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It’s early Saturday morning. I’ve been laying here, out on the back porch watching the sky lighten with the coming dawn. So far, it promises to be a beautiful day. The stars are vanishing with the brightening heavens. As the sun peeks over the mountains to burn off the morning mists, I smile to myself and go back inside. I had a sweet idea, last night. I’d already fixed up some food and packed up the cooler while I was waiting for the day to break. I rush into the front room, hoping she hadn’t had a chance to make plans for the day yet. She smiled as I join her on the couch.

“G’mornin’ baby.”

“Good mornin’ to you too, ” she answered.

“Babe, how would you like to go for a ride?”

“When? Now? Right now?” she replied.

“Yes, now. Right this very minute, now!” She gave me one of her looks. This one was her “What kind of crazy shit does he want to go buy this time” look. I laughed.

“C’mon. We can have coffee in the truck. Thermos is on the table. Could you grab it on the way for me? I’ve got to carry the cooler.”

I wink at her as I hefted the cooler and she opens the door for me. I heave it over the tailgate, into the bed.

“Where we going and why so damned early?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise, darlin’. Trust me.” I get another look from her. Ok, I get them allot. Especially when I throw her off-guard with one of my stunts. I just smile as I turn over the engine. She just shook her head and gave a smirk.

“Whatever.” she said. I know exactly where I’m going. I back the truck out onto the road, throw it in gear and we’re on our way. I popped a CD into the drive that I’d made the night before. She knew I’d made a few, since we spent half the night dancing to the tunes I was setting up to burn.

Her eyes lit up as the first song started and I mouthed the words, turning to look at her as much as I could and not drive off the road. I turn onto the main drag as the next song starts. By now, she’s starting to get into the spirit of it and we’re both singing along with the music. The day’s starting to warm up and I put on my shades to cut the glare. I hold her hand as much as I can, and still be able to shift gears as we pull off from the main road onto a dirt road.

“Where are we?” esat escort she asks. “I don’t remember you ever going this way before.”

“I’m taking you out into the middle of nowhere so I can molest you.”

She just giggled at me and said “Yeah, ok.” It’s not long before we come to a fork in the road. Left takes us back to where we came in from, right leads up and over the mountain. Making sure there’s nobody coming, I only slow down enough to make the turn to the right. The road here is a little rougher and the CD starts to skip.

“Damn, baby, we really are in the middle of nowhere!” she says, as the truck bounces off a good sized rock in the road and splashes thru a large puddle, spraying mud everywhere. “Do you have to go so fast?”

“Hon, I’m barely hitting 30 mph!” BAM! As we hit a trench way I hadn’t seen until the last second. “Sorry” I mutter as I slow down a bit. Eventually the road smoothes out as we get into a drier area. We’ve been gradually climbing in elevation for the last three or four miles now. Up ahead I see the pull off I want and I pull the truck over.

“It’s beautiful up here!” she yells as she climbs out of the truck.

“Why haven’t we been up here before now?” I point to just in front of where the truck’s parked.

“That’s why, my love. Wild roses only bloom for a couple weeks every summer. I was waiting until I knew they were out until I brought you up here.” Scattered alongside of the road for as far as could be seen, were wild rose bushes.

“I think these were planted or seeded or something, but they’ve been growing here for as long as I can recall.” She smiles as I pick a few for her and strip off the thorns. I placed them in her hair and take her by the hand. I nod my head, indicating to the other side of the road.

“That path over there leads out to the pond. And I have another surprise for you.”

“Tell me!” she exclaimed. “Nope. You’re going to have to see it.”

I grab the blanket from the truck bed, and led her along the path.

“Watch your step, hon. Some of these roots are kind of gnarly.”

“Yeah yeah” she mutters as she sidesteps the rougher ground. it’s only a few minutes when we finally come to a clearing. The path leads straight etimesgut escort down thru a small field of wildflowers. I turn to watch her face as she sees this for the first time. She lets out a gasp and takes in a deep breath of the natural perfume.

“This is amazing! I love it! And I love you!” she rushes over to me and kisses me. I drop the blanket and return the kiss.

“I love you too, darlin’. I knew you’d like this.”

“Like it? It’s awesome!” she said.

As she turned around to pick some of the flowers, I grabbed the blanket and spread it out over the damp grass. I hear her take in a quick breath or surprise, and I turn to see what was wrong. A doe and her fawn had stepped out of the woods, about 50 yards away.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “That is so cool!” I smile and watch as the deer freeze for a moment, trying to catch where our scent was coming from. A minute goes by….two….and off like a rocket they jump back into the tree line.

I take her by the hand and we lay on the blanket, basking in the late morning sun. I roll over towards her and we kiss intensely, our tongues dancing together as I begin to slide her shirt up over her breasts. We break the kiss and it’s a race to see who’s got everything off first.

“I win” she yells victoriously, since I’m still struggling with one of my pant legs. Of course I didn’t mind. Seeing her tits bounce as she waves her shirt like a checkered flag was worth coming in second.

“Early bird gets the worm, my love. Second mouse gets the cheese” and I draw her down next to me. She purrs as I begin stroking her cheeks and lips softly. Then I tilted her chin so that she was looking at me with her bright green eyes. I dropped my mouth and feasted on both breasts alternately, licking, sucking and gently chewing on them. The feel of them on my lips, teeth and tongue was wonderful. I wanted to bury myself inside her velvet smooth depths right then, but I held back. I kissed my way down slowly, tracing my way past her navel with my tongue, leaving a shiny trail of saliva to mark my passage.

“Mmmmmm,” I sighed, feasting my gaze upon the center of her femininity. It was beautiful, more so than any wildflower I have ever ankara escort seen. I licked the length of it once. Her taste was ambrosia to me, so I licked it again, and again, ‘Mmmmmm’ indeed.

I slipped my tongue to the entrance of her sweet vagina and licked and teased her. It didn’t take long before she began letting out very quiet sighs of enjoyment. She began to wiggle beneath my mouth as my tongue teased her tender clit while I sucked and probed at it. Her hands wrap into my hair and her legs involuntarily close around me as I bring her to orgasm. She tries to pull me away, but I continue my ministrations on her pussy as she has another orgasm.

“Stop, baby, stoooooooooop” she cries out.

“I want you in me. I want you deep inside me. No more teasing me!” I smile as I comply with her wishes. I kiss my way back up her shivering form and as my cock comes into contact, she ground her hips up against me and brought her legs around and I slipped inside her as deep as I could.

“OH!” I gasp. I wasn’t ready for that. She smiled and licked her lips as she saw she caught me off guard too. Seems I wasn’t the only one giving surprises today. She began rolling her hips with me in tempo as I stabbed her from different angles and positions.

I could feel I was getting close, and she knew it too which caused her to rock against me even more furiously. I took her long legs and placed them against me shoulders and drove as deep in her as I could, causing her to gasp as I plunged deep, all the time watching a beautiful expression on her face, which was a mixture of slight pain, joy and animalistic lust. I leaned forward and as our lips met, I came inside her. This was the most intense sex we’d ever had, and she screamed as she had another orgasm as well. Her nails raked my back as she clawed me closer as wave after wave crashed against the shores of everlasting passions.

We lay in each others arms like that for a long time, neither of us wanting to break the spell with a word. We gazed into each others eyes, and read the lust and love in their depths. Eventually we kind of looked around, and then started to move apart.

“Hungry, darlin’?” I asked her.

“Hell yeah! After that, I’m ready to eat as much as you do!” she giggled. We took our time getting dressed, except for our shoes. Seemed we both wanted to feel nature at its best, beneath our feet. I picked up the blanket, wrapped it into a ball and took hold of her hand. She leaned against me and we walked back to the truck together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32