Watching You

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This is my first submission to , I wrote it for someone in particular, then it was suggested that I should post it for everyone to read.

Comments are especially welcome!


I looked over at the clock, just gone half past 10 in the evening, I couldn’t believe it – I’d only planned to sleep for a couple of hours, but I’d been out for almost 14. I couldn’t believe how rude I was being, sleeping so much on my first day to visit.

Putting some trousers and a shirt on, I then made my way out of the guest bedroom and down the hallway toward the lounge – I could see the flicker of the television but couldn’t hear it, so thought perhaps you were sleeping.

Opening the door slightly, and looking inside, I saw you lying on the couch and took a sharp intake of breath. Quietly I retreated back into the dark corridor and pulled the door back to how it was, just open a crack.

Looking through the crack in the door again, I watched you lying there, with one foot draped over the seat, the other leg bent a little, and your hand running over your breasts. I could almost reach out and touch your foot, you were so close.

On the TV a man was stroking his penis through his trousers, watching a brunette pole dancing on the stage in front of him, and I realized why the volume was so low.

Turning my attention back to the couch, I watched as you pinched your nipple through your t-shirt and then ran your hands over your breasts, gently massaging them.

Your hand moved down to the bottom of your t-shirt, then back up to your breasts, pulling the t-shirt up with it. Leaning forward, you removed your t-shirt completely, and I gasped at the sight that emerged. Two beautiful globes were freed from their confines, bouncing slightly as you lay back on the couch and put the t-shirt next to you.

Moving your hands back up to your breasts, I watched as you ran one finger around each nipple, then pinched them and gently pulled them out a little.

Glancing over to the television, I saw the brunette also had taken her top off and was laying on the floor in front of the pole, rubbing her breasts just like you were. The brunette licked her fingers and then ran them around her nipple again, as I watched you do the same. I began to stroke myself through my trousers, and couldn’t believe my eyes as you lifted your breast to your mouth and circled your nipple with your tongue.

I rubbed my penis a little harder as I watched you suck the nipple into your mouth, then let your breast pull away, stretching your nipple before it popped out. I could see it was hard now, it must have been sticking out over half an inch from your breast. Then you did the same with the breast, lifting it up to your mouth and sucking your nipple to make it harder.

The brunette was now kneeling in front of the man, stroking him through his trousers, then un-doing the buckle on his belt and gently opening his trousers before reaching inside and continuing to rub him through his boxer shorts.

I watched as you pinched your nipples again, and rolled them up and down between your fingers, then massaged your breasts with your hands, all the time with your focus on the television. slowly you moved one hand toward the bottom of your breast, sliding it down your stomach and over your shorts, running your hand slowly down between your legs.

Looking over at the TV again, the brunette was sucking on the mans balls, then running her tongue up and down his shaft, and around the tip of his cock. She looked up at him and licked around the head of his cock again before taking the tip into her mouth.

Turning back to the couch, I noticed that your hand had disappeared under your shorts, but I could see them moving up and down as you rubbed yourself gently.

You were still rubbing one of your breasts, but you then moved the hand from your shorts back up to your other nipple, and pinched them both, running them between your fingers and pulling them out and then gently letting them relax.

I watched as your other hand moved south and slid its way under your shorts to rub yourself again. The brunette was now bobbing her head on the TV, sliding the mans cock in and out of her mouth, and fondling his balls as she did so.

I looked back at you just in time to watch you as you lifted your hips and slid your shorts down your legs and onto the floor with your t-shirt.

Moving your hand back down between your legs, I could then watch your fingers moving over your exposed lips, sliding down your lips then pulling them upwards again.

I quietly un-zipped my trousers and pulled my cock out so I could stroke more freely as I watched you play with yourself, oblivious to the voyeur just feet away from you.

The man on the TV was now sucking on the brunettes nipples, with her laying on the stage, her legs dangling down the side. He moved down her body, kissing her as he went, until his mouth was just inches from her pussy. Spreading her legs, he licked up and bahis firmaları down her G-string, pulling it to one side with his fingers, then running his tongue up and down her lips again.

As he ran his tongue over the brunettes clit, I looked back at the couch to see you rubbing your own clit in circles while you continued to pinch your nipple with your other hand.

I watched entranced as you circled over your clit, then ran your hand down over your lips, pressing quite hard against them, before running back up to your clit and rubbing in circles again.

You ran your fingers back down between your legs, spreading your fingers and letting them part your lips gently, then just resting one finger between them, you started to rub your lips in circles, holding them between your fingers as you moved your hand around, then started stroking up and down, pulling your lips with your fingers.

I kept stroking myself, moving my hand up and down my cock in the same movements as you were running over your lips, and running my fingers over its tip as you were gently massaging your clit. You shifted slightly on the couch, just out of my view, and I cursed under my breath. I could still see your arm moving, and I knew you were rubbing your lips, but I was frustrated that I couldn’t see more.

Looking over at the television again, the man had two fingers sliding into the brunettes pussy, and he was flicking his tongue over her clit and noisily sucking it into his mouth, making the brunette moan with pleasure.

I decided I had to get a better view of your enjoyment, and tried to push the door slowly open a little more, just enough so I could see your hand between your legs. Suddenly you jumped and then looked over at the door, I froze, but it was too late, my cover had been blown. To my surprise, you relaxed back on to the couch, smiled, and then asked “Are you going to stand there all night? or do you want to come in for a better view”. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Opening the door fully, you saw that I was stroking my cock with my trousers undone. Smiling at me again, you said “You might as well leave them there, you won’t be needing them in here, after all”

I shed my trousers, boxers and shirt, and moved into the lounge, now completely naked. I moved toward you, but you put up your hand to stop me. “Stroke your cock for me”, you said, “watch me rub my clit, and stroke your cock”. Not being a request I could refuse even if I wanted to, I took a step backwards and watched your hand move back to your clit, and start to move in circles again.

I took my cock back into my hand and began stroking it again. Glancing up at you, I saw that you were watching me intently, watching as the tip of my cock poked out from my foreskin as I pulled down, then disappeared again as I stroked back up. You were pinching your nipple again, and running your fingers over your clit faster now, as you watched me.

You started to moan gently as you were rubbing your clit, then you moved your fingers back down between your legs to rub up and down your lips. You rested a finger between your lips again, and alternated between pulling your lips up and pushing them down, then rubbing around in circles.

I was stroking my cock a little faster now, moving my hand up and down the shaft in the same rhythm as your hand over your lips. I watched as you bent the finger which was resting between your lips, and just ran it around the entrance to your pussy. You were rubbing your clit with your thumb as you slowly pushed the finger inside. I slowed my strokes a little as I watched your finger sliding in and out of your hole, and you pressing against your clit, running your thumb in circles over it.

Then you stroked your lips again, with your finger sliding into you as you pushed down, then pulling out of your hole as you moved then back up. You moved your fingers back to your clit and rubbed around in circles again, moaning as you did so, all the time watching me stroking my cock while I watched you rubbing your pussy.

Then you did something that surprised me even more than being invited in to watch. You ran your fingers down through your lips again, dipping one into your pussy further than you had done before, then you lifted your finger up to your mouth and ran your tongue up to its tip, then sucking it into your mouth. I had stopped stroking my cock as I watched the show, and suddenly realized that you weren’t getting much of a show in return, and so I began stroking up and down my length again.

You moved your hand back down to your lips, and stroked up and down again, then slid a finger between your lips and dipped it into your pussy again, running your fingers around in circles as you moved your finger in and out of your hole.

Pulling your finger out from between your legs, I thought you were going to taste yourself again, but you beckoned me closer and offered it to me instead. I took your wrist in my hand, and licked your juices from your finger, running my kaçak iddaa tongue up over the top of your finger, then back down. I licked each of your fingers in turn, savoring your taste.

I moved a little closer to you, and reached down to your lips, and ran my fingers all the way down from your clit to the bottom of your lips, feeling your wetness. I gently rubbed around your lips in circles, moving my thumb over your clit as my fingers were pressing against your lips, covering them with your juices.

While I was watching my fingers slide over your lips, you reached out and took my cock in your hand. I turned my head to watch your face as you were staring at my cock, watching it as you stroked up and down its length. I moved my hand up to your clit and rubbed against it, first moving around in circles, then rubbing your clit up and down, then pinching it and rolling it between my fingers.

You pulled on my cock, making me move closer toward you, then sat up and continued stroking my cock, watching it, just inches from your eyes.

As you pulled down on my cock, you moved your head forward, and licked the tip with your tongue. Holding my foreskin back with your fingers, you ran your tongue down the side of my cock, then back up the ridge on the underside of my cock up to the tip, where you licked the head of my cock again, running all around it, and flicking your tongue over the tip. Moving your head back, you started stroking me again, a little faster than before.

I moved my hand down from your clit over your lips again. Resting one finger between your lips, I began to stroke them, moving my hand round in circles, then up and down the length of your pussy. Moving one finger to your hole, I ran it around in circles just teasing you. I gently moved my finger into your pussy, sliding it slowly into you, running my hand around in circles over your lips as I did so.

You moved forward and licked the head of my cock again, running your tongue and lips all around my head. Opening your lips, you took the tip of my cock into your mouth, and continued to lick around the head, pushing your tongue between my cock and your lips, then running it all around my head.

While you were licking on the head of my cock, I began moving my finger in and out of you, bending it, and pressing against the walls of your pussy as I continued to run my hand around in circles over your lips.

You sucked on my cock, pulling me further into your mouth, as you stroked its base, running up and down with your hand, as your tongue flicked over my tip. pushing my skin back to the base of my cock, you took a little more of it into your mouth, sucking a little harder and moving your tongue all over it.

You let a bit of my cock slide out of your mouth, before moving your head forward and sucking it back in. Moving your other hand up to between my legs, you cupped and massaged my balls gently, while moving your lips and tongue around my cock, sliding it into your mouth, then sliding back out again.

I moved my fingers back up to your clit, and rubbed it firmer than before, pressing it around in circles, then pinching it between my fingers and running it up and down, then rubbing in circles again, first one way, then the other. changing how I was rubbing it all the time.

You continued to take more and more of my cock into your mouth with each time you moved your head forward, still running your tongue all of my cock. I was moaning and my hips started to gently move in rhythm with your mouth, moving forward to try to slide a little more into your mouth, and ran my hand through your hair, encouraging you to suck my cock harder.

I moaned a little louder as you started to move your mouth over my cock faster, bobbing your head up and down most of my length, then pulling your mouth all the way off my cock and licking my head, flicking your tongue all over it, before sucking me back in. You moved your hands round to my bum, as you continued to suck on my cock.

I ran my fingers back down to your hoe, and circled it, pressing against your lips with all of my fingers as I did so. Sliding a finger back into your pussy, I rubbed around in circles, pushing harder than I was doing before, and running my thumb over your clit again. Then I moved my finger out of your hole, and ran it in circles at the entrance to your hole. Then I started to run against your entrance with two fingers, stretching you a little further. I gently pushed the tips of my two fingers into you, then pulled them back out and ran around in circles again.

You began to suck on my cock harder, pulling on my bum to encourage the gentle hip movements. Then, to my real pleasure, you sucked even harder, and pulled the whole of my cock deep into your mouth, sucking and licking my cock as you pulled me even further into your mouth, every last millimeter you could get. Relaxing your grip, you let me slide out of your mouth again, and licked my head as you moved your hand back to my cock and stroked it again.

I kaçak bahis began to move my fingers into your pussy again, slowly pushing them into you. I was rubbing your clit with my thumb as my fingers were gently moving in and out of your hole, running in circles with my fingers inside you, pressing against your pussy and pushing harder against your clit.

You took my cock back into your mouth and starting sucking it again, as I pushed my fingers further into your hole, encouraging you to suck me harder. Rubbing your clit in circles with my thumb, I pushed my fingers in and out of your pussy as it was stretching to accommodate them, picking up the pace and continuing to move them around in circles.

You pulled the whole length of my cock into your mouth again, sucking hard and moving your tongue over it inside your mouth. In return, I moved my hand a little and pushed my two fingers deeper into your pussy, until the palm of my hand was rubbing against your lips.

As you started to bob your head over my cock, I began moving my fingers in and out of your hole, pressing them deep into you then pulling almost all of the way out.

I pushed my thumb harder against your clit as my fingers were moving faster in and out of you, and you kept up the rhythm sucking me harder all the time, moving your head back so only the tip of my cock was in your mouth, then sucking me back in, bobbing your head faster with each suck.

I knew I couldn’t take much more of this before I blew my load, so I pulled my cock out of your mouth, smiled at you, and said “You’re turn”.

Kneeling down beside you, I moved my head closer to your breasts, using one hand to gently massage them while the other hand was still stroking between your legs, my fingers moving in and out of you in long strokes, and pressing against your clit with my thumb.

I ran my tongue over your breast, and moved it up to your nipple, running around it in a circle, then flicking my tongue over the hard nipple. I pulled my hand between your legs out of your pussy, and moved it up to your clit again. While I began sucking on your nipple, I was moving my hand around your clit, pressing against it and rubbing my fingers in circles.

I very gently bit your nipple, pulling it out a little from your breast, stretching it before letting it fall back into place then flicking my tongue over it again.

I did the same with your other nipple, running all around it, flicking it with my tongue, gently pulling on it, then flicking around it with my tongue again. I was loving the reaction I was getting from you, as you were moaning all the time, enjoying every little touch I gave you.

Moving my mouth down your nipples, I kissed your breasts and then started kissing down your stomach, and started to pinch your nipple with my other hand. I moved my other hand from your clit, and pressed down between your lips again. Moving my mouth down to your clit, I ran my tongue all around it, licking the top of your pussy and savoring your nectar.

Flicking my tongue over your clit, I pushed my two fingers back into your hole, running them around in circles as I pushed them in and out of your pussy. I sucked your clit into my mouth, and rolled it between my tongue and the top of my mouth, pressing against it with my tongue and sucking on it hard.

I continued stroking my hand over your breasts, and flicking them with my fingers, then rolling your nipple between thumb and forefinger, pulling on it gently.

Shifting my position slightly to gain better access to your pussy, I moved my fingers out of your hole, and ran them against your clit again. I licked my tongue up and down your lips, while I was pressing against your clit with my fingers and rubbing them around, pushing hard against it.

I was flicking my tongue all over your lips, and sucking your lip between my lips, flicking it with my tongue while it was in my mouth.

Moving my head back, I rubbed your lips with my fingers again, pressing hard against them and rubbing in circles, pushing your lips around and listening to the moans escaping from your mouth.

Parting your lips gently with my fingers, I moved my tongue back down to your pussy and licked right from your hole up to your clit, then back down to your hole again. I moved my hand down from your breast, and pressed it against your clit, rubbing it around in circles, then pressing up and down against it before rubbing in circles again.

I was moving my tongue all over your lips, running it down the length of your pussy, flicking it over your lips, and sucking on your lips at the same time. I ran my tongue down to your hole again, still pressing hard against your clit with my fingers. I circled your hole with my tongue while one hand was stretching your lips, and running against them pressing your lips and holding them open for my tongue.

I licked my tongue over your hole, flicking it, then eased my tongue into you, rubbing your clit while I did so, pushing hard against your clit as I slid my tongue in and out of your pussy. I was rubbing your clit faster than I was before, pressing against it with my fingers, running around in circles while I was flicking my tongue in and out of your hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32