When Sparks Fly

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I am in the car waiting for the wife to lock up, we are on our way to a house gathering for a friend of the wife’s who has just got a promotion at work so she wants to celebrate with everyone. It has been a long time since we have been out anywhere. It will be nice to relax and have a few drinks.

We arrive at the friend’s house a few minutes later, she greets us and we grab a drink chatting to everyone. Then I spot you. Rebecca. You are with your husband Steve. Our eyes meet and I smile at you. You smile back as you head into the kitchen to grab a drink. I ask Donna if she would like another drink as I make my way into the kitchen.

You are in there with Steve talking to another couple as I brush past you, there are a lot of people around so it’s a bit of a squeeze to get past. My hands brush your arms trying to make my way to the drinks table. As I am pouring the drinks I look over at you and I catch you looking back at me. You seem embarrassed and look away quickly.

The night flows and we have made eye contact a few times but haven’t managed to talk to each other.

It is now getting towards the early hours of the morning yenimahalle escort and everyone is starting to crash out around the place. After a while it is just us 2 left chatting around a log fire.

“Lightweights” I say sipping on my drink. You laugh as you sip on yours. I know I shouldn’t be thinking this but there is something about you when I look at you, I can feel a spark.

“Rebecca, are you ok? You have seemed a bit shy and quiet all night.”

“Sorry Mike, I didn’t mean to be. It’s just, well I don’t know how to explain it. I shouldn’t be saying this but I like you.”

Shocked to hear you say this, I move closer and sit next to you. “It’s ok Becky, I actually feel the same. I know we shouldn’t be saying this but sometimes you can’t help it.” As I place my hand on your thigh. There is an instant spark. You place your hand on top of mine. We gaze into each other’s eyes.

Standing up I tell you to follow me upstairs. We head into the bedroom making sure that no one notices.

As you close the door I turn to you and push you gently against the wall, my hands in your hair as I kiss eryaman escort you passionately on the lips. The kiss lingers for a few minutes. You pull away “We shouldn’t be doing this” you say but you don’t move from your position.

I don’t say a word and kiss you again. This time you pull me in closer to you as you wrap your arms around my neck. Our tongues meet as you let out a moan into the kiss.

My hands make their way slowly down your body as I reach your pert ass. I place my hands underneath your cheeks and I lift you up. You wrap your legs around me, we don’t break the kiss.

I carry you over to the bed and place you down, I lay down with you, me between your legs.

My hands make their way between us as I start u buttoning your blouse, moving it to the sides revealing your bra clad breasts. My hands make their way to the middle as it’s a front clasping one and I snap it open revealing your breasts in all their glory.

I take one in my mouth while I kneed the other one, teasing your nipple with my tongue. I interchange between your breasts in my mouth as I move my hands down to undo your ankara escort trousers.

You slide them off while I am still tasting your breasts along with your panties. You push my head down. I make my way between your legs still kissing you. I can feel the heat coming from your loins.

My tongue tastes your sweet juices as I spread your lips with my fingers. After a few minutes you grab my hair pulling me back up as you flip me onto my back and undress me.

You don’t waste any time and take my throbbing cock into your mouth, sucking on me like your life depended on it.

You cup my balls as you take me fully in your mouth, deep throating me. Knowing we might not have long, I pull you up to your feet and tell you to get on all fours as I move behind you and not holding back I slam into you hard and fast.

I reach forward and grab a handful of hair as I yank back on it. With my free hand I bring it down onto your bare ass cheeks as I begin to spank you with every thrust.

I stop spanking you and reach underneath to tease your clit while still pulling your hair back.

Your body begins to spasm as I feel myself getting close.

I pull out of you and release my load on your ass and up your back.

We take a few minutes to come down from the orgasm. We clean ourselves up, getting dressed and heading back downstairs just before everyone starts waking up.

We never mention what happened again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32