The Surprise Slumber Party

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Rachel couldn’t contain her laughter as she watched Claire stomp around the room, wildly throwing one arm back and forth over her head.

“I’m gonna go with, very exotic dancer!”

With an exasperated look, Claire got down on all fours and began awkwardly crawling around, carefully placing an elbow on her nose before lifting her arm this time.

“Oh, an elephant!” Rachel exclaimed with a snap of her fingers.

Crawling over and smacking a laughing Rachel with her ‘trunk,’ Claire stood up and flopped down on Rachel’s bed. “God, you are bad at charades.”

“My talents lie in more sophisticated areas,” Rachel said with the snootiest voice she could manage.

Looking at each other, both laying disheveled in their pajamas, the girls immediately cracked up laughing.

Since the two girls had started their undergrad at separate colleges, they hadn’t been able to see each other very often for the past couple of months. Now that summer was in full swing, they were trying their hardest to spend as much time with each other as they could before school started up again.

“Ahh,” Claire wiped a tear from her eye. “This has been a great sleepover so far, but it’s about time we cranked it up a notch,” she said, bouncing her eyebrows at Rachel.

“Hmm? And what pray tell could my innocent little friend have in mind?”

Claire sat up in bed and leaned over into her best friend’s face. “I’m talking about boys, bitch!”

“What about them?” Rachel asked, laughing.

“Well for starters, lately, you seem to have given up on them entirely!”

“Nooo, what do you mean?”

Claire glared at her. “I mean, I’m pretty certain the last time you mentioned even being interested in a boy was over two months ago!” She gestured at her friend. “You’re barely over 5′ with a C-cup, a natural blond, and have the body of a porn star.” Rachel began blushing, but she continued. “It’s not that the boys suddenly stopped being attracted to you, so why don’t you tell me what is really going on?”

Beet red, Rachel was quiet for a moment. It was true most guys tended to look at her more than Claire. While Claire was still pretty, she was only an A-cup with a pretty thin body. Rachel was also fairly toned from volleyball, but that meant she had a lot more curves that she was self-conscious of.

“Okay,” she whispered. “I’ll let you in on my secret, but only if you promise not to tell anyone!”

Clearly excited, Claire mimed zipping up her lips and throwing away her key.

Rachel looked at the clock. It was 11:19 at night, so she had just enough time.

She looked back at Claire and took in a deep breath before whispering, “I’ve been getting fucked almost every night for the last couple of months! By Tom!”

Eyes wide and mouth hanging open, Claire looked at her friend in shock. “Tom? As in your older brother Tom? As in your very committed to his girlfriend, older brother Tom? What the fuck? How?!” She whispered back.

“Well you know how long distance has been hard for Tom lately…” Claire nodded. “…Apparently, he somehow got his hands on a fleshlight a few months ago. And to help with his fantasies, he cut out a hole in the wall that leads to the empty crawl space we used to explore when we were little, and stuck the fleshlight inside, as if it were a glory hole.” Rachel explained. “Almost every night at 11:30, like clockwork, Tom takes off the painting he has hiding the hole and fucks it.” Rachel leaned in very close, and whispered in Claire’s ear. “But what he doesn’t know is that since almost the beginning I’ve been going into the crawl space around 11:25, removing the fleshlight, and pressing my own pussy against the hole to his wall!”

Claire rolled her eyes and snorted, “And I’ve had a threesome with the Queen of England and Michelle Obama.”

Rachel gently smacked her with a smile. “I swear it’s true! Almost every single night, he fucks me through the wall for a couple of minutes before cumming inside me.” Her cheeks turned red again, even brighter than before as she realized what she was actually saying. “Once he finishes and puts the painting back, I put the fleshlight back and go clean up. He’s never figured it out!”

Claire raised an eyebrow and shook her head. “Alright, let’s pretend your story is the truth for a second. Plot hole number one,” she said holding up a finger, “I’m pretty sure Tom should be able to tell the difference between a real vagina and a fake one.”

Rachel looked down sheepishly. “Well I may not have told you the complete truth…” She looked up, her eyes meeting Claire’s impassive face. “I know it was wrong of me, but I maaay have been bahis firmaları listening in on their private conversations, and I maaay have heard Tom’s girlfriend giving him the idea in the first place.”

After a second realization dawned on Claire’s face, followed closely by disbelief. “So, you mean to tell me he’s been fucking you since the very beginning?” Blushing, Rachel gave a small nod. “Has he even once used the fleshlight??” Seeing Rachel shake her head, Claire snorted with laughter. “I didn’t realize my besty was such a thirsty slut,” she said with a playful shove.

Rachel looked a little hurt. “Like you wouldn’t take the opportunity to get fucked every night with no strings attached? You’re way more experienced when it comes to taking cocks than I am!” Claire tried to respond, but Rachel cut her off. “You don’t even believe me after I confided in you! Some best friend you are!”

Claire tried to hide how much Rachel’s comment stung. “Who on Earth would believe your stupid story? And stop being such a baby!” Looking at a teary-eyed Rachel, Claire suddenly had an idea. She placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head. “Why don’t you just show me then?” She said with a smirk.

Rachel sniffed, and wiped her nose on her sleeve. “Fine! But when you see I’m telling the truth, you’re gonna have to go through some punishment I come up with. Or we won’t be friends anymore!”

Claire loudly laughed at her. “Deal. And when you finally give up this charade, I’ll be punishing you instead!” She said, holding out her hand. With another sniff, Rachel took her extended hand and gave it a shake.

As soon as they let their hands drop, Rachel’s eyes dried up and she let loose a big crooked smile. “You are such a sucker,” she said, her voice back to normal. “I’m going to enjoy this sooo much!”

Claire looked confused, “Wha-“

“Shush!” Rachel stopped her, pointing to the clock. It was already 11:25. Rachel looked at Claire excitedly. “It’s time!”

Rolling her eyes, Claire followed Rachel out of her room. The two of them quietly snuck past Tom’s room and past the bend at the end of the hall. Rachel stopped and turned to Claire. She held a finger up to her lips. “You’re gonna have to be really quiet,” she whispered. “And it’s a crawl space, so it’s gonna be tight.” Seeing Claire nod, Rachel turned back to the crawl space door and pulled it open. Getting on her hands and knees, she crawled through the short opening.

After Rachel was fully through, Claire sighed and followed suit. She realized immediately that ‘tight’ was an understatement. The crawl space was just big enough to fit the two of them if they stayed almost pressed together and hunched over. But even worse was the heat.

“It’s like a fucking sauna in here!” Claire hissed as Rachel leaned over her, pulling the door shut. Within seconds, both girls’ pajamas began to soak through with sweat.

“It’s not gonna bother me much,” Rachel said with a smirk. Twisting and turning in the small room, she peeled off her shirt, revealing her perky breasts, nipples already hard with excitement. Hunching over even more, she began stripping off her bottoms. Trying to get them off her sweating legs proved to be a challenge.

“Watch it,” Claire hissed as Rachel accidentally smeared her sticky boobs against her, trying to maneuver around in the enclosed area. Claire decided it was way too hot to not follow Rachel’s example. After peeling her already drenched shirt and shorts off she sat in only her plain black underwear. Looking at Rachel, she snorted. “Nice panties. What are you, twelve?”

Having finally gotten her bottoms off, Rachel sat on her butt, wearing nothing but a pair of cotton white panties with tiny red and pink hearts on them and a small ribbon at the top. She stuck out her tongue before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulling them off. Claire watched, curious. They had seen each other mostly naked plenty of times before, but she had never caught such a close-up glimpse of her best friends until now. And seeing as Rachel was sitting on her butt with her legs spread and angled toward a hunched over Claire, she was getting a pretty good look.

Rachel’s mound was smooth and completely shaved. Her lips were already swollen and split ever so far apart. And if that wasn’t enough to show how excited she was, Claire could see her pussy already glistening in the light of the dull bulb above them. “Oh my God you are so wet right now!” Claire squealed as quietly as she could. “What the fuck is going on!”

“Shhh!” Rachel blushed as she hushed her friend, covering her mound with a hand in embarrassment. kaçak iddaa Nobody had ever seen her like this before. Well nobody but Tom of course, but he thought her pussy was fake. But before she could feel too embarrassed the girls both went silent as they suddenly heard muffled sounds come from the wall beside them.

Rachel quickly grabbed the fleshlight that Claire only just realized was attached to the wall. Pulling it off, she revealed a hole only a few inches wide in the wall with something covering it on the other side. Twisting around in the cramped space, Rachel maneuvered her body so she was on her hands and knees, with her pussy pressed right up against the hole.

Unfortunately, with the two of them in the cramped room together, this position forced her face right into Claire’s crotch. Claire pushed herself as far back against the door as she could, wiping her sweat covered hair from her eyes, but it didn’t help. Rachel’s face was pressed against her covered mound.

Rachel painfully tried to crane her head up to hiss at Claire to move, when she felt a cold breeze against her suddenly exposed privates. Before she had time to prepare herself, Rachel felt something hot press against her pussy lips and begin forcing its way inside her. Just like every night, she felt her pussy stretch as her brother’s cock slowly made its way inside her, forcing her to accommodate his girth.

As the pressure from her brother’s cock filled her, her face was forced down against Claire’s panties. Taking advantage of her mouth being covered, Rachel let loose a low moan as she felt Tom’s cock finally bottom out inside her.

With her back pressed against the door, Claire watched as Rachel awkwardly raised her head and made eye contact with her, opening her mouth as if to say something. But before she got the chance, she watched as her best friend’s eyes flew wide open and her mouth formed into an O shape. She could feel Rachel’s body begin to press even more against her, and with a start realized Tom must have just thrust inside her. Before she could say anything, Rachel dropped her face against her.

If Claire could have leapt back, she would have. Her best friend’s face was suddenly pressed against her crotch, and the only thing separating her open mouth from her pussy was the sheer black fabric of her already soaked panties. Before Claire could move, she felt Rachel let loose a deep moan, sending vibrations straight into her clit, forcing her to gasp against her will.

With her face shoved hard against Claire’s panties, Rachel couldn’t see. She could only feel the heat from Tom’s cock as it began to slowly pull itself out of her, leaving her insides gaping and feeling empty, before thankfully forcing its way back into her soaking hole. Her pussy didn’t seem to grow accustomed to being split apart like this, as even after months of being fucked by the same cock, each thrust into her was just as tight as it was the night he had taken her virginity.

Rachel felt the thrusting from Tom’s cock begin to come more forcefully, causing small yelps and moans from her each time he bottomed out inside her. She felt herself being pushed forward again and again. Each time her face was shoved harder into Claire’s panties, making it tough to breath.

Claire’s thoughts were all over the place. She was watching her best friend, who she’d played with and confided in since they were little, get fucked by her older brother right in front of her. And with each thrust into Rachel, Rachel’s face was ground against Claire’s pussy and clit, forcing a gasp from her. Her besty’s drool, her sweat, and her own flowing juices had all combined to completely soak her thin panties through.

Her mind muddled with arousal and pleasure, Claire tried to slip a finger under the side of her panties and start rubbing herself. As her finger tip slipped under, another thrust from Tom made Rachel’s face violently push against her, shoving her panties to the side and forcing Rachel’s tongue into her soaking pussy.

Rachel was lost, stuck between the violent thrusts of her brother’s cock and the thinly clad pussy of her best friend. Completely at the mercy of the two most important people in her life, she could do nothing but moan harder and harder against her best friend as her brother fucked her like a toy. Suddenly, she felt the thin material of Claire’s panties vanish, and Tom’s thrust forced her face hard against Claire, causing her tongue to slip inside her besty.

The force of Tom’s thrusts prevented her from fully pulling back, and now each thrust caused her tongue to penetrate her friend again and again as her nose rubbed against kaçak bahis her clit. The taste of sweat and her best friend’s pussy coated her face as she struggled to get air. Trying to pull away, she felt a hand intertwine itself into her hair and force her face even deeper into Claire’s pussy.

Claire barely suppressed a yell as she felt Rachel’s tongue slip inside her. Despite having lost her virginity a few years back, she had never been eaten out before. She panted as she felt her best friends’ tongue slipping in and out of her pussy, lapping at her juices. She felt the pressure building inside her as her orgasm quickly loomed closer. As the pressure built within her, Claire grabbed Rachel by the hair and forced her tongue even deeper inside her, nearly crying out with pleasure.

Rachel could barely breath as Claire forced her face against her pussy. It was all she could do to steal tiny gulps of air every time Tom pulled his cock out of her. Her own orgasm was rapidly approaching, and she tried to think of anything to distract herself. Worried that the quivering from her orgasm would cause her brother to realize he was actually fucking his little sister, she had somehow managed to avoid orgasming every night. But as Tom’s thrusts came faster and faster, pinning her down and forcing her to tongue fuck her best friend, she didn’t think she was going to make it.

Claire couldn’t take it anymore. Rachel’s tongue invading around her insides and her face rubbing against her clit were too much for her to take. With her free hand she covered her mouth and screamed as quietly as she could as she felt her body explode and release her pent-up orgasm, flooding her besty’s mouth with her juices. Her body shook and quivered as she forced Rachel’s tongue to continue lapping up her juices.

The pressure and heat from Tom’s cock combined with the sickly-sweet juices of Claire’s pussy as it squeezed her tongue were too much for her. Rachel felt her body betray her as her muscles went limp and she began to spasm around her brother’s cock. She screamed into Claire’s orgasming pussy as her own began contracting around her brother’s cock, pulling it deep inside her and forcing it to suddenly unleash a hot torrent of cum deep within her womb. Feeling Tom’s cock twitch and pulse inside her as it filled her with his seed, and as the edges of her vision went black from lack of air, Rachel felt a second orgasm force itself onto her. There was no way Tom didn’t feel her pussy milking his cock or hear her moans and sobs as she was forced to lap up her besty’s own orgasm. If it weren’t for the tight crawl Space and Claire’s body pushing so hard into hers, she would have collapsed to the floor in a quivering heap.

It took an entire minute for Tom’s cock to completely stop twitching inside her, each twitch sending a similar spasm through her entire body. She almost cried as she felt her brother slowly pull his quickly deflating cock out of her, and place the picture over the hole. The hole sealed once more, Claire finally managed to twist back, freeing Rachel from her prison. In an instant the last of her strength left her body and she let herself collapse to the floor, half curled into a ball.

Panting, Claire watched as Rachel fell to the floor. Her best friend lay there, twitching as her brother’s cum slowly dripped out of her pussy. Rachel’s face was completely smeared with Claire’s own juices, and her eyes were half closed, as if she was only partially unconscious. Claire continued to lean back against the door as her thoughts became clearer. After resting for a minute, she quietly learned over and reattached the fleshlight against the hole in the wall.

That done, she looked down at her best friend. Rachel had finally stopped twitching and was taking deep breaths with her eyes closed, most likely passed out. Claire noticed that Tom’s cum was continuing to slowly drip out of Rachel’s pussy, joining her own juices in a puddle on the floor. After a moment’s hesitation, Claire carefully leaned down and ran her tongue along her friend’s swollen pussy, tasting the salty-sweet mixture of her besty’s juices and Tom’s cum. The gesture forced another spasm to travel through Rachel’s unconscious body, causing her eyes to flicker open with a light moan.

“Wha…” Rachel barely got out.

“Shhh…” Claire stopped her. She gently grabbed her friend and helped her to her hands and knees. “We’re gonna get you to bed okay?” A soft mumble was all she got from Rachel. After a quick peek outside to make sure the coast was clear, Claire helped Rachel out of the crawl space. With wobbly legs, the two girls barely made it back to Rachel’s room before once again collapsing on the bed.

As Claire began drifting off into an exhausted slumber, she heard Rachel murmur softly by her ear before she lost consciousness.

“…your punishment is gonna be good.”

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