Unconventional Therapy Pt. 04

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For the next three months, Jennifer and Shawn fucked 3-4 times a week (not including their weekly threesomes with Deborah), and Shawn was now sleeping in his mother’s bed. One lazy Saturday morning, Shawn woke up to find his mother’s side of the bed empty. He could smell bacon cooking so he got up, pulled on shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs.

“Hey mom.” he said, as he walked into the kitchen.

“Morning honey.” she said, “You hungry?”

“I could eat.” he said sitting at the butcher block counter.

Jennifer was dressed in a short silk blue robe that her husband had bought her for their fifth wedding anniversary that showed off her toned, sexy legs that just last night had been wrapped around Shawn.

“Good, because breakfast is ready.”

As they ate, Jennifer suddenly remembered something, “Oh! It’s that time again.”

“Already?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, I talked to Aunt Patty two days ago. They’ll be here Friday.”

Jennifer was talking about the visit of her identical twin sister Patricia and her son Chaz. Patricia always jokingly called Jennifer her baby sister because she was born six minutes before Jennifer. Luckily their parents didn’t think it was cute to dress the girls in identical outfits. Their father used to joke it was easier to tell them apart that way. When the two were older, they went to far as to style their hair differently to further help their friends tell them apart. They kept up the different hair styles most of their lives, with Patricia even dyeing her hair black for a brief time. Not including when they were babies, there were only a handful of times they both had the exact same hairstyle. After their kids were born, the only other way to tell them apart were the tattoos they got of their children’s names and birthdates. Patricia had gotten married two years before her sister and got pregnant just a month before Jennifer.

Since Shawn and Chaz were only a month apart in age, they had a built-in best friend, and their mothers often made playdates for the boys so they could gossip and generally catch up with each other while the boys played. However Patricia’s husband switched jobs when the boys were 3, and unfortunately it required them to move nearly 2 hours away. Since they couldn’t get together quite as often they came to an arrangement, every year they would get together around the three major school breaks. Spring break, summer vacation and winter break. This worked out perfectly as the boys were born in the spring, so they celebrated their birthdays at the same time (in April, closer to Shawn’s), they usually waited until late July/early August to visit in the summer, and in the winter they tried to squeeze their visit in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (closer to Christmas). They would alternate years, one year Patricia would host her sister’s family for the three annual visits, then the next year Jennifer would play hostess.

Unfortunately when the boys were only 5, Patricia’s husband was killed in a traffic accident when a drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned his car killing both men instantly. Jennifer did her best to console her broken hearted sister, and that, along with several months of therapy helped Patricia move on with her life. The three annual visits helped.

This year it was Patricia’s turn to make the trek to Jennifer’s. The visits usually lasted two or three weeks, depending on how their schedules looked. The upcoming visit would be three weeks.

“But that means…” Shawn said.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Jennifer said, “Tell you what, when we get done eating what say we take a nice relaxing bath and I’ll tell you all about it, okay?”

“You just want to get me naked.” Shawn said.

“Yeah, and?” Jennifer asked, popping a piece of toast into her mouth and smirking at her son. “You have a problem with that?”

“Did I say I did?”

“Didn’t think so.”

Later, as the two relaxed in the tub, Jennifer outlined her plan.

“You sure that’s gonna work?” Shawn asked when Jennifer was done.

“Trust me.” Jennifer said, with a mischievous smirk on her face.

Friday afternoon there was a knock at the door. Shawn opened the door to see his aunt and cousin standing there.

“We don’t want any.” he said before pretending to close the door in their faces.

“Very funny.” Patricia said, pushing the door open.

“Shawn!” Jennifer chided her son as she got up from the couch.

“It was a joke mother, calm down.” Shawn said, rolling his eyes, “Hi Aunt Patty, good to see you again.”

“You too sweetheart,” Patricia said, hugging Shawn, “God Jenny, what are you feeding this boy, Miracle-Gro? He’s got to be almost six feet tall now.”

“You just saw him five months ago, Patty, he hasn’t shot up that much.” Jennifer said, hugging her sister.

Chaz stepped into the house and hugged Jennifer. “Hey Aunt Jenny.”

“Hi, Chaz.”

Shawn turned to his cousin and the two tapped fists. “S’up bro?” Chaz said.

Due to the time the two boys spent together as babies and izmir escort bayan toddlers, they were pretty close despite only seeing each other in person three times a year. They stayed in daily contact through social media, texting and playing video games online.

“Come on upstairs,” Shawn said, “I owe you an ass-kicking for that last game of Mortal Kombat.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you suck.” Chaz laughed, grabbing his bag and following Shawn up to his room.

“Oh, really?” Shawn said, “We’ll see who sucks when I rip your fucking spine out!”

“Come at me bro!”

Jennifer and Patricia laughed as the boys headed upstairs and sat on the couch.

“You look good sis. Happier than I’ve seen you in a while.” Patricia said.

“Things have been really good lately.” Jennifer said, “You want a glass of wine?”

“I’d love one.”

Jennifer got up and poured two glasses of wine and rejoined her sister on the couch. “I see we have matching hair again.”

“Yeah, I let it grow out.”

“Oh, come on! That is such bullshit!” Chaz yelled from upstairs, followed by Shawn laughing hysterically.

“Now who sucks?”

“Boys,” Jennifer sighed, and rolled her eyes.

“I’ve missed you sis.” Patricia said, and leaned forward and kissed Jennifer, who eagerly returned the kiss.

“I missed you too Patty,” Jennifer gasped. “But you know the rules.”

“I know, I know,” Patricia sighed, “No sex until the boys go to sleep. But it’s been five months. I want you so bad.”

Patricia slid her finger along Jennifer’s shoulder and pushed the strap of her tank top down until Jennifer’s breast popped free.


“God, I’ve missed your tits sis.” Patricia said.

She leaned forward and licked Jennifer’s nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure.

“You remember our first time sis?” Patricia asked.

Of course Jennifer did. It was 24 years earlier when the girls were 18. Their parents had gone out of town for the weekend to spend some time with friends. Since the girls were 18 their parents had no problem leaving them alone for the weekend, with the only rule being no parties.

Not too long after their parents left on Friday night, Jennifer wandered into the living room and saw her sister sitting on the couch watching TV and eating ice cream.

“Hey Patty,” she said, “What’s wrong?”

“What makes you think something is wrong?” Patricia asked.

“Because you’re eating ice cream out of the carton.” Jennifer said, knowing that her sister only did that when she was upset about something.

“Grab a spoon and I’ll tell you.”

Jennifer grabbed a spoon from the kitchen and joined her sister on the couch.

“Who upset you? Do I have to kill someone? You know I’ll cut a bitch for you!” Jennifer said.

Patricia laughed, “Thanks sis, but let’s not get carried away. Danny and I broke up.”

“What? Why?”

“He said he ‘needed space’,” Patricia said, making air quotes, “And that things were moving too fast.”

“Too fast?” Jennifer asked, “You’ve been dating for all of six months!”

“I know,” Patricia said, “But that’s not even the worst part. One of my friends said they saw him getting all friendly with Lisa Richardson.”

Jennifer nearly choked on her ice cream, “Lisa Richardson? Mosquito bites Richardson?”

Patricia arched an eyebrow at her twin, “Mosquito bites Richardson?”

“I have PE with her,” Jennifer said, finally swallowing the mouthful of ice cream, “And I’ve seen her without a shirt on in the locker room. The girl’s 18 years old, but has the chest of a 12 year old who just hit puberty. I mean seriously, her tits look like little mosquito bites! Hell, I think we had bigger tits when we were 12! I wouldn’t even call her tits A-cup. So we call her mosquito bites Richardson.”

Patricia sighed disgustedly. “And to think I gave my virginity to that asshole a month after we started dating, and it was his fucking idea! But he’s got the nerve to tell ME things are moving too fast?”

“Just do what I do,” Jennifer said, “Let your fingers do the walking.” she said, wiggling her fingers in the air.

“Really sis? Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin?” Patricia asked.

Jennifer scoffed, “Pfft, no. I lost my virginity two months ago.”

Patricia ate the last of the ice cream and put the empty carton on the coffee table, “So then why are you still ‘letting your fingers do the walking’?”

“Because it’s not like Dave and I have the freedom to get together whenever we want to have sex.” Jennifer said, “I mean, we’ve only had sex…” she paused and counted on her fingers, “Five or six times in the last two months. So when I’m feeling horny, I… you know…”

“Spank the monkey?” Patricia asked.

“No, that’s what boys do.” Jennifer said.

“Play the slots?”

“Sure, we’ll go with that.” Jennifer said, “The point is, whatever you want to call it, I know I can always get myself off.”

Their attention was caught by the show on TV and they watched in silence izmir escort for a few minutes. During a commercial break, Patricia turned back to her sister.

“So how do you do it?”

“Do what?” Jennifer asked.

“You know… masturbate.”

“Oh come on Patty! Really? Are you gonna sit there and tell me you’ve never played with yourself?” Jennifer laughed.

Now it was Patricia’s turn to scoff, “Of course I have! Plenty of times! I’ve probably done it more times than you.”

“Doubt that.” Jennifer said, smirking.

“But everybody does it a little differently.” Patricia said, “I was just wondering what your technique is.”

“Are you serious right now?” Jennifer asked, laughing again, “You want to know how I masturbate? Look Patty, you’re my sister, and I love you. I know we share almost everything, but there are some things that are a little too personal to share. Even with my twin sister. Like how I play with myself.”

“Yes, I’m serious.” Patricia said, “Come on Jenny. It’ll just be between you and me. Plus these walls aren’t that thick, I hear you sometimes.”

Jennifer blushed, “Jesus Patty!”

“And I’ll even admit, when I hear you, it gets me going, and I start touching myself. Trying to keep up with you.”

“TMI sis,” Jennifer said, squirming a bit.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Patricia said.

“Really?” Jennifer said, “You’re gonna use that line on me?”

“Come on Jen, I’m your sister. I swear I won’t tell anyone.” Patricia said.

“Pinky swear?” Jennifer asked, holding up said digit.

“Pinky swear.” Patricia said, linking her pinky with Jennifer’s.

“Jesus, you’re serious about this.” Jennifer said, then sighed. “All right fuck it, but if you ever tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you.”

Jennifer stood up and shimmied out of her shorts and panties, and sat back down, leaning back against the armrest of the couch. “God I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She parted her legs and licked her fingers.

“Well I start off like this.” she said rubbing small circles around her clit, “and get it nice and wet. Then I run my finger down my slit, getting that… ooh, nice and wet also. I do that a few times then I rub all around, like this…” she paused to lick her fingers again and rubbed her hand in a circular motion all around her pussy, her breathing becoming shallow along with little moans of pleasure.

“Then when I’m nice and wet and worked up,” she sucked her index and middle fingers into her mouth, covering them in a thin coat of saliva, “I slide my fingers in and… ooh… fuck myself.”

She got lost in the moment and stopped narrating. Patricia sat mesmerized as she watched her twin sister masturbate. She was getting worked up as Jennifer finger fucked herself and used her other hand to push her shirt up to fondle one of her tits. Jennifer eventually pulled her shirt off so she was totally naked.

Patricia was as worked up as she’d ever been and quickly pulled off her clothes. Jennifer watched as her sister’s body came into view.

“You’re shaved?” Jennifer asked, when she saw her sister’s bald pussy, “How’d you do that?”

“Very carefully.” Patricia said, licking her own fingers and starting to rub her pussy.

“Can you do that for me?” Jennifer said, looking down at the blonde hair of her pussy, running her fingers over it, before sliding them back inside her wet pussy.

“Of course,” Patricia said, “Later. First, let me show you how I play with myself.”

Patricia leaned back against the other armrest and spread her legs just like Jennifer, licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy up and down between her pussy lips, but not penetrating herself. She then flicked her fingers back and forth over her clit before going back to rubbing her slit. Jennifer continued to finger fuck herself as she watched Patricia. Neither one of them were talking, they were both watching each other intently. They didn’t know where to look. Their eyes would travel down from each other’s faces, to their tits, to their pussies and then back up. Jennifer with two fingers thrusting away inside her, and Patricia running her fingers from her clit, down along her lips and then back up. Both of them were totally worked up and furiously masturbating, as if they were in a race.

“Oh shit…” Jennifer moaned, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Wait for me sis,” Patricia moaned, “I’m almost there!”

“I… I’m cumming!” Jennifer said, her body convulsing as her orgasm hit, “FUCK!”

“Goddamn it sis…” Patricia groaned, “I’m so close.”

Jennifer was riding the wave that was her orgasm, arching her back and groaning low in her throat. “Holy shit.” she moaned as she came down, slowly pulling her fingers from her soaked pussy.

“I’m cumming, Jen, I’m fucking cumming!” Patricia cried out.

Jennifer watched as Patricia shuddered, shaking the couch as she came. She slammed her thighs together and screamed, as she threw her head forward and leaned against her knees. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck…” escort izmir she moaned as she hit her apex and then started her descent. She picked her head up and slowly moved her hand away from her pussy.

Jennifer held up her fingers, soaked in pussy juice and then looked at Patricia, “Usually I lick my fingers clean when I’m done. You wanna help me?”

Patricia nodded. Both girls leaned forward and started licking the pussy juice off of Jennifer’s fingers, their tongues met, and Jennifer’s fingers were forgotten as they started passionately kissing each other.

“You taste good sis.” Patricia said.

“Can I taste you?” Jennifer asked.

Without waiting for an answer, she slid her fingers inside her sister, and Patricia moaned in surprise and pleasure. Jennifer moved her fingers back and forth looking deep into her sister’s eyes. They kissed again, Jennifer finally pulling her fingers free of her sister’s pussy and started to lick them clean.

“You taste pretty good too,” she said, offering her fingers to Patricia, who eagerly sucked them into her mouth, tasting her pussy juice for the first time.

They kissed again when Patricia released her sister’s fingers. Patricia pushed Jennifer back and kissed her way down her neck to her chest, where she took the time to lick and suck on her sister’s tits.

“Oh, Patty, that feels good.” Jennifer moaned. “Your mouth is so soft and warm.”

Patricia kissed her way down her sister’s body, until she was between her legs.

“Oh my god, Patty,” Jennifer gasped, “Are you going to…?”

“Can I?” Patricia asked, looking with pleading eyes at her sister.

Jennifer crooked her finger at her identical twin, Patricia moved back up to get yet another kiss from Jennifer.

“Eat my pussy, sis.” Jennifer said.

This would be a first for both of them, as Jennifer’s boyfriend never ate her out, and of course Patricia had never licked another girl’s pussy. She just did what she thought her sister would like, and gently flicked her tongue over Jennifer’s clit, Jennifer jumped and squealed in pleasure, so Patricia did it again, getting another squeal. Satisfied she was on the right path, she started aggressively licking her sister’s clit, and slid a finger along her pussy lips.

“Inside me sis,” Jennifer moaned, “Put your finger inside me, please.”

Patricia licked her finger, and slid it inside her sister. “So warm,” she said, as she watched Jennifer’s eager pussy swallow her finger. “And tasty.”

She sucked Jennifer’s clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue, earning a moan of pleasure from her twin.

“Oh my god sis,” Jennifer groaned, “That feels fucking amazing.”

Jennifer grabbed her sister’s head and held her in place as Patricia continued to lick and suck Jennifer’s clit while simultaneously finger fucking her. She easily slid a second finger into Jennifer as she was now soaking wet and moaning and squirming on the couch.

“Goddamn, that feels good,” Jennifer moaned, “I don’t know how much longer I can hold out, Patty.”

Patricia doubled her efforts, she wanted to make her sister cum, and more importantly she wanted her sister to cum on her face. She’d already helped suck Jennifer’s fingers clean, but now she wanted to taste her sister straight from the source.

Jennifer looked down between her legs. “Patty… Patty… oh fuck sis, I’m gonna cum all over your pretty fucking face! Oh my god! Patty, I’m fucking cumming!”

Her pussy clamped down on Patricia’s fingers and her body arched again as Jennifer let loose with a wordless scream of pleasure that echoed through the whole house as she came. She was screaming and panting and finally whimpering in pleasure as her orgasm started, built, peaked and then tapered off. Patricia’s mouth was flooded with pussy juice as Jennifer was still holding her head in place, so she couldn’t have moved even if she wanted to.

Finally Jennifer let her go, and Patricia swallowed what she had in her mouth, but she wasn’t able to swallow it all, most of it running down her chin. Jennifer leaned down to kiss Patricia, and paused to lick her face clean.

“God sis,” Jennifer said, “I can’t believe how fucking good that felt. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Neither have I.” Patricia said. “Show me how good it feels, sis. Lick your big sister’s pussy.”

Jennifer normally would have countered with her usual “Six minutes!” argument to Patricia’s joke that she was older, but all she wanted to do right now was repay her sister.

Patricia leaned back and spread her legs for Jennifer who adjusted her position on the couch to get between her sister’s legs. She looked up at Patricia, “I love you, sis.”

“I love you too, Jen.”

Much like Patricia, Jennifer had never eaten pussy before, so she also did what she thought her sister might like. She flicked her tongue out and grazed her sister’s clit, and Patricia’s body jerked much like Jennifer’s had earlier. Jennifer licked Patricia’s clit again, getting a moan of pleasure, and followed that up by using her tongue to play with Patricia’s clit. She licked down across her pussy lips and back up to her clit, and Patricia groaned in appreciation.

“Oh my god, do that again,” she moaned.

Jennifer repeated the action and Patricia urged her to do it yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32