Till I See You Again

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“Hey babe, I’ve gotta go out of town for a few days. Can you drop me off at the airport?” The husky voice at the other end of the phone asked me.

“Sure Sweetie, just let me know when.” I reply, too caught up in “Bones” to really think about what he was asking.

“Great, I knew I could count on you. My flight leaves at 6AM, so I’ll need to get there at about 4. I’ll come pick you up around 3:30 and you can drive my car back. See you then!” And he hung up.

Half an hour later, it finally sinks in and I let out of stream of curses at him and myself for not paying attention. That is, until I realize that I’ve been given a perfect opportunity to engage in one of our favorite pastimes. The wheels begin to turn as I gather my “equipment”…

I take a brief nap to prepare myself for my long day (I still have to go to work after I drop him off), then grab a quick shower and get dressed. True to form, he’s there right at 3:30. Obviously tired, he pays absolutely no attention to my outfit, which is exactly how I want it. Giving me a quick hug, he mumbles, “Thanks again, babe,” and heads out the door.

Opening the passenger side door, he waits patiently as I get myself situated. It’s not till he’s in his seat on the driver’s side and about to pull off that he finally picks up on what I’m wearing. “Wow, a mini-skirt and heels? You know how I love you in that! Gonna be hard to tear my eyes away from those legs of yours and drive. But what’s up with the sweat-jacket?”

“Thought I might get chilly in the night air. Turn the heat on and you’ll see what I’ve got on under here…” I said, with a devilish grin.

“Hmmmm…sounds like a real treat. Let me crank this thing all the way up.”

“Patience, Lover…good things come to those that wait” As I said this, I pulled the zipper on my hoodie down a couple of inches to give him a peek of cleavage. I know this man, and the only thing that turns him on more than my legs, are my Double-D’s. True to form, he reaches over and tries to pull the zipper down the rest of the way, but I swat his hand away and tell him to stop. Looking like a scolded little boy, he puts his hand in his lap and starts driving. I smile to myself, knowing I have him exactly where I want him.

After a few minutes of silence, I reach across myself with my right hand and lay it on his thigh, near his crotch. Caught off guard, he jumps slightly, but recovers and keeps his eyes on the road. “Still mad at me?” I ask, the picture of innocence. “No answer…I guess you must be. Have to see what I can do to get you “un-mad.””

Unfastening my seat belt, I edge myself closer to him, using my hand to rub his crotch through his pants. At first he tries to push me away, but when he saw that I wasn’t going anywhere, bahis firmaları he put both hands on the wheel and let me do what I wanted to do.

Finding and cradling his balls gently with my left hand, I used my right to undo his zipper so that his magnificent cock could be released into view. Soon, with a little diligence, I opened his pants completely. Reaching in, I fished out my prize: nine inches of beautiful ebony steel. Growing evermore hard in my hand, I watched it rise to its full glory. It was the color of dark, rich chocolate, with thick veins running the length of the shaft, capped with a fat helmet, a puffy monster that has tickled my G-spot on many nights.

I hold the monstrosity for a few moments, marveling at the cock as though seeing it for the first time. Slowly, I move my hand up and down its length, watching his face as he tried his hardest not to enjoy what I was doing to him. Slightly closed eyes, and a low moan from his throat let me know that my efforts are paying off.

I stroke him like that for several minutes, marveling at his ability to keep the car going in a straight line. But this dick is my weakness and it’s only a matter of time before my mouth starts to water and I have to taste him. Sliding over as far as I can, I pull his right arm off the wheel and out of my way. Using the tip of my tongue, I lightly touch the underside of the crown, just below the opening. A sharp intake of air from him tells me that he loves it. Twisting my head slightly, I start to work the top part of the crown, where I know he’s the most sensitive. I lick it lightly, teasing him with the promise of more.

“Damn, babe! What are you doing down there? Stop playing and let me feel those lips all the way down!” He moans, the effort to keep his eyes open and on the road apparent.

Knowing we only have a few more miles to go before we get to the airport, I grant him his wish and put his manhood completely in my mouth. Slowly, I go down as far as I can, till I feel him press against the back of my throat. I come up again just a slowly, letting him feel my lips over every inch of his shaft. The car swerving slightly was the only outward indication of his pleasure, as he maintained his focus and stared out the windshield.

I continued this way for a while, sliding my head up and down his beautiful dick, loving the feeling and tastes of him. He’d rested his right hand on my back and the feeling of it clench and tighten from his enjoyment of the blowjob turned me on even more and I could feel my pussy get wetter and wetter.

Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth off him and sat up in my seat. Still stroking him with my hand, I ask if we’re almost there. “Yeah, just about,” he said, his voice strained.

Checking the time, kaçak iddaa I said “Good. You’ve got a few minutes till you need to go in. Find a nice secluded area so I can finish saying good-bye to you.”

“Sounds good Babe, but I don’t really think I have the time. May have to postpone till I get back.”

Pulling down the zipper of my hoodie, I reveal the see-through lace top I’m wearing…without a bra. “You sure about that?”

His eyes locked on my dark, rock hard nipples for just a moment, then he returned to the road, his eyes searching for a spot to pull over where we wouldn’t be disturbed. As he drove, I pulled my hand off him long enough to finish removing my hoodie, so that he could watch my boobs jiggle from the bumps in the road out of the corner of his eye. My nipples felt like they were harder then ever, between the rubbing of the lace and the cool air.

After a few more minutes of driving, we found the perfect spot on one of the side roads. It looked like it led to one of the seldom-used service areas, so there would be no cars coming through to disturb us. He pulled to the side of the road, and cut off the car. Lifting his hips slightly, he slid his pants down to his knees, while at the same time pulling up his shirt, giving me free access to his cock.

Taking him back in my mouth, I suck him passionately, giving him the full attention I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle while driving. I use my tongue to work the head, while my hand pumps his shaft. As he gets closer to the edge, his hips begin to gyrate, rising to meet me as I do my thing. When I can tell he’s about to cum, I ease off, removing my mouth and slowing down the pumps of my hand.

Looking up at me with lust in his eyes, he said “Damn Babe, you know what I need right now. Stop holding out!”

Without a word, I climbed out of my seat and straddled his lap. Planting my right foot next to his leg, I positioned myself over his dick. With my thong pulled to the side, I guided him into my dripping wet pussy and eased myself down till I was on both knees. I could feel his head pressed against my G-spot and it was all I could do not to cum right then and there.

We held still for a moment, enjoying the sensations we were giving each other. Then the fucking began. Grabbing me by my hips, he lifted me slightly, just enough to give him “pumping room”. With long steady strokes, he began to fuck me deeply, filling me with every inch of his cock. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I held on for the thrilling ride.

“Oh, Shit!” I screamed, as the assault on my cunt brought me to my first orgasm. My body was racked with spasms as the waves of pleasure traveled from my clit outward. The sloppy sounds that can only come from a wet pussy being fucked well kaçak bahis filled the interior of the car. Not content to be a passive participant, I began to grind my hips downward on him, forcing his cock even deeper inside me. Pulling up my top, I lifted one of my heavy tits up to his mouth so he could take one of my nipples into this mouth. When he pulled it in and bit it, I felt a jolt go from my boob to my clit, sending me to my second orgasm. Looking down at his face, I could see he was enjoying himself as much as I was.

We went on like this for a little while, till I finally got the presence of mind to glance at the clock. With only about ten minutes till he absolutely had to be in the building, I knew I had to get him off soon. And I knew just how to do it. Raising off him and falling back into the passenger side, I said “Backseat,” and lifted my hips to remove my thong all together.

We each climbed out our respective sides, him with a little more difficulty because of the position of his pants. I got in back on my side, and spun around so that my ass was facing him. He loves to give it to me doggie style, and I knew this would be exactly what he would need to bust his own nut.

Without hesitation, he slid up behind me and pushed his cock deeply into my waiting cunt. Since this had nothing to do with lovemaking, there were no gentle, tentative strokes…he pounded me from the word go. Faster and faster he moved within me, his desire to cum over-riding everything else. I loved how it felt when he filled me with his spunk, so I helped as much as I could, pushing my body back to meet every thrust. Because the space was smaller, it felt like his dick was constantly on my spot, resulting in me having just one long orgasm. I literally had no idea when one stopped and the next one began. I could feel my pussy juice running down my leg, as it was being forced out by my lovers’ actions.

Suddenly, the rhythm changed and I knew it was time. Barely bracing myself, I felt the scalding hot cum shoot from the head of his manhood, filling my cunt completely and driving me to my final orgasm. We both stiffened, as the waves of pleasure shot through our bodies, before collapsing into a heap on the backseat.

“Damn girl,” he said when he’d regained his breath, “You know how to make a guy not want to leave! Thanks for the send-off.”

“Oh, trust me sweetie…it was my pleasure!” I said and laughed. “Now, we better get you cleaned up and into the airport before you miss your flight.”

Using one of the towels we keep in a duffle bag in the truck for just these types of situations, we both freshened up as much as possible. Dropping him off in front of the terminal, I gave him a kiss and told him to call me to let me know when to pick him up. Smiling, he said, “Can I expect a “Part Two” to this morning when I get back?”

“Maybe…you never know about these things…” I said, with a smile and a wink, my clit already throbbing in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32