Tony’s Visit to the Resort Ch. 06

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Friday Morning — Lights, makeup!

Tony didn’t know why nothing was planned for Friday morning until a makeup crew arrived at his door. Unbeknownst to Tony, they were going to film the orgy session. This required everyone to be disguised, so no one outside the group would recognize them. Tony’s hair was cut in a professional style and colored gray. Lines were added to his face. It didn’t seem like much, but it was enough. Donna wasn’t disguised at all; she wanted the advertising if the film got out. Mary, Annie, and Alex were recognizable only because Tony had been so intimate with them during the week.

Friday lunch

They all had a light buffet lunch. They were all giggly and excited. Everyone was careful to watch how much they ate. They needed energy, but now was not the time for extra calories.

Friday Afternoon — Action everyone! Orgy

Tony was surprised when he walked into Donna’s suite. There were light stands everywhere. There were three video cameras on a corner table.

Mary acted as choreographer with a storyboard of scenarios. Each scenario was provided by one of the five participants. Each storyboard had participants, activities, and if either man is allowed to climax. Anyone not involved in the scenario would be videoing the action. A professional was going to edit the results into a short movie that all five of them would get. They didn’t expect it to be professional, since none of them had done this before, but they knew they’d love reliving the experience. None of this “don’t look at the camera B.S.” Mary had a “budget” of three orgasms for Alex, two for Tony, and unlimited for the girls. Mary thought if she timed bahis şirketleri the boys’ orgasms, she’d be OK. Remember, there is a break for a light snack late afternoon.

They started with Donna eating Mary while Mary sucked Alex. Annie acted as dirty-mouthed cheerleader. “Eat her pussy, you nasty cunt! Suck that dick, bitch!” Mary climaxed. Donna then fucked Mary with a double-ended strap-on. Donna climaxed. Alex swapped with Donna to fuck Mary. Mary started to suck Tony to get him ready for his turn at her pussy. Alex climaxed. Annie handed the video camera to Alex and sucked the cum out of Mary’s pussy. Mary sucked Alex clean. Tony swapped with Annie and fucked Mary. Tony and Mary came. Annie sucked Tony’s cum out of Mary and snowballed it with Mary. Donna sucked Tony clean. It finally dawned on Tony that Mary had been gang banged by all of them. You’d have thought this was a scenario Mary picked, but no, Annie picked it as a gift to Mary.

Mary ate Annie. Alex joined the girls to get a two-girl blow job. Alex came — his second time.

Mary paddled Donna. After very few light spanks, Donna leaped off Mary’s lap and announced there weren’t enough cocks. Donna used a strap-on with a condom on Mary’s ass. Tony and Donna DP’ed Mary, Mary sucked Alex’s cock, and Mary squirted.

Annie massaged Tony’s prostate while Mary sat on his face. Tony came — his second time.

Alex spanked Donna over his lap, inserted a butt plug, then used a vibrator on her. Donna warned Alex that Mary can get away with spanking her all she wants, but if Alex persisted in this he was going to pay. Tony didn’t quite understand the difference between Mary and Alex. bahis firmaları Alex fucks Donna, and he came — his third. Donna used the magic wand on Annie. Annie squirted.

All five of them kept this up, mostly kissing, licking, sucking, and using fingers. The boys are all cum’ed out.

Eventually, the girls were “fucked silly”. They started giggling and couldn’t stop. It wasn’t clear, but it seemed that it was Donna who suggested the three girls give Tony golden showers. The girls thought this was hysterical. Mary and Annie went into the bathroom.

Tony said to Donna, “I’m not sure this is on my list..”

Donna whispered, “who gives a shit what’s on your list at this point, so just shut the fuck up and let the girls have some fun. You should be thankful for the good time you’ve had at the resort.”

Tony was surprised at first, then smiled. “You’re right. I’ve had a wonderful time. Thank you all very much. Let’s go!”

Donna pulled Tony into the bathroom and had him lay down in the tub. Annie screamed, “Me first. I want to go first!” With that, she straddled Tony’s chest facing him and let go a strong stream. Donna and Mary were amazed at the volume. “How long have you been holding that in?”

Annie was finally done. She asked Tony, “how was that, Papi?”

Tony replied “warm and pungent. Kinda nice, though.”

Donna yelled, “me next, me next!” Donna replaced Annie in the tub. She didn’t pee like a racehorse, but she did well.

Mary seemed a bit reluctant, but the other girls would have none of her procrastination. Annie said, “get your peehole over Tony and show him a little love.” Mary got in the tub. She started with kaçak bahis siteleri a very weak stream but once she relaxed, the dam burst. The girls then washed Tony and dried him off, giggling all the while.

Friday dinner

Everyone ate together in the dining room. Mary sat on one side of Tony, Annie on the other. There was a lot of laughter and giggling. They all ate and drank too much. Everyone was happy. Tony, especially, couldn’t be happier.

Friday Night — Donna and Alex

Donna and Alex were scheduled to spend the night with Tony, but everyone was worn out after the orgy, so Tony began the night alone. Alex and Donna were actually secret lovers (not really very secret), so they were happy to be alone with each other.

Saturday morning — breakfast with Mary and one last love session

Late Friday night Mary slipped into Tony’s bed. She was naked and spooned right next to him. Early Saturday morning, Mary could tell he was awake, so she reached down and held his penis. “Sweetie, does this bad boy have one more shot in him?” Yes. Yes, he did.

Saturday Departure

Tony was reluctantly preparing to leave. He had an envelope for each of his partners with a generous tip. He handed them to Annie, so she could deliver them. However, Annie took Mary’s envelope and gave it back. “We hadn’t told you, but you were both clients. Your fantasies seemed to match up, so we thought ‘what the heck’. Mary has been here before and is very affectionate with Annie. Mary is bi at the most. I think Annie is the first girl she’s ever kissed, certainly the first girl she fucked. Based on your exit evaluation, you both seemed very satisfied. We’re also giving you a rebate since we needn’t pay Mary. In addition, on your next visit, and I know there will be one, we’ll give both of you a discount. Since you’re both traveling home today, I hope you don’t mind sharing the flight.”

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