Vicious Rumours Pt. 02

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Gladys pressed record and sat down in front of her camera in her bedroom. She had come straight from a day at school so she was still in her professional outfit, however strands of hair escaped her professional bun, her makeup was worn and her clothes a bit wrinkled, this was a video made in desperation. She stared at the camera without a cheeky grin, or a longing horniness, but a deep and real fear that she had never displayed before. Even when she had been doing streaks and tasks that were beyond her imagination, there was still a sense of excitement under her fear to drive her forward, now it was a shuddering terror, with the occasional sob as the reality of her predicament washed over her in waves.

“So, I’m making this video to address whoever subscribed to my SkankBank account. I bet you were as surprised to find out it was genuine as I was to find someone had figured out my secret. By now I’m sure you have watched the lion’s share of my videos and feel amazing knowing my secrets. What I am here to do is propose an agreement of sorts. You see I never wanted anyone to actually watch me do those things, I just wanted a potential audience, and as I used my full name and the school I am the headmistress for, you have my future in the palm of your hand.” Gladys took a deep shuddering breath.

“If these videos get a wider viewership, I will take everything down, deny everything and claim it was a lookalike. It may work, it may not work, but you will lose your all-access pass to my ass. However, if you keep my little secret, then there’s no reason I can’t keep uploading new videos, I daresay it might even improve my mood knowing that someone out there is watching me. So I’m going to spend tonight making duplicate accounts to prevent anyone else having the revelation you have had, and as long as the subscriber count stays at one, and as long as I receive no indication you are showing others my videos, you will continue to receive updates of my further fall into degradation.”

Gladys knew she was taking a huge risk, she should have shut down her profile immediately but she had been stuck in a meeting all day and now, who knows how many screenshots they had. Hell, they could even have full copies of her videos if they were tech literate enough to get past SkankBank’s anti-piracy measures. Her choice was to either cut to her losses and hope it didn’t blow up in her face, or double down and hope that the ego of the person on the other end was large enough that they would keep her secret in exchange for exclusive access. As she took a few more sobbing breaths she realised that she had to overcome her fears and ask properly for this to have any chance of success.

“Hold on a second. I think I did this wrong” She announced turning the camera off. When the camera was turned back on, it started on her surroundings, panning around the school staff room. She made sure to pause the camera for a moment on the clock to show it was only 5:30pm. Most teachers clocked out at 5pm and the night shift usually took their evening meal in a nearby pub that gave them a discount, but it was still possible that one lingering teacher could walk in. As the camera panned around it eventually landed on Gladys’ naked body, slowly panning down from her neck, to her tits, to her torso to her pussy, allowing the viewer to read the pledge she had written on her body with felt tip pen.

‘I, Gladys Hardwick, headmistress of St. Bernard’s Boarding School and incurable slut, pledge to continue to record and share my deviant behaviour in exchange for your discretion. I will be your exclusive wank toy for as long as you find my descent into horny madness enjoyable.’ her pledge was signed with an X across her cunt. She panned the camera up to her face to blow her viewer a kiss and then turned the camera off.

Gladys spent the next few days in dread, she spent every night making more fake accounts and scouring porn sites for any rips of her videos. Her bat-like hearing was now focussed on anyone discussing anything that she had done. After a couple of days she started to believe that her follower must have agreed to her terms, which meant her hearing was now turned to trying to sniff out new rumours that she could use to produce content for her new fan.

“Urgh, every morning I have to peel gum off my shoe, why does that janitor still have a job?” One of the boys complained.

“Maybe he’s blackmailing headmistress Hardwick. After all, if anyone could walk in on her masturbating in the school, it would be him.”

Gladys took a moment to imagine the Janitor looming over her with malice. ‘What if he’s the SkankBank follower?’ she thought to herself. ‘No, where would a janitor get £2047 to fling at a SkankBank page on the off chance it isn’t a scam?’ Her mind buzzed thinking about the janitor and how he had to clean up all that graffiti because of her. “There must be some way to thank him.”

Gladys hit record on her phone and pointed it at herself. She was in the school corridors, however she was fully dressed.

“Hello bursa escort bayan mysterious subscriber, just a quick video to keep you up to date on my deviancy. I’ve decided the janitor deserves to see my naked body, of course he can’t know it is me which is why last night I mocked this up.” Gladys held up a piece of paper with the title ‘KS3 Biology Worksheet.’ filling the paper was an exercise commanding students to fill in the correct labels on the diagram above, a naked female body, the head cut off, standing impassively with a very familiar E-cup bust and curvy figure.

As if putting her naked body in a fake biology worksheet wasn’t enough, Gladys had also taken the opportunity to cover the sheet with childish graffiti. Her breasts were labelled as ‘slut udders’, a crude disembodied penis sticking into her vagina, a cartoon head drawn on top of the body with a cock in its mouth. All drawn in pencil so it wouldn’t obscure her naked body, just desecrate it.

Once she had a chance to show the worksheet to the camera, she placed it on the floor, face up, outside the biology class and retreated round the corner. The camera was placed so that half the screen caught the corridor and half caught Gladys’ reaction as the janitor turned the corner with the vacuum cleaner.

Gladys had to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep herself from squealing as the janitor noticed the paper and reached over to pick it up before it could get stuck in his vacuum cleaner. He took a moment to stare at the sheet, letting out a little chuckle before tossing it in the bin and carrying on with his job. Gladys used the sound of the vacuum to sprint away giggling.

The camera cut out but then turned back on with Gladys now in a darkened office.

“I’m so excited after that I thought I would try one more thing. These cabinets hold the master copies of worksheets for teachers to photocopy when they want to set a class assignment. I figured the biology class could do with an additional worksheet, don’t you?” She asked the camera as she let the camera watch her place a freshly printed copy of her worksheet into the cabinet. “Imagine, in the not too distant future, a teacher may end up photocopying and distributing my naked body to their class, none of them any the wiser that they will be staring at their Headmistress’ tits.” She squealed as she closed the cabinet door and switched off the camera.

The moment the janitor saw her naked body played over and over in Gladys’ mind, but she also felt an undercurrent of worry that her adventure may not have been as exciting for her viewer as it was for her. She kept her ear to the ground for any especially juicy rumors. She hung out near the biology corridor as not only was she imagining the whole class seeing her worksheet, but she knew today was sex education that she knew would yield a comment or two.

“You put a condom on like that when the time comes your gonna have her eye out.”

“No problem, I heard Hardwick can put it on me with her mouth.”

“I heard Hardwick keeps all the condoms from sex ed. So I hope you left her a present.”

‘What am I gonna do with a bunch of cucumber stretched condoms?’ Gladys thought to herself, ‘unless the teacher is negligent enough that they’re all putting them on their cocks. Swing and a miss buddy.’

As they turned a corner she heard her name come up in another conversation.

“I heard she lives at the farm down the road now.”

“Yeah the farmer mistook her for a cow and milked her udders until she squealed, now she has to go back and get milked every night.”

While Gladys considered the joy of being milked (even though basic biology told her it wouldn’t achieve much seeing as she was neither pregnant nor prone to lactating), she thought even the most short sighted farmer would mistake her for a cow.

The search continued for a good rumour which came from a group of boys heading back from PE.

“It’s downright sadistic asking us to climb that rope, it’s impossible.”

“Mr. Balham did it.”

“Yeah but he’s a gorilla in gym shorts, I’d like to see someone normal try it. Or at least get Hardwick to wiggle her fat ass up there, she hired that sadist.”

“She can barely get those bitch tits of hers off the ground.”

“Yeah but I bet if the rope was tied around those tits she’d have no trouble. Busty kinky bitch like that, I bet she’s been hung by her tits before.”

“That’s not how tensile strength works, just because her tits are bigger doesn’t mean…” one of the boys began but the rest of the conversation was lost as Gladys’ mind was already scheming.

Gladys stood naked in the middle of a darkened gym. She whispered to the camera but still her voice echoed around the cavernous space.

“Hello my special subscriber.” She nervously began, “one of my students postulated that I’m such a masochist slut, I must have hung from these massive tits before. I don’t think it’s possible for me to fully hang from them but I didn’t get to where I am today görükle escort by shying away from punishment.”

Gladys proudly ran the camera over her setup. One of the climbing ropes stood at the ready, a series of smaller ropes dangling from it just above chest height. Below was an adjustable springboard for gymnastics, with a length of string attached to the adjustment lever on the side. She moved camera away to get a wide view, then by way of demonstration, Gladys stood on the springboard pulled on the string, in one direction then the other, showing that as she changed the firmness of the springs, her body rose and fell by a small enough margin to fine tune her height off the ground at will. She took a deep breath and prepared for what’s ahead.

The smaller rope dangling off the climbing rope had been measured precisely for a very clear purpose, she began by standing on tiptoes and twisting the rope in a figure of eight round her breasts, then she looped the rope in a bigger loop to wrap both tits and squeeze them together, followed by another figure of eight with the excess rope being threaded through the middle and tied off on the climbing rope. Gladys knew the rope wasn’t going anywhere now, every shuffle and wiggle made the ropes tighten, she looked at the camera and put a brave face on ready for the dreaded conclusion.

“Ready to see my whore tits get stretched?” She announced, moaning as she slowly lowered herself off tiptoes, feeling her back arch as her breasts stretched upwards away from her body, the ropes tightening around them, bulging them outwards. With her feet flat on the springboard, her breasts were already feeling the pain, but Gladys estimated the pain was mainly coming from the constriction, and that barely any of her weight was being carried by her tortured tits.

She took the loop of string attached to the adjustment level and began to pull on it, slowly reducing the height of the springboard. She felt the rope constrict but more than that she felt an emerging hotness in the base of her chest, the feeling of her tied breasts starting to pull away from her body. She pulled the string a bit more and a squeak escaped her mouth as her tits screamed with the sudden new exertion. She started to rise back up onto her tiptoes, her body yearning to relieve the pressure on her increasingly warm breasts. She took the string in both hands and started to do a firm and continuous pull to keep the momentum going against objections from her pain receptors.

Gladys started breathing heavily, each exhale turning into a scream as the loosening breath met with the declining springboard to bring the extra weight on in waves, her breasts screaming in agony as she began to feel less and less of the tips of her toes touching the floor. When she felt she couldn’t take it any more, she gave the string one last yank, one of her feet lifted off the floor and she then hung screaming and swaying for the benefit of the camera. In her mind she counted to ten as a not inconsiderable amount of her body weight pulled on her tits, she knew it was never going to be possible to be completely suspended this way but she couldn’t help but feel that more of her weight was on her breasts than her feet.

After her ten count she hastily untied her breasts and sighed with relief as the pressure was released and the colour drained out of them. She gave herself a moment to catch her breath before going back to the camera to show off her handiwork.

“Look at these tortured tits.” She crooned, bending over so the camera could see them dangle in front of her, she desperately hoped that she hadn’t actually stretched them, even though they felt that way at that moment.

Gladys spent a few days nursing her throbbing breasts back to health, she had not enjoyed that rumour but she at least hoped her mysterious observer had, at least enough to give her some time to direct and vet the rumours a bit better. The moment the dull ache in her breasts began to subside, she went back to her former favourite pastime of leaving breadcrumbs to her perversion.

She wanted to leave naked photos of herself on the school website, but she knew she wasn’t the only one with admin access and the photos would be visible in the image library. Instead she set up a collage of photos from her SkankBank profile (with a link to the profile itself) behind a bot wall on a website she controlled with a large unwieldy domain name, unlisted and in no way guessable. She then set up redirects to her page to anyone who typed in the right browser extension on the school website. She started off with clever hexadecimal codes but in the end she went into overdrive until simply typing “/slut” “/whore” or “/headmistressporn” after the school web address would get someone to the collage.

Next, to get the rumour mill going into overdrive, she ordered a multipack of sexy lacy underwear. Gladys felt she needed sexier underwear anyway but that wasn’t the point. The point was to wear a pair every day, and then on any bursa escort bayan late night walk across the school campus, she would make sure to take off her sexy knickers and leave them somewhere conspicuous, knowing she would be the number one suspect. Right on cue the school rumour mill reacted.

“You see another pair of those lacy panties today. Left right on the gatepost to the dorms.”

“You see the size of them. Only one ass would fit in panties that big. Those are definitely Hardwick’s.”

“Why do you think she’s leaving her panties behind? You think she’s getting fucked in front of our dorms?”

“Or at least she’s jilling-off and leaving us a present.”

“I think she’s more adventurous than that. I heard she’s an exhibitionist slut. I bet she doesn’t wear clothes around the house, and at first she just stripped at her front door but now she’s started stripping further and further away.”

Gladys thought about how easy that theory was to disprove, that they had only found her knickers was a clear sign that she wasn’t doing that. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t start.

“Hello secret subscriber. I heard a most delicious rumour today that I had to put into action. I’m afraid it’s not going to be a great experience for you but I hope the idea of it will tide you over until I am able to upload more interesting videos. The kids at school think I am naked all the time I’m not with them, it’s a great idea, so I tried to decide whether I’m not allowed to wear clothes around the house, or I’m not allowed to wear clothes after 9pm. Then I thought, why not both?” She spun the camera around to reveal she was in a classroom, the clock on the wall revealing it was 9:05, she then held the camera further away to show off her naked body sat in one of the student’s chairs.

“Of course nobody is forcing me to do this, so I need to set a punishment for if I don’t have my naked whore body on display when it should be. But I’m such a deviant slut, what could I possibly propose that I would consider a punishment? Then I remembered my fear when I found out I had a subscriber and I had an idea. For each minute I spend with clothes on, either in my house or between 9pm and 7am, I will reduce the subscription cost for my SpankBank account by £1. That ought to keep me in check if I get ideas above my station and forget I’m a dirty whore who doesn’t get to say no.” The punishment was set the moment it left Gladys mouth, it didn’t seem like much but she was planning on keeping this order going until the end of the school year, plus there were going to be situations where she needed to wear clothes after 9pm or in her house where she would just have to take the hit. Despite the risk, the fear and the frustration, Gladys was still overwhelmingly horny and ended her video masturbating for the camera in the classroom.

The new arrangement was tough on Gladys, it was easy on weeknights where she could go home early, and the occasional night shift where she could find a quiet corner to strip off. But there had already been a couple of infractions, some colleagues invited her to the pub for one of their birthday celebrations and she couldn’t strip off until she had finally left and gotten out of sight from the pub at 10:46. She actually felt a tear trickle down her eye as she reduced the price from £2047 to £1941. There were a couple of occasions where, in a hurry, she quickly ran into her house to grab something then ran out again, putting the price down by a pound each time.

Her house was out of the way enough that nobody went around there unless they were looking for her, so she felt comfortable moving her whole wardrobe into the garden shed so she would have somewhere to change outside the house where clothes were banned. She could have sworn she must have been spotted, she was spending an extreme amount of time naked around the campus, but if anyone had spotted her, they kept it to themselves.

But the most interesting development came on the back of her announcing that she would no longer be taking meetings in her home office, once again the rumour mill went wild.

“She’s got to have converted her office into a sex room or something right?”

“Either that or she had sex in it so much the whole room smells like her pussy and she’s can’t get the smell out.”

“I heard that bitch loves to act like a dog when she is alone. That’s why the office is out of action, she’s converted it into her kennel.”

Gladys quietly hummed with excitement.

The camera opened on Gladys’ kitchen floor, Gladys on all fours to talk directly to the lens, her large hanging tits pressing against the laminate floor.

“So on the suggestion of my students, I am altering my nudity rules. When inside my house I am not just nude, I am a literal bitch. I have bought this collar that I am to wear at all times, and as you can see I now have a tail.” Gladys showed off her red studded leather collar, then turned around so the camera could see her new buttplug with a tail sticking out of it. “While in the house I will only walk on all fours, all toilet breaks to be taken in the back garden, and I’m going to sleep in a large dog cage I have set up in my office.” All these plans were clearly making Gladys ravenous with embarrassment.

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