Xavier’s Teachers – The Handmaiden Pt. 03

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The weekend so far had been a smorgasbord of carnal pleasure for Bai-Ma and Xavier; she a mature handmaiden to the mistress of the estate, and he the student tenant who lived in the outhouse. She had given the lad his first handjob on the previous day and today, Sunday, she had blown him sky-high; swallowing mouthfuls of his voluminous cum. Everything for the first time in his life, he had tasted her hirsute armpit, her thick furry pussy hair, and had even brought her to a climax by sucking her cunt to an orgasm. And then they had fallen into a brief restful slumber.

When Bai-Ma awoke and looked out of the window, it was dark. She didn’t believe she had slept for that long and figured that heavy clouds had rolled into the city from the west; the ubiquitous monsoon clouds that constantly threatened rain during the three summer months. Her legs felt stiff and numb as she gently lifted Javi’s sleeping head and placed it on the settee, sliding off as noiselessly as possible. Although not illiterate, she still had a little difficulty pronouncing his real name so “Javi” became her preferred term and endearment. Looking at her wristwatch lying on the centre table, she realised it was almost 6 o’clock in the evening; apparently she had slept longer than she thought. She picked up her blouse and underclothes from where they lay scattered and went into the washroom.

She unwrapped her unruly saree which had come partially undone from around her and hefted up the petticoat before using the WC, and later the bidet to clean herself thoroughly. After drying herself with tissue, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself topless. As Bai-Ma ran her palms over her boobs and scraped the underpart of one breast to relieve an itch, she wondered what she should do; normally she would be back in her rooms around 7:00 pm on the Sundays that she went out. Of course, Madam would not expect her till 9 o’clock on Monday morning. She didn’t want to leave Javi but felt she should be more responsible and not give in to her cravings; after all she wasn’t an 18 year old like him, she was 40 and mature and had responsibilities towards the household and her mistress.

Xavier awoke to the sound of a loud thunderclap, followed by a low long rumble as it rolled across the sky. He opened his eyes and looked at the near darkness, feeling slightly disoriented as a sudden flash of lightening lit up the room for a second like a strobe light. “Bai-Ma?” he called, hoping that she hadn’t left and gone back to her quarters. “Bai-Ma,” he said a little louder.

“Yes Javi, I’m here,” she said, opening the bathroom door and stepping into the hallway. “I think there’s a storm about to start.” She had put on her blouse and saree again but left her panties and brassiere hanging on a hook behind the bathroom door. She came into the living room and switched on two floor lamps at opposite corners; then drew the heavy drapes across the large windows. She took away the leftover food and plates and glasses to the kitchen before coming to stand in front of Xavier and looked at his heavy-lidded eyes.

Just then there was another crashing sound outside as the heavens opened up and the rain came cascading down. Xavier always enjoyed the sound of the rain as it pummelled the leaves of the trees that surrounded his outhouse. He stood up, looking happy, and wordlessly enfolded Bai-Ma in his arms, holding her tight against his almost naked body. After a while, he walked to the bathroom and washed his face in cold water before coming back feeling pleasantly relaxed and refreshed. He bent down and picked up his denims from the settee and slipped into them before wearing his linen shirt which he buttoned half way up his chest.

They both sat around the centre table, each taking one of the three comfortable armchairs that surrounded it and avoided the divan that had seen so much of their goings-on during the day. “Get you guitar and play for me Javi,” Bai-Ma requested after they had spoken about inanities for a while.

“Can we have another drink?” Javi asked her, remembering the pleasant state of inebriation he had enjoyed in the afternoon.

Bai-Ma gave it only a second’s thought before taking the vodka bottle and walking to the kitchen while Xavier went to his bedroom. She rinsed the glasses they had used in the afternoon and made another couple of drinks with ice and soda water, avoiding the Red Bull this time. She cut a lemon into thin slices and garnished the beverage. As she was walking back to the front room, she saw Xavier had just come out of his bedroom with his guitar in one hand and a capo, a clamp, in the other. They settled down again with their respective highball glasses and Xavier idly strummed polatlı escort his Washburn acoustic.

Over the next ninety minutes Xavier played intermittently while they talked and drank. He sang some country songs, a couple from Simon about how she belonged to one of the old princely families in the country.

Between songs and sips of their vodka, Xavier told her about his short life in the small town he had been born and raised in. He talked more about his enthusiasm for sports and also how he hated his studies, except for music, which he primarily had to teach himself. He told her how breaking out of that small town and coming to the city barely two months ago had changed his entire perspective on life. And he thanked all the Gods in heaven and the stars in the sky that he had met her. He told her honestly how he had fallen in love with her, confusing it somewhat with infatuation, from the moment he had seen her the day Madam had introduced him to all the staff.

“You have such a beautiful voice, Javi. I have never heard the songs you sing but the words are so full of meaning. Do you write the words?”

Xavier laughed and then explained to her briefly about the music he liked; American folk, country and western, rock and roll. He told her about the bands he liked and how famous they were and his dream to see one of their live concerts someday. But most of all, he loved singing for her. As their first round of drinks was finishing, he sang an old 1984 song that was recorded originally by Jennifer Rush and later by many artists like Celine Dion, Air Supply and Laura Branigan.

The whispers in the morning

Of lovers sleeping tight

Are rolling by like thunder now

As I look in your eyes

I hold on to your body

And feel each move you make

Your voice is warm and tender

A love that I could not forsake

‘Cause you are my lady

And I am your man

Whenever you reach for me

I’ll do all that I can

It was called “The Power of Love” and Bai-Ma wept as she listened to Javi sing the song; it felt as though he had written it just for her and even though she knew that wasn’t true, she simply clung to the thought as though it was.

Although the heavy thundering storm clouds seemed to have passed, the rain continued to come down in its usual monsoon torrent, cascading and probably flooding many streets in the city. But inside the lodge, it was cosy and both Bai-Ma and Xavier felt a warm comfort in each other’s company. The two floor lamps cast a golden hue across the room and bathed them in a protective glow that seemed to cut out the grimness of the outside world.

When Xavier saw the tears roll down Bai-Ma’s cheeks after finishing his song, he stood up and leaned his guitar against the centre table, then kneeled down silently in front of her and kissed her cheeks. With the tip of his tongue he licked her tears and tasted the clear salty liquid as he hugged her. Bai-Ma felt such a strong emotive response to his gesture that she almost bawled at that moment. But taking a deep breath and hiding her face from him as he wrapped his arms around her, she calmed her nerves and held him by his upper arms for a minute.

“It’s OK, Javi. I’m fine. Come, let’s go get another drink; OK?” she whispered into his ear. She was also thinking to herself about whether the alcohol was making her overly sensitive but decided to go ahead with another drink. She gently pushed Xavier back and stood up with him. They went into the kitchen, Bai-Ma wiping her cheeks with the edge of her saree. While Xavier was making the drinks, Bai-Ma spotted boxes of food in the refrigerator and asked him why they were there, uneaten.

“Every Saturday night, after we finish our gig at the nightclub, they give us some takeaway dishes which I usually eat for lunch and dinner on Sunday,” he responded. Realising it would be after 8:00 pm, Bai-Ma took out the two boxes of chilled food and opened them to see quite a variety and mix of Indian, Western and Chinese cuisine. She laid out a spread on to a large ceramic dish and pushed it into the microwave oven, heating it for three or four minutes. Like they did at lunch time, they took the food and drinks and sat around the centre table in the living room. Xavier, growing lad that he was, was famished and silently gorged on the food between sips of the vodka.

Bai-Ma ate more demurely, toying with pieces of meat and veggies, as she watched Javi consume his dinner. Once they’d both finished, Bai-Ma cleared the dishes and washed them in the kitchen while Xavier went to brush his teeth and wash his face before they settled down in the front room again. It was 9 o’clock and pursaklar escort Bai-Ma knew, in her mind, that she would be staying the night with Javi. He, on the other hand, had not even contemplated the possibility that she would return to her rooms.

Xavier put on some soft instrumental music using his streaming account on the tablet device and linked it via Bluetooth to a couple of cheap Taiwanese portable speakers he had bought the previous week. The setup worked well and the sound was a pleasant refrain that hovered above the ambient noise of the incessant rain outside. Bai-Ma sat quietly, listening to the sound of the rain and the music, eyes shut and a beatific smile on her face as she held her drink in one hand. Xavier sat back down and just looked at her, love and lust finally coming to terms with one another in his brain and his heart. They sat in a pleasant cocoon of happiness, made just for them.


When the music stopped and the ceaseless sound of the rain remained unabated, they both stirred from their dreamy state. Almost simultaneously they reached for their tumblers and took a sip of their alcoholic beverage from half empty tumblers. Bai-Ma then got up from her chair and walked into the washroom, leaving Xavier in his semi-stuporous state. He sat quietly, feeling a little tipsy and buzzed as he waited for her to come out of the loo.

Ten minutes later when she did, Bai-Ma was naked, standing in the near darkness of the corridor that connected the two rooms. Her long flowing hair was once again tied into a large knot at the back of her head. Xavier turned around in his chair and stared at her as though she was an apparition in the dim ambient lighting that touched the swell of her curves and sent the recesses into deep shadow. He finished his drink in two quick gulps, stood up and faced her. The kitchen light had been switched off and his bedroom behind her looked dark as he walked towards Bai-Ma. Still a couple of steps away, he smelt the delicate floral fragrance he had caught a whiff of when she came to him in the morning.

As he reached her and stood directly in front, his heart picking up its cadence, he breathed in the freshness that Bai-Ma exuded. His hands reached out, almost involuntarily, for those large luscious pendulous breasts as he bent to kiss the side of her neck and her shoulders. She placed her hands on his hips, feeling the rough denim as he pressed his thighs against her body and kneaded her boobs softly. Her back was against the wall and she felt the smooth coolness of the waterproof wall panels against her buttocks as she reached for Xavier’s stud button in front of his jeans.

She unzipped his fly and pushed the denims as far down his thighs as she could, then reached for the buttons in front of his shirt and undid them. “Javi, take off your clothes,” she whispered into his ear in a soft sultry voice as he continued to kiss her face and neck and shoulders. He stepped back and hastily tore off his shirt, kicked off his jeans, and went back to fondling her boobs and kissing her as she stood against the wall. She lowered both her hands in front of her, between both their bodies, and felt the bulge in his underwear. Pushing her hands inside, she forced his boxer briefs downward, struggling to get it past his growing erection. When she got it down to his knees, Xavier helped by pushing them further down and stepping out of them.

They stood, completely naked together for the first time, flush against one another. Bai-Ma could feel the full-length hardness of his erect cock sandwiched between her abdomen and his groin as her hands rested on his waist. Xavier was slowly, but surely, getting uncontrollably wild as his ardour and passion was fuelled by the very concept and thought of Bai-Ma’s unclothed body. Another first in his sexual evolution; embracing a naked woman.

His hands framed Bai-Ma’s face as he sucked on her lips, kissed her deeply thrusting his tongue into her mouth; he grabbed and almost mauled her breasts, tweaked her nipples that evoked a painful gasp from her; his hands went around her as he dug his fingers into the flesh of her buttocks, squeezing and pulling her against his erection; he then took one hand to her crotch and cupped her vulva, fingers searching for and then penetrating her cunt. He was like a starving pauper at a palace feast, not knowing what to feed on first and scared that it may all be a dream. “Javi! Baby! Slowly sweetheart,” she breathed as she sought his hands and removed them from her body. “Shhhh! Come with me,” she said, as Bai-Ma led Xavier to his bedroom.

She held his hand as they took the few steps along the galley towards the bedroom ankara escort door, his erection firm and jutting upwards like a flagpole from the thick curls of his pubic hair, his testicles swinging in their sac. The room had a large queen sized four-poster bed, an anachronistic heirloom from another time. The heavy curtains hadn’t been parted in the morning so they shielded any light that might otherwise have come in from the streetlamp just outside the boundary wall. Bai-Ma released Xavier’s hand and knelt next to the door, her fingers fumbling just above the wooden skirting in search of a switch. When she found it and turned it on, one of two medium-sized globular moon-shaped lamps washed the walls in a warm yellow shade. She then walked across the room and found another switch next to the bed which added the same golden hue from another lamp. She knew the positioning of every item and fixture in the outhouse because she swept, mopped and dusted every inch three times a week.

As she turned, still hunched down, Bai-Ma peered just above the surface of the unmade bed and spied Xavier standing next to the door. He was entranced by her nakedness. But so was Bai-Ma with his, as she ogled his masculinity now lit up by the ambient lighting. She was reminded of pictures of Michelangelo’s marble masterpiece David as she stared at Javi; the curls on his head, his perfectly sculpted body, the wonderful proportions, the elegance of his stance. Only his massive erection was different from what she remembered of the statue in the Accademia Gallery in Florence.

She stood up slowly and let Xavier feast visually on her frontal nudity; her complexion looked like that of a cornfield at sunset, light brown with a golden hue. The lighting from the floor lamp beside her on the right cast the opposite sides of her large hanging boobs in deep shadow, as it did to her belly button, her waist and hips, and both her thighs. The dark triangular forest on her pubis was pitch black. She looked at Javi watching her wide-eyed, mouth slightly ajar, unthinkingly stroking his penis with a light hand.

Bai-Ma raised one leg and placed her knee on the high antique four-poster bed, then lifted her other leg up till she kneeled on the mattress and crawled across the five-foot width. Xavier, as though still in a trance, took the six or seven steps to the bed and stood in front of her, hand still dallying on his phallus. Bai-Ma was kneeling vertically, torso and thighs straightened, her knees sinking comfortably into the mattress. The height of the bed, with its mattress, ensured that her head was now above Javi’s as she placed her hands behind his head and bent her neck to plant a kiss on his upturned mouth. She was on the edge of the bed and felt his cock push against the top of her thigh as her fingers wandered along the trapezius muscles of his neck and shoulders.

Xavier finally removed his hand from his genitals and placed his palms on Bai-Ma’s hips while she kissed him out of his dazed stupor. When he felt her tongue brush along his lips, he almost lost all control again and had to remind himself to be slow and gentle and sensual instead of reacting like a rabid animal in heat. He slid his hands around the swell of her hips and began to stroke her buttocks, feeling the strong gluteus muscles on both hemispheres. Bai-Ma unconsciously tensed her arse for a second when she initially felt his delicate touch, then took a deep breath as he began to knead her bum. His hands roamed over the rounded surface of her derriere, fingers frequently digging into the flesh as Javi alternated between stroking and squeezing her with his strong masculine hands.

Bai-Ma placed her palms on his smooth chest feeling the strength of his muscles as she ran her fingers down towards his abdomen. Lower still, her fingertips felt the fibrous tendrils at the edge of his pubic hair and lingered there for a while before pushing them deeper into the bush. When she finally touched his penis, Xavier gasped and clutched her arse, cradling his head by the nape of her neck while he whispered, “Bai-Ma! I don’t know what happens to me whenever you touch me there. It feels like my blood rushes into my head and my… my… my thing becomes harder.” He was too embarrassed to call his penis a penis, or anything similar, while conversing with her. That was probably because of his small-town conservative upbringing and the remnants of discomfort in her presence.

Bai-Ma didn’t respond verbally as she ran her fingernails delicately along the stiffness, encircled and stroked along its girth, scraped his scrotum and fondled his testicles. She felt the thrumming of his cock against her palm and continued to grope and touch his genitals for a few minutes. Xavier brought his hands away from Bai-Ma’s curvy posterior and put them on her ample breasts, still finding it difficult to believe that she, his goddess, knelt naked in front of him. Even his wildest fantasy had never permitted him to imagine a scenario akin to his current reality.

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