Wishing Well

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I felt giddy and lightheaded. I stopped and took a couple deep breaths. It took a little detective work to find you, but not too much. I stood outside your door and tried to catch my breath. I used a couple exercises I had learned over the years to calm my heart. I made sure my long, wool coat covered up my nearly naked body beneath. I took one more breath, and let my thoughts drift to you inside. I watched a shadow move behind the blinds. You were alone inside. As I settled down, I put my hand up to the door. I whispered, “I’m here,” and knocked gently on your door.

You came to the door, opened it and took a step back. The fear in me surged. I held my breath as I waited for your reaction. Either you would smile and invite me in, or you would frown and ask me why the hell I was there. I was certain enough that you’d do the former, to show up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, but I was frightened of the possibility of the latter. I felt lightheaded again. Finally, a smile curled upon your lips.

The audible sigh I let out amused you. I took the time to look over your body, as I waited for your invitation.

You motioned to me, and said, “Come.” I followed you into your living room. You shoved some strewn clothes off your couch. You sat. I stayed standing before you.

“I have a present for you,” I said. I unbuttoned the coat, and revealed myself in a black, lace top that tied in the front and a short, plaid skirt.

Your look of shock made me laugh. I walked a few steps toward you. I positioned myself over you. I leaned down and sat on your lap. If any thoughts were left in your mind, I killed them when I pressed my lips to yours. I put my hands on your chest, and ran my hands down to the bottom of the shirt you wore. I pulled it up over your head quickly. I ran my tongue over the gooseflesh of your chest. Your eyes closed, and you had submitted to my whim. I bit at your nipples, one after the other. I licked your çubuk escort skin, tasting the saltiness with relish. I wanted every ounce of you. Your hands absently roamed to my breasts. I felt you squeeze them as you eagerly fell into another kiss. Our lips pressed together, our tongues danced violently, and our bodies warmed against each other.

I moved my hips over your lap. I felt the outline of your penis between my legs. I let my moisture saturate your pants, and rubbed my bare pussy back and forth, over your penis. I put my hands over the solid form of your arms. I squeezed the muscles under my fingertips and memorized every detail of you as quickly as possible. Your hands fidgeted with the knot of my shirt. I stood up and bent toward you, kissing you, as I stripped off the shirt. I let it slip slowly to the floor, and unbuttoned my skirt. As this fell to the floor, I unfastened my black bra. You quickly stripped and I resumed my position over you. I put my lips to yours again. Your tongue responded to mine, and it was nearly torture to end the kiss.

I knelt on the floor before you. Your eyes watched my head as it bent toward your lap. Your fingers gently combed through my hair. I licked the tip of your cock. The rock hard phallus entered my mouth eagerly, and your hips bucked slightly in eagerness. I gripped my hand around the base of your cock. I gently stroked your scrotum, then lifted each ball. The soft little balls rolled through my fingers as my mouth sucked in your cock. Your flesh pushed to the back of my throat, then out to my lips, and back in, then out. Your fingers gripped my head, and I looked up to see if you were watching. Your eyes met mine, and a pure, rending flash of desire washed through my body. You sighed and moaned with luscious desperation. I knew the end was nearing. I moved my tongue in rhythm, and quickened the pace of my mouth over your cock. You arched your back slightly, and demetevler escort pushed as far into my mouth as you could go, and came in my mouth. The first bit went right down my throat, and the next few bursts of cum landed upon my tongue like lava. I swallowed the liquid, and continued sucking at you until you relaxed beneath me.

I sat beside you, and let your hands explore me. Every nerve in my body was stretched beyond desire. As I looked upon you, sated and languid, small jolts of desire washed through me. Your hands crept over my skin, and your mouth followed in the wake of your fingertips. I moaned and eased myself back on your couch. You bent your head to my pussy and your tongue found my lips, parted them, and ran from just beneath my clit to just before my asshole. The ease with which your tongue worked impressed me. I let a small smile creep over my face. Your eyes looked up at me that precise moment. You smiled, too. Then you continued your work between my legs.

“Oh,, how I have missed you,” I whispered. “Nothing could ever come closer to heaven…”

Your tongue licked up and down, in around in a circle. You covered my whole mound with your mouth and sucked me into you. Your tongue pressed against my clitoris as the fleshed slid back into place. My body responded to your every touch. I felt like a live electric wire poised above a waterfall, ready to touch the surface and send out a searing jolt. Your hands reached under, and fingers slid into me. First a finger went into my hole, and then your thumb stroked at my anus. I groaned at the vulnerable sensation this created. I bucked toward your fingers and you obligingly thrust into me in time with your tongue lapping at my clitoris. The immense wave of orgasm flowed through me. I let go of every desire hidden within me for so long. My body flooded with such elation, I thought I would either laugh hysterically or sob uncontrollably.

Instead, ankara escort I screamed. I screamed out to you and to everything locked inside me. As I stopped, I blushed furiously. I covered my mouth and said, “Oh, I hope I didn’t scare anyone.”

“I doubt it,” you replied.

You were slightly dazed, probably incredibly tired, but I could see that you weren’t ready to give into sleep. I smiled and touched your re-energized passion.

I pointed down and said, “I want that inside me.”

“I want that almost more than what you just did with it.”

“What are you waiting for?”

You shrugged.

Without hesitation, you stood before me, as I sat on the couch. I wrapped my legs around you as you began your descent into me. Slowly, the rigid cock touched the hole your fingers had worked moments ago. I urged you to push a little more. More of it slid into me. Then again, a little more pushed its way into the wet, warm hole. I rocked against the stiff couch, and thrust toward you. Your entire penis filled me. The pressure deep within me turned into a burning need. I bucked and gripped your hips. You looked down at me. I growled and thrust upon your cock harder and faster. You matched my rhythm without missing a beat. Our bodies wrestled each other in the pounding of our desire. The burning turned to the pleasure that is nearly painful. I heard my voice calling out as I came, and then your body followed my lead. You spent upon my belly, and I ran my fingers in the mess. I strained up to meet your lips again, and melted into your soul.

You nestled in beside me. Your hands were clasped around me. I lay there, stroking your back and curling your hair around a finger. Our sleep seemed to possess us, and I happily dozed beside you, wrapped up with you.

You awoke alone, again. You could smell the dense scent of my body and our essences, but there was not a trace of me for you to find, until you went to the kitchen. I’d left one small note with my number and a message to call me if you wanted more than just that one night together. You may have smiled to yourself then.

I don’t pine for your phone call, but I reserve an ounce of hope that you will call. Your voice will not leave me. I wait for you, now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32