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Robert had been gone for months. He was placed in boot camp far away and the only contact Sydney had with him for the last few months was letters. She had been warned not to date someone from the military. She had been told that it was hard being so far from the one you love. But she still didn’t know whether or not she loved him. She only knew that she likes being around him, and when he was home the sex was wondrous. It was spontaneous and kinky. He liked the same things she did, and when he was home they worked well together. Besides she liked waiting for someone. She knew what the pictures she sent him did to him and the innuendos written in their mail was enough for the time being.

But he was home now, and going to be there to pick her up in less than a half hour. She ran around the house getting things ready for his arrival and put on a dozen of outfits. She set out dinner on the table and finally things were cleaned up and she had decided on a dangerously low cut black baby tee and an older worn pair of semi-slutty shorts. When the door rang her stomach was in knots. Not seeing him for so long made her somewhat self-conscious whenever she saw him after he first came out. She knew that men’s minds and interest could change in such time.

She opened the door and there he was standing. His reddish auburn hair was cut short in a standard cut, his green eyes danced when they saw her, and he had gotten bigger. His white tank he was wearing showed his lean muscles of his arm and stomach and he looked better to her than when he left. She jumped up at him and he caught her as she wrapped her güvenilir bahis bare legs around him. When she tried to say hello he deeply kissed her and then buried his head into her neck.

“Robert! I have missed you so much,” she sighed as she clung to him tightly “but I love meeting up like this.”

He laughed a little and held her a little longer and kissed her again before putting her down.

“So my lady, what would you like to do tonight?” he asked with that knowing smirk on his face.

“I was thinking dinner first. Then we’ll see…” she giggled and led him towards the kitchen.

Everything was set in the kitchen; she had planned this for a long time. They sat down and served each other and commenced with small talk. He told her about learning to drive the tanks and how the military was so different for him. She talked about school and daily life. And they ate.

She was taken aback to how they could come back to such a daily routine after he had been gone for so long. But there was something still different. As he talked about his time away, she watched him. She loved listening to him, but now with him so close she couldn’t keep her mind on the conversation. She focused on his lips moving and imagined them rather on her. She imagined them in her mind sucking hard on her nipples as she moaned. She couldn’t help it and the more that she thought about it she noticed her feet lifting to his crotch almost automatically gently rubbing his inner thing and cock.

“You have hardly even eaten,” he said.

She didn’t care. She simply shrugged and smiled, waiting to see what türkçe bahis he would do. How desperately she wanted him now. She wanted him to simply pick her up and throw her on the couch and shove himself into her. Just sitting near him after so long was making her panties damp, but she waited.

Taking her cue he pulled away from the table and motioned for her to come over to him. She came over and he pulled her to his lap.

“God, I missed you.” He murmured as he began to bite on her neck.

His hands roamed under her shirt to her already braless breasts. He squeezed them and caressed her as he sucked more fiercely on her neck. His mouth moved to hers and she moved her legs to straddle him. Between the fabric of their jeans, she could feel that he was hard and she began to slowly rub against him.

She moaned. She wanted to make this last, but it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen. They were both so aroused. She was nearly coming just by him touching her.

“Have you been a bad little bitch while I was gone?” he asked as he smacked her ass.

She moved faster, her clit rubbing against him and the fabric of her shorts. She moaned that she was. She indeed had been very slutty.

He smacked her ass again and grabbed her long dark hair pulling her head back. Through her shirt he bit at her nipples. Through his teeth he called her a slut and she almost came.

He stood up still holding her and took her to the couch and threw her off of him. She couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Get down here and fuck me.” She let out as he bent over and nearly tore off her pants.

As güvenilir bahis siteleri he fumbled with his own jeans standing above her she spread her legs over and fingered her clit. She moved around frantically shoving three fingers inside of him and moaned. She knew it was impeding him from getting his own pants off. He was watching her intently and she liked it.

“Are you just going to stand there? Fuck me. FUCK ME. Please.” She begged.

When he pulled down his pants he has so hard. The sight of him standing above her caused quivers inside of her. He stepped closer and grabbed his cock, guiding him to the top of her. With her legs spread she guided him inside of her and wrapped her legs around his waist above her.

He shoved himself inside of her and she screamed. With her entire body she clung to him as he thrust himself inside her over and over again until finally she felt herself and wet on his cock. But he continued. She relaxed a little and he slowed, delaying his ejaculation, as she lay there beneath him panting still and gazing up at him.

“Don’t stop, please.” She whimpered and thrust herself into him.

As he bent down and kissed her again he picked up his pace. She was so sensitive and every time he entered her it sent a jolt up her spine. Everything for her was so fragile now. He knew it and picked up his pace.

He thrust harder and harder holding tightly on her waist, until finally he released. He let his cum flow freely into her and she grabbed onto him and wrapped herself to him again not letting him go.

They laid together back on the couch, still entwined and connected as their breathing slowed. She lay there smiling at him and glistening.

“God I missed you.” She sighed.

“I missed you too.” He said as he held her there until she closed her eyes and seemed to sleep.

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