With Strings Attached Ch. 28

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Nicole had a hard time containing her enthusiasm as she drove towards Janet’s house. Now that it was summer and Alice was living with her, Nicole no longer associated the house with Alice. Ever since she was introduced to Alice by her cousin Susan, her life had been one thrill after another. Alice was the perfect companion and playmate; being a lesbian with a very controlling personality, Nicole had a hard time keeping the flame of passion alive and always needed to go to the next level or find the next fresh conquest. But Alice allowed her to pursue both.

Nicole believed that Alice was a lesbian like herself, that she was submissive, compliant and an exhibitionist who never seemed to lose her shyness or embarrassment. As their relationship grew, so did the number of playmates. Alice’s mother, Janet, became infatuated with Nicole, and at Nicole’s direction allowed her husband to have an affair with a colleague so she could have an intimate relationship with her daughter’s girlfriend. April, aka Ruby, a young stripper was also added. A redhead like Alice, she became obsessed with pretending to be Alice’s sister and having incestual relationships with Alice and Janet, where she pretended to be Alice. April even took the fantasy to where she was secretly seeing Amanda, one of Janet’s co-workers, under the guise of being Janet’s daughter Alice. Then there was the ever-increasing number of women Nicole had directed Alice to seduce into sapphic relationships.

But now Nicole was going to take the fantasy play into a reality, with Alice and Janet starting a real mother/daughter incestual relationship, the ultimate taboo. Nicole’s main concern had always been destroying their actual bond, solely for her sexual pleasure. However, her cousin Susan proposed an idea that would prevent that from happening; What if they didn’t know they were having sex with each other?

Having just graduated, Nicole already made plans to have Alice move into her home’s pool house with her for the summer. Free from school, Nicole wanted more control of her puppet, and removing Alice from her mother’s home would make it easier for Janet and April to have a deeper mother/daughter play relationship. Nicole had even introduced April to her parents as Alice, her girlfriend.

Nicole’s perverted mind quickly developed the plan. With Alice no longer living with her parents, Nicole could easily keep mother and daughter separated and preoccupied. She carefully laid the groundwork, telling Janet that one of Alice’s classmates approached her during the prom and had expressed interest in her, but did not want her to know who she was. Nicole also told Alice there was an older woman who had a school girl fetish she wanted to act out with Alice, however she didn’t want Alice to know who she was.

To further the deception, Nicole had Janet get a short 50’s style housewife haircut, bringing her more in line with the image of an obedient wife, and making her physically different from how Alice remembered her mother. She also told Janet that Alice had left yesterday on a trip, a trip Alice would not be starting until tomorrow, so Janet would believe Alice was out of town during the encounter. Now each would have a fake clue to confuse their guess of the identity of their partner.

“Just a little farther puppet,” stated Nicole into the microphone. To complete her deception, Nicole had given Alice eye drops that effectively blinded her, as well as tiny receivers in her ears that distorted the voices she heard but allowed Nicole to speak to her without anyone else hearing.

“Yes mistress,” whimpered Alice as she sat quietly in the car, unaware that Nicole was driving through her old neighborhood.

“We’re here,” announced Nicole as she opened the car door and stepped around to help the temporarily blinded Alice out of the car. “Come now, we don’t want to keep your mystery lover waiting.”

Taking Alice by the hand, Nicole led her to the back door and a slightly roundabout way to the stairs to confuse Alice on the layout of the home, her pleated skirt dancing about, offering glimpses of her bare ass as she blindly followed Nicole’s lead. As they reached the top of the steps Nicole conducted one last inspection of her girlfriend.

For the special event Nicole dressed Alice in her school uniform. The white long sleeved blouse, black vest, red tie, black patent Mary Jane and white knee-high socks were all worn by Alice countless times to school. However, the red and black pleated skirt with its short hem was the one Alice wore for her first date with Nicole. As Nicole did not intend to have Alice strip naked she had Alice pad her bra, making her B Cup chest look noticeably larger, all to make Janet believe her lover had large breasts. To help conceal Alice’s looks Nicole had done up her hair in thick double Dutch braids starting at her forehead and running over her ears before draping over each shoulder, giving the illusion that it was shorter and hiding its thickness. The hairstyle tempobet giriş combined with the lack of makeup gave Alice’s face a youthful appearance while her clothes highlighted her sexuality.

“Now wait here while I check on your lover,” ordered Nicole as she patted Alice’s bare ass.

Walking into the master bedroom Nicole smiled as she found Janet still tied to the bed testing the bindings that secured her wrists to the headboard as Nicole’s blurry form appeared in the door. Nicole had prepared Janet to look like a true cougar dressed to seduce her lover. Her creamy skin was in sharp contrast to the black lingerie. Her nipples and vagina visible through the sheer material of her bra and panties, designed more to entice that protect her modesty. This image was strengthened by the satin under bust corselette encasing her torso as its six garter straps stretched over her smooth thighs and anchored to the tops of her sheer black stockings. Her makeup was applied to make her look as sultry as possible. All for a lover who would never see her.

“Are you ready my wife,” asked Nicole.

“Yes ma’am,” responded Janet, relieved to hear Nicole’s voice in her earpieces. While wearing the same ear plugs as Alice, Nicole exchanged Janet’s normal contacts for a different prescription, blurring and tinting everything a shade of green.

“Excellent,” purred Nicole as she sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Janet’s thigh. She loved watching her lovers tormented with need. A need that was about to be satisfied by her own daughter.

“Like I stated before,” explained Nicole as her hand glided over the moist front panel of Janet’s panties, “I brought you a young woman, a schoolgirl, who has had a crush on you for some time. When I offered you to her she was excited about the opportunity and aroused by the idea that you would never know who she truly is.”

By now Janet’s arousal was becoming unbearable, and she pulled on the bindings securing her to the bed. However, she froze in place as Nicole pushed her panties to the side and grasped the small wire sticking out of her channel. The slight buzzing sound increased as the remote vibrator that had been tormenting her was pulled out.

“Don’t disappoint me,” stated Nicole as she released Janet’s bonds. “I have a horny young schoolgirl just waiting to pleasure you and she will be walking into the room shortly. I want you to tell her how much you like her uniform and how pleased you are that she accepted your offer. Now assume a sexy pose for your lover.”

“I vowed never to disappoint you,” proclaimed Janet as she reclined across the bed presenting her body. Meanwhile, Nicole moved to the chair in the corner. Just like when Alice lost her virginity, Nicole had positioned cameras around the room to capture the incestual event, and Nicole made sure that each was recording.

Happy with her preparations Nicole reached for Alice’s mic and activated her ear plugs. Alice was standing at attention nervously playing with the hem of her skirt, cute when she was younger but now obscene given her shortened hemline, when Nicole’s command echoed in her head.

“Puppet, your newest lover is ready,” stated Nicole. “Five feet in front of you on your left is a door. Walk over to it and pause in the opening, she will be laying on the bed before you wearing black lingerie. I want you to present yourself for her review.”

Startled by the sudden command Alice absentmindedly straightened out her skirt, oblivious to the fact that she was exposing her naked crotch to anyone who could have been standing in front of her before sliding her hand on the wall as she slowly moved forward until she felt the door frame. Taking a deep breath Alice tried to suppress her anxiety. ‘It’s just some older woman with a schoolgirl fantasy,’ Alice thought to herself. ‘It’s not like I haven’t done this before. You’re playing a character. A lesbian schoolgirl about to seduce the mother of a schoolmate. It’s nothing personal, I just need to play my part. Just make her happy and Nicole will be happy.’ With that Alice started a slow sultry gant into the opening.

When Alice appeared in the doorway it was Nicole’s turn to gasp. Having a strong voyeur fetish, combined with her desire to control made her more aroused than she had been in her entire life. Ever since she claimed Janet, her girlfriend’s mother, as her inamorata she loved seeing her intimate with young female lovers. So much so that she had Janet enter into a mother/daughter play relationship with April, a young stripper both she and Alice were having affairs with. The idea of Alice and Janet having a true incestual relationship with only her and her cousin Susan knowing was highly erotic and the fantasy that seemed just out of reach.

Now both were positioned before each other. Nicole’s pretend lesbian wife, Janet, in the role of the MILF cougar laying proactively across her bed while her daughter, Alice, Nicole’s slave playing the role of the tempobet yeni giriş lesbian loetia standing in the bedroom door. Each, per Nicole’s orders, dressed to seduce yet both unable to see, making the whole event solely for Nicole’s pleasure. For Nicole this was the ultimate mind fuck, a mother and daughter putting on an erotic show all at her direction and benefit. The icing on the cake was that neither would know, allowing Nicole to secretly enjoy the incestual secret binding them together.

“I see you’ve decided to accept my invitation,” purred Janet as she tried to focus on the blur appearing in the door, her voice laced with sexual excitement.

Alice nervously smiled as her hands began to play with the hem of her short skirt offering a teasing image to the cameras. “I’ve wanted this for a long time and am excited you do as well,” replied Alice.

“Well then come to Mama,” teased Janet. Repeating Nicole’s command.

Alice stepped forward walking cautiously towards the side of the bed feeling unseen eyes boring into her as she approached, not realizing the only eyes on her belonged to her girlfriend. Meanwhile, Janet sat up as she saw the young woman approach and stop at the side of the bed. Following Nicole’s command Janet reached out and stroked the side of Alice’s thigh, her hand gliding over Alice’s soft unblemished skin. “I’m going to miss seeing these school uniforms,” purred Janet. “I have always thought they were so sexy.”

“I can wear it for you anytime you like,” replied Alice hoping her reply would please Nicole. Nicole directed her to add, “Or anything else you find sexy.”

“You can count on that,” stated Janet, her hand moving up to cup Alice’s ass. “You’re not wearing panties you naughty girl.”

“Panties are not included in the dress code and it expressly forbids us from wearing any unauthorized clothes,” responded Alice, confessing the little excuse the girls at her school used for their no panties days.

“Well I cannot punish you for following the rules,” purred Janet, pulling Alice to sit on the bed beside her. Without their sight, mother and daughter used their hands to explore each other’s bodies building an image of their partner. Janet sensing her daughter’s soft skin and her sexy school uniform while Alice explored her mother’s nylon covered legs, the smooth skin of her thighs, the tight corselette, and her breasts. Each trying to gather clues as to the others’ identity.

While Alice was completely blind Janet’s contacts made everything blurry and a green tint. To Janet, Alice’s bright red hair looked brown and her olive skin had a green hue giving her a Wicked Witch of the West from Oz type appearance. Due to the braiding, her hair looked shorter and while the young woman was about the same height as her daughter her breasts were larger. As Nicole had told her that her mystery lover attended her daughters school and expressed her desire for her, they had to know one another. To Janet, it had to be Kim, her daughter’s friend and the young woman she used to tease Alice in front of about her lesbian past. The cute brown haired girl was about her daughter’s height with a larger bust.

Oddly, Alice started to believe the mystery woman was Angela, her old friend Kim’s mother. Her hair was the right length and Kim’s parents had the same style bed as her parents. While Kim’s mom never really liked Alice she could see Angela taking a secret delight in having Alice not know her identity. If she had any lesbian tendencies Nicole would have found them.

As they were trying to glean clues to their partners identity Nicole ordered Janet to place her hand behind Alice’s head and pulled her in for a soft kiss. Knowing what her mother was planning Alice dropped her hands to Janet’s thighs and leaned forward letting her mother guide her in for a kiss.

Their first incestual kiss was soft, but sensual, and followed by several more as the two lovers got comfortable with each other. With one hand still holding Alice’s head Janet’s other roamed over her daughters back and hip before cupping her bare ass, lifting her daughter up and pulling Alice against her. Following her mother’s direction, Alice pressed her body into her mothers as their kisses became more aggressive, more passionate. Their tongues dancing together to the sounds of moaning and hungry lips as they both performed for their shared lover.

Nicole kept her eyes glued on the performance as she pressed her hand against the crotch of her pants. Obedience and submission was sexy to her, but what really made her hot was control. To be the one commanding the action, manipulating her cast like puppets on strings. As much as she enjoyed taking Alice’s virginity, or getting Janet to commit to a fou lesbian marriage it was the real lesbian marriage of the two bachelorette’s, Emily and Krista, in Las Vegas or getting Jessica and Hannah to commit to a dom/slave relationship that drove her to new highs. Now the mother daughter encounter tempobet güvenilirmi lifted her even beyond that, and she wanted more.

At Nicole’s direction Alice dropped her hand to her mother’s inner thigh and slowly slid it up Janet’s leg. Janet sighed in delight at the feel of her daughter’s caress and opened her legs signaling to her daughter that she was receptive to her intimate touch. As Alice slipped her fingers between her mother’s thighs she began the rubbing sheer fabric of Janet’s panties forcing it into the folds of her vagina. The touch sent shivers throughout Janet’s body as she squealed into her daughter’s mouth.

As Janet moved her hips to her daughter’s touch she stopped groping Alice’s ass and slid her fingers between her daughter’s legs and into her vagina. Alice gasped at her mother’s bold move and as Janet’s finger penetrated her channel she quivered at the touch unable to resist her own arousal.

Knowing her lust was causing her to lose control, Nicole slipped her hand under her pants, the fabric bulging as she borrowed her fingers into her wet pussy. Cumming quickly Nicole stifled her moan so as not to disturb the two lovers. Her mind clear, she could now focus once again on the tableau coupling and ordered the two lovers to stop. Both pulling back appearing to be looking deeply into each other’s eyes as their breathing returned to normal.

Her libido satisfied Nicole now wanted to see Alice reacquaint herself with her mother’s maternal attributes and ordered Janet to remove her bra. Reaching behind her back Janet released the clasp causing her breasts to slump to their natural state.

“Now puppet,” Nicole stated into Alice’s ear phones. “Your lover has just removed her bra. I want you to reach out and caress her breasts. Show her how much you appreciate them.”

Following her mistress’ orders Alice reached out until her hands came in contact with her mother’s breasts. Janet’s hardened nipples pressing into her palms as she groped the soft mounds. Reacquainting herself with the soft flesh, Alice pinched her mother’s nipples causing Janet to take a sharp breath.

“Oh yes baby,” hissed Janet. “It’s been so long since my breasts were attended to, they belong to you. Taste them.”

With her mother’s hand guiding her head Alice took one of the nipples into her mouth licking over it before she began sucking on it for the first time in almost eighteen years. Janet let out an approving purr as Alice flicked her tongue over the hard nub nibbling it with her teeth.

“That’s it my princess,” moaned Janet, holding her daughters head against her chest. “This is where you belong.

“It’s where I want to be,” breathed Alice after releasing her mother’s breast. “I can play with them all day.”

“There is someplace else I would like you to play, ” breathed Janet as she pulled her daughter up for another kiss. Alice responded by pushing her tongue into her mother’s mouth and as their tongues swirled together she cupped and squeezed her mother’s breasts.

Breaking the kiss Alice moved her hands down over her mother’s satin covered stomach and to the waistband of her panties. Lifting herself up Janet let Alice pull the garment over her hips and down her nylon covered legs exposing where her daughter first entered the world. Alice felt her lover widening her legs as the woman grasped Alice’s braids firmly guiding her head between her thighs.

Even though Alice could not see, her mother’s musty scent filled her nose alerting her that Janet was aroused. Tentatively, Alice kissed her mother’s libia like she was paying respect to the gateway through which she entered the world. Alice immediately recognized the taste as madam X, the mystery woman whose cum Nicole had been supplying her with for the past several weeks. Like a cat licking up milk, Alice lapped at her mother’s pussy drinking her juices. Janet let out a deep sigh as she felt her daughter’s tongue caressing her lips and pressing against her clit causing her to release more floods for her daughter’s eager tongue to collect.

Pressing her thighs against her daughter’s head Janet laid back enjoying her daughter’s oral skills. The sounds of Alice eating out her mother filled the room. Lapping and slurping sounds as Alice worked her tongue inside her mother drinking all her fluids. Naughty sounds. Graphic sounds. Sound that a mother and daughter should never be making together. Nicole watched enraptured by the insestual display of a daughter returning to the place that had given her life, only this time for her mother’s pleasure and to feed Nicole’s fetish. Unable to resist, she once again slipped her hand into the pants.

After cleaning her mother’s body of secretions Alice slipped her tongue between the folds of her mother’s vagina and began to reacquaint herself with the channel she last experienced over 18 years ago. Alice’s talent’s brought Janet back to when she was in college and her roommate led her into a life of lesbian servitude. Always insisting she improve her skills to better serve her mistress Janet was trained in the art of pleasuring women but she had never had a lover as good as the one now between her legs. The young woman had one mission, to provide the best oral pleasure possible.

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