Welcome to Suburbia Ch. 02

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[This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities whether person, place or thing are entirely coincidental.]

(C) Copyright 2009 M Saint

[NOTE: This story is a second part to the story ‘Welcome to Suburbia’]

The air was quite cool on a July morning. It had been a little over a year, and Roberta now knew her best friends wicked ways. It was a good thing for her, because it was very hard for herself to keep her secret desires hidden. Her daughter, Dawn, was now 18. Dawn was fresh out of high school, and was preparing to go to college.

Dawn stood in the shower, washing her body, and getting ready for a night out with her boyfriend of 8 months. Dawn had light auburn hair, and she was slim. Her belly was smooth, as the water slipped downwards. Her right brow was pierced, along with her nipples and lower lip, and she had two new tattoos. A cross on her left shoulder blade, and an angel on her right shoulder blade.

She finished, turned off the hot water, and reached for her towel. Wrapping it around her, she made way to her room. Inside, her room was filled with band posters, music discs spread out along her dresser top.

A knock on her door made her jump just a little, and in her mother walked. “Yes, mom, what is it?” Dawn asked.

“Have fun tonight, okay?” Roberta said to her daughter.

“I know mom,” Dawn replied, smiling at her mother, and finished getting dressed.

“Okay, well, I’m having a few friends over tonight. Enjoy your evening and I love you, honey,” Roberta said and left her to finish up getting ready.

Roberta walked out towards the living room, and as she began to sit down, the door opened. Ramey stood at the entrance stretching her arms into the air. “Robertaaaaaaaa,” She called out.

“Rameyyyyyyy,” Roberta responded, waving her arms in the air as well.

Dawn walked into the room. “Oh you both act like a couple of teenage girls.”

“Coming for you,” Ramey began, “That’s not surprising.”

Dawn laughed. She grabbed her hoodie, then walked out the front door to her boyfriends car.

“Kids,” Roberta chuckled.

“So, Ramey, I have a surprise tonight,” Roberta began telling Ramey.

“I do too, but you first,” She responded very excited.

“Well, Andrea, one of my fellow beylikdüzü escort P.T.A. mothers is coming over tonight with us.”

“Whoa, how did you manage that?”

“Well, she was telling me about her husband, and how he is always away on business. She is always left home alone. Amberlyn, her teenage daughter is 18 now, and always gone.”

“Go on,” Ramey pushed.

“So, she was telling me how she is alone, masturbating with her toys, and the feel isn’t worth the effort to her.”

“I see.”

“Yes, but, she doesn’t quite know that anyone else is going to be here tonight.”

“Oh,” Ramey paused.

“What, oh?” Roberta asked her.

“Well, that was my surprise,” She answered hesitantly.

Roberta looked at Ramey, but eased the moment with a grin.

“I kind of invited over a guy I know.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes,” Ramey smiled again, “His name is Tony, and he is a very hot man if I may just point that out over and over again,” Ramey said feeling hot as she thought of him.

“Then, it looks like we are all in for a surprise tonight.”

I would say so, Ramey smiled and agreed.

A knock on the door signaled the arrival of another guest, but as Roberta and Ramey walked to the door and opened it up, there were two standing at the entrance.

A well built man wearing a black shirt with visible tattoos on his arms, stood there. He wore a black cap pulled just low enough over his eyes to give him a sexy mystique. He wore jeans and a pair of black boots. Standing next to him was a short woman, with mid-length cut brown hair, a long sleeved blouse, and a long casual dress. She looked a little nervous, unknowing what it is that she was getting herself into.

“Please, come in,” Roberta said, greeting them at the door. Andrea, this is my friend Ramey.”

“Hello Ramey,” Andrea introduced herself, shaking hands lightly with her.

“This is, Tony, right?” Roberta looked at him.

“Yes, Tony,” He half smiled, and chewed a piece of gum.

“I’m Roberta by the way,” She made sure he knew.

“So, let’s all just relax, and get comfortable,” They all agreed.

To everyone’s surprise, Andrea stood and said to the group, “If you don’t mind, I’m nervous, and I beylikdüzü eve gelen escort would like to just–go head first into it.”

The rest stood shocked, but smiled.

Tony was the first to make any moves, pulling Andrea close, lifting up her dress, and slid down her panties. He noticed a small tuft of black pubic hairs. His cock grew hard in his jeans.

“There it is,” Ramey licked her lips, “The welcoming committee.” She smiled, then turned around to kiss Roberta on her mouth. The two lay back on the couch, and fondled each others breasts.

Tony slid his finger inside Andrea, and released his tongue from his mouth to bury it into her hot, waiting snatch. Andrea moaned, and rocked her head back and forth. Tony unzipped his pants, and pulled out his thick, long cock. He slid them down past his knees, and Andrea sat down on top of him to let his pulsing cock fill her hole. The intensity of his entrance sent shivers up and down her body, and she cried a little at the powerful connection.

Roberta pulled back, lifted up her top, over her head. She pulled down Ramey’s pants, along with her already soaked panties. She knelt in between Ramey’s legs and let her tongue do the exploring. The taste of fresh juices rolled around on her tongue, and she pushed deep inside Ramey’s slippery cunt to satisfy her craving for pussy. Ramey leaned back, cumming more every few seconds. She screamed some, and pulled Roberta’s hair, mashing her face against her hot groin. Roberta happily licked her up and down.

Andrea let loose and let her inner wildness come alive as she stripped her top off, releasing her luscious tits out for Tony to suck on. Her nipples stood out, and begged to be nibbled on. She rocked on Tony’s lap, back and forth, taking in as much of his cock as she could.

“Yeah, fuck me!” She screamed.

“Oh, God, eat my pussy, baby!” Ramey screamed to Roberta.

The house was filled with moans and screams. The smell of sex filled the air, and the taste of it was tasted.

Tony let go, and released a hot, thick load deep into Andrea’s hole. She thrust down onto him inviting his cum into her.

Ramey and Roberta began to kiss, and the wetness was too much for Ramey. She knew beylikdüzü masöz escort what else she wanted.

Roberta pulled onto Andrea’s arm, and led her towards the couch. She eased her over, and sat her down. Without any hesitation, Roberta began to lick through the small patch of hair nestled in between her friends legs. The warmth of her pussy, and the taste of fresh cum made her pussy drip. Roberta slipped herself out of her own pants, and lay back onto the couch by Andrea. She pulled Andrea over top, and together licked each others cunts. Andrea at first, let Roberta do what she did, then joined in to return the favor. Her moist lips were tingling, and she felt a sudden gush come out of her and Roberta licked her sopping hole clean.

Ramey laid back on the other couch, opening up her hole for Tony, and letting him slip it in. His body sweaty, but definitely helped enhance the tone of his muscles. He penetrated her fuck hole, slipping inside and out allowing her juices to slop and drip at each movement. She moaned hard, and her toes curled as each stroke of his cock sent the tip closer to her g-spot. She thrust her body harder and closer to feel as much of his powerful rod as she could.

“Cum in me!” She begged him. “Cum deep into my hot dripping cunt! Fuck me hard and ram your cock into my pussy!”

Roberta lavished in the delight that Andrea’s pussy brought.

Andrea screamed out loud, “Oh yeah, lick my pussy dry!” As she said that, she released an intense orgasm more than she ever had before. It was so intense, and so much that Roberta literally drank and swallowed her cum. Roberta licked her lips, and sat up to relax next to her friend. They lay side by side hugging each other.

Tony slammed against Ramey’s inner thighs and came deep inside her. The pressure was powerful, and she could feel it inside her stomach.

“Oh, slow down fucker, I have you next!” Roberta said to Tony.

As the group relaxed and caught their breath, the door opened and shut. At the entrance stood Dawn, and her boyfriend. There was silence for a few seconds. Dawn smiled, and her boyfriend looked on. Dawn knew what was going on, and grabbed her boyfriends arm to pull him slowly to her bedroom. Locking the door, they were in for the night.

“I didn’t expect that, did you?” Ramey asked Roberta.

“No. But, if I was smarter, I would have realized that she does take after her mother,” Roberta answered smiling.

They all have already wound down, so the four of them went into Roberta’s room to have a good nights rest. All of them lay in her big king sized bed. Resting for another day.

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