Top Secret!

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Jem returned home at 10:45PM on Friday night. She had been out on a cinema date with Billy Kimber from her college economics class but as usual, her own insecurities prevented her from going beyond kissing. Jem liked Billy a lot but even after 3 dates, she was extremely cautious before taking their relationship to a physical level. Disappointed. Frustrated. Horny.

Entering the front door, she hung her coat and made her way through the dark house to the rear kitchen. Jem’s parents were away for the weekend on another business trip so the house was empty except for her older brother and his girlfriend. Usually, an empty house would have resulted in her brother hosting a keg party but this weekend was the exception and the hallway was deathly silent as she wandered through.

Retrieving a bottle of OJ from the fridge, Jem headed up stairs to her bedroom to lament her life decisions and masturbate until she didn’t care anymore. Changing into her PJs and throwing herself down on the bed, she flicked on the TV and stared at the ceiling. Fuck my life, she thought.

That’s when she heard it.

bang bang bang

That very familiar noise.

bang bang bang

The headboard of a bed against the wall.

Her brother, Jake, was two years older than her at 22 but still took advantage of living rent-free at home. He had been with his girlfriend Alexa (also 22) for 2 years and it seemed to be going well for them. The only inconvenience for Jem was their constant fucking, as if to highlight her own lack of action.

Damn it! She thought they would be out tonight.

Jem had been forced to listen to her brother fucking through the walls for a number of months. Occasionally, she had used it as extra masturbation material to imagine it was her getting fucked by one of her crushes, or their cute neighbour a few doors down, or any of the celebrity posters that adorned her bedroom walls. Although none of those situations would ever be possible for her. At least she had her fantasies.

A few loud shrieks of pleasure from the next room snapped Jem out of her reverie.


The volume and intensity increased.

Damn, they are really going at it.

Jem listened intently to the thud of the bedframe and the moans of ecstasy coming through the wall. She was jealous that she hadn’t experienced what so many other 20-year-olds had. She was frustrated that she couldn’t go beyond heavy petting. She was horny as hell after another failed date and now a live sex show.

Jem thought about bringing up a porn site and getting down to business but instead, she lay there; listening to the carnal display going on in the next room. She pictured Billy from earlier tonight, making passionate love to her. She pictured Stuart from down the street, bending her over and having his way. She pictured her brother Jake, fucking the life out of Alexa, only 10 ft away from her.

Her body began to react to the auditory stimulation, hairs on her neck raised and her breathing became constrained. Her nipples started to harden and react to the fabric of her tight t-shirt. Her pussy started to moisten as blood flowed to her nerve endings. And as always, Jem’s deepest shame, her cock began to grow to an erection.

Jem was a hermaphrodite. A medically rare condition where the subject has both male and female sexual organs. Born with the condition, Jem and her parents had gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the truth from her friends, family, school and even her brother.

Looking at her, she was alike many young women. Standing at 5″4, she had toned, athletic legs, supple, creamy thighs, a flat stomach with slim waist and wide hips, a thick, curvy buttocks, a very generous natural 34EE bust with only a hint of sag, a beautiful face that looked straight of out a fashion magazine, captivating deep blue eyes and gorgeous bright blonde, curly hair. She was a typical girl-next-door college student but with one major difference. Directly above her cute, trimmed pussy was a 6″ cock and pair of small testicles.

This damn penis had been the bane of Jems life since she can remember. Trip to the swimming pool? Nope. Use the college changing rooms? Nope. Wearing tight jeans? Nope. Being naked around other people? Big Nope. Sexual engagements with cute guys? Fucking forget it. Even sexy underwear? No chance.

Jem had succeeded in hiding her affliction from those close to her and society at large for 20 years. They would never understand. The ridicule would be unbearable. She would be a social pariah. The only people who knew her secret were Jem, her parents and an array of medical specialists she had met over the years.

The only benefit Jem had found was when she discovered the joys of masturbation. Starting off slowly at first; she soon realised that she could finger her pussy, while simultaneously jacking her dick. This was a revelation and soon resulted in two-handed masturbation sessions with double the climax. Can you imagine experiencing both male and artemisbet yeni giriş female orgasms at the same time? It was mind-blowing.

While the orgasms were fantastic, her penis made her very self-conscious of being ‘discovered’, which had resulted in her desperate lack of sexual experience. While all her friends were talking about boyfriends, sex and relationships; Jem had always felt like an outcast. She had been on plenty of dates and many boys had tried to get with her but the overwhelming fear of her secret coming out made sure that dates or crushes never went any further. Some of her friends had wondered if she might be a lesbian.

Jem was bitter over her lack of sexual opportunities and this penial curse inflicted upon her. When would she get her chance? When would she meet someone who was understanding of her situation? When would she get to be the one screaming in delight?

She decided she needed to speak to someone to help her evaluate her situation. Someone she could trust, someone with sexual knowledge, someone who was good with relationships. But who?

She had plenty of friends but no one that she could trust with a secret of this magnitude.

She had some aunts and cousins she was close with but the last thing she wanted was this getting to her extended family.

She did not dare confide in a professor or college councillor, who knows who they might tell?

It was at that moment it dawned on her, there were 2 very sexually experienced people in the next room.

Jem and Jake had a fairly good relationship growing up, they argued and teased as siblings do but nothing too antagonistic. Could he be trusted with the secret of a lifetime?

She had always got along well with his girlfriend too. Alexa was kind, helpful and beautiful with a bit of a wild side. She had always made time for Jem and didn’t try to shun her like an annoying little sister. Could she be trusted with this secret?

Jem concluded there was no one else she could trust and got up to make her way to her brother’s room. Pausing at the door and listening closely for sex noises…nothing. Maybe they are asleep? It sounded pretty intense earlier. Was that a tv she could hear?

With her heart beating out of her chest, Jem knocked twice on the bedroom door.

There was a shuffling of movement behind the locked door. Gentle footsteps. The click of a lock.

The door swung open and there stood Alexa, wearing an oversized T-shirt. Her hair was a mess and her face was flushed pink but that was all peripheral to her gorgeous smile.

Alexa had always been sexy and mysterious. She had a certain gothic/punk vibe about her and usually wore fairly masculine clothes. Alexa was slightly taller than Jem at about 5″8 and was super skinny with long, slim legs, milky white skin, a small but toned ass, slender waist and hips, perky 30B tits and a stunning face with green eyes and slightly pointed features. However, it was Alexa’s bewitching smile that could often distract from her otherwise alluring appearance. Rows of bright white teeth, framed with slim yet accentuated lips. A single smile could send you to heaven or hell.

“Hi Jem,” Alexa beamed, “What’s up?”

Jem shuffled awkwardly for a second, maybe she should have thought about what to say.

“Erm…I have something…that I need your advice on,” Jem spoke softly, staring at the floor.

“Ok. sure,” Alexa replied with a reassuring smile, “Come on in.” She opened the door fully.

Jakes bedroom was dark, with only a small desk lamp casting shadows across the walls. Netflix played quietly in the background, clothes were casually strewn across the floor and the room stunk of sweat and sex.

Jake was lay on the bed topless, his chest covered in perspiration, his bottom-half covered by sheets, playing on his phone.

“Hey Jem,” Jake muttered as he glanced up.

“Jem wants some advice,” Alexa declared as she returned to sit on the bed, her T-shirt riding up past her milky white thighs. Was she wearing any panties?

“Ok…” Jake was slightly perplexed; Jem usually went to their mom for advice.

Jem walked to the centre of the bedroom and stood there embarrassed, unsure of how to start, she fidgeted with her curly blonde hair.

“Take a seat hun,” said Alexa, sensing that Jem was anxious.

Jem slowly moved towards the bed; sceptical over sitting on their fuck nest but not wanting to miss this chance to talk. She perched her curvy ass on the edge of the mattress. Her heart was beating at a million miles an hour. Was she really about to divulge her biggest secret?

“I’ve never… had sex,” Jem admitted reluctantly, looking directly at the floor, “I’ve never even been touched in… that way.”

“Oh sweety, that’s ok!” said Alexa encouragingly, “You’re a beautiful young woman, there will be hundreds of guys out there who want to date you!”

“No, it’s not just that. So… I have this… issue,” Jem stuttered, “A… medical issue.” She could artemisbet giriş feel tears welling up as she tried to express her thoughts.

“I’ve… *SIGH* kept it a secret from everyone. Even you Jake,” Jem said slowly, not making eye contact. Jake had put his phone down and was listening intently. Alexa put her hand on Jem’s knee and tried to give a reassuring smile.

“You can tell us hun,” Alexa said gently, “Nothing you say leaves this room.”

Jem took a big breath in. This was it. The moment she spent her whole life running from.

“So… I’m… a hermaphrodite,” Jem said bluntly. She let it linger in the air while the others adsorbed this new confession. Jake and Alexa looked stunned for a moment, then looked at each other, then looked back at Jem.

“Does that mean… you have both… parts?” asked Alexa apprehensively. Her eyes wide in shock and awe.

Jem nodded, ashamed of her penis and all the problems it had caused her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!” started Jake, “How do I not know about this? You look so…. normal.”

“JAKE!” Alexa digged him in the ribs with her elbow.

“Sweety,” Alexa pulled her chin up to meet her gaze, “It’s OK, your situation might be slightly… uncommon but there are people who will love you for who you are. Hell, some people probably have a kink for it. Don’t let these immature boys make you think you’re not worthy of their affection. You are a beautiful, proud QUEEN!”

Jem forced a placid smile. The sentiment was appreciated but it didn’t really help with her situation.

“But how will I meet someone who… understands? Anyone I tell will run away screaming,” Jem asked, dejected.

“Well, I guess it’s a matter of finding someone you love and trust,” replied Alexa, “Someone who loves you for who you are and how beautiful you are.”

“I guess,” sulked Jem, bitter than she would have to wait to experience what others had now.

“Can… Can we see it?” asked Alexa tentatively, discreetly eyeing up Jem’s crotch.

Jems eyes widened in surprise. Her pulse quickened and she could feel the hairs on her neck stand up. Her eyes darted between Alexa and Jake.

“I… I don’t know,” stuttered Jem.

“I promise your secret is safe with us. We just want to help you,” said Alexa as calmly as possible.

“I can’t,” replied Jem meekly, terrified to show anyone her body.

“Honey, we are just going to try and built up your body confidence. You’re going to have to be naked in front of someone eventually, it might as well be with us.”

Jem hesitated, it was one thing being naked in front of another woman, but her brother too?

“How about you start with just your pyjama top? Nice and easy,” asked Alexa.

Jem considered the offer. It did make sense to build up her confidence before trying it with anyone else. Maybe this would lift the weight of shame off her shoulders? If Jake and Alexa can accept her, maybe others can too?

“OK,” agreed Jem, “I’ll show you.”

Alexa’s excitement was almost palpable. Jake noticed that glint of elation in her eye.

Jem rose from the bed and moved to face away from them both. She took a deep breath in and braced herself for the shock of being naked in front of others for the first time.

Fumbling with her PJ top, she slowly raised the hem over her head as she pulled off the garment. The top slowly displayed her toned midriff and flaring hips before becoming caught around her bulging bust. A swift pull and the shirt rose up, allowing Jem’s fantastic 32EE tits to spill out.

Jem pulled off the top and discarded it to the floor. She turned towards the bed and bared her enormous breasts to her brother and his girlfriend. Both of their faces were dumbstruck.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Jake, “They are incredible.” His eyes transfixed on the huge fleshy orbs on display.

Alexa was equally enamoured by the sheer size of them. And just a little bit jealous.

“Jem…hun,” It was Alexas time to stutter, “Wow, just…wow!”

Her cheeks blushed and her pulse quickened. It felt nice to be complimented on her body. But her breasts were not the issue here.

Jem’s trembling hand moved towards her PJ pants; her fingers brushed the waistline but she couldn’t bring herself to bare everything. She looked at her brother, then looked at Alexa; who gave a small reassuring nod.

Hesitantly, Jem pushes her cotton PJs down, the fabric bunching on her voluptuous backside. A quick tug and the pants slowly glided downward, her large butt coming into prominent view. Jake and Alexa were enthralled by the naked spectacle taking place before them.

The PJ pants came off along with the white cotton panties and Jem’s 6″ semi-flaccid member sprang into view. In its state of partial arousal, her dick hung there, slightly protruding from her groin and the tidy pussy lips below. It’s length, girth and appearance were just like any other with an uncircumcised head and a small pair of testicles (although they didn’t ‘hang’ like artemisbet güvenilirmi a male’s genitals after puberty). Jem hung her hands by her sides, self-conscious and ready to cover herself up.

For a few moments, nobody said anything. Jake and Alexa were admiringly staring at Jems secret cock and Jem was staring at her feet in embarrassment.

“Damn Jem!” Jake said eventually, “You have an amazing body!”

“I’ll be honest, I’m very jealous of your figure,” agreed Alexa.

Jem once again blushed pink and became very conscious that she was naked in front of her brother. Her hands slowly came forward to hide her secret shame. This was so awkward.

“Don’t be shy, Honey!” proclaimed Alexa as she stood up, “Never be embarrassed to be naked!”

With that said, Alexa pulled the oversized T up and off her body, throwing it to join the other clothes on the bedroom floor.

“There, now we’re all naked, no need to be uncomfortable,” Alexa declared with a big smile.

This made Jem laugh. It was sweet that Alexa would do this to put her at ease.

Looking at Alexa’s body was a vision. She was taller and skinnier than Jem, with pale skin and jet-black hair. Her tight butt looked divine, her abs well defined and her small, perky tits were perfect; accentuated with tiny rose bud nipples. A small patch of thick black pubic hair covered her mound. Jem was jealous of Alexa’s slenderness. Alexa was jealous of Jem’s curviness. An ironic reflection of body types and people’s individual preferences.

Jem had always seen Alexa as a very beautiful and sexual person. Seeing her naked for the first time was causing a stir in her loins. She had never really crushed on a girl but there was something so… sensual about Alexa’s demeanour and attitude. She could feel her hairs standing on end, she could feel her pussy getting slick and she could feel blood rushing to inflate her erection.

Getting an erection in front of her brother and his girlfriend had never been on the agenda but Jem could feel it swelling with each passing second. The feeling only seemed to increase the more she observed Alexa’s naked form.

Both Alexa and Jake had noticed the swelling member as it had now inflated to almost its full size of about 6 inches. Alexa was very intrigued by the circumstances unfolding and could already feel herself getting wet. Jake’s cock had begun to swell but he was hidden by the bed sheets. Jem was feeling very embarrassed but she had no option to hide her growing prick.

“I mean, it’s a good-sized dick,” admitted Alexa, not taking her eyes off the engorged cock, the tip had turned a reddish colour and looked painfully hard.

“Can I… touch it?” Asked Alexa apprehensively. Her eyes darting up to look Jem in the face.

Jem’s eyes widened and her skin flushed an even deeper pink. Her nipples were rock hard as her arousal increased. She was extremely nervous but her lustful state was driving her now.

Alexa kneeled on the floor directly in front of Jem. Her pussy was dripping. Her nipples ached. She had that feeling of extreme desire in the pit of her stomach.

Jem couldn’t make eye contact with the beautiful gothic slut kneeling beside her. Her heart beat was racing as Alexa put a hand on each of her thick thighs.

Finally locking eyes with this raven-haired seductress, Alexa smiled broadly and whispered “it’ll be ok!”.

Alexa’s left hand slowly slid up Jem’s thigh, fingers lightly brushing her sodden pussy lips as they ventured upwards, her hand gently closed in on Jem’s swollen cock.

Jem gave a long, deep groan as Alexa’s delicate hand wrapped around her dick. She had never felt this horny in all her life. The pressure and stimulation of someone else’s hand was almost too much to bear.

“Wow, it’s so fucking hard!” declared Alexa, her eyes hungry with lust, “I can feel it throbbing in my hand.”

Jake was mesmerised by the scene before him. Watching his naked girlfriend, crouching before his naked little sister, feeling her up and stroking her secret penis. It was mind-blowing and titillating all in one. He slowly reached beneath the bedsheets to grasp his own hardening member. Watching Jem’s reaction to being touched had him so turned on, he was almost at his 8-inch full mast.

Alexa tightened her grip on Jem’s cock. She slowly began stroking her hand along the fairly thick shaft, she was entranced by this thick hermaphrodite beauty with this secret dick.

Jem’s breathing became constrained and her pulse raced as she received her first ever handjob. The skin-on-skin contact of someone else was incredible and she yearned for more. Alexa gripped her tighter and began to properly jack her cock, the foreskin pulled back with each hand movement and the tip pulsing with sexual desire. Alexa suddenly kneeled up and spat a thick glob of saliva onto the shaft, quickly using her hand to spread it over the surface of the cock head. Jem gasped as the warm lubrication enhanced the movement and feeling of Alexa’s small hand.

“How does that feel?” asked Alexa with a coy grin.

“ummmmmm amazinggg!” moaned Jem as she tweaked her erect nipple; her head back and eyes closed.

“How about this?” Alexa asked as she leaned forward and took the head of Jem’s dick in her mouth.

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