You and I

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I start off by pushing you back onto the bed, and slowly make my way up your long, naked legs, touching, kissing and licking all the way up. I get so close to your pussy, you can feel my hot breath on your wet lips, but I don’t touch. Not yet.

I move my mouth up your body, planting kiss after kiss over your taut, firm stomach as my hand caresses your inner thigh.

My mouth reaches the swell of one your glorious breasts, and starts to traverse that heavenly expanse of flesh, kissing all the way. My hand slowly gets closer and closer to your dripping cunt as you start moaning in pleasure.

Your moans start getting louder as my tongue glides over one of your nipples, and I take it into my mouth. My hand whispers over your slick pussy lips, barely touching as you moan at the tease, and pull my head further onto your breast. You look down at me and I can see the want in your eyes. The want for release. I relent in my merciless teasing and I start gliding sincan escort my fingers between your dripping cunt lips.

As I slip my finger into your tight, wet pussy, I halt my attack on your nipple and start moving back down your luscious body. You can feel my erratic breaths on your skin as I make my way to the apex of your thighs.

I start gently thrusting my finger in and out of you as my tongue gently starts gliding up and down your lips. You throw your head back into the pillow and as you get louder my fingers and tongue get faster. Your moans become screams as I start swirling my tongue around your clit and you writhe in pleasure as you climax. I eagerly lap up your juices whilst your hands grab the back of my head and force it further into your cunt.

After you come down from the high, I move back up your body with a predatory glint in my eye. As my face draws level to yours, you can feel the head of my cock nestling sıhhiye escort in the folds of your pussy.

Staring into your eyes, I slowly thrust my dick into you with a growl. Your breath hitches as I go deeper, and deeper. When I am completely sheathed in your wetness, your legs wrap around my waist. I start pulling out, until only my throbbing head remains buried inside of you. You use your legs to bring me back into you. I move my knees slightly, and change the angle I penetrate you. As my head brushes against your g-spot, your now-constant moans start to become screams once again. I thrust in and out, each time hitting your g-spot, getting faster and faster. Your orgasm hits, and you bite into my shoulder to prevent yourself from screaming as you drag your nails across my back. I keep thrusting into you as I feel your pussy walls contract in orgasmic pleasure. The pleasure gets too much for me to hold back and I start wildly fucking subayevleri escort you with animalistic abandon as my own moans and groans get louder and louder. With a growl I bury myself as deep as I can into you, and release my cum into you. You can feel my hot seed filling you, as my manhood starts to deflate.

You roll me onto my back, me still inside you, rocking and gyrating your hips, instantly bringing me back to life. You moan more feeling my cock enlarging inside you. You sit upright, and start bouncing up and down on my cock, as I stare mesmerised at your gorgeous body flushed with pleasure. You bring your hand down to play with your clit and orgasm for a third time. I start thrusting upwards, and I feel my own orgasm barrelling towards me. In-between my growls and groans of pleasure, I manage to say “I’m gonna cum!”. At these words, you jump off my dick and take me into your mouth. You start swirling your tongue around my head, and I can no longer hold back. My cum starts filling your mouth, as you look up and make eye contact. You lift your head off my spent cock, and open your mouth, showing off your milky white prize before closing it and swallowing it all, leaving nothing left apart from a small drizzle from the corner of your smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32