Time to Wake Up

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She really is unbelievable. We once joked that my girlfriend could sleep through the apocalypse and that she’d wake up after and wonder what had happened. Her parents once confided in me that in High School they had to use an air horn to get her up some days! All the doctors she’s ever seen haven’t been able to prescribe anything useful; she just has to get her 8 hours of sleep, or she will *not* wake up.

She’s been out of town on business, and I’d expected her back hours ago, with no word, but there’s a blizzard going on in Houston right now and not a lot of cell calls are making it through. It’s almost midnight when I get a call asking me to come pick her up at the airport, and as soon as I pick her up, she falls asleep in the car. Since this isn’t the first time this has happened, I just chuckle and carry her inside to her bed. However, before she’d gone on the trip, she told me that she had a very important meeting first thing in the morning when she got back and she couldn’t miss it, hence why we were staying at my apartment. I guess she hoped that having a human alarm clock would help.

The next morning I got up with the alarm at six, knowing that she needed to be up by 6:30 to get dressed and get to work in time for the presentation, and guessing I’d need the extra time. Sure enough, the fairly loud alarm failed to produce even the slightest reaction in her. Smiling slightly at the childish way she sleeps, curled up around the covers in her illegal bahis long T-shirt and panties, I thought to myself how good she looked and how I’d had to change her out of her business attire and into that outfit last night.

I shook her, fairly hard, with no response. Calling her name loudly also did nothing. She could’ve been dead for all the good that tickling the bottom of her foot did me. I pulled the covers off of her, and pulled off her shirt to expose her to the cool morning air and give her nowhere to go, then went and got the coffee ready.

Coming back, she was right where I’d left her, on her back, head lolled to the side with both arms fallen back up by her neck, like I had her tied down. Her legs were spread from having the covers taken out from between them and her knees were bent and open. God, she looked so alluring like that. Staring at her gorgeous body for a few moments longer than I should’ve let myself, I noticed that the cool air had raised light goosebumps along her skin, and as I glanced at her breasts, I realized the temperature had turned her nipples into rock-hard nubs. Fighting to control the lust that the sight of her, nubile and innocent, laying there like some wanton waif was driving me, I decided to pursue… alternate tactics.

Grinning, leaned over and kissed her lips softly. Trailing my lips down her neck, I might’ve imagined that her exhalations were getting longer and more pronounced, until I brushed my lips illegal bahis siteleri and teeth across her breasts, finally taking a nipple in my mouth, expecting her to wake up and swat me for my insolence. As the hard, brown aureole sank wetly between my lips to clench lightly between my teeth, she gave a deliberate intake of breath, much deeper than before. Backing off, I called seductively, “Sweetheart? It’s time to get up…” No reaction, other than some barely audible mumbling, trailing off into the smooth, regular breathing of sleep once again.

Frowning, I realized that drastic measures would be required in order to wake her up in time. Stroking my hands down the smooth curves of her hips and sides, I bent down to lay a light kiss on the front of her panties. Now her lips parted slightly, and her breathing quickened, but not wanting her to relax as before, I kept up the light kisses up and down her nether lips. I could smell her arousal now, and her panties were getting wet from her juices, so I slipped them off of her and continued my attack on her bare cleft. Her body was writhing drowsily now, but still I sensed she was asleep, though perhaps my actions were influencing her dreams.

Feeling more than a little aroused now myself, I slid my tongue into her wetness and drank in her taste, light but distinct. I began pulling on tufts of her fur which brought new gasps each time and as my tongue traced along the smooth contours of her labia, canlı bahis siteleri she groaned and her hands began stroking up her sides to caress her breasts. My tongue slid higher to touch her clit softly and I began sliding a finger inside her slowly from her parting at her lower lips. Her back arched, and eyes still shut she began to pant in heaving breaths that moved her chest up and down as she desperately grasped her own breasts in an attempt to complete her pleasure.

Teasing now, I drew circles around her entrance as I slipped my tongue across the head of her clit in the slightest of movements. She was begging me now, whining under her breath and mumbling “please, please, please… oh, please” over and over again. Realizing our time was likely short, I began licking and sucking on her clit with eagerness, and curling my finger up inside her, driving into her G-spot with every thrust. She brought her hips up to my face desperately seeking climax as I flicked and sucked her faster and faster until I felt her muscles clench and a long moan build inside of her.

She came hard and I eased up the pressure on her clit, but continued to pump my finger inside of her, pushing ever harder on her G-spot, until I felt her quivering thighs seize, then relax abruptly, and a stream of clear liquid shot out of her as her eyes shot open and her body began shuddering in a powerful second climax. As she came awake her voice was hoarse from moaning continuously, and her eyes blearily searched around, until she found me perched between her thighs, looking at her with a Cheshire grin. Her eyes meeting mine through her haze of afterglow, she smiled and simply laughed as I said, “Time to wake up, honey….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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