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I came home and showered. I always like to shower before I “play,” spending some time preparing myself makes me feel very sensuous. This is not to say the occasional impromptu fuck doesn’t turn me on. . .it certainly does. I think that is part of the fun of me, a man knows I am going to spend some time on myself, getting ready for him. I don’t have to worry about feeding any kids or any other distraction to take away from me preparing for my lover. I will admit to being spoiled– I have a shower full of all the “girlie” products guys hate to see, but love for a woman to use. I have a chair in my shower, so I can relax and spend as much time (until the hot water runs out) as I want. I keep myself hair-free. . .and I also pride myself on always being soft, plus smelling good.

That was one of our famous cold snaps, it had been raining and snowing that day. . .my friend has seen me dressed to kill with lots of make-up as well as “au natural.” Since it was so cold, I skipped the heavy make-up (but my weakness is mascara and lip gloss) and wore a sweatshirt/nylon pants. Matching bra and panties. (I do wear panties when I want to feel x-tra sexy. . .some people find that hard to understand.) Then I was off.

I show up at his house to have fun. I think my friend is a bit shy, even though I have made it perfectly clear I am there for the sex. . .there is no “secret code” or “tests” he has to pass. If I am comfortable with a person, I relax. I had left my wet shoes at his front door. I took off my socks, and my friend started to massage my feet. This led to teasing me about my “short” toes. (My feet still look like those of a baby– short, fat.) We fooled around a bit more, then I moved close to him. I try not to be overly-aggressive (I read in a men’s magazine years ago men dislike women who are too aggressive.) I think he got the hint, and the touching part started.

My friend has a great sense of humor; I was asking him if he thought the matching bra/panties were sexy. . .his answer was. . . “I don’t care what they look like, as long as the panties are down around your ankles!” I laughed. . .never heard anyone put it like that before! We were throwing our clothes all over his living room. . . when büyükesat escort I did get my panties down around my ankles, he pulled them the rest of the way off with his teeth. Then, he dove (literally) into my pussy, licking me for all that it was worth.

Of course I was already wet, my panties were soaked. I kept tasting myself on my fingers, and on his tongue. . .but I tasted fine. He kept licking me, flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue, sliding a finger up my wet pussy.

That was driving me wild, putting me right on the edge of a stellar orgasm. . .then he got up from the couch and pulled me into his bedroom. . .

When we got there, he was ready to lay me down on the bed and dive back into my pussy. I was being a bit difficult, I stood at the edge of the bed and kissed him. That was nice, rather sensual to feel him naked next to me, to press my breasts into his chest. As he was kissing me, he was grabbing my ass, squeezing it; he was running his hand through my hair. . .kissing me forcefully. I could taste myself on him, and smell myself on his face. He broke the kiss to tell me how much he wanted to lick me, to taste me, to have me cum on his face. . .

At that point, I went ahead an laid back down on the bed.

He works out, and prides himself on keeping his body in shape. I really enjoyed the sight of his muscular arms coming up from under my thighs, holding my pussy open. . .sights, smells, tastes. . .I need all of that for the sex to be great to me.

He told me to relax, to just lean back, go with the “flow,” let him taste all I had to offer. I didn’t realize I was so tense, but I was. I followed his advice, and flopped back into the pillows. I started to concentrate on the delicious feelings his tongue and fingers were giving to me. I could hear the rain outside, and if I opened my eyes, I could see it rolling down his window pane.

Once I relaxed, I felt one of my favorite feelings welling up in me. I knew it would not be too much longer until I started to cum, to offer up my wetness he was asking for, begging me to give to him. My nipples were rock hard, sticking up as I wiggled my ass in anticipation of my orgasm.

Then çankaya escort it happened– as soon as I started to wiggle, I came. I felt the pleasure of the release of cum flowing out of me, as he pressed his face deeper into my pussy. He was digging his fingers into my thighs, holding me tight as he tried to drink every drop. I relaxed from that orgasm, only to be hit with a few more, in rapid-fire succession. I thought the sound of liquid hitting another liquid was me thinking about the rain outside, as I was listening to the music. Something else was going on, something I had never had happen to me before. . .

He had a small glass bowl (probably a little bit bigger than a finger bowl) and he was collecting “me” in that small bowl! I didn’t realize it at first, I had no idea there was anything other than him below me!

I sat up, to kiss him, to taste me on him (that has always turned me on, to smell and taste the sweetness of me on a man) and he offered me his tongue. I received a quick kiss, tasty like me. He pulled away, and showed me the small bowl. At that point, everything clicked in my head, I realized he had “me” in the bowl. . .I watched him take a long sip. . .he looked me right in the eyes as he drank me down!

The sweet nectar was still warm– I pulled his hand over to me, smelling the bowl, sticking my tongue in it- – -yes, it was definitely me! I about came again when he poured some of the nectar over my left breast. It ran down my breast, and he bent over to lick it off of my nipple. He poured some more on me, licking it all off of me! As he did that, I was busy having another orgasm. . .my mind was full of wicked thoughts of what we were doing. . . He slowly pushed me back down, and re-positioned himself between my legs again. All I could think about was cumming some more, and more, and more, so he could have a bowlful of my nectar! I relaxed, feeling on fire. I felt like the slightest touch, I would cum. Nothing is ever that easy.

He went back to work on my clit, on my pussy. He was licking my clit, and he had slid one finger in my ass. He slowly slid his finger in and out of my ass, creating indescribable sensations of pleasure! I started ankara escort to cum again, and this time, I paid attention to the sound of my cumming into his bowl. He was telling me again how much he loved for me to cum on him, how great it was to have a face full of wet pussy. . .

He pulled his finger out of my ass, and set his bowl down on the table next to the bed. He put himself on top me, using his fingers to play with my clit. I had closed my legs a bit when he moved from between them. I felt him using his legs to open them back up, as he was kissing me. He was rubbing all of my pussy, and I felt the wet tip of his cock pressing into the inside of my thigh. I knew he was going to shove all of his hard cock in me, it was just a matter of when.

He used the hand he was rubbing my pussy with to slide his cock into me. The first part, when the cock opens me up, is my favorite part! It is like warm butter is being poured all over me– a luxurious feeling! I felt him sink all the way into me, to where I felt full. . .

He began his stroking. . .looking at me, smiling! To say he felt good inside of me is an understatement. . .the feeling of a hard cock inside of me is exquisite! Given my choice of positions, I would much rather be on my hands and knees, taking his cock from behind! I am sure my friend would have accommodated a request from me to do it “doggie style,” but I couldn’t bring myself to ask. . .it was obvious as hell he enjoyed giving it to me missionary style! He was loving holding my legs up, seeing my breasts bounce up and down with each stroke. . .

I had to close my eyes, to pay attention to what he was doing. This made me cum again, although it was a small cum. I started to play with my own clit, prompting him to give it to me a bit harder! That was just the stimulus I needed to put me over the edge into another wet orgasm.

He asked me if that was what I liked, then he started to kiss me. I figured he was close to cumming himself, but he pulled out, stroked his cock with his hand a few times, then went back down to lick my pussy!

He went right on licking me, but without his bowl. He said he wanted me to cum in his mouth, whatever I gave, he would gladly drink! I gave him a lot to swallow. And he fucked me some more.

At some point, I got up, and began the search for my clothes, telling him I needed to go. It was extremely late, and I needed to get home and get a bit of sleep before I had to get ready for all of my daily work activities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32