Zamindars Pt. 07: Epilogue

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In Part 6, I wrote about my experience breaking in the young widow Sandhya. For the next 10 days while I was staying with Vivek, I nailed Sandhya relentlessly. Vivek & I enjoyed many leisurely foursomes with Sandhya & Malti.

Vivek’s family had a hunting cabin in a more remote part of their estate. We took Malti and Sandhya there for two days & nights. It was a secluded 2 bedroom cottage which afforded full privacy. Vivek drove us there. Needless to say I enjoyed the 30-minute ride there in the backseat with Sandhya sucking my cock to ejaculation. Vivek was horny and ready to nail Malti by the time we arrived at the cottage.

He jumped out of his Jeep and pulled Malti out and dragged her by her hair inside saying “chal haramzadi chinnal raand…andar aa jaldi..tujhay thokna hai” (come your fucking bitch whore, come inside quickly, I want to fuck you).

Sandhya and I strolled more leisurely into the cottage since I had already released my load inside her mouth a few minutes before. When we entered, we noticed that Vivek had not even waited to take Malti into one of the bedrooms. He had bent her over the dining table in the middle of the living area, had lifted up her ghaghra (skirt) and had already entered her cunt. Her long hair was tied up around his wrist, which he had pulled back forcefully so that her neck had snapped back. eryaman otele gelen escort Using that leverage, he had fully embedded his cock inside her cunt and was ramming it straight in, all the while abusing her and treating her like a fuck toy. This was not shocking or scandalous for me nor Sandhya because we had done been in foursomes together for the past few days many times.

Vivek did not last long and after he had unloaded his seed into her womb with a loud roar, he pulled out of her, zipped up his jeans and walked towards me and Sandhya.

He said “hey buddy, I have something very interesting to show you. Follow me.”

He led us out the back door of the cabin and across a small garden. There was a smaller cottage there. He opened the lock with his key and when we entered, I was quite stunned. It was one room with a bed on one side but the rest of the room was adorned with BDSM equipment — chains, whips, canes, handcuffs, loops on the ceiling. I had only seen this in porn flicks (that too very few in the mid 1990s).

Vivek smiled at my surprise and said “We are going to have some real fun with these cunts Navin. My dadaji (grandfather) had this cottage built after returning from a trip to Amsterdam in the 1980s and uses it occassionally. Dad brings his women here as well. Now it is our turn to enjoy”.

I sincan escort could see the confusion in Sandhya’s eyes and a minute later when Malti came into the cottage I saw that her expression showed fear and terror. I asked Vivek if he had brought Malti here before and he said he had not, but her mother Shanta – who was carrying Dadaji’s bastard child – and her sister-in-law Champa had both been brought here a few times. Each time when they had returned back they had been in bad shape with welt marks on their bodies, unable to walk or sit properly, barely coherent, in shock. When Malti made the connection in her mind, her expression turned to sheer terror.

Needless to say, the next 2 days were great fun for me & Vivek. We experimented in all sorts of ways with the equipment available there and released whatever primal lust was in us into the two women.

The only rule in those sessions was that I could not ejaculate inside Malti’s womb. Otherwise it was a free-for all.

About 45 days after Vivek & I got back to college in the U.S., he received news that Malti & Sandhya were both pregnant. With Malti, it was definitely his child but with Sandhya it would be unclear if it was mine or Vivek’s.

Vivek & I have remained good friends since those days. His grandfather passed away at the ripe old age of 88 in 2017. elvankent escort True to his nature, he was virile to the end. In fact, he passed away in his sleep while in bed with a 24 year old village woman who gave birth to his child in early 2018. Vivek told me that his grand father had sired 14 acknowledged children with 5 different women plus probably another 22-25 unacknowledged bastards from a dozen or so women. His progeny ranged from ages 68 to the newborn who arrived 8 months after his demise.

Vivek’s dad is still going strong in late 60s. He had a total of 8 kids with his concubine Champa over a 14 year period. She is still part of his household although now he also enjoys with Champa’s younger sister who has just turned 25. He has fathered at least 14 children from 4 different women including Champa. Champa’s younger sister is due to deliver her 2nd child with him this year.

Vivek got Malti pregnant every winter when he visited India for 6 consecutive years. Incredibly, three of their 7 children were born of the same exact date but in different years. Vivek lives in Delhi with his wife & 3 legitimate kids. He has a rakhail (mistress) in Delhi with whom he has 2 kids that he has acknowledged as his own. He continues to enjoy random cunts from his ancestral village whenever he visits his father.

As for me, I did join Vivek on one other occasion at his ancestral home in 1998, post-graduation. His grandfather was nailing both Sandhya and her sister that summer but I had the opportunity to fuck two fresh virgins from the village. Needless to say it was a memorable 7 day vacation there.

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