Waking the Vengence Pt. 03

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Big Tits

All characters in this story are over 18.

If you haven’t read the first two parts I suggest you start there.

Quick summery.

Part 1: Greg Masters is attacked by bullies while trying to protect his sister from a group of sexual preditors and finds he has the ability to control minds. Starts getting Vengeance on those that have hurt him in the past. Learns his sister wants him to teach her about sex and take her virginity.

Part 2: Greg uses his mind control on his mother when she catches Greg and his sister having oral sex and learns his mother and sister are natural Submissives. Takes both women as his. Has Anal sex with his mom. Has his new Mommy-Slut trick her old Mistress into a late night visit so he can make her his toy as well.


I walked around Janice and stepped between my two sluts, laying a hand on each of their heads, and they instantly looked up at me each wrapping their arms around one of my legs. “They won’t answer you, Slut. They belong to me now.”

Janice looked at me, and I could see the hate in her eyes. “You think you have the control to take my toys from me little Greggy?” She snapped her finger and looked at mom. “Carol, come here right now, or Mistress will have to punish you.”

Mom didn’t even look up at her. I took my hands off both Charlotte and Mom’s heads and they both looked at me. I smiled at my sister. “Go get ready for bed, Charlotte. I’ll be up when I’m done talking to Janice slut.”

“Yes Master.”

Janice screamed. “Don’t you move bitch! I own this family, not that little wimp!”

I looked at Janice and she tried to stare me down. I caught her eyes and then pushed as I said. “Janice, you will be silent and not move unless I ask you a question or tell you that you can.”

I could see that she was going to defy me to prove I wasn’t in control. She opened her mouth and realized she couldn’t speak. Then she started to shake as she tried to move and couldn’t. I laughed at her. “Look at me Janice, don’t look away until I tell you that you can. You think you’re dominant, but you aren’t. If you were, you’d be able to resist what I’m telling you to do, but you can’t. In fact, you’re the weak one. You’re the submissive one. You’re starting to realize that now. You’ve only been acting like the Dominant because you didn’t know what a true master was. However, now you will soon. I’m the actual Master here. I’m your true master, and I’m going to prove it to you tonight. Once I do, you will fall at my feet and beg me to make you my pet, and if I think you’re worthy I might accept you as my lowest slut or I might reject you and let you leave feeling lost and hopeless. Now Strip! I want you naked like all good sluts should be.”

Janice’s eyes widened with disbelief as against her wishes her body obeyed me, and she started removing her clothes. She looked back at me now with fear and confusion instead of anger. For the first time I saw in her mind that she was beginning to think I might actually have been right, and she wasn’t the dominate Mistress she thought she was. Her complete surrender to me was going to be fun.

I walked over to Janice and patted her on the head. “That’s a good girl Janice, you’re going to be a very good submissive slut.” Then I stared into her eyes again and pushed. “From now on, when I say you are a good girl you will instantly become aroused and need me to stick my cock in you. You hate that it arouses you, and you will try to fight it; but the harder you fight it the more you need my cock in one of your three slut holes.”

The fear in her mind actually excited me. Finally, I wasn’t the one everyone could whip on. Now I was the one cracking the whip. “I’m going to release your body in a moment Janice, but you will not try to leave this room. You also will not attempt to harm me or anyone else in this house. I’ll let you speak again too, but you will not yell or scream, you will speak in a calm and normal tone of voice. You will not try to contact anyone outside this room. You can now move and talk.”

Just like I expected Janice reached down to get her clothes. I pushed at her again. “You will not redress or cover yourself in any way, slut. Take a seat on the couch.”

Janice stopped picking up her clothes and walked over and sat on the couch. “How are you doing this?”

I smiled at her “That’s a good girl, Janice.” I watched as she fought against the need to have me inside her. I decided to answer her question. “I told you Janice, I control you. I’m a true Master and all the submissive sluts must obey me.”

She was panting with need and the smell of her desire was permeating the air. “Oh God.” She finally broke and reached for my throbbing cock as she hissed. “Fuck me, you bastard!”

I stepped back out of her reach. “You are not in control here, slut. If you need something from me, you will beg me for what you need. You don’t command.”

She pulled her hand back and gritted her teeth trying not to do as pinbahis güvenilirmi I said. I laughed at her. “You can’t win, slut. I’m going to ask you some questions and you will not be able to do anything but answer them fully and honestly. You can’t lie or even try to misdirect me.”

Janice groaned and started rubbing on her clit trying to get relief. “No touching yourself slut.”

Her hand moved away from her hot button and she finally broke. Oh God! Greg, please fuck me. I need it! I can’t stand it anymore shove your cock in me. Please shove it in my mouth, my pussy, my ass I don’t care where, just fuck me!”

“Why should I?”

“What? What do you mean why should you?”

Why should I grace you with my cock? You don’t belong to me. Remember you’re the big bad Mistress. How many submissives, besides my mom and dad, do you have anyway?”

“Five, I have five other submissives.”

“Five, so seven with mom and dad. One for every day of the week. Who are they?”

‘My doorman Jim, my P.A. Terri and Barbie and Candice both of which are students at the community college. Please Greg, I can’t hardly think. Please stick you cock in one of my holes.”

“Not until you admit that you’re a submissive slut not a Domme.”

“But I am a Domme. Maybe I’m a switch, like Silas.”

“You aren’t a switch. I’ll prove it to you. Which of your female sluts is the prettiest?”

“Barbie, without a doubt, she could be a centerfold.”

“Then let’s have a contest. If, in my presence, you can control Barbie and get her to lick your cunt then, I will admit you are a switch and stick my cock in any hole you want. I’ll even give you back control of Mom. But only if you win.”

“Give me my phone.”

I looked at my Mom, who is still on her knees where I left her. “Mommy-Slut, get Janice her phone and take it to her. Then you can come sit beside me.”

“Yes Master.”

Mom walked over to Janice’s clothes and pulled her cell phone out of her blazer pocket. Then she walked over and gave it to her former Mistress. Janice took the phone and smiled at mom. “I’ll have you soon my pet.”

“I am not your pet, I belong to Master only. You’ll be licking his cum off me soon bitch.”

Mom walked over and sat at my side on the floor where I stood and wrapped her hand around my leg moving up toward my hard cock. I looked down at her while Janice dialed her submissive and ordered her to come to our house. “Mommy-Slut, you can worship my cock but do not make me cum or I will punish you.”

“Yes, Master, thank you Master for letting me worship you magnificent cock.”

She took me in her hand and started to stroke my length. Her other hand reached out and fondled my balls. Before long she was on her knee’s sucking my dick and slowly swirling her tongue over the head again and again. Not like she was trying to get me off but lovingly, worshipfully. The whole time Janice is watching and moaning. Begging me to stick my dick in her and give her the relief she needs.

After about thirty minutes the doorbell rings. I stop mom and pull on my sleep pants. “That would be your slut. I’ll just go show her to the room.” I walked to the door of the family room and stopped. “Mommy-Slut, you stay right where you are until I return. While you wait, I want you to finger your pussy and ass and keep telling Janice how much better a master I am then she was ever a mistress.”

“Oh, thank you, Master.”

Mom shoved one hand into her pussy and two fingers of the other one up her ass and started vigorously finger fucking herself. The whole time as I walked to the door, I could hear her berating Janice for being a fake mistress. I opened the door and my jaw dropped.

In front of me was the most gorgeous red headed woman I’d had ever seen. She couldn’t be older than twenty-one and her red hair was hanging down her shoulders in waves of natural curls. Her eyes were as green as an emerald. She was only about five foot five or six and she had on a simple tube dress that barely covered her more than ample breasts and perfect heart shaped rear. “Hi, umm, I’m Barbie. I was supposed to meet my, umm, advisor, Janice here.”

I had originally planned to just command Barbie to refuse to do what Janice told her but after looking at her I wanted this woman on my cock. I pushed as I spoke to her. Barbie, I’m Greg I’m you Master. You don’t belong to Janice any more. You only belong to me. You worship me. You obey only me. You exist to serve me and only to serve me.”

I hadn’t realized how hard I was pushing but I watched as her thoughts changed and she suddenly couldn’t think of anything but worshiping me, pleasing me, serving me. It was wrong and I knew it, but God damn, if I wasn’t going to keep her. She squealed like she just realized who I was and threw her arms around me. “Master, how can I serve you?”

“Barbie, we are going to walk into a family room in a minute, sitting on the large couch is Janice. When you enter the room, I want you pinbahis yeni giriş to walk over to her, kneel just out of her reach in front of her and say, ‘I’m here Mistress, just as you commanded.’ Then when I walk into the room you will stay kneeling, but you will instantly turn your head to look at me and you will not take your eyes off of me after that. You will also not acknowledge what anyone else says or does but me.”

“Yes Master. Shall I get undressed for you?”

I laughed and she giggled. Dear God, the sound of it went straight to my balls causing them to tighten, wanting to pump this beauty full of my cum. “Not yet. Just do what I told you to do.”

“She pouted but answered. “Oh Poo! How am I going to get your cock in me if I’m dressed?”

I reached down and ran my hand over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples and down her front to her mound. God, the girl was hairless and not wearing anything under the tube dress. “All in good time my sweet. No let’s go put a bitch in her place.”

We walked to the family room and I stopped just outside the door. “Go thru that door and do what I told you.”

She reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “Yes Master.”

Barbie walked thru the door and strait over to Janice, stopping about a foot in front of her and falling on her knees “I’m here Mistress, just as you commanded.” I entered the door on her last word and cleared my throat and instantly the red headed slut turned her head to look longingly at me.

I could see that this pissed Janice off and she reached out and tried to physically turn the girls head. “Look at me slut, not that boy.”

Barbie ignored her and her head followed me as I walked over to where Mom was still sitting on the floor. It really frustrated Janice because as I passed the point where Barbie’s head could turn, she turned her whole body to keep me in her sight. I looked at Janice. “This is your chance Janice prove you are at the least a switch. Be a Good Girl and command your slut.”

Janice was all but vibrating with her need for me to stick my dick in her, and couldn’t decide if she wanted to beg me to fuck her again or do as I said and win her freedom. “I can’t think! Please Greg! Please stick your cock in me and fuck me, so this need goes away!”

I could see that she was almost ready to shatter, and I didn’t need her completely broken just her will. “Come over here, bend over the arm of the couch with your legs spread and your ass held open. I’ll stick my dick in you and give you the relief you need to focus.”

She all but raced around to the arm of the loveseat, bent over it with her legs spread just past shoulder length, grabbed each ass cheek and pulled them apart exposing her pretty brown outer pussy lips and puckered star. I walked up behind her and rubbed my cock head all over her dripping snatch, collecting all the moisture. Janice kept trying to thrust back and bury my cock in her cunt. I smacked her ass hard. “Stand still or I’ll change my mind.”

She stopped moving and whined. “Just fuck me already, so I can think about anything but needing your cock inside me.”

With that I grabbed her hip and lined my cock up with her ass and slammed it inside her tight shithole. It went in about three inches and then stopped as Janice screamed and tightened her ass like a vice. “OWWWW! GOD DAMN YOU!! THAT HURTS!!”

I pulled my dick out and shoved the blood and shit covered rod deep into her pussy pumping it five quick times to clean it with her juices, and then pulled out. “That should do you. I believe you’ll find that the need to have my dick in you is gone.” I walked over to the far side of the couch, with Barbie’s eyes following my every movement, and sat down. “Get on with it,

Janice. Prove you are more than a submissive slut. Command you sub here to eat your nasty cunt.”

The anger was back in Janice’s eyes. Between the brutal plunge into her ass and then cleaning my dick in her pussy she was pissed at me. She walked over in front of Barbie and looked at the girl. I could see the confusion on her face when Barbie didn’t even acknowledge Janice was standing in front of her. “Barbie, stand up, take off your clothes and then eat my pussy until I cum.”

Barbie just kept staring at me with adoration on her face. Janice reached out to pull her head around and I pushed a command at her. “Stop. No touching her. That’s force, it’s not domination. Use words to get what you want from your sluts. That’s what a true Dom does. Would you like a demonstration?”

She growled at me and then nodded. I pushed as I said, “Cum Janice.”

Janice’s knees gave out, she collapsed to the floor, as she threw back her head and screamed. “Oh GOD! OH GOD I’m CUMMMMMIIIIINNNGGG!”

Before she was even finished, I pushed again. “Cum harder than you ever have before Janice.”

She arched almost on her head and toes only and thrust up ward “OH NOT AGAIN!! I’M CUMMING AGGGAAAAINNN! NEVERRRRR CUMMMM THISSSSSSS pinbahis giriş HAAAARRRDDD!!

Then she ran out of words and just kept screaming and spasming for a full three minutes.

“You see Janice, you aren’t a Dom, you’re just a Submissive fighting her nature. See what a true Dom can do.” I pushed at my Mom “Mommy-slut, cum harder than you ever have in your life right now for me.”

Mom screamed and shook and her cum shot across the room in a steady stream splashing off the still recovering Janice. I looked at Janice, covered in her own and mom’s cum, and asked. “Do you understand now, Janice?”

She looked at me and I could see that all resistance was gone. She fully believed she wasn’t a Domme, and had never truly been one. She now knew she was a submissive who had been denying her true nature. She nodded.

“What do you understand, Janice?”

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled to me. “I understand that I’m not a Domme, I’m a submissive. I’ve always been a submissive.”

I didn’t even have to push. “That’s right you’re a submissive, probably the most submissive person I’ve ever met. What does every submissive need Janice?”

She crawled right up to me and started kissing my feet. “A Dom.”

“But you don’t have a Dom do you?”

“Yes I do.”

“You do?’

She looked up at me with fear and need in her eyes. “Yes Master.”

Holy Shit I’d done it. I’d turned a Mistress into a completely submissive slut. I reached down and pulled her up until her head was level with my cock. “Good Girl, Janice-slut.”

She groaned as my earlier command hit her. “Please Master, please stick your cock in me.”

Not yet Janice. You need to commit to me. I’m going to tell you your truth and you will repeat it. Then I will fuck you and you will keep repeating your truth and every time you repeat it you will cum, each time getting stronger as the truth becomes you whole purpose. When I cum in you then you will cum ten times harder than your last cum. Once the pleasure fades away your purpose that you’ve been repeating will become your reason for living. Are you ready?”

She laid on the floor and spread her legs. “Oh yes Master, please tell me the truth so I can fuck you and do all that you said.”

Here it is “Greg is my one true Master. I live only to please him. His every desire is my command. I worship him with all my heart, body, mind and soul. Everything I have belongs to him. I will die to protect him. He is my reason for living.” I slide off the couch with my Cock laying against her soaked pussy hole. “Start repeating your truth, Janice-slut.”

She looked in my eyes and I saw her devotion growing as she started to repeat what I just said. When she gets to “He is my reason for living” the first time as I thrust into her and she cums. As I thrust over and over fucking her for all I’m worth, she continues to repeat the phrases over and over, almost not even stopping to breath. After five times you can’t even tell what she’s saying but her lips are still moving, and I just keep hammering again and again as her cunt muscles clench over and over harder and harder with each consecutive repetition. We are both covered in her fluids and I feel my balls draw up so tight to my body that they actually hurt. Then I explode inside her and she wails “GREG IS MY ONE TRUE MASTER! I LIVE ONLY TO PLEASE HIM!! HIS EVERY DESIRE IS MY COMMAND. I WORSHIP HIM WITH ALL MY HEART BODY MIND AND SOUL!! OH GOD DO I WORSHIP HIM!! SOO GOOOD MASTER! EVERYTHING I HAVE BELONGS TO HIM!! FUCCKK MEEEE!! I WILL DIE TO PROTECT HIM. HE IS MY REASON FOR LIVING!! AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! Then she slumped to the ground unconscious.

I pulled out of her and before I could do more than stand Barbie is speaking. “May I clean you up, Master?”

I look down and realize I’m coated in cum and pussy juice from my belly button to my feet. “I think It would be best if I just took a shower Barbie. I’m a huge mess.”

She smiled at me. “May this humble slut wash you Master?”

I smiled and held out a hand and she rose and took my hand. I looked over at my mom sitting on the small love seat across from the couch. “Mom come sit on the couch.”

I picked up Janice from the floor and laid her with her head on mom’s lap. “Keep a watch on Janice, when she comes around take her upstairs. Have her shower and put her to bed in Charlotte’s old bed. Tell her to not touch any of my sluts tonight. Nor is she to leave before we talk in the morning. She may come into my room to wake me two hours before she is to meet with Dad. Then after she is in bed, you clean up and get to bed as well. In your own bed Mommy-slut.”

“Yes Master.”

With that I turned and with Barbie’s hand in mine, I headed upstairs to let my beautiful new slut wash me off. And maybe get me dirty all over again.

I almost blew my load when the sexy coed pulled her tube dress over her head. Her tits were magnificent. Huge and round a little turned up at the areola and the nipples were the size and color of a ripe cherry. Deep red almost purple and round. “My God how big are your tits?”

Barbie blushed and it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen because with her creamy white skin it flushed all the way to those beautiful breasts. “I’m a forty double E.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32