We Worked Together

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We worked together at a publishing company but not in the same departments. Len did maintenance at my job; I was a graphic artist. He was a long hair heavy metal guy, me, a short haired punk rocker. We were both married and had children that were the same age. He was also my weed connection.

After my marriage ended, my relationship with Len continued. One night I went over to buy some smoke and his wife Tina was already getting ready for bed. We said our goodnights and she went upstairs. Len and I started getting high, I was also drinking beer, but he wasn’t a drinker. He was a video gamer and was playing a game by himself.

Kind of rude I thought since I was sort of his guest. I asked if we could watch TV instead. He then says “Would you want to watch some porn?”

“Uh, sure” I replied. He pulls out some video tapes and pops one in. We watched for a while, the usual 90’s porn, bleached blondes and average looking guys with big dicks. I had never viewed X rated videos with someone else. It seemed a little weird. I got up for a beer, when I came back Len was changing tapes in the VCR.

Another blonde with big hair is with some guy in this video. As we watch I see Len rubbing his crotch. Next the blonde is saying that she gets turned on by watching güvenilir bahis two guys together. A guy walks into the scene and strips. The men are on either side of the woman kissing and undressing her. Then they start rubbing each other. I had never seen any gay porn. Len got up and sat on the couch with me to watch. He started to rub his crotch again. I was pretending not to notice but he caught me looking. He wasn’t paying as much attention to the video as he was me. I’m watching the porn but my peripheral vision saw him looking for my reaction to what I was viewing.

On screen the men are now sucking each other’s cocks. I looked at Len and he had now pulled out his cock and was stroking it. He nods telling me I should do the same. I unzip my pants and pull out my cock. I start to stroke myself as I watch the video. Len isn’t watching the video anymore. He is only looking at me. Without asking he reaches over and wraps his hand around mine. I remove my hand and he closes his around my shaft.

He then leans over and takes my dick in his mouth. I am 30 years old, had never seen gay or bi porn and my drug buddy is sucking my dick. I wasn’t getting hard but Len was. He leaned back and I looked at his dick. It was darker than the rest of his skin türkçe bahis and it was bigger than my 7 inches, maybe 9 inches. I had sucked my coworker’s dick after my divorce but I thought that might be a one-time thing between a couple of artists. I saw this married man’s big erection and I knew what I was going to do.

I looked at him and we both undressed. For the second time in my life I held another man’s penis. This one was so much bigger than Steve’s. It was big, hard and warm. I didn’t wait to think; I leaned down and opened my mouth. He was so big. It was hot in my mouth. I was sucking this married man’s cock. He was totally shaved. I touched his balls. They were large and heavy. I loved holding them as I sucked his beautiful cock.

He leaned back on the couch. I got up and knelt between his legs. Len reached for a cigarette as he watched me. Instead of his Marlboro he picked up his wife’s Virginia Slims. He lit it and put it between his lips.

This seemed so natural for him, someone between his legs holding his sexy dick. I looked at him as I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls. I ran my tongue up his shaft to the crown of his penis. I squeezed him as I circled his glans. He was looking at me, cigarette in one hand and playing with his güvenilir bahis siteleri nipple. I opened my mouth and took him in. I barely took 4 inches of his big cock.

One time sucking a man might be an experiment; I was now sucking a man for the second time. I knew I loved sucking cock and my idea of sissy faggots was totally wrong. Here I was sucking this masculine man’s big cock and he instigated it. His dick was big and sexy. I sucked Len for about ten minutes. One hand around his shaft, the other rubbing those huge shaved balls.

He ran his hand through my spiked hair. I glanced up and he was looking at me. He looked very serious. He started to play with both of his nipples as he watched me. I stroked him as I sucked, trying to steal glances at Len. I felt I was getting good at this.

His head was now thrown back and his eyes were closed. I heard him moan as I sucked him and he stimulated his very erect nipples. I saw his stomach rise and he started cumming. His cock expanded in my hand. The first pulse hit the top and back of my throat. I swallowed and then another, I swallowed again. His cum was so hot. I loved the taste.

I licked him clean and got off my knees. As I reached for my beer, Len lit another cigarette. I got dressed and picked up the weed I had originally come for. Len didn’t get up. He sat with his legs spread, his large penis, now flaccid, on full display. “I’ll let myself out. Thanks” I said. He nodded, took another drag off his cigarette and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32