Visiting Mom Ch. 02

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I sat on the bed, lightly stroking myself while I listened to Mom finishing up in the shower. The buttplug lay where I had tossed it on the bed, next to the bottle of lube I grabbed from the bathroom drawer. I loved using the plug on her. I loved the feeling of dominance when she was bent over in front of me, waiting for me to insert the shiny metal toy into her most intimate hole. I loved seeing the tight ring of her asshole expand, and then contract around the plug. I loved knowing that the plug was only a preview compared to what I was going to fill her butt with after.

Mom stood in the doorway to the bathroom, in the last stages of drying off. She was letting her hair dry naturally, giving it an untamed waviness that I found very sexy. She chewed her bottom lip playfully, glancing between me and the plug.

“Are you going to… to stick that in my butt?” she asked coyly.

“Mmhmm, I sure am.”

“Oh… I hope that’s all your planning to put in there. I don’t know if I can handle… that.” She pointed toward my mostly-hard cock, which I was still stroking absentmindedly. One of my mom’s favorite acts of foreplay was pretending that she couldn’t take my dick in her ass, despite how much practice she had at it. What guy doesn’t feel a little flattered that their cock may be too big for a woman? Mom knew how to push all of my buttons.

“We’ll get you warmed up first. I’m sure you can take it like a good mommy should.”

Tossing her towel aside, Mom approached the bed with a smile on her face. She dropped to her knees, prompting me to turn towards her with my legs over the edge of the bed.

“Let me mommy suck this for you.” Without waiting for permission, Mom engulfed as much of me as she could in one motion, stopping about ¾ of the way down my shaft. I could feel her straining, as if pushing herself to take more. She pulled off quickly, panting heavily and leaving a trail of saliva from my cock to her lips.

“Mmm fuck. Oh, fuck, I missed that.” I placed a hand on the back of her head, running my fingers lightly through her hair. She went down again, taking a similar amount of cock. She held it longer for this time, but resurfaced again for air without reaching her goal.

“I’m sorry babe… I still can’t take the whole thing! I really wanted to this time.” Mom looked genuinely apologetic. “I think it’s just a mental thing. I can’t get around the fact that I feel like you’re going to choke me with this monster. I can keep trying.”

“Mom,” I said tenderly, leaning down to her. “You know how hard you always make me cum with just your mouth, right? You think I really care if you can’t take the whole thing? I love you. I love the things you do to me. You never need to apologize for anything like that.”

Mom smiled up at me.

“I love you too, Tyler.” Her mouth returned to my dick, kissing the head sweetly, then taking a mouthful while continuing to pleasure the head with her tongue. Despite Mom’s feeling of failure for not being able to fully deepthroat me, she was an amazing cocksucker. The best, in my opinion. Maybe it was her motherly affection for me that allowed her to do it so well. Or maybe she was this good with every guy she sucked off. Either way, I was never going to complain about any part of it.

Pulling her mouth off of me again, she started to stroke up and down on my shaft. It was well lubricated from the amount of saliva she had deposited on it. Mom angled her head to tease my balls briefly with her tongue, before straightening up again with a playful smile.

“Is my ass really the last one you’ve fucked?” she asked, referring to what I had said to her in the shower earlier.

“Yeah, that would be it.”

“Lauren doesn’t let you do it anymore?”

“The last time was on our honeymoon. She still lets me play with it and lick her ass, but penetration has been off limits.”

“Well, she needs to be careful,” Mom warned, still stroking me steadily. “If she won’t give you what you need, you’ll go find some dirty slut who will.” Mom winked at me, then rose to her feet and pushed me back onto the bed. Mom positioned herself next to me, on her knees.

“What would you say to your queenbet güvenilirmi mother if she asked to sit on your face and make you eat her pussy?” asked Mom matter-of-factly.

“I would say ‘hell yes, bring it here.'” Mom swung one leg over my chest, walking her way up my body until her pussy hovered just above my face.

“Eat.” Her tone was as imperious as the look on her face. She knew I enjoyed being given commands and light domination. That had actually been one of the major elements of our initial sexual encounters. I complied quickly.

I buried my face in her, forgoing any teasing and pressing my lips directly to hers with abandon. I let my tongue go wild, plunging into her as deep as possible as she stared down at me sternly.

“I love that. No hesitation at all. Just trying to please this pussy.” Mom humped downward, forcing herself harder onto my mouth. “This pussy that you just fucked. This pussy that belongs to your sweet, loving mommy. What would Lauren say if she saw you doing this right now, hmm?”

I wasn’t really in a position to form words, so I just shook my head as well as I could.

“She’d probably be upset. She’d feel worthless. Or maybe she’d be happy. Maybe she’d be relieved you found someone to act out your sick, dirty fantasies with instead of bothering her. Maybe she needs more experience woman to show her what her man really wants.”

I raised one eyebrow, the best expression of interest I could muster under the assault of her thrusting pussy. Mom returned it with an expression that was equally suggestive of the gears that were turning it her head.

Trying to suppress such fantastical notions, I buried myself in my work some more, eliciting moans of pleasure from my mother. I was being drenched in a flood of her fluids from her sopping pussy. I abandoned myself to the nastiness of being covered in my mother’s juices as she furiously rubbed her clit above me.

“Baby, I think I could cum again from this. Keep on eating me just like that. Just like that.” I continued working her with my tongue, savoring the taste. Mom’s hips began to thrust more furiously as a look of pleasure overtook her face. Her eyes began to roll back as she pumped my face hard.

My hands being free, I reached up to grab two handfuls of her plump ass while she was thrusting her soaking pussy onto my face. She smiled at me and nodded furiously.

“Yes, yes, grab mommy’s big fat ass. Smack it.”

I obeyed her, giving her a nice smack. The angle wasn’t great for me to really spank her, but it was still pretty sexy. I squeezed her ass hard, loving the feeling of it jiggling in my hands.

“Almost there. Almost there. Almost… almost. I’m gonna… gonna c-…”

Hearing Mom building towards her orgasm, I decided to go for broke and try something. With my hands already on her ass, I moved one of them towards her tight asshole. When her moans reached what I assumed was their apex, I drove my middle finger deep into her. She screamed louder than I had ever thought she could.

Screaming, thrusting, shaking, and screaming some more, Mom had a cataclysmic orgasm. The ring of her ass spasmed around my finger as she came, and a torrent of juices flowed from her pussy onto my waiting face. Her thrusting slowed gradually as she came down from it. She maintained eye contact with me the whole time. I removed my finger from her asshole and grabbed her by the hips with both hands.

“Oh… Oh my god. Honey. That was amazing. Your finger in me… oh my god… so fucking good.”

Mom got off of me, grabbing my hand and bringing it to her mouth. She sucked lewdly on the finger that had brought her to such an earth-shattering orgasm. She looked at me as she performed this naughty act.

“I’m guessing this isn’t the only time I’ll be tasting my ass on you tonight, huh?”

“Not if mommy’s the good little ass-to-mouth slut I remember her as.”

“She is. Your mommy butt-slut will do whatever is necessary to get the biggest, creamiest loads out of that big sexy piece of meat.” While saying this, Mom grabbed the lube and began applying a healthy amount to her butthole.

“Getting queenbet yeni giriş it ready for me?” I inquired hopefully.

“Not quite yet. We’re going to work our way there.”

“With this?” I asked, picking up the silver buttplug I had taken from her panty drawer.

“Oh no. That little guy had his day, but I’ve upgraded in anticipation for your visit.” Mom smiled angelically at me as she moved to the bedside table and opened the drawer. She removed her new toy: a cone-shaped red buttplug about six inches in length. It was ribbed, with each successive ring expanding in diameter. I raised an eyebrow as she handed it to me to inspect.

“It’s so thick at the base. There’s no way I can fill you after this thing.”

“Don’t worry, honey. I know you’ll still stuff me good. But I do love a good stretching out. Want to use it on me? I’ve only gotten to about… here, so far.” She pointed to a ring that was about midway up the shaft of the toy. “I know I might not ever get the whole thing in me, but I’d like to see how far I can go. What do you say?”

I laughed at the idea that I could ever refuse a favor like this to Mom.

“My buttslut gets what my buttslut wants. Bend over for me and let’s get started.”

Mom squealed in anticipation, quickly moving herself into a submissive position with her face on the comforter and her ass presented to me. I placed the tip of the intimidatingly thick plug at her rear entrance, applying only light pressure at first.

“Spread your ass for me, Mom.” Mom complied, reaching back to grab her ass with her right hand and spreading herself open for me. I pressed the plug into her hole slowly, causing her to moan softly.

“Push it in. Push it in. Do it baby. Stick it in me.”

The tight ring of her ass opened around the tip of the plug as I pushed it steadily into her. I got it about halfway in before the tightness of her hole prevented me from going further.

“Mmm yes baby, just pause for a moment there. Let me adjust.” Mom’s breathing had quickened to where she was almost panting from the invasion of her backdoor. After a minute of me holding it still while savoring the visual, I heard Mom ask for more.

“Okay sweetie. Push a little deeper.”

I pulled the toy out slightly, watching her contract in its absence. I picked up the lube and squirted another dollop on the plug, then pushed it in once more. I pressed slowly but firmly, hearing a moan building from her as I went past the halfway point on the toy. I had a fleeting moment of excitement as I thought maybe she was going to take it all, until she instructed otherwise.

“Stop honey, stop… wow… okay… oh god, it’s so fucking thick.” Her breathing was heavy as she struggled with how stretched out she felt.

“Just another inch and a half, or so,” I said as I leaned in to place a few quick, loving kisses on her ass. I really wanted to see her take it all.

“Okay, try to push just a little deeper.”

I complied, but it really was becoming difficult to make any progress. I tried more lube, but was still unsuccessful at getting any deeper. She was well and truly stretched to her limit.

“Fuck… it’s too much right now. It’s so fucking thick.” Mom turned to look at me over her shoulder, likely noting the disappointment on my face. “It’s okay sweetie. We have all weekend to work on this and I’d hate to ruin the anticipation already. Besides, there’s something else I want up there.” I was already plenty hard from playing with Mom’s ass, but this sent an extra jolt of energy into my cock.

Mom reached to take control of the plug, a look of pleasure on her face as she wiggled it slowly back and forth in her ass. She removed it slowly, savoring the feeling of each successive ribbing.

“Lube up baby. I don’t want to be empty for long.” By now the plug was entirely out of her ass. She tossed it nonchalantly to the floor and fixed her gaze on me.

Mom smiled as she watched me apply the lube to my cock. I squirted an ample amount in my hand and started stroking from the base to the head at an agonizingly slow pace.

“I’m so fucking turned on right now that I might shoot right queenbet giriş away, as soon as I get in there.”

“As long as that big piece of meat stays hard and keeps stuffing my ass, I don’t give a fuck when you cum. All you are is my big-dicked fucktoy. Get that in me.” Mom shook her ass seductively side-to-side, inviting me in. I placed the head of my dick at her slippery hole, pressing lightly into her.

“Shove it in. I’m already stretched out for you. Pound my naughty hole. Stuff my shithole full of your dick.” Mom gave her ass a smack, getting me even more turned on. I plunged into her, getting half of my shaft into her right away. I slowed my advance, pushing in another inch, before pulling back out to let her get used to me.

“Pulling out already? Can’t handle mommy’s ass?” she teased.

“Just taking my time, Mom.”

“Don’t. What have I always told you about fucking a woman’s ass? Asses are for fucking, not for making love. So fuck me. Ream my shithole.”

“Mmm, how could I forget?” I followed Mom’s instructions, plunging deep into her. I still met a little resistance, but I was able to get all the way in, savoring the feeling of my balls up against her soaking pussy. “Is that how you want it? You want me balls deep in that ass?”

“Yeah, balls deep. All the way in that MILF ass. Own my fucking dumper.”

I pounded her as hard as I’ve ever pounded any woman. Several months worth of anticipation for fucking this ass were getting relieved.

“I own your fucking ass, Mom.”

“Yes you do. You own mommy’s ass. It’s yours. Only yours. You have exclusive… ugh, fuck… exclusive rights to this…oh, oh god… to ramming this shithole. It missed your cock so much.”

Mom’s dirty talk was getting me close to an orgasm. I tried to control my breathing and fight it back, but she knew my predicament and wasn’t about to let me out of it.

“Gonna cum for me? Gonna fucking explode in your mommy-whore’s shithole? Be a good son and fill my asshole with a big, creamy load. I want it. I wanna milk that fucking load out with my tight mommy ass.”

That was just too much for me. I felt myself losing all control, as spasms overtook my cock.

“Oh… oh god baby, I feel it… I feel you cumming for me. Filling my ass. Oh fuck, yes, keep pumping me. Drain your balls into my naughty hole.”

My orgasm felt enormous, though I know I didn’t shoot as much as I had earlier in the shower. As it subsided, I pushed myself as deep as I possibly could into her. The feeling of her skin against mine was something I never wanted to end.

“Pull out, sweetie. Pull out and let me suck you.”

“After I just fucked your dirty little shithole?”

“Of course. I’m a filthy mommy-whore, so I have to taste my ass on my son’s cock whenever I can.”

“Mmm I agree, mommy-whore. Come suck on this. Taste yourself.” I pulled out of her ass, my cock still quite hard despite my orgasm. Mom turned around to face me, placing her mouth directly onto the head of my cock. Her tongue went wild, licking herself off of me.

My pleasure was interrupted by the ring of Mom’s phone on the nightstand. Mom raised an eyebrow to me, then glanced over at it.

“It’s Stacy,” she said to me, as she reached over to answer it. She reached out one hand to stroke my cock as she picked up.

“Hi, honey… mmhmm… sure… mmhmm… yeah, that sounds great. Oh, we’re just hanging out, flipping around on the TV. We might check out the hot tub later, since Tyler hasn’t experienced it yet. Yeah, 10 sounds good. Let me know if anything changes. Okay. Love you.” After hanging up, Mom turned to me with a sly smile.

“What did she want?” I asked as Mom resumed her sucking. She explained in short bursts, as she pleasured me with her mouth.

“Mmm… she said… she’s coming over tomorrow morning… at 10. She wants to see you some more before you go back home… we can do some breakfast or something.”

“Sounds good… but that’s time that you and I can’t enjoy each other. Maybe we can get her in and out in like an hour or two?”

“Sure, we can aim for that. But…”


“Nothing. Nevermind.”

“Okay…” I looked at Mom skeptically. Did she have something planned that involved Stacy? It wasn’t realistic to expect it… but a guy could fantasize.

Chapter 3 to follow. Planning on some kinkier stuff with Jen and Tyler, and getting Stacy involved in the action. Thank you for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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