Woodland Tryst

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Where are we going? Oh, my gosh I am going to break my neck. If you had told me we were going to go walking through the woods I would have worn different shoes…

Suddenly, we break through the trees into a clearing. There, set up by the river is one of those tent things with netting for the sides and I can see a picnic set up inside. Oh, it is so pretty here. The trees are huge and leafy green and very close together. The sun is shining through in big streaks. The wonderful smell of live green plants and flowers are floating in the air. I can hear the crickets and birds and the sound of the water moving by in a meandering fashion.

Sunlight dapples the water. Wow! I am awestruck by the beauty as you lead me over to the river and I see a huge orange monarch butterfly flitting over the water and several bumble bees sucking nectar from the flowers. You smile at me, quite proud of yourself, and rightly so. How romantic of you. You lead me into the netted cube and we sit down on the blanket and I see that you have a cooler off to the side and you pull out a beer for you and a wine cooler for me, cold chicken, fruit salad and sliced cheese. You give me that look you have when you tilt your head to the side and look out of your eyelashes at me and smile.

That smile is so very sexy. You know it makes me melt inside. You take the lid off the wine cooler for me and we proceed to eat and you tell me about how long you have been planning this and how hard it was to keep it a surprise, especially when I kept griping about the trek through the woods. I do mention if you had told me we were going to be walking I would have worn my tennis shoes and wouldn’t have griped. You just smile at me. We clear the food away and you casually mention how it’s a bug free area and the scenery is so beautiful. Suddenly you grab my hand and I become still, looking at you questioningly. You nod your head to the right and I look over to see a doe drinking from the water. Wow, so close but we must be down wind of her because she doesn’t seem afraid. When she leaps away we gaze at each other. You pull me closer and you lean down and brush your lips softly against mine.

MMMMMM, that is so nice. I feel you lick my upper lip and my mouth opens and you lick the bottom one. I taste your lips and we play back and forth for awhile, licking and sipping. You break the büyükesat escort kiss and we both are breathing a little heavy, you brush my cheek gently with your fingertips and then trail them to my throat and trace a path down my chest to where my top stops you. As you start kissing little nibbles across my cheek down my jaw under my ear, then you suck gently on my ear lobe. You place open mouth kisses alternating sucking down my throat. I moan lightly and lean into you further. That feels so good. You sit back and pull my shirt off and I raise my arms to help you. You cup my breast in your hands. Nothing sexy about my white cotton bra, purely functional but your breathing increases as you feel my nipple harden against your palm. I press forward to increase the pressure. You rip your shirt off and help me out of my bra.

The cool breeze whispers across my skin tightening my nipples even more. I reach over and trace around your nipples that have tightened also. And by the little moan you let loose I can tell that you like it. I lean over and flick my tongue over the dark brown circle, back and forth then I suck a little. I like the taste of your skin on my tongue so I lick over to your other nipple and you thread your fingers through my hair lightly holding my head. You pull me up then push me back until I am lying flat and you kiss me again but more passionately. Your lips are more firm and your tongue is more aggressive this time. When you lick into my mouth this time I suck on your tongue and I can tell you like this too. You break the kiss and bend your head to take my nipple between your lips sucking it deep into your mouth. My breast is overflowing your hand and you take as much as you can but there is still plenty left. You lick over to my other nipple and your hand kneads the breast you just left and as you tongue my nipple to the roof of your mouth you can feel the vibration of my moan.

I can feel the hardness of your thigh and it is clear that your cock wants attention as you are pressing against me and the bulge is impressive. I undulate against you, holding your head to me, my eyes are closed in pleasure that you are giving to me. I feel your hand rub down my belly to my jeans and you undo them, you break the kiss so that you can pull my pants down. You growl a little when you see the brief lacy panties çankaya escort that are left. You rub your hand over the lace, feeling the warmth and soft curls underneath. When you move them down my legs rubbing the outside of my thighs all the way down the aroma of my arousal is in the air. I see your nostrils flair slightly at your indrawn breath and feel very primitive in the openness of the woods and the expression in your dark eyes. Your hands push my legs apart as on the return trip up you are on my inner thighs and the slight tremble of your fingers gives away your arousal as well. You slide your hands up and meet at my damp curls. You can see that the curls only go down as far as my clit then just bare skin.

You can see my pussy lips are wet with my excitement. I lay still as you look your fill. You use your thumbs to separate my lips and wetness trickles down between my cheeks. You lean down and lick at the excess and I can feel the rumble of your approval and the touch of your tongue first licking then sinking into my pussy is electrifying. My hips lurch up involuntarily and my hands clench at the soft blanket underneath me. As you lick and suck me like your favorite desert my head tosses restlessly in the pleasure of it. I feel your fingers replace your lips and feel two of them enter the tight sheath as your lips move up to my clit. You suck my clit into your mouth as your fingers move inside of me and you can hear my mindless whimpers competing with the sound of nature. With just a few more strokes and one strong suck my orgasm bursts over me and it feels like sparklers have erupted inside me.

You continue licking softly until my shudders still. You stand up to remove your jeans and I sit up and reach for your underwear seeing how they are stretched tight holding your generous erection. As you pull your underwear down I lean over and lick the head of your cock, that drop of pre cum on my tongue is so sweet to my taste. As I reach up and squeeze your thick shaft my lips suck in the head and my tongue licks around the base of it sucking at the distinction between the head and the shaft. You moan deep in your throat and you forget about your underwear that only got as far as your knees.

I take as much of you into my mouth as I can and the wetness from my mouth makes your dick shiny and silky ankara escort to my hand sliding up and down. I am on my knees in front of you and your hands are clenching in my hair but you are not restricting my movements. I lick down the shaft and gently suck one of your balls into my mouth, rolling them gently. I return to sucking the head and my hands trace the back of your strong thighs and up to your clenching buttocks. What a tight ass you have, your skin is so soft over the hardness of your muscles and the beautiful, darker, creamy color of your skin out in the sunlight, the darker skin of your cock and the dark veins that are raised on the surface. I can feel your heartbeat in your cock that is in my mouth and I mummer my appreciation and you moan as the vibration races through your cock and straight up your spine spiking through your brain. I look up and meet your lustful gaze and you tell me how much you love my mouth and that my tongue should be outlawed. Your cock pops out of my mouth and I take a breath my thumb brushes through the saliva that is liberally coating the head. I smile at you and all of a sudden your face looks fierce and I suddenly am a little nervous, you aren’t usually aggressive but you seem to have crossed a line.

You take my shoulders and push me back and tell me you want me on all fours. I do what you ask and without further notice I feel your cock rubbing against my wet pussy. Brushing up then down touching my clit and I am throbbing with hunger again. I push back against you and you push slowly in. Your hands are tight on my hips and even though I am very ready for you, you hold still for a few seconds letting me adjust to your thickness. I hear you moan and you start thrusting strongly into me. The drag of your cock when sliding back then pushing forward is making me pant. Faster I ask you please just a little faster. You are angled down slightly when you thrust and the head of your cock brushes my g-spot again and again and I can feel your thick shaft swell a little more and as one last thrust hits that spot I explode again and my pussy is clenching and squeezing you and the milking motion causes your orgasm to overtake you and you spurt hot cum into me again and again and you lean over me holding me tight. I can hardly breathe but the feeling of your whole body shuddering and spasm after spasm hitting you is so wonderful. That my pleasure sets off yours. We shiver slightly even in the heat as the sweat on our bodies picks up the breeze and feathers over our sensitive skin. As our breathing slows you turn me and hold me close we view nature through slitted, tired lids and we fade into a doze.

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