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We were getting ready to go out for the evening when she came back into the room wearing a sleek purple robe and her black heels. Her hair was beautifully done up and her makeup was perfect. I watched her go to the closet to pick out an outfit and I marveled at her sexiness and beauty. I loved the hot red lipstick and the way her eyes have such an exotic and wanton allure.

I ask her to turn around and she turned slowly face me. She could tell what I wanted and waited for me to ask the next question.

“Open your robe,” I said as she pulled on the purple cord and let the fabric fully part, allowing me to see that she is naked underneath the robe. I take some time to admire her gorgeous body. Her breasts are so full and upright. I love the look of her prominent and protruding cunt lips. I walk to her and push the garment off her shoulders and let it fall at her feet onto the floor. Those breasts are so lovely: upright with nipples already getting hard. I push her back slightly until the chair is behind her knees and then I press her shoulders to make her sit there in front of me. I drop my pants and shorts and take her silky hair in one hand and pull her red lips to my hardening cock. Her mouth opens and I feel her warmth as she sucks me in. I take her nipples in each hand and pull them out and roll them between my fingers. I pull my cock out of her mouth and rub my wet cock head on her inflamed tits before I take hold of the nipples again. Her tongue is licking the shaft from the tip to the balls as her tits are pulled and flicked and rubbed.

“Do your tits feel good,” I ask.

“Yes, pull them harder,” bahis firmaları is her reply. I pull them out even farther and let them pop back again and again.

“My tits feel so good,” she breathes as I attack them from above.

“Go down on me,” I say as I watch that sexy mouth open and then move forward onto me. She sucks me deep and looks up to make sure I am watching. Pulling my wet cock out, she rubs it all over her beautiful face before again taking as much in as she can.

Pulling her to her feet, we kiss very deeply. Her mouth tastes like cock and I love the way her tongue meets mine. I break the kiss and pull out the case with all the sex toys. She is watching me and I see her tremble.

“I am going to put the nipple vibrators on you,” I say. I can see she is afraid of the pain as I begin to adjust them. I tell her they will hurt at first but then start to feel better when I adjust the speed. After getting them positioned she says they are pinching her tight. I then turn on the vibrator control and watch them hang down from her hard nipples.

“Do they still hurt,” I ask.

“Not anymore, the vibrating feels so good,” she responds. I stand behind her at the mirror so I can see the humming silver ovals hang down from her tits. I turn up the speed even more as she grabs the dresser top for support and tells me her tits feel so good. I reach down and run a finger into her cunt. She is watching me in the mirror. Her cunt is very wet and I can tell that the nipple stimulation is really getting to her. I kiss and lick and bite the back of her neck as I shove two fingers in her cunt. Her legs spread kaçak iddaa wider to accept the invasion. I stand behind her watching the nipple clamps as I finger her. Her ass is pushing back at me to feel my cock. I see her watching herself in the mirror as I handle her aroused body.

As I pull my fingers out of her wet cunt, I tell her to bend forward so I can shove the big vibrator in. I rub it with sex lube and then position it at her opening. Pressing it forward, she asks me to please go slow because it is so big. I switch the vibe control and run it along her open slit. With her telling me how good it feels, I slowly push it in. When the fat head pops in, I press further. I start a slow fuck motion, first in a bit, and then almost fully out. Again I push it past her tight opening and deeper into her wetness. I hold it there and turn up the speed. Her tits are vibrating at full speed while her cunt has the vibe buried in her. We both watch the reflection as the pleasure engulfs her. I tell her to push her ass back on the vibrator. Her body is so alive with sexual excitement from the tit and pussy stimulation as she leans her body forward over the dresser. Her moans are loud from this sexual assault and they fill the room.

I remove the nipple vibes and lay her on her back on the bed. The vibrator is still pulsing in her aroused cunt. I take a smaller vibrator and placed it directly on her swollen clit. Her legs are spread wide from the large toy and the speed is turned all the way up. I use the small one on the sensitive clit area. Putting my cock up near her face, I watched her take me into her mouth. Her right kaçak bahis nipple is in my fingers and I pull it and squeeze it.

“My cunt feels so good. How deep is the vibrator inside me?”

“More than half way, do you want more?”

“I don’t know if I can, it’s so big,” she whines. She can barely speak. I reach down pressing it even deeper. Her legs spread wider to accept it. It’s about 2/3 the way in when I pull it back and start to fuck her with it again. My other hand is keeping the small vibrator on her clit. Both vibrators work her aroused body while her mouth is sucking me. I pull my cock out and she rubs it all over her face and lips and tongue. I watch the wetness on her face and then shove it back deep into her mouth.

I take her hand so she can hold the small vibrator on her clit. The larger one is imbedded so deep in her cunt. I ask her if she wants me to cum in her mouth or on her tits.

“Cum on me,” she pleads as I take my cock and start to jerk off over her body. She is so close to cumming and begins to moan more and move her cunt violently onto the vibrators. She cries out that she is cumming as her hand presses the small vibrator hard to her clit. She is completely wrapped up with her orgasm and I marvel at how beautiful and even more sexy she looks when she cums. As her eyes are watching my jerking hand, I feel cum boiling up in me. I point my cock at her big tits and see a stream of hot white juice splatter all over them. Cum keeps squirting and hitting her body until it is all over her sexy body, from her chin to her waist. I rub the juice into her breasts with my cock. She licks her red lips as she watches and then takes my cock back into her mouth. I keep the vibrator inside her convulsing cunt. I watch as she sucks the last of my cum from me while repeated orgasms continue to rock her gorgeous body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32