Youthful Lust

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Finals week. I’ve been in campus since 8 o’clock this morning. Around 1’ish I got myself a good lunch and headed for library to finish up my reports. Finals always stresses me out and I’ve been writing up the reports on my laptop while also chatting on the Lit forum-board.

Little did I realize that time passed by and it was time for me to head to take my exam in another building. I finished up my reports and signed off Lit so I can have some time to get to the building. Getting ready to leave the library, I see this hot lady walking towards me. She was about 5’6″, short blonde hair…middle aged. I look at her as her large breasts revealing themselves hypnotize my eyes, almost popping out of her shirt-like blouse. She wore a white blouse and a tight black pants. I could clearly see that she wore a tight thong underneath. She looks at me like I didn’t even stood at her way…she passes by while my eyes monitor her voluptuous breast from the corner of my eyes. She walks in the bathroom leaving me in agonizing pain. I look around to see if anyone has noticed this piece of meat. I put my laptop away and place my backpack over it on the table I was sitting. Swallowing my pride, I walk into the ladies bathroom.

She stood there, leaning on the table in front of the mirror putting lipstick. She looks at me, keçiören escort a little surprised. Quickly I get behind, push my aroused member that hid under my shorts against her soft ass while my hands grazed upon her tits. I whispered in her ear as I squeezed the tits hard, “I bet that lips would look better on my stick.” She pushes back and I pushed harder letting my cock dig between in her ass as I lustfully enjoy fondling her balloons. She must have been a 36d or a 34. She finally moaned as she tilted her head, her blonde hair falling aside. I kissed her neck and for the first time look over her shoulder to see what I was holding, two enormous pieces of meat. I felt my cock grow a little bit more.

Hungrily, I ripped open her shirt and seeing them bounce from the impact. She parted her lips as I felt her cunt pushing back, pulsating against my covered cock. While I played with her naked breasts, my other hand reached under her pants to find out what is going on. Her thong was soaked, and I realized that she had come already. The thought just made me go wild and I wanted to eat her.

“You like this don’t you?” I asked her as I let go of her and fell on my knees. I grabbed by the tip of her pants and pulled it down. She was already weak on her knees as she leaned over the table. kızılay escort I took off her pants, along with her thong. I smelled the wet, pink thong and damn did it smell good. I folded the underwear carefully and put it away in my pocket.

She moaned quietly, “Please…”

I looked up at the shaved, ripe cunt as it glistened with juice.

She continued, “Someone might be walking right in.”

I look at her bare ass as I stand up. She leaned on the table while her ass raised high, her milky white thighs looked gorgeous as she stood on her heels. I pulled down my pants, agreeing that this has to be a quickie. My cock was pumping with my heartbeat and I never thought my cock could get this big. I have thick cock of 9″ but today it seemed much bigger. I’ve always thought my cock was small, but seeing it today assured me that is not. I was proud that I about to mount this middle aged bitch. She hasn’t even looked back to see me as I grabbed her hip and impale her hard to her hilt. I reply, “you’re right”, as she gives out a hard scream but I interrupt her by placing my fingers in her mouth. To my knowledge she had spread her legs and grabbed my ass. I was in completely ecstasy. I started pumping and was really impressed from the cunt juice had already lubed up my cock.

As she ankara escort lowered her voice down a softly, I grabbed her lovely tits and pulled her off the table, picking her up and pushed her against the entrance door.

“That should give us some time.” I grinned as I bit her neck lustfully and started pumping my cock. Her nipples were hard rock in my palms as I massaged them. She pushed me back once like before, lifting her hands above her and pressing her tits against the door. She didn’t have to give another hint. I grabbed on to the hips and bulked as hard as I can. Soon I started having deep and long strokes. It didn’t take me time increase my pace. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. I loved the position we were in and how much I enjoyed fucking her brains out. With a last thrust, I pulled out my cock and as if she knew I kneeled between my legs and swallowed my whole cock. I felt my cock about to blow. I pushed hard inside her warm walls as I came with large loads. I stayed inside her as my cock just kept pumping cum deep inside her. She sucked my cock clean and not a drop of cum had come out of her mouth.

“You’re a good fuck.” She oozes as she popped my cock out. She stood up and gave me passionate kiss while I massaged my cock on pelvis.

“Pleasure was all mine.” I grinned as I pulled up my pants and departed the restroom. I looked around to see nobody has even noticed me come out of the ladies bathroom. I cracked a joke as I grabbed my laptop, “heh, finals week is sweet!” leaving the library completely satisfied and ready to take that exam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32