Wetting in Public

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Clare and I were definitely like minded when it came to sex. I’d discovered over the preceding few months that we were both just cum and pee sluts. She loved me dressing up for her, she loved the pee play and we were having amazing sex.

Our occasional threesomes with Paul were still a thing but distinctly less often. I still had the occasional night or weekend with Paul but that aspect of my life had cooled now Clare and I were enjoying each other.

Clare was a real exhibitionist, you almost felt like she wanted to get caught. When we were together she upped the game.

I was confident and knew what I liked but wasn’t keen on many others knowing what got me off, although my mother found me out but that’s another story.

We were alternating weekends, I’d go to Clare’s and vice versa and occasionally we’d get the weekend or an evening alone, this was one of those weekends.

We were at Clare’s on a Saturday, alone from lunchtime into Sunday afternoon, her parents at a wedding. I’d met her parents and they knew we were sleeping together, thankfully thats all they knew.

I’d brought a selection of panties and bodies with me, Clare liked me in a body for some reason, I think it was because it showed off vividly my cock when it was hard but also when I peed in them it looked so good. but then I liked the way a body sat on Clare.

She had pert, smallish tits which looked amazing in a tight body, but also had this flame red bush, trimmed to a neat triangle which again was beautifully outlined by a nice lace or sheer body panties also.

When I arrived her parents were just leaving, it was barely noon. Clare had decided we were going lingerie shopping in the next town which thankfully was far enough away for us to be fairly anonymous. It was only a few stops on the train and also a little bit closer to London, better shops, better choices.

Clare had planned the whole day, knew exactly where we were going, she knew exactly what we were buying and knew exactly how the day was going to pan out.

By 1pm we were in town marching towards our first store. It was a large department store which stocked a large variety of lingerie brands. Clare showed me a couple of outfits which I did like but felt I really fancied something a bit slutty.

We moved on from that store to a lingerie store, we both browsed the aisles picking things for each other but not quite finding the one.

Again we moved on winding up in a store which sold erotic lingerie. This was what I was looking for and bahis şirketleri I think Clare agreed.

We wandered up and down picking things then finding something better until we eventually found the kind of thing we were both after. Clare had found me an electric blue all in one. It was lace and sheer, quite high legged with a thong back and cut outs in the lace where my nipples would be.

I had found Clare something not dissimilar in an orange colour but hers was crotchless also. We went to the counter and handed them over, the assistant remarked they were different sizes to which Clare remarked the blue one was mine, cue shocked look then wry smile from said assistant.

The assistant was about to bag them up when Clare told her not to worry as we were going to put them on in the changing rooms, cue another expression from shop assistant which clearly looked like wow they know what they’re doing.

We snuck back to the changing rooms, both entering one cubicle and eagerly watched each other stripping down and putting on our purchases. We looked each other up and down admiring what we saw. We had a little touch and kiss but decided people knew we were in here so couldn’t really go any further.

We slipped our clothes over the top of our outfits and left the shop grabbing some lunch on the way back to the station.

Our train wasn’t for another 30 minutes so we grabbed a bench quite well down the platform. We were chatting when I started to get that feeling where your liquid lunch had caught you out and I now desperately needed to pee. I whispered in Clare’s ear I needed to pee, her response, “go on then”. I’d peed myself outside before, with Clare but that was in the countryside where we could dodge others gaze, here I was sitting on a bench on a relatively busy Saturday afternoon, on a station platform. I was genuinely shaking but so up for it. Clare leaning in to me remarking no one will bother and at best we could dodge into a quieter carriage when the train arrived.

Now I was really desperate. I looked around, we were fairly out of the way of most people, so why not.

I leant back on the bench relaxing my body. The first little spurt showed instantly on my jeans as I felt its warmth run down my groin. Another spurt and it was now obvious on my jeans that I had wet myself, I hadn’t even begun to let go.

Clare leaned over planting her mouth over mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth then whispering, “let it all go”.

As we kept kissing I gave a little push, there bahis firmaları was no turning back. I felt the warmth covering my cock, my balls, running through my groin and collecting underneath. It was now spilling from the bench forming a puddle under it on the dusty floor. I couldn’t stop, there was so much pee. We kept kissing until I pulled back and my stream eased. The first thing that caught my eye was Clare’s nipples, she was turned on. I then looked at my jeans. It looked like I had dark blue shorts on with light blue legs, it felt amazing to do but reality hit as we saw the train pulling in.

We stayed on the bench watching people get off and on. We decided that the front of the train was our best bet as we hadn’t seen anyone get on there.

We both stood up and I instantly felt the cold wet lace against my cock and the wetness covering right down to the middle of my thighs. I was very wet but also very hard and it was very obvious.

We got in and surveyed the carriage, there was an elderly couple further down but thankfully only barely visible. We headed to a quiet couple of seats, I hid in the corner and Clare literally jumped on me pinning me down and straddling over me onto my lap. She threw her arms around me, we started to kiss passionately. Clare ground herself against my hard on and then she relaxed. A familiar warmth was now spreading across my lap as she kept grinding against me.

A small pool of pee had formed on my lap and was slowly soaking into the crotch of my jeans. We were both really turned on. There wasn’t enough time to fuck on the train, the warmth finally easing between us as Clare kept grinding.

I could feel that familiar tingling in my balls as my cock twitched and started to empty its sticky load into my sopping lace one piece.

Clare carried on grinding, all the while her breathing getting faster, she was close to orgasm. Our two bodies rubbing against each other as she finally pulled me tight against her, her breathing finally slowing as she looked at me red and breathless.

Clare climbed off my lap as we sat in our soggy jeans.

At the next stop a couple of young girls got on sitting between us and the door, there was no way at our stop we we were going to creep off the train unnoticed.

As the train slowed for our stop we had no choice but to step up and brazen it out, our jeans looked blatantly like we’d peed ourselves. The train halted, we waited for a second then both hurriedly rushed for the door, the two girls looked at us as we passed kaçak bahis siteleri but really didn’t notice our state. We were passed them and out the door and onto the platform hopefully without being rumbled. We stood on the platform surveying the gauntlet we had to run to escape the station.

We walked up some stairs passing a few people coming down, one or two definitely noticed. We approached the barrier, another one or two noticing, but both Clare and I were just marching on as if it was the most normal thing on earth.

We left the station and were now heading for Clare’s house.

As we walked along the street Clare asked if I needed to pee anymore, I definitely had more, lunchtime beers just make me want to pee all day.

Clare grabbed me and pushed me against a wall her body pressed against mine, she slid her hand in my jeans rubbing my cock through the lace front of my body and told me to pee. I didn’t need asking twice as I gave a little push. I could feel her hand smearing the pee all over my groin as I felt it run down my legs, a puddle forming at my feet. It felt almost as much pee as at the station.

I slid my hand into Clare’s jeans running my hand over her pee soaked pussy and finding the gap in her crotchless body. I slid my finger into her as she started to pee. The pee running over my hand soaking the front of her jeans, running down her legs and joining the puddle at our feet.

We were both touching each other in our pee soaked lingerie as we peed ourselves in the street, thankfully we weren’t spotted but the thrill of that possibility was such a turn on.

We were about 300 yds from Clare’s house and we needed to fuck so badly. We pulled ourselves apart and almost ran to her house, my hard on poking at the front of my jeans. There was a side alley which led to the back of the house, in our wet state we thought it best to go in that way. We got to the back of the house, already pulling at each other clothes. We stripped to our underwear, me prising my cock from its lacy surrounds, pushing Clare against the wall. I found her wet hole with my fingers then guided my hardness inside her. We fucked like our lives depended on it, my cock exploding in minutes filling her pussy as I slumped against her, she gasping as I finished.

I let my cock slide from her but replaced it with my fingers, rapidly finger fucking her, my cum lubricating her, her body squirming as she finally let out a low moan, her legs buckling as she orgasmed again.

We collapsed on the kitchen floor, half dressed, wet and sweaty. We finished stripping down to our soggy underwear and put everything else in to wash. It was still early, we decided to shower and rinse off our new purchases then carry our night on upstairs.

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