The Young Sales Executive Ch. 07

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As her eyes opened, Jessica looked up at the familiarity of her bedroom. Slowly she moved her hand over her tender breasts bringing back the memories of last night. Turning her head she watched her husband through the faint light of the dawn as he slept. She smiled as she recalled how her husband joined in the domination of her with Jack. It was a side of her she had never seen and she liked it.

Turning towards him she tucked herself in close with her head on his pillow, “I love you.” Her voice whispered in his ear causing him to stir. Jessica slipped her hand over Josh’s chest and gently touched his skin slowly making her way to his waist causing him to shift slightly. When her hand wrapped around his flaccid penis, she felt him begin to stiffen.

Slowly she stroked his cock until it was fully erect in her hand. His cock felt good in her hand as she squeezed and stroked it. Pulling back the blankets she exposed his hard cock and moved herself so she was inches from his cock. Kneeling between his legs she ran her tongue up the shaft of his cock as she watched him. As she worked his cock in to her mouth, she could taste herself. His hips slowly moved underneath her as she stroked and sucked his cock.

Josh was either having the best dream of his life or he was feigning sleep to not interrupt Jessica; either way, she didn’t care and sucked his cock hungrily. Sliding a hand down to her pussy, she recalled how hard Josh had exploded in her pussy last night as she used his cum to lubricate her delicate clit. Her mouth slid up and down him as she slid her fingers over herself furiously.

Her poor pussy was soaking wet and desperate for more of his cock. If last night had done anything it had released a part of both of them that they could never return from. She needed his cock like an addiction. Working her way up him, she straddled his hips. As she guided his swollen member to her opening she watched Josh’s eyes open.

“It’s your turn to be used as a fuck toy mister!” Jessica placed her hands firmly on his pecks as she began to lower herself down on him. As she hit bottom her pussy strained as his length pushed deeply in her. Starring down in to Josh’s eyes she began to grind herself on his shaft.

The familiar twinges of a pending orgasm built in Jessica’s stomach. As her orgasm built, she sped up her movements until she was on the edge. Josh grabbed her breasts and squeezed firmly sending her over the edge. Her pussy gushed as she ground herself down against his pelvis. Once it subsided, she collapsed on his chest with her face nuzzling his neck.

“Someone woke up horny.” Josh kissed her flush forehead.

“I think I’m addicted to cock.” Giggling as the words left her mouth.

“Did you enjoy last night Jess?” slowly moving his hips to slide his cock in and out her soaking wet pussy.

Jessica could only moan her approval.

“Did you want me to let him fuck your pussy last night my little slut?” his hips began to move faster.

“I will only do what you want me to do Josh.” Her voice muffled as she pressed her lips to his neck.

“Tell me your mine!” Josh’s voice was commanding.

“I’m yours!” Her voice breaking as Josh shoved himself deep in to her.

“Don’t ever forget who’s little fuck toy you are Jess.”

“I’m yours. I would do anything for you.” She was now hovering inches over his face looking in to his eyes.

Josh pulled her off him enjoying the sound of their wetness as his cock slipped from her pussy. “Get on your knees!”

Jessica complied immediately and was rewarded with his hard cock ploughing deeply in to her pussy. He held her hips firmly as he pounded her.

Josh watched as his cock slid in and out of her with pleasure. Retrieving lube from the night stand he began to drizzle it down the crack of her ass. He watched the slippery fluid make its way over her tight sphincter before making its way to her pussy. Josh took advantage of the extra lubrication and began to hammer Jessica until her face collapsed to the bed.

Josh ran his thumb over her tight little ass in slow circles as he watched his wife squirm on his cock. “You’re my little slut aren’t you Jess?”

“Yes. I’m yours.” Her voice exasperated

Josh pressed his thumb in her ass and began to work it deeper in her before matching the rhythm of his hips. He watched as she squirmed and bit at the sheets on the bed. He had dreamt about fucking his wife’s virgin ass for years. The feeling of her tight ass squeezing his thumb made his orgasm build rapidly.

He was so close when he pulled himself from her pussy and pressed the head against her tight ass. Reaching down he grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her head back as he pressed his swollen head at her opening. Holding the head of his cock steady as he stretched her exterior ring his cock exploded. He jerked the shaft of his cock as his seed blasted through her inner ring filling her ass with his seed.

Jessica’s pussy was soaking wet as Josh pounded perabet her deeply. When his thumb began its dance on her back door it caused an unfamiliar excitement in her stomach. Her fingers began rubbing her clit wildly.

She knew Josh was close and wanted to cum again before he did. The disappointment she felt as Josh removed himself from her pussy dissipated quickly when his cock pressed against her virgin ass. His cock exploded at the opening of her ass and triggered her pussy to respond appropriately. The feeling of his cum exploded in her caused her pussy to convulse and squirt all over them.

Collapsing on the bed they lay together holding one another. Josh pulled her closely in to him until her head was on his shoulder. “I think you are a cock addict Jess.”

“I have no idea what happened Josh, all I want is cock and I can’t help it.” Her hand traced circles on his chest. “I could just stay home all day and night doing it.”

“We’ve released your inner slut. Just don’t forget whose slut you are.” His big arm squeezed her. “I enjoyed watching you suck Jack’s cock; it was extremely hot baby. You can suck all the cock you want my hungry little slut, just don’t fuck anyone.”

The deal was sealed with a passionate kiss.

The week went by quickly and they both enjoyed the new sexual roles they had taken in their relationships. Josh had continued to play with her back door with his fingers during their love making and she had learned of the pleasure that came as a result of it. Each day she waited to be taken back there, but he made it clear he was waiting for the right moment to take her virgin back door.

As she packed her bags for another trip south, Josh sat watching from the chair in their bedroom. He really enjoyed watching the transition of his wife from timid to fuck toy. “Are you going to spend some time with your daddy down there?” Josh teased.

“I’m going down to see a different client honey.” She shuffled clothes in her suitcase.

“That didn’t answer the question.” He raised his eyebrow. “or do you have your eye on a new cock?”

Jessica blushed at the thought. She really hadn’t considered playing with anyone else.

“It’s just business this trip.” She stopped what she was doing and looked in to his eyes. “If Jack calls, I’ll go say hello though.” A devilish smile crossed her face.

Josh made his way to the edge of the bed and sat. “So who is your meeting with?”

“A company called ChemFlo. Remember I told you about the two execs Jack introduced me to during golf?” She moved over and sat on his lap draping her arm around him.

“Oh yes, now I remember. So which one are you meeting? Let me guess, the big black guy?” Josh’s voice was playful.

“His name is Todd and yes, that’s who my meeting is with.”

Josh slipped his hand between her thighs, “My little wife isn’t going down there to suck a big black cock?”

“Oh my god Josh…No.” She was flustered. “I’m not sexing up every client sheesh.” She got up quickly and returned to packing.

“I won’t be upset if you change your mind about that.” He stood behind her and squeezed her breasts. “I love having a little slut as a wife.”

Josh returned home after dropping his wife off at the airport. Sitting at his laptop it didn’t take long before he found the ChemFlo website. Scrolling through the executive information it didn’t take long for him to find Todd.

Todd Abrams – Chief Information Officer

He studied the picture closely. He sure looked like an executive, maybe 40 with a full mustache. It was a portrait of him in a tailored suit looking like the advertisement it was meant to be. Josh unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. As he looked at the picture of Todd, he imagined this man dropping Jess to her knees and feeding her his big black cock. It didn’t take long before his cock began to erupt in his hand causing him to moan loudly as his sticky seed ran over his hand. Sitting still for a moment, he knew that he had to see his wife with a black man.

Jessica arrived at the ChemFlo building and checked in with the receptionist. As she sat in the waiting area her mind thought about Jack. Maybe she should have called him last night to let him know she was in town. She quickly shrugged it off; she could always call him tonight.

It wasn’t long before her sales engineer Jeff showed up and sat across from her. “Have you been here long?”

“I just got here myself.” Jessica looked him over. She didn’t think he had shopped for new clothes in forever. He was wearing his normal beige blazer that was two sized too big and a wrinkled dress shirt under it. She couldn’t help but think she should drag him to the mall shopping. The truth was he looked exactly as people expected. He was a genius in his area of specialty and he was one of the best.

A thin young black woman broke her train of thought. “Mrs. Miller?”

“Jessica, please call me Jessica.” She stood holding her hand out.

“Pleased to meet you perabet giriş Jessica. My name is Emily, I’m Mr. Abrams assistant.” After introducing herself to Jeff she turned indicating to follow her.

The long boardroom was timeless yet futuristic. Wood panels adorned the walls and a solid cherry table extended in one piece for the length of the room. The far wall had two large flat panels almost covering its width. On one of the screens was a familiar face, it was Todd.

“Good morning Mrs. Miller, I hope your trip down was uneventful.” His broad smile reminded her of when she met him on the golf course. “I apologize for not being there in person, but we had something that required my attention in Phoenix.”

Jessica took the opportunity to introduce her and Jack to the room. As she looked around the room she noted the mix of people from managers to technical people as Todd introduced them. With introductions out of the way, Jessica and Jack began their presentation. The solution was almost identical to the one sold to Energex.

Two hours later she thanked everyone for their time and gave them her business card. Todd had asked that she stay in the room to discuss some final details. Once the room emptied, Emily appeared and closed the door. Todd took the opportunity to apologize again for his absence and how he would have preferred to be there.

“I’m going to be right up front with you Jessica. Unlike some places that drag their feet, we make decisions quickly at ChemFlo; having said that, I’m going to approve a pilot of this system immediately. If everything I heard today is real, we’ll look to expand to our other offices. How does that sound?”

Jessica couldn’t believe her ears. “That sounds great Todd. I’m sure you will have the same experience as Energex.” She smiled widely.

“I agree. If my experience is anything like Jack’s I will be ecstatic.” He smiled. “Leave the paperwork with Emily and I will get it all signed and sent back to finalize this okay?”

Jessica nodded, “No problem, I will drop it off before I leave.”

As Jess settled in her hotel room she contemplated calling Jack. Her mind kept returning to the choice of words that Todd had used about the experience. She tried to convince herself that she was reading more in to than it really was. In the end, she decided a quiet night was in order. After ordering some room service she sat on the bed deciding what movie would be her entertainment for the night.

As she was just about to hit play, her phone chimed. She realized immediately that she hadn’t talked to Josh since she got home and he was clearly dying of curiosity about her plans. She chuckled to herself at how disappointed he was going to be as she pulled her phone off the charger.

Unlocking her phone she opened her messages.

Jack: You come to town and don’t let me know you are here?

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat.

Jessica:Sorry Jack, I was just going to have a relaxing night and call you tomorrow.

Jack:I was hoping to come up for a visit.

Jessica: Up?


Jessica: You’re down stairs?

Jack: Maybe

She jumped out of her skin when someone knocked on her door. Her heart raced and she couldn’t help but get excited about the surprise visit. “One minute!” she called out to the door.

Racing she pulled a t-shirt over her bare chest before making her way to the door to open it.

She could feel her face flush in embarrassment as the young bell hop stared at her as she stood standing in a tee and panties. Quickly she dashed behind the door and signed the chit for the room service. She couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

Her phone buzzed again.

Jack: You coming down or am I coming up?

Jessica: Come up. Room 1116

Jack wasted no time in getting to her room. When Jessica opened the door his cock stiffened immediately. Her hard nipples pressing the fabric of her shirt and those lacy little white panties were more than he could have asked for. Without a word, Jack stepped up to her and pulled her lips to his as he closed the door.

Reaching down, he pulled her legs up around him as he continued kissing her and made his way to the bed. Laying on her, he pressed his quickly stiffening cock bulge against her pussy and began to grind her. Their tongues fought wildly as he began grinding her harder.

Jessica wrapped her legs around him tightly and wiggled her hips as he went through the motions of fucking her. Reaching down she pulled her shirt up exposing her breasts which Jack hungrily sucked one in to his mouth as his hand mauled the other one.

Jacks thrusting slowed and he moved up on his knees to unzip his pants. She watched as he pulled his rock hard cock from the confine of his pants. A big drop of precum dripped from the tip down to the bed. His big hand reached down and pulled her panties to the side exposing her pussy. Leaning down he kissed her deeply with his cock inches from her pussy. He could feel perabet güvenilir mi the heat and was dying to feel the tightness of her love tunnel. Grabbing his cock he slid the head up and down her slit smearing his dripping cum over it.

Jessica pushed her hand to his stomach. “You can’t fuck me Jack.” She tried to mask the disappointment in her voice.

Jack starred down at the gorgeous blonde and his cock at the entrance of her bald little pussy. “I know baby, I’m just gonna play here like this.”

As he squeezed and jerked himself at her opening more cum smeared her already drenched pussy. He knew she wanted his cock as bad as he wanted to give it to her, but it wasn’t time yet. Carefully he put the head between her outer lips and played with her opening making her squirm.

Jessica couldn’t help but squirt and grind the swollen head at her opening. She knew that Josh would let him fuck her someday and she was not going to let it happen until he was ready. That didn’t take away from the pleasure his swollen cock was giving her. Grinding her clit against it as he his head flicked up and down her an orgasm snuck up on her.

As her hips bucked wildly Jack watched from his kneeling position as she slid herself up and down over the head of his cock. Reality kicked in when their timing was off and the head of his cock pushed slightly in to her wet opening. Both of their eyes met realizing what almost happened.

“Suck this cock baby girl or I’m going to have to fuck you silly.” He reached down lifting her head slightly as he straddled her chest.

She didn’t have a lot of room to move as he started fucking her mouth. His big hand squeezed held her head as he fucked her mouth wildly. His cum flowed freely over her tongue as he fucked her mouth. “It’s time baby girl, Daddy is going to shoot his load all over your face and tits!”

Jack back up slightly pulling himself from her mouth. “Open your mouth for Daddy.” He kneeled there with his hands at his side as his cock exploded. The first shot blasted across her forehead and on to her pillow. The second one had less range and caught the corner of her mouth which she quickly tongued back in to her mouth.

Squeezing her breasts together he pushed himself between them and fucked them. Jessica moved her mouth so she could lick at this swollen head and watch as he fucked her tits until he collapsed on the bed beside her.

“FUCK JESS! You make me cum so fucking hard.” His hand grabbed a handful of hair and guided her face to his cock. “Clean my cock little girl.”

Jessica sucked his cock in to her mouth and swallowed a surprising about of cum. Jack’s big fingers plowed in and out of her and she could feel another orgasm building.

“Cum for me baby girl!” He pushed three fingers in to her and his thumb slid across her button. “Cum for me while I fuck that hot little mouth.” His free hand held her head as he pushed his cock deeper in to mouth until she gagged.

Her pussy gushed and her hips went wild. Jack kept his hands moving at the same speed tormenting and extending her orgasm for an eternity before she had to pull away.

Jessica lay down with her face low on his stomach keeping his cock within kissing distance. “I needed that.”

“Mmm, me too baby girl.” Jack caressed her long blond hair. It was so silk soft and he pulled it across his chest enjoying the feeling.

Jessica awoke to the buzzing of her phone. It took a minute to realize where she was as she looked around the empty room. The bed was in complete disarray, the wet spots from orgasms were still soaked through the sheets.

As she grabbed her phone she noted it was 3:07 AM.

Josh:You must be having a great time. Let me know when you get home, I will be up.

Jessica climbed back in bed and pulled up the covers before calling home. “Hi Honey.”

“Are you just getting in?” Josh’s voice was excited as usual.

Jessica told him every detail and how they hardly said two words to one another. Josh loved every minute of it and she drew the story out until she heard her husband breathing changed until he moaned alerting her to his orgasm.

“I will call you tomorrow. I love you.” She was exhausted and she ached for sleep.

“I love you too. Pleasant dreams angel.” His voice was sleepy as he hung the phone up.

Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror she saw Jack’s dried cum on her breasts and in her hair. A long hot shower would do the trick before she would start the paperwork for ChemFlo to get the order in quickly.

To reward herself for a good mornings work, she decided to go shopping. Digging a business card from her wallet she called Jorge to arrange a ride.

Jorge dropped her off at the mall and she began the ritualistic hunt for wonderful non-essential things that are bought when rewarding oneself. She was sitting in Michael Kors waiting for the clerk to return with the black suede ankle boots she requested when her phone buzzed.

Jack:Hey baby girl. Hope you slept well. Do you have plans tonight?

Jessica:I slept like a log, didn’t even hear you leave. No plans

Jack:What are you up to now?

Jessica:Shopping at Galleria.

Jack:Text me when you’re done and I will come pick you up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32