The Unseen Gift

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Gemma laid out the toys on the table of the hotel room; feather ticklers, massage oil, a whip, an anal vibe, lube and condoms. She checked the clock on the bedside table. Still about 10 minutes until she had to leave. The nerves were starting to kick in now as the scenario she had been thinking about for so long was about to become reality.

Her husband, Jake came out of the bathroom freshly showered. His dark hair was slicked down and he was wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein style boxers. They embraced; absorbing each other and Gemma inhaled the scent of the aftershave she had bought him. The nervous energy in the room was tangible to both of them.

A quick check of the clock; time for Gemma to leave. They both moved over to the bed. Gemma picked up a blindfold and placed it over Jake’s eyes, tying it securely at the back.
“Can you see anything?”
“No,” he said shaking his head. He lay back against the pillows and Gemma looked at him for a moment taking the picture in. He was so beautiful, she loved him so much, her perfect partner and lover.

“O.K. I will go now. She will be here very soon. I will be close by so if anything goes really wrong just call me, and I will be here for you.” Gemma planned to spend the next couple of hours in the hotel bar catching up on reading, emails and hopefully chatting online to a few friends.

Gemma stood up and checked the room over one more time. All the lights were out except for one small lamp in the corner. Jake was lying ready on the bed. She collected her bag took a deep breath and slipped out the door.
Several weeks earlier Jake and Gemma had been lying in bed chatting about their desires and fantasies. Since entering the swing scene about two years earlier they had both gotten much more in touch with their likes, dislikes and desires. They had also grown in their ability to tell each other what they truly wanted. They had overcome the conditioning and constraints of traditional monogamous ideals and the possibilities for sexual fulfilment stretched before them.
“I have this thing that I would like to do sometime,” Jake, being male, struggled to express himself sometimes. Gemma, being very expressive, was frustrated at this sometimes but she was learning to listen without judgement.
“Tell me about it.” Gemma was intrigued. Jake didn’t often remember his dreams and to date had not really expressed any fantasies that he wanted to fulfill.
“Well I would like to have sex with a stranger in a darkened room. You know, so we can’t really see each other and would never truly know who the other person was.”
Gemma was impressed. This was out there for Jake. It wasn’t like he was a boring lover but it wasn’t really like him to think up scenarios like this one. It seized her imagination. She had read stories about other couples who had set up scenarios for each other but she had never thought of being involved in those kinds of games herself.

Over the next few weeks they discussed the idea. It was exciting for both of them. Although Gemma’s role in this was purely as an organiser, she didn’t feel at all jealous. She loved the idea of giving Jake this fantastic experience. She knew that although she wouldn’t be the woman in the room, he would know that it was her gift to him and it made her feel closer to him.

She made a commitment to Jake, and herself, that she would do her best to make it happen. It seemed simple enough in concept but the reality of actually finding a person was a little daunting. Dreaming up an idea like this and agreeing to the principles of it was one thing. Making it come to life was completely another. The reality of actually identifying suitable people and making contact with them scared the hell out of Gemma.

During the course of their swinging adventures they had met a few people with different interests and ideas. No one that Gemma could think of seemed to be the kind of person who would be interested in something like this. She discussed the idea with a few of her closer ‘friends’ and while they all thought it sounded fantastic, none were really forthcoming with good suggestions as to how to make it happen.

A little while after they returned Gemma met Amy in a forum hosted by the swinger’s website that she and Jake were members of. After chatting to Amy for a little while Gemma and Jake found themselves invited to Amy’s birthday party. A very sexy affair. Gemma and Jake had never been to this type of party before and they were both very excited about the possibilities. The party was fantastic, Jake and Gemma very much enjoyed meeting Amy, her husband James, and a whole lot of their very sexy friends. Amy was the hostess with the mostess and in Gemma’s mind she was very much a sex goddess. Amy was a woman who knew what she wanted and didn’t mind asking for it, thank you very much. Someone Gemma really wanted to be like.

After the party Gemma and Amy chatted on line a couple of times. Gemma really liked Amy. She was a bubbly and confident woman who was very sexually adventurous. It also seemed bahis firmaları that as a compulsive social networker, Amy knew a lot of people ‘in the scene’. Gemma felt that maybe Amy would be able to give her some pointers about potential participants in Jake’s surprise. So she asked.

Amy was enthusiastic, as she was about a lot of things to do with sex.
“Oooooh! How fantastic,” she gushed. “It has to be a stranger though! I would have loved to be involved in something like that! Jake is cute!”
“Well he won’t actually see the person, and he hasn’t had sex with you before so there is no reason why you can’t.” Gemma really liked Amy and she genuinely thought that Amy would be the perfect person for the job. She felt that Amy would be outgoing enough to coax her retiring husband out of his shell and give him a night to remember.
“Really?” Gemma could tell that even though Amy was excited about this she was also hesitant. Gemma reassured her,

“Sure. I think you would be great.”
“Oooooooh how delicious!” Amy was genuinely excited.

Gemma was very happy. Every other avenue se had explored until now had been a dead end and she had been starting to doubt that she would be able to make this happen. Now it seemed that her luck had changed and she was pleased with herself.

They discussed details how, when, where and a date was set. It all seemed to fall into place and Gemma couldn’t understand why it had seemed such an impossible task in the first place.

Over the next few weeks Gemma made plans for how to get Jake where he needed to be without letting on what was really happening. She wanted it to be as much a surprise as possible. She let on that she was making progress with his surprise but didn’t let on as to the date and location.

He was very curious about the workings of things but she was mysterious. They were both excited about what might happen and thoughts of possible scenarios fuelled several nights of passion.
Gemma and Amy had several conversations which were quite specific about Jake’s likes and dislikes. Amy wanted to be sure of as many details as possible.
“What parts does he like being touched? What sort of things really turn him on? Is there anywhere that he doesn’t like to be touched?” She asked. Amy wanted to be sure that she wouldn’t inadvertently do something to totally spoil the night. Gemma had told Amy that she would have a lot of freedom in her choice of activities. Whilst the scenario was set how the evening played out and how Amy and Jake interacted was largely up to Amy. She would have a lot of power over Jake who would be blindfolded and not able to really control his surroundings.

Amy was excited thinking about the possibilities of the evening. She loved to explore men’s bodies and she loved to try things that some people considered unusual. She loved her husband, James but she loved the variety of experiencing different partners in different situations. Thinking of being with a man who would be at her mercy thrilled her. A chance for her to play a more dominant role. Normally she was the submissive one.

To her surprise it also thrilled her own husband. Thinking about his wife seducing a man with her touch, smell and sexiness really turned him on. He thought about her in the darkened room stroking, licking and sucking Jake and it gave him a raging hard on which demanded to be satisfied. He loved his wife’s sexiness, her gorgeous breasts and pussy and the images in his mind of her using them to work another man into a frenzy was more of a turn on than any porn he had ever seen.

Finally the night arrived. Gemma had booked a hotel in the CBD. The plan was that Gemma and Jake would arrive, get themselves organised and then Gemma would leave a few minutes before Amy let herself into the room with a key that Gemma left for her at the front desk.

Jake listened to the sound of the door closing behind Gemma. He didn’t know how long he would have to wait for the sound of the key in the door to announce the arrival of the mystery woman. His heart was beating with nervousness and excitement. The blindfold increased his other senses. He was acutely aware of every tiny sound and smell in the room and he found himself straining a little to hear what would happen next.

He didn’t have to wait long. It seemed as if the two women had passed each other in the corridor. The sound of the key in the door was both a relief and a shock of nerves. He lay on the bed, his heart pounding out of his chest as he listened to her walking into the room. She immediately came over to the bed and kissed him. He could feel her trembling a little and was surprised that she would be nervous. He felt a little reassured, but still excited by the possibilities that lay before them.

Amy looked at Jake on the bed. She took in his lean body lying partially naked in front of her. He seemed helpless, totally at her mercy. She shivered a little at the jolt of arousal that this power gave her. Her mind raced a little as she looked at the items laid out kaçak iddaa on the table. The possibilities of the night crowded into her mind and her arousal increased. Amy was a very sexual person and the thought of the blank canvas of the evening to be filled with her desires was almost overwhelming. She had a basic plan in her head and Gemma and she had agreed on a time for her to leave so she had to remain true to the plan but some of the details could be changed as the mood took her.

She quickly undressed. Under her normal street clothes she wore a lace body suit that was open at the breasts and the crotch. Easy for the blindfolded man to have access to all the ‘goodies’ but still the feel of lace on her skin to give the impression of not being undressed. She had on a short skirt as Gemma had told her that Jake loved skirts with bare pussies underneath.

Her attention turned to the man on the bed. His vulnerability triggered the nurturer in her and she picked up the massage oil. She loved to use massage as a sensual way to start things off. Oil in hand she moved over to the bed and asked him to roll over on to his stomach. As he rolled over she admired his smooth back and his neat arse. She placed some oil on her hands and ran them over his back getting to know the feel of him, enjoying the sensation as he relaxed under her hands. She massaged him with long firm strokes; the motions soothing both of their nerves and setting up the sensual rhythm for the night. Her breasts stroked his back and she enjoyed the feel of sliding her body against his; using more than just her hands to stimulate him. But that bottom called to her, she needed to take a peek at it.

She took off his boxers admiring his neat tight buttocks. Yummy. She massaged his buttocks, feeling the firm muscle in her hands, pulling the cheeks apart slightly to peek at what was between them. Her breathing increased in anticipation and she felt the throb in her groin. How she loved boys bottoms. This one was neat, firm and beautifully clean. If anyone asked her what her fetish was she would reply,
“Boy’s bottoms! I love to touch them, lick them even gently bite them.”
This bottom was virgin. Gemma had told Amy that Jake loved women to touch his arse but that she, Gemma, wasn’t particularly into that and so they had played a little but rimming would be a new experience for Jake.

Amy looked now at the ‘freckle’ between those delicious cheeks and her fetish took over. She touched him gently. The slight thrust of the hips and the intake of breath told her what she wanted to hear. She leaned down and placed her tongue where her finger had been, tracing the outline and then ever so slightly putting her tongue into the hole. All the while she listened to his responses. The intake of breath as she licked and the involuntary movements of his hips told her he was surrendering his virginity gladly. Her own body responded too.

Jake’s mind was racing. He was so aroused before she had taken his boxers off that he had to raise his hips off the bed so that she could slip the waistband over his erect cock. The feel of her tongue in his arse now was intense, better than anything he had done before. In all the imaginings about how this night would turn out he never thought he would be lying on this bed with this woman’s tongue probing his arse. He could feel his rock hard cock throbbing between his stomach and the bed. He thrust slightly against the bed and moaned in rhythm with her probing.

She paused for a moment and he felt a new sensation as something harder than her tongue gently found its way into him. He guessed it was the vibe she was using. She only penetrated him a small way but the vibrations were divine. Totally different from her tongue, but still thrilling. Because of the blindfold every little sensation was magnified. Not being able to see and being face down, it seemed all his senses were focused on where she was touching him and each new delight exploded his mind.

Finally she rolled him over and his cock was free. He wondered what would come next. The blindfold was still firmly in place and Jake had really no idea who this mystery woman was, what she looked like or what the expression on her face was right now. He was aware of her breathing and it told him that she was aroused as well. She moved slightly and he had a faint smell of her pussy juices. This sent a new jolt into him.

Amy took a moment to look at the front view. Jake’s cock dominated the scene, demanding attention. She was impressed. It was thicker, longer and more attractive than the photos she had seen. As she sat on the bed and looked at him, she was torn by all the ‘goodies’ before her; lovely kissable lips, beautiful throbbing cock, or back to that virgin arse. Amy was becoming hooked on the experience of being in control, having the choices and being able to give and take what she wanted. Quickly she looked at the bedside clock. Time was slipping away a little. Oh to gorge herself on all of what was before her.

She leaned down and kissed him on kaçak bahis the lips and then trailed kisses down his body avoiding the cock to tease him. Her hands traced around his thighs, so close. His cock moved in response and she could resist no longer. She leaned forward and slid her lips down over his head and shaft, savouring the texture and taste of his skin in her mouth and over her tongue. She continued to suck his beautiful cock, enjoying the change of pace and activity. She savoured the feeling his skin over her tongue, responding to his heavy breathing and small moans. Every now and then he would push her away as his arousal became too intense and she would kiss his belly and stroke his thighs, enjoying his arousal and the power she had over him. Then she would return to that beautiful cock sucking him to the edge again. The whole time that arse was in her mind calling her back.

Several times as Amy sucked him Jake felt he was on the verge of coming in her mouth. He wanted to make this experience last as long as possible. When he felt himself getting to close he pushed her gently away. While she was kissing his belly he was aching for her to return to sucking him. His arse was tingling with the memory of her licking and he would never get the feeling out of his mind. He was very pleased when she pushed his legs back. Anticipating what he hoped would come next he held his legs against his chest giving her clear access to whatever she desired: arse, balls, cock.

She surprised him slightly giving long cow licks starting from the point where his cheeks joined down over his hole, continuing gently over his balls and up to the tip of his cock. It was delicious, so many different stimulations, jangling his senses. Every now and then she would circle her tongue as before around his hole, slipping in just a millimetre.

It had surprised Amy how aroused she was from this experience. She had come into the room prepared for some fun and determined to give Jake a really good experience but her own response and arousal had taken her by surprise. She had never expected to gain so much pleasure from pleasing someone else. Her clit had been pulsating for so long and now it drove her own body to demand some attention. Jake as well was starting to feel the need to give rather than receive. He was not used to lying back and taking all the attention for so long and wanted to give something to this woman who had pleased him so much.

Amy sat up beside Jake and guided his hands to her breasts. He cupped them gently, stroking her and teasing her nipples with his fingers. His touch was divine on her and she thrilled for a moment enjoying the gentle attention but her pussy was clamouring at her. She guided his hand down between her legs to where she knew she would be streaming wetness.

She was indeed streaming with wetness. Even though her attentions had been focused on him so far the sights, sounds and feeling of power had turned her on more than she had anticipated. Jake stroked her pussy seeking out her clit. She gave a little moan as he touched her ‘pearl’. It was unusually large almost like a tiny penis. Jake played with it between his fingers and Amy shuddered with excitement and orgasm. Normally Amy was a very vocal and appreciative lover but in this room she was trying to hide that part of her personality so that she didn’t give her identity away. She wanted to remain the mystery woman.

After coming, Amy pushed Jake’s hand back to her vagina. He was curious, searching out the feel of her. Always he delighted in the variety of women’s pussies. The endless differences between them always surprised him and this one had already provided its own surprises. She guided his hand inside her and he placed his fingers against her G spot rubbing gently. He was rewarded quickly with a stream of wetness as she came a couple more times. She touched herself, covering her fingers with her juices and then placed them in his mouth so that he could taste her.

As she licked her own fingers clean she moved so that she was straddling his face and he could lick her. Jake ran his tongue around her outer lips tasting the same flavour that she had offered him earlier. He loved the taste of women and the feeling of her juices gushing over his hand earlier had excited him. His tongue circled her pearl and he sucked it into his mouth, holding it there for a while enjoying the feeling of giving pleasure. Amy responded, thrusting gently as the waves of orgasm washed over her a few more times. She looked at the clock, time was ticking past. Reluctantly she moved away and went back to sucking him for a few minutes.

Then it was time to feel this magnificent cock inside her. She picked up a condom and unwrapped it. She leaned down and took his cock into her mouth sucking him briefly before sliding the condom easily over his throbbing erect cock. She straddled him and then she eased him inside her. She focused on every centimetre penetrating into her, every millimetre of that girth pushing into her soaking wet pussy. She ground into him, feeling him pressing inside her, pressure in all the sensitive places of her pussy. She was trying not to give herself away but it was hard not to shout out the pleasure of that big beautiful cock inside her.

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