The Story of Peggy

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I first met Peggy on a three-day weekend at a ski resort area in northern New Hampshire named North Conway. My friends from Boston had decided it was time to learn how to ski and we searched for low priced deals on lodging in the area. One place looked particularly good. It was a huge old wooden hotel on the outskirts of the town and was not only inexpensive but had a reputation for good food and a laid back attitude. This meant that after 9:00pm everyone had to be in a bedroom essentially for the night. No one checked whose room you were in and if you stayed quiet you could move around as much as you desired.

After the first day of skiing most everyone was wiped out so it was no big deal to limit the party time. Nor was it much different on the second day. That night however it started snowing and on awakening there was 20 inches of new snow on the ground and the snow was still coming down at a prodigious rate. The radio informed everyone that a record snowfall was expected and that it would be at least noon the next day before it would be possible to get on the highways. Word went out that the lodge would not charge for the extra overnight. A charge of $2.50 would be added for breakfast the next morning however.

Thus began a great mingling of the lodge guests and an outstanding party after dinner. During the afternoon I saw this sparkling girl playing one of the pinball games. She had black curly hair a white blouse open at the neck and a knee length skirt. Her smile was fabulous and lit up her whole face. Once we started talking it became obvious that we would get along well. The more we talked the closer I felt to this girl who seemed to get more beautiful by the minute.

Once when we looked directly into each other’s eyes we both had to hold onto the pinball machine for support. Something was happening that was new to both of us.

For the party all the girls who had brought dress-up clothes wore them. Roger my friend who had convinced me to try skiing latched on to a gorgeous tall blond. They danced so close it looked only one person was dancing. Peggy was nowhere to be found and I was very unhappy and mopping.

Suddenly I felt a tugging on my sleeve. Peggy had to rid herself of a leach type and had been on the other side of the room. She had not wanted me to see her with him. I took one look and could hardly breath. Peggy was really something to see. Her breasts showed a deep cleavage of very white smooth soft skin. I had to step back to see all of her and all I saw was curve after curve.

I took her in my arms to dance and as soon as I smelled her perfume my body short-circuited into a hard cock. For me it was as hard and large as I had ever experienced and it jammed into Peggy at some point just below her belly button. I pulled back immediately and she seemed not to notice, but she had and snuggled up close making me move into a protective dancing position. I wasn’t sure but it seemed that she liked the feel of my cock touching her. I sure liked it, but was afraid it would start to spurt on its own, which would be a disaster.

Later everyone changed into less formal clothing and started having a real party with lots of drinking and singing and noise. The snow was coming down much lighter so every once in a while the whole party would move outside and catch snow flakes in their mouths, then run back inside to warm up. It was quite a crowd and it took some time to find Peggy. I heard her yell “there you are ” and a solid female package had her arms around my neck and her lips on mine. Without thinking I jammed my tongue into the wonderful mouth that was kissing me. “Stop that”, she yelled and pulled back from her kiss. “I do not do that”

“I am really sorry ” I stammered, ” I won’t do it any more. It just happened.” She wasn’t angry so we kissed again. We settled is a corner wicker chair and kissed more. I slipped a hand under her bra and played with her left nipple, which grew, to magnificent proportions. Peggy was both hot and somewhat drunk. I took off her bra and the most magnificent pair of tits I had seen in ages faced me. I sucked on each nipple one after the other and Peggy started squirming. She had hold of my cock thru my pants and was moaning. I was able to touch her crotch and found her panties wet and smelling wonderful. I tasted her wetness and was in heaven.

The lights went on and off several times and the party was declared over. I put Peggy back together and one of her friends collected her. Peggy gave me a nice kiss goodnight.

In the morning we were all greeted to a New Hampshire wonderland. Snow and sunshine were everywhere. I made a date with Peggy for the following Saturday to see a movie in Boston. She looked fantastic. A gorgeous 20 years old with a new boy friend and from another part of the country. I couldn’t have been more pleased even if my date was a double date with her cousin and her new boy friend. Of course I had to go through all the rituals of meeting Peggy’s family including her married sister, her parents and even a male cousin, who wasn’t very happy to see me. I think he had a crush on Peggy and bahis firmaları for some time.

I did not feel comfortable with her parents, particularly her father who acted very cold toward my Ivy League education and my job which sounded much like a day laborer at that time. A few houses down the street I met Peggy’s sister who was about two years older and married with one child. She came to the door in her bare feet and some kind of a housedress that clung to her body ending just above her knees. She was very friendly, but spoke with a strong Boston accent that I found difficult to understand. She was the sexiest woman I had seen in a long time. She invited Peggy and me to come back any time.

Peggy and her friend had a ritual for a movie double date. First we would kiss and make out about two blocks from Peggy’s house for up to an hour. Then we would leave one couple off and park about two doors from the front of Peggy’s. This was the spot for single dates also. When her parents figured we had had enough the front lights on the house would begin flashing.

I decided to expand our time together by taking Peggy to dinner and then dancing at Vaughn Monroe’s. She got permission to stay out until 1:00 am for such a special night. This was after at least a month of dating and the movies

We had dinner at Ken’s Steak house and then drove about a half mile for our entertainment. We got to Monroe’s about 10 and finished off dinner with a cordial. Then we had a couple of drinks while we danced. Peggy was getting very sexy and kissing my neck and rubbing against me. The dance floor was kept dark because all the guys had developed tents in the front of their pants as they held their partners.

At about 11:30 we left for my car, which I had parked near the back of the parking lot and I was sucking on Peggy’s nipples practically as soon as we got inside, She really liked having her nipples sucked and also liked playing with my cock even though it was covered with my pants. I found out later she had never seen a bare one.

I told Peggy my favorite kiss was the soul kiss where we each put our tongues into the others mouth. That is so dirty and unhygienic Peggy replied. I told her it was my favorite kiss and was very sexy and done by everyone. I love sucking your nipples but tongue kissing was much sexier.

‘I don’t believe that she replied, I opened my mouth into an oval with my tongue just behind my teeth. Put your lips on mine and lick my tongue. Then let me lick yours. Then I will close my lips around yours and we play tongue on tongue.

It wasn’t long before our kisses were all open mouth and I was running my hands all over Peggy’s body. She was feeling super sexy and we were dry humping and moaning in rhythm. Her hand started grabbing my upper leg and crawling over it and I put my hand on her knee. As soon as I touched her, both legs flew open and her skirt went up around her waist. I could see the inside of both legs to her pussy, which was soaking her panties. My hands automatically rubbed her legs and cupped her pussy. She was making weird noises and pumping against my hand, which was soaking. I tasted my Peggy by licking the juices on my hand. They tasted fantastic and my cock felt like it would explode. I got it out of my fly just in time as stream after stream of white sperm shot up between my girl’s legs onto her pussy. She took a big glob on a finger and licked it into her mouth.

Suddenly she seemed to spasm again fucking the air with her pussy and then passing out. She was OK in about fifteen minutes and holding me tight said “We better get home” She played with my cock on the way home and I was rock hard by the time we got to her house. She had her tongue in my mouth when we kissed goodnight and the lights were flashing even though we were ten minutes early.

I felt good about our relationship.

On Wednesday our usual night for planning the weekend my world came crashing down. The first words out of Peggy’s mouth were “I can’t go out with you any more” You turn me on too much as soon as I see you. Well you turn me on just thinking about you but I still want to go out with you.

I told my Priest about you and he said DO NOT GO OUT with him any more. That’s the only way to break this kind of infatuation. He ordered me not to go out with you.

I replied tell me his name and where he lives and I will talk to him. Peggy would not.

I called her the next day and Peggy was still adamant about her position

All I could think was that I am loosing my girl and I hadn’t done anything wrong.

She would no longer talk to me on the phone. I felt really crappy.

If her mother answered she would tell me that Peggy would not go out with me anymore and to please stop calling. So I stopped calling and felt miserable.

Three more weeks went by and I had no idea what I had done so I started skiing every weekend at a bigger mountain known as Cannon. It was about sixty miles west of Cranmore and was a much more difficult mountain to ski. I met many new friends and soon forgot the hurt I had gone through with Peggy. By the kaçak iddaa end of April everyone in my new group of new friends could ski Cannon and not be exhausted at the end of a weekend.

Some of us started playing at golf and partying. I got in the habit of sleeping until noon on Saturdays and gradually slipping into the day.

One early Saturday morning (about 9:00 am) I was awakened by a knocking on my apartment door. I only slept in my boxer shorts, so I opened the door only a crack to see who might be so rude as to be banging on my door so early.

There she was Peggy all dressed up in black stockings, heels, a white shirt and a tight skirt. She looked fabulous. I wasn’t very nice to her and grumbled something like,” What the hell do you want?”

“I have to talk to you ” Peggy replied “I didn’t mean to hurt you, but between my mother and that dammed priest I could have and I want to explain and apologize.”

So I showered and made a fresh pot of coffee. I just put on a silk pair of running shorts and sat down with Peggy to hear what she had to say.

It really started when I had that orgasm and didn’t recognize what it was and you shot a load of sperm all over my pussy and the inside of my dress. My mother recognized what probably happened and got jealous. She raised hell with me and had this young priest warn me not you go out with you any more. Actually I never talked to the priest myself but only to what mom said he said. I have my own apartment now and got a very good raise at work and feel so bad that I hurt you, My girlfriends explained that Priests never give orders only strong suggestions.

By this time her skirt had moved up her leg so far I could just see the white skin above her stocking. I put my hand on her thigh and she leaned foreword and then kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth and my cock tented my silk running shorts. Peggy moved in close and wrapped her hand around it over the cloth.

Can I touch it bare she exclaimed, my shorts hit the floor an instant later and Peggy had a grip on my bare cock and was stroking it up and down. “I feel such a strong urge to kiss it” came next.” Then she had it all in her mouth and was sucking on it as if she knew what she was doing. I warned her that I was about to fire and to swallow all of it. Peggy did a perfect job.

“I want to hold you naked ” was my next request as she walked into the bedroom. She dropped her clothes only hesitating to remove her stockings.

I sucked her nipples first. Then I started licking on her now very juicy pussy, I feasted on her sweet pussy until my face was covered with juice. Two fingers in and out of her hole and one in her anal started Peggy screaming in primal ecstasy .She had a major orgasm.

She worked my cock up and down and licked the head and the whole length. She found my ass hole and when she stuck her tongue in it my prick started shooting long white strands of semen all over her body. We held each other and licked and rubbed the naked body we were holding for at least two more orgasms for the afternoon.

We pleased each other all afternoon and went to bed in each other’s arms. We felt great and seemed very happy in the morning. Peggy would still not let me fuck her. She still had a strong feeling she wanted to be a virgin when she got married. She had shaved her pussy since I had last seen her. From behind it looked a large ripe peach hanging between her legs. I couldn’t help sticking my tongue in the slit and drinking her wonderful juices and licking her ass. Her tight pucker hole opened enough for the end of my tongue to enter.

I continued to play with her asshole and after several months of doing the 69 I was able to squeeze two fingers in her ass and give her fantastic orgasms. Do you think you could fuck my ass and not hurt me Peggy blurted out one Saturday morning as I was trying to mount her from the rear? I’ll be gentile I said and we went to work. After a couple of hours my cock was at fully in of Peggy’s canal and feeling fantastic. Peggy said it felt fine and started a slow wiggle. We carefully moved it in and out and soon I was ramming my cock into the beautiful ass of my girl. We had huge orgasms at the same time. Peggy did say her tits were sore from my using them to hang on to her.

We got along well as a couple and had great times together. I don’t think our sex life could have been any better. Or any sex life could have been better. We kept our separate apartments.

One day in the middle of that summer Peggy did not seem very happy at all. I asked her what was going on. She was concerned about her older sister whose husband had been away on his job for a month and it looked like he might be away for another. Rose was stuck in the house and was having a miserable lonely time. She only had a few friends and her sister Peggy was her best friend but she was having a marvelous time with me.

” Could you take me and my sister Rose out some night together. Just to get her out of the house. I’ll pay for her baby sitter and her dinner” floated from Peggy with the suddenness of a summer storm not long after kaçak bahis I had heard about Rose being unhappy.

I suggested we go to Ken’s Steak House and then to Vaughn Monroe’s for dancing, like Peggy and I had done. I felt very flush since I had just received a promotion and good raise. “I am sure Rose will have plenty of dancing partners and I will pick up the check if you pay the sitter.” warbled from my mouth.

The next weekend and its Saturday night roared in and I had a date with two beauties for dinner and dancing no less. Peggy exited her apartment with a new off the shoulder dinner dress. It was so far off it looked as if her tits would pop out at her first turn on the dance floor. She looked fantastic but her smile indicated she might have had a drink or two. Her vocal neighbors showed their appreciation with several new off color cheers that I had never heard before.

When we stopped to pick up Rose half the neighborhood was on the sidewalks. These ladies must have some reputation I thought. Her mother would be the baby sitter. She was on the front step with the baby in a stroller. For the first time since we had met she smiled at me.

At 6:00 on the dot the door to Rose’s house opened and out came Rose. I saw Peggy watching me closely and I didn’t want to overreact when I saw Rose. She looked hot and beautiful wearing only a simple black dress with strings over the shoulders holding her large tits up. Actually it looked as if only half were up so much skin was showing. She had bare legs and bare feet in sandals. Her skin had a wonderful tan glow. Rose said hello to me and her sister and I could understand every word. Where her thick Boston accent had gone God only knows.

“Pictures, Pictures” shouts arose and the two girls posed like professional models. No one asked for a picture of me. Peggy squeezed in my front seat next to me and Rose pushed in next to her. By the time we had settled in the front seat both girl’s skirts had settled at mid-thigh and four legs of the most beautiful and sexy shapes stretched out before me. Once we got underway I put my right hand on the mid thigh of Peggy and rubbed it up and down her leg reaching almost to her crotch. She managed to push her legs open and I had my hand touching her wet pussy. Peggy had my pants covered cock in her hand and was playing with it just enough to maintain a rock hard prick all the way to Ken’s. Rose just leaned back and enjoyed the cool air blowing through her hair.

When we got to Ken’s, the girls generated a real commotion when the publicity department decided it had to have pictures of our party for its next publicity magazine issue and the Boston Globe absolutely needed pictures for Sundays society section. We were somewhat unique, since there was not many Princeton grads in the area, and non-on the town with two absolutely beautiful young women with him. Somehow our dinners became free. The girls had a fantastic time lying to all the young studs that visited our table.

By the time we left for Monroe’s it was happy time all around, and I had to cut back on my drinking. Peggy kept going full blast, but Rose also had the good sense to cut back. The picture session at Monroe’s went smoothly. I danced with Peggy who kept sticking her tongue in my ear and rubbing her crotch into my hard prick.

When I danced with Rose she only sang softly in my ear, but rubbed her crotch into my hard prick. I almost came twice in my pants. I watched carefully to see how some of the young studs that danced with the girls made out. Most of them lost it when Peggy kissed them on the neck and them stuck her tongue in their ears. Rose got the same results by accidentally exposing a tit when her string dress support slipped off her shoulder.

Just as we were preparing to leave some old guy sent a round of drinks to our table. He and his younger lady companion followed for a dance. Peggy had a great time, but she was just hanging on. I danced with the guy’s companion who seemed to enjoy my hard prick rubbing into her crotch. Except for that communication she seemed aloof (drunk). Rose refused all dances. Everything for the evening was on the house. The guy was The US Senator from Massachusetts.

Somehow we made it into my car after promising to return. Peggy stretched out on the back seat and Rose sat very close to me. I took a nap, which lasted about an hour, and when I awoke I felt sober enough to drive. Rose had my cock in her mouth and I was rubbing her now dripping pussy with low moans coming from both of us. When she saw that I was awake, Rose managed to stretch out on the front seat with her legs spread and her bare pussy staring at me. “I need to be fucked right now,” she growled.

I had my cock inside her surprisingly tight cunt immediately. She wrapped her legs around me and we fucked and fucked until our energy turned off our movements. When we recovered we did it one more time and I drove every one home just as the sun was rising. I took Rose home first. When I got to Peggy’s apartment she seemed to be sound asleep in the back seat where I had put her. I carried this beautiful bundle up to her apartment and put her on her bed. Then I started the most pleasant job of undressing her. As I took off her stockings she suddenly sat up and looked at my face. “You fucked my sister, didn’t you?”

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