie said quietly and slipped away.

“So?” He was waiting for me to kiss him. I froze. I didn’t know what to do.

“So what?” I asked, grabbing onto the bar for support now.

“You demetevler escort gonna kiss me or what?” He raised his left eyebrow. Now there’s talent!

I nodded, swallowed hard, put my hand on his forearm and leaned closer. He leaned closer too and our lips met.

His arm was rock solid, so I curled my fingers around it, holding on tight.

I felt a hand slide across my arm and realized Nadine was now there, checking things out. She’d put her arm protectively between me and the guy.

I kissed him long and passionately. In case he decided to take off right away, I knew I wouldn’t have the guts to do this again so I had to get my courage’s worth.

I pulled away from the kiss and looked up into the nicest deep brown eyes I’d ever seen. He smiled and then noticed Nadine standing between us.

“So, you ready to come home now?” Nadine asked.

“No, so you can leave now.” I gave her a dirty look but she stayed put.

“Not yet. Hi, I’m Nadine. I’m her bodyguard. Just so you know, she’s being watched by those guys over there too,” Nadine told him. He nodded and glanced over his shoulder at the others who were watching us. “Don’t try anything funny.” She continued and he nodded again.

“Nadie, take this to Troy,” I handed her the beer and gave her a dirty look. She gave my guy a head-to-toe inspection, nodded knowingly at me and left.

“Hi, I’m Gerry. What’s your name?” He took my hand and led me away from the bar, closer to the dance floor. His hand was hot, and as sweaty as mine.

“Ginnie. Well, Ginger, with a G.” I told him. Oh! How stupid could I be? With a G!?

“Really? My name’s spelled with a G too.” He grinned at me and then nodded in the direction of the dance floor. “You dance?” He raised that eyebrow again.

I nodded, barely able to speak.

A slow intense drum beat came through the speakers. I recognized the song instantly. It was ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails. My favourite song.

“You know this song?” I asked as we stopped in the middle of the dance floor.

“Yeah, it’s all right.” He started to put his hands on my waist to pull me closer to him, but backed off immediately. I saw him glance unsurely over my shoulder. Nadine was watching, I could tell by the look on his face.

“It’s okay, she doesn’t bite.” I put my hands on his waist and moved closer to him. He looked down at me and one of his hands made it to my waist. The other one had a beer in it, so he put his arm around me, resting the beer on my hip.

“I do a really neat dance to this song. Wanna see it?” I asked as I brought my own beer bottle to my mouth, licking my tongue slowly around the top of the bottle.

“Oh God,” he groaned and took a long pull from his beer.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yeah, why not?” He let me go as I backed up and handed him my beer to hold.

The lyrics kicked in and I began to wind my hips slowly, kneeling closer to the floor.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal!” I mouthed the words and ran my hands up my legs, almost bringing my skirt up too far. Gerry watched me, his eyes locked to mine.

I reached out for him, grabbing hold of the front of his jeans. I pulled him closer to me and slid my hands up inside his T-shirt. He sucked his stomach in for a second.

“You’re hands are freezing!” He moved back, but I didn’t let him get away.

“They’ll be warmer in a second.” I promised as I let my fingers slide ankara escort across his chest and stomach. He worked out, a lot.

“Oh God,” he groaned again as I placed a kiss on his navel, and ran my fingers lightly down the front of his jeans. I let my fingers wander down his thighs and then back up to his waist. I lightly scratched his stomach as I kneeled down in front of him to place more kisses on his belly and then the front of his jeans. I was met with a very large bulge and I licked it through his pants. I looked up at Gerry, his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. He was thoroughly enjoying my dance. He reached down with one hand and tangled his fingers through my short blonde hair, pulling it gently as he pushed my face harder into his groin. I laughed and pushed his hand away, giving his bulge one last hard kiss.

I slowly wiggled my hips as I stood up and then ran my hands up and down my legs, plunging my hands under my skirt. I ran my fingernails over the front of my panties, my skirt was held up by my wrists and Gerry was watching intently. I smiled, licked my lips and then let my skirt back down. Gerry moved closer to me, grabbed my hips and started to grind with me to the music. He was sweating like crazy and I knew I’d be able to take the dance further at home.

When the song was finished, Gerry took my hand and led me over to these private booths near the centre of the club. I climbed up into the seat and made sure I bent over giving Gerry a good long look at my hot pink thong. He reached up to caress my backside as I slid into the seat. I ended up sitting on his hand and he leaned over to kiss me as he gently kneaded my ass.

Around twelve-thirty, Gerry’s friends were leaving, so we had to say good-bye.

“I’ll call you.” He pulled his jacket on and then wrapped his arms around me. I put my arms up around his neck and he kissed me long and hard.

“Promise?” I asked breathlessly.

He only nodded in response, took my hand and headed towards the exit.

“Hey!” Someone grabbed my arm from behind.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Nadine demanded.

“Nowhere. What’s the problem?” I narrowed my eyes at her and felt Gerry slip his hand free of mine.

“See ya.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him and he left.

“Where the hell have you been?” Nadine grabbed my wrist and dragged me back over to where the others were standing, looking worried sick.

“Where the hell have you been?” Mickie grilled me too.

“What are your problems? I’ve been in the booth over there with Gerry for the last two hours. I just walked him to the coat check, he was leaving.” I gave them a shrug.

“Don’t ever disappear on us like that again! We thought he took you or something.” Nadine’s eyes were flashing. She was more pissed off than she’d ever been before.

“Give me some credit! I’m not as stupid as you think I am!” Just as I said it, my balance finally gave out and Troy grabbed me as I almost fell over.

“No, but you’re drunk, and you do stupid things when you’re drunk.” Nadine corrected me as Troy led me over to some seats.

“No, she’s gotta dance this out.” Nadine grabbed me and pulled me towards the dance floor. We formed a circle again and began dancing to House of Pain.

I felt a presence behind me, and thinking it was Gerry coming back, I waited for him to hug me.

“No you don’t!” Nadine cried out and immediately pulled me into the middle of the circle, placing herself where I had just been standing.

“What? I didn’t do anything!”

“It’s not you, someone just came up behind you. Some creepy guy.” Nadine explained. “Come on munchkin, you can’t go home drunk, so dance.” Nadine grinned at me and we danced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32