You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 08

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*Sometimes ‘little’ white lies are the ones most worth keeping*

(Later that same day)

“Not my best decision,” Carmen giggles on top of me. We were lying back in front of the fire. We are clean but freezing and I am trying to get the feeling back into my extremities that the icy cold shower had robbed me of. Carmen seems to be taking some pleasure in stealing away some of that warmth.

“I tried to keep you warm,” I say through chattering teeth.

“I’m warm now,” she breathes into my face.

“I’m glad one of us is,” I reply with a smile.

“No, I’m warm,” she insists as her hand rubs up and down my side from ribs to hip. I’m not going to say anything stupid like ‘are you sure’ because I’ve frozen my ass off for this and Carmen looks positively eager, not apprehensive. I run my hands down her flanks. Carmen starts wiggling around.

“No, I want you on top,” I tell her. She looks a little surprised.

“I don’t know what to do,” she responds.

“It should be pretty obvious,” I coach her. “Put me where you want me and do what makes you feel the best.”

“What do you get out of it?” she asks now worried because she’s invested so much in my happiness at expense of her own.

“Carmen, you are beautiful to me. I want to feel you and be inside you, but mostly I want you to be happy.”

Carmen pushes herself up and back, the blanket pushing away, bathing her brown skin in the light from the flicking flames of our wood fire. I can see her doing the mental-sexual physics of what she’s trying to do. For whatever reasons, she opts to reach behind her and touch my penis and position it up. She clutches at the blanket but can’t keep it, her balance and her guidance for my manhood going so the blanket drops.

“I’m cold,” she whimpers. I respond by moving up and cupping her very pert nipples.

“Ooohhh … my nipples are so sensitive,” Carmen gasped.

“This has been my clever ploy. Cold nipples become very hard and sensitive and now,” I say as I pull myself up and place on of those icy nipples into my steaming mouth. “Mmmm.”

The sensation is so intense she almost forgets herself as I am guided into her.

“oh, oh, oh,” she says in a very small voice, her lips pursed. Carmen moves her hips up and down slightly. “Robert,” she pants; then nothing else for the longest time. We hardly need words anymore. I finally transfer my attention to her other nipple.

By this time I am in her enough that she feels safe removing the hand behind her and uses it to hold my head tight against her breast. Carmen starts rising and grinding against me. I sense her gaze on me, detach my lips from her nipples and kiss her. Our tongues roll against one another before she lets me dominate her. It is a sense of power she surrenders to me, part of our growing trust.

I move my hands to Carmen’s shoulders, rubbing on the top of the shoulder blades before working down. I slip down over her front to touch her underneath her arms. Carmen giggles and does this wonderful muscle contraction.

“Baby, do that again. It felt great,” I gasp. Carmen thinks it over, tries something, looks at me expectantly, then tries something — the right thing and makes me moan. Her eyes light up.

Carmen does it again and again and it feels like she’s milking me and by the expression on her face I must look ecstatic.

“You … so … bad,” I groan.

“I feel bad,” she says in an adoring manner.

I thrust up into her several times as means of ‘punishment’ which only appears to make her happier. She has this look that is fascinating and new, yet somehow makes sense. Carmen feels her orgasm coming on. She’s fighting it back at the same time as she’s relishing it.

“Please come with me,” she begs. I pump harder but it isn’t enough.

“Scratch me,” I pant. “Make it hurt … a little bit.” Carmen looks a little startled then she grins. Her fingers dig into my shoulders and drag their way down. I feel heat start to come over me, but when she drags those tiny daggers over my nipples I lose it. Carmen screams out in triumph and has her orgasm seconds later.

I hold her shoulder up as she temporarily loses control over herself and slumps toward me. Her hands firm up and she gives me this look that has this crazy happy aspect to it.

“I’ve got you,” she whispers triumphantly.

“Was there ever a doubt,” I smile before dragging her to me for another kiss. She purrs and wiggles; I’ve never seen her happier, joined to me the way she is.

(Next week)

I’ve hooked up with Lindsey coming across campus and we’ve walked back together. She’s upbeat and talking about what ‘we’ will be doing for Spring Break. She thinks this will be our last time to hit Florida, but I’m trying to convince her that Carmen’s not likely to be ready for something that extreme. Lindsey is persistent though, telling me how much progress Carmen and her have been making.

We are stepping along the walkway when Lindsey gets this curious expression on her face. I follow her to the gaze to the eryaman escort door which is ajar. Since it is barely forty degrees out, my immediate worry is for Carmen. I take the steps two at a time and am through the door in a flash. Ashe is lying on the floor in the hall in a pool of her own blood.

‘Oh fuck,’ I think, ‘not Ashe too.’ I am kneeling beside Ashe as I hear Lindsey gasp behind me. Ashe opens her eyes and looks up at me. She seems so frail and weak.

“Carmen,” Ashe whispers.

“Did Carmen do this to you?” I almost weep. Not Carmen. I know it is entirely my fault.

“Carmen,” she repeats in that ghostly rasp. She tries to raise up an arm. I see her fighting to stay conscious. Ashe is still in her down jacket and has two stab wounds; one in the stomach and the other in the side. There is so much blood.

“How did it happen?” I virtually repeat the question.

“Carmen,” Ashe pleads with pain in her eyes. He raise up her arm trying to hold my face.

“It’s okay Ashe. I’ll deal with her this time. I won’t let you down,” I promise her. I take her hand and move it to my lips.

“Carmen!” gasps Ashe.

She yanks her hand away from my face and points to the stairs.

“Help Carmen!” she whimpers through the pain. I look from Ashe to the stairs and back again.

“Is Carmen in danger?” I blurt out. Ashe nods and points back to the stairs. I’m racing up the stairs as I hear Lindsey talking to 911. If I was thinking with clarity I might acknowledge what a bastard I’ve been for doubting Carmen, but all I know now is that the person who stabbed Carmen is with her now. If she’s dead …

As I pound up the last stair to the third floor I hear some male voice whispering and Carmen crying in desperate pain. My door is slightly ajar. It would be the refuge that Carmen would seek out, like she did so many years ago. I slam through the door and some guy I can’t quite place stands up from my bed having pulled Carmen’s pants half way down.

His face has been scratched but my more immediate concern is the hunting knife he grabs up. He’s hurt Carmen; he should have brought a God-damn sword because I’m going to beat him straight into the basement for what he’s done to Carmen and Ashe. I meet him halfway and though he’s bigger, I slam him back; we go piling onto the bed.

We roll off and onto the floor, him on top. He stabs and I grab at his wrist but not fast enough to avoid cut to the arm. He punches at my face but misses while I put my hand around his throat and start squeezing. He’s heavier and taller; if Carmen dies I am not sure I have a reason to live. He tries to wrap his hand around my throat; he goes high and I’m able to bit the web between his thumb and forefinger.

The bastard growls as he switches the bit hand up to the one I’m chocking him with. I won’t let go so he rolls me around on the floor. I’m able to smack his knife free, but he repays my good fortune by punching me hard in the face. In my stunned state he’s able to pull my hand free from his neck. Now it is his turn to start chocking the life out of me.

“She’s got to die!” the fucker snarls at me.

“You first asshole,” I wheeze through my constricted airway. I pull at his wrists. The blood from where I bit him is making his grip slippery. I switch tactics and start punching him repeatedly in the face. This guy’s face is looking hauntingly familiar.

I rock him back with a good right to the chin. His hold breaks and I’m able roll us on onto our sides. His glower of rage takes on a look of fear which convinces me I’m going to bury this bastard. Carmen slams past me and starts stabbing the guy again and again. At first he tries to fight her off with his right arm, but the first knife-thrust is into the left side of his chest.

Blood is frothing on his lips. He tries to swing at her with his left, but I grab it and hold it down. Carmen is weeping and screaming at the same time.

“NO! No, no, no,” she screeches. Half of the room is spattered in blood when she finally stops plunging the knife into him. I have doubt this guy is dead, with his eyes staring up unblinking at the ceiling.

Carmen slumps into me still sobbing.

“You got him Honey; you got him,” I reach around her and reassure her. Only once I’ve done it does it occur to me that I’ve violated our rules. “Carmen, may I hold you?”

“Yes Robert,” she mumbles. “Robert?”

“Yes Carmen.”

“Is Ashe okay? He hurt her and I knew if I want to my secret place he’d come back and kill her so I came here instead. I knew you would come and save me if I could only hold out long enough.”

“Ashe is getting assistance from Lindsey, Carmen. I’m here for you,” I assure her.

“Robert,” she whispers.


“He stabbed me …”

Carmen collapses.

(Eight hours later)

I walk into the room holding Carmen. I’ve talked doctors, cops, and one reporter and all I’ve wanted to really do was talk to my two women. Carmen turns and looks to me with a dreamy quality. esat escort She hasn’t lost too much blood, but she’s on some serious pain killers.

“Baby,” I whisper in case she’s more asleep than awake.

“Robert,” she sighs. “You got hurt?” Carmen is looking at the bandage on my forearm. Compared to the rest of the people stabbed in my house, I’ve gotten off incredibly lucky.

“It’s nothing. The big thing is how are you?”

“They’ve made me feel fuzzy,” she grins.

“Well, the doctor says you will make a full recovery. You’ll miss a few classes. You may have to quit school,” I tease. She looks pleased with the reference.


“She’s out of surgery,” I tell Carmen, “and they think she’ll be awake in a few hours. You saved her life. You bought her enough time for me to get there. You did well; I’m so proud of you.”

The look she gives me is priceless.

“I couldn’t take another friend from you Robert, I just couldn’t,” Carmen mumbles. What?

“What do you mean Carmen?” I ask softly. Carmen stops smiling and starts sobbing quietly.

“I … Steve.”

“What about Steve?” I say with a tremor in my voice.

“I pushed him down the stairwell,” she admits.

“No,” I gasp.

“Yes … when he tried to hold on I beat on his hand until he let go. I watched him fall.”

I blink and I don’t know how long it is before my heart even beats again.

“After Ashe saved my life, I knew I had to tell you. If we were going to have a life together you had to know everything,” she winces torn by that eternal struggle between love and trust.


“That was the guy who you saved me from at the party. He came back and talked to Ashe and she accidently led him to me. I guess he was crazy. When I answered the door, Ashe threw herself at him so that I could get away. She is your friend and she risked her life to save mine. I couldn’t go on with you once I knew what your friends were really like.”

“Why?” I mumble.

“I don’t know why she did it,” Carmen misunderstood.

“No, why did you kill Steve?”

“He wouldn’t let us have the house. I knew we had to have the house if you and I were ever going to be happy.” Carmen rasps with utter conviction. I don’t doubt her for an instant.

“He was my best friend,” I finally say. I feel a tear going down my face. Carmen is clearly insane; Steve had been my best friend and she killed him.

“Is this were you call in the cops and I never see you again,” Carmen says with utter hopelessness.

“WHY!” I scream at her. “Why did you kill my best friend? Why are you crazy? Why have you totally fucked up my life?” Tears start streaming down her face and all she can manage is a pain-twinge shrug.

“Good-bye … I love you,” she sobs.

“Good-bye?” I shout. “Where in the hell am I going? I’m helpless, hopelessly in love with you Carmen, because you’ve tell me you’ve murdered my brother and all I can think about is keeping you safe. I hate myself for feeling this way and I hate you!” Carmen remains silent and distressed.

“Carmen … I … promise me one thing,” I plead.

“Yes,” Carmen says hopefully.

“No more killing,” I insist in a fruitless effort to save my own sanity and soul. Carmen already has all she wants from me so she nods.

“Also, Ashe must never know. It would kill her — kill us,” I add. Again, Carmen nods. I walk to the side of her bed, brush her sweaty hair away from her eyes and kiss her. She’s still crying, but now in joy with a smile on her face. We remain only inches apart for the longest time. “Why are you smiling?” I add in an exasperated voice.

“You said you love me,” she breathes. Damn it all to hell — I did.

“Don’t get used to it,” I snap.

“Okay,” she says with utter adoration, which tells me she knows I’m lying to us both.

“I’ll take you home tomorrow,” I tell her gruffly. I turn and leave her believing that I have made a horrible mistake. I also don’t see myself really having a choice.

I step out into the hallway and I hear a voice flagging me down. It is Detective August Mitchell.

“Mr. Lynch,” the man says. “I need a moment of your time.”

“Detective Mitchell, it has been a really rough day,” I exhibit my bandaged arm, “so could you make it quick. My girlfriend is under observation and my best friend is in the ICU. I am a bit stressed.”

“Well, you have reasons to be uncomfortable, but in the manner of the death of Leon Calderas there are going to be people asking questions,” the detective informs me.

“That is the name of the evil son-of-a-bitch who expired in my room?” I growl.

“Yes. I imagine that … this guy and Carmen had a history,” Mitchell states.

“He was the guy who nearly raped Carmen at the start of last semester; I already figured that one out,” I informed him.

“I think that is correct, but since no charges were filed …”

“I don’t give a crap about that. What I want to know is why did he come back to try and finish off Carmen? The ankara escort guy disappeared for months after all?”

Instead of answering the man looks over his notes.

“We are working on those details but for now we need to put together the last minutes of his life at you domicile,” Mitchell asks. I stared at the man angrily.

“I came home finding my best friend horribly wounded lying on the ground trying to warn me that there was an intruder in the house hunting down Carmen. I raced up to the place Carmen might have fled to and he was there assaulting Carmen. I jumped him. He grabbed the knife, we struggled and the knife got loose. We punched each other a few times. I was afraid for my life when Carmen intervened with the knife and killed the bastard.”

“Did you see who attacked Ashe Harwell?”


“So don’t know if Carmen Santos attacked her and that Carmen was pursued by Leon Calderas in order to apprehend her.

“That’s laughable,” I sneer. “Ashe and Carmen had been talking before Leon showed up at the door. Ashe was standing to the front. Her wounds were to the front. Did Ashe turn her back on stranger in the house to talk with Carmen and be stabbed by her?”

“Several important people are concerned about this young man and how he died,” Mitchell counters.

“So, because this guy was a ‘somebody’ and Carmen is a ‘nobody’ she’s getting blamed for instigating her rape? What happened to her being a ‘good kid’?”

“Just between you and me,” Mitchell says, “the kid was wack. He left school last fall, but got a withdrawal post-registration. That means someone told the Administration to let this guy have an academic bye. That is caused by a medical leave, death in the family, or a ton of influence. All I know is the Chief is leaning on me to figure out something before the State Police get called in.”

I groan. The last thing Carmen needs is close scrutiny.

“How did Leon die?”

“I held him down while Carmen stabbed him,” I confess. Mitchell stares at me.

“Was he fighting back? Were your lives at risk?” Mitchell hints.

“He stabbed both of us first. Carmen was bleeding out, I was hurt, and he was busy trying to choke the life out of me; so yes I felt afraid for my life,” I growl.

“Good,” Mitchell nods, “the wounds on you and Carmen bear that out. Of course, someone beat the hell out of Leon before he expired. It fits with your story though. It might come in handy that I forgot to mention Carmen in my Steve Binder investigation,” he winks.

“I think I’ll spend the night with Carmen,” I conclude. “If someone comes around asking questions it might be handy for me to be around.”

“That’s a good idea, Rob,” Mitchell nods. I look at the man.

“Thank you. Carmen appreciates it,” I tell him. He nods again and walks off down the hall.

Carmen looks at me when I reenter the room. She is confused.

“I had a talk with Detective Mitchell and we decided that I should stay with you tonight. If someone comes by we’ll deal with them together,” I suggest.

“What is wrong?” Carmen asks. Her criminal instincts tell her something bad is coming down the pipeline.

“We killed someone whose parents have some influence. They are looking for someone else to blame for this guy’s — Leon’s — death,” I say.

“Don’t let them blame you,” Carmen sighs.

“I did hold the guy’s arm down. I am just as responsible,” I reassure her that she’s not alone.

“I won’t …” she starts.

“Carmen!” I snap. “This discussion is over. Are we clear?” Carmen’s eyes open wide, but she nods her assent. “Now you get some sleep and I’ll be in the chair over here. That’s an order and we aren’t in the bedroom now, so you have to do what I say.” Again Carmen nods. I settle into the chair and drift off to a fitful sleep.

(Three days later)

Ashe isn’t in great shape, but she’s proving to be a great pre-Med student — she hates being a patient in a hospital and leaps at the chance when I offer to take her back to my home. Lindsey is a big help with Carmen and my buddy Vince helps me get Ashe up to the third floor. Curtis has ‘moved in’ with Tyrone, allowing Ashe to take his room. Honest; Curtis answered my e-mail and everything.

Carmen hobbles down the hallway to see Ashe once I get my friend settled in. There is a minute of silence as Carmen sits beside her on the bed.

“I … thank you Ashe,” Carmen begins.

“I’m glad I was wrong about you Carmen. When I found that guy at the door, I knew I had made a horrible mistake. He found me out and then followed me to get to you. I should have trusted you.”

“Ashe, you saved my life. You bought time for Rob to save us both. I can never repay that,” Carmen sniffles. Ashe reaches out a weak hand and lightly touches Carmen’s hand.

“I think we both did a bit of saving one another,” Ashe admits. “I want you to know that I’ll never doubt you again. You and Rob, well, I’ll come to accept things are the way they are.”

“Ashe, you will always be Robert’s best friend,” Carmen smiles.

“Can you do me one favor?” Ashe asks.

“I’ll try,” Carmen hesitates.

“If you are going to hang out with us you have to start calling Rob, Rob, not Robert. Only his mother calls him Robert and only then when he’s done something wrong,” Ashe grins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32