The Story of Eunice

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Note: The events in this story are completely of the Author’s fantasy. Anyone living within the prescribed areas would know that the events mentioned herein do you align themselves with reality. In many cases relations may seem very close to those of reality; however are entirely fictional images of the authors mind. Any sexual actions are strictly fantasies of the author. In certain cases, street names will be real street names. All Persons portrayed in sexual activities are above 18 years of age.


Eunice was on her way home, she had just graduated High school and was on her way to attending the University of Waterloo and was riding the newly completed mass transit system that apparently her boyfriend had done a Co-op on. She had to say, it was overly futuristic. Come to think of it, and just a month ago she had lost her virginity to her boyfriend the night after prom. The one thing that still bothered her was that as much as she loved him, she was still a lesbian at heart. Just before he entered her, she couldn’t let him in without him knowing this fact. Her boyfriend has been nice enough to stop and listen to her as she cried. She relived the entire scene in her mind:

*Wasaga Beach*

“Honey, can we hold on a minute?”

[Stops entry]

“Sure hun, we’ve waited a year, what’s up? Other then my dick…”

“Haha, funny” Eunice laughed, “this is serious though… I can’t hold it in forever, afterall, relationships are about honesty right?

“Go on”

I’m a Lesbian” Eunice blurted out turning on and clinging onto her boyfriend.

“You’re a what!!!”

“A Lesbian, I like Girls, like…” Eunice said beginning crying.

“Wait… hold on I know what a lesbian is but, we’re about to have sex and you waited a whole year to tell me this?”

“I haven’t told anyone in my life, except my Girlfriend”

“Who’s your girlfriend… Jacq? Emily?”


“Yeah, I’ve actually thought about you two since you asked me if I was stalking you back in grade 9 geography class.”

“You’ve liked me that long?”

“Yep, since that day almost.” He said.

“So you’re not turned off, or going to dump me, now that you know I’m a lesbian are you?”

“Eunice, aside from the fact that you’ve probably been cheating on me with her, or her with me, for over a year now, the only fact I hate is that you didn’t tell me”

“I’m so sorry”

“Another thing I can’t understand is, if you’re a lesbian, why are you with me?”

“it’s a very long story hun…”

“Honestly, We’ve got all night, we can have sex tomorrow, or if you’re not done your story, how’s next weekend sound?” he laughed, this was one of the reasons she liked him, he was the nice guy, bad boy in school, with a great sense of humor.

“Real funny” she said through tears “Well here goes then: I’ve honestly known I’ve loved girls since I can remember, but at the same time, I’ve always wanted a family, you know, have my own children and stuff.”

“But lesbians can have children…”

“Yea, but I wanted a normal family, like where my children knew their father” Eunice said still crying, “When I was growing up in Scarborough, I… I had a friend, she and I were close, she was over a lot.”

“What was her name?”

“You know her, it was Angela”

*long pause*

“Angela… okay, and what happened between you two? She was at our school in grade 10, and you guys sat on opposite ends of the room”

“We… were caught… in her room, making out.” Eunice exclaimed exploding in tears, “by her mom”

“How come your parents never found out?”

“This was… a week… before I moved… to Thornhill” Eunice said through tears.

“It’s okay hun, take it easy” he said trying to comfort her “So how did Emily become involved?”

“Me and her” Eunice stammered, “we met In elementary school, after I moved” Eunice said, wiping her tears with her arm “We just instantly clicked, eventually it was bound to happen, she confronted me first, asking if I liked girls, so I told her the truth, and told her to keep hush about it”

“So while you and your female-friends were making out, I and my friends were horsing around in War-clubs…”

“That’s what I like about you, you can keep a sense of humour, even in a situation like this” Eunice said, smiling through tears, still hugging him hard.

“You going to leave me hanging”

“You still have an erection? Girl on girl really turns you on doesn’t it you dirty bastard” bahis firmaları she said with tears running down her face onto his dress shirt.

“Very funny, I didn’t mean by that hun” he smiled at beautiful dark eyes welling up with tears.

“So yeah, uhh” she paused “we’ve always just been friends, but maybe a couple months after we became good friends, we finally got into kissing and such… and I have to say, it was mind blowing” Eunice exclaimed. “Then, we got together, and I have to say it, but please don’t be mad.”

“I’ll be fine, I’ve always imagined you two anyways”

“We had sex a last night, for the first time”

“WHAT! I was expecting something like a weekly excursion!”

“I know… I knew you wanted me tonight, so I wanted something to compare to, I’m so sorry…” Eunice said. “… can we just sleep tonight, I’m just not ready”

“Don’t be, we’ll go on when you’re ready” he said wiping her tears onto his fingers. And they fell asleep.

Loudspeaker: “Woodbine Station”

Eunice almost falls over when the bus screeches to a halt, she had missed her stop “Great… I only missed my stop by 5 stations”

Eunice got off the bus and called her mom.

“Hey mom, I missed my stop, I fell asleep on the bus”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m at Woodbine & 7”

“Oh perfect, can you run into Michael-Angelo’s & pick up a some oranges?”



Loudspeaker: “Valleymede Station”

As Eunice get’s off the bus, she crossed the road and begins walking home. As she’s walking she thinks about her life and the one person she’s always wanted sexually: Her mom. Eunice shakes her head. She thinks about it some more and decides today was going to be the day, the day she takes her mom, willing or by force.

“Mom, I’m home”

“Great hun, I’m in the kitchen”

Eunice takes off her brown winter coat and puts it on the hook, takes off her shoes, and makes her way with the bag of oranges to the kitchen.

“I got the oranges”

“Thanks honey, can you put them in the fridge?”


‘Now or never’ Eunice says in her head

“Hey mom, can we talk?” as Eunice finishes putting the oranges away.

“Sure honey, anytime you want”

“How about right now” Eunice says standing up

“sure, let’s go to the family room, it’s more comfortable”


“So, what do you want to talk about” Says Eunice’s mom,

“Mom, You know I have a boyfriend right?”

“Yes, what about him”

“It’s not about him, it’s about me” Eunice says letting her breath go

“I can’t imagine what you guys have gotten into, whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll get over, if you guys are having sex…”

“Yes mom, we are having sex, but I’m not here to talk about that, or him, this is about me…” Eunice interupted

“Eunice, if you’re about to tell me you’re a Lesbian, I got to tell you that I’ve known for years.”

Eunice’s jaw dropped and she just stared at her mom in shock before whispering “How”

“When you were younger, You use to go around the mall with me pointing out how pretty girls were, and when most girls say they want to marry their brother or father… you said ‘mom, I love you so much, I want to marry you’ so it was no surprise when Angela’s mom called me before we moved and told me what happened”

“Oh my god… You knew all this time?” Eunice said with tears welling

“Yes, it’s too bad Angela and her mom are both drug addicts now isn’t it?”

“Mom, there’s one more thing” Eunice said ignoring her mother’s comment


“I want you…” Eunice blurted out

“What do you mean by that?” her mom questioned

“and I want you now, I don’t care if you’re going to give me yourself willingly, or if I have to rape you, the only way you can stop me mom, is if you kill me”

Now it was her mom’s turn to stare in shock as her eldest child closed the gap between them with relative speed and jumped on top of her. She tried to fend her off but Eunice was too strong and she eventually succumbed to the futile battle.

“Eunice, st…” her mom screamed before Eunice clamped her mouth on top of her mom’s, forcing her tongue into her mother mouth.

Eunice then proceeded to remove a hand form her mom’s head and slowly moved it down, squeezing her mom’s breast for a moment before proceeding into her mom’s panties and cupping the place she entered the world.

“My gosh aren’t you wet for m” Eunice said

“EUNICE PLEASE…” kaçak iddaa her mom screamed before Eunice once again clamped her mouth on her mom’s.

Eunice then proceeded to undo her mom’s pants before reaching up and unbuttoning her mom’s shirt, ripping it open and reaching behind her mom, unclasping her bra. She then grabbed the bra from under her and threw it across the room tearing the shoulder straps in the process.

Eunice then released her mom’s mouth and began sucking on her breasts before sitting up and taking off her sweater, t-shirt and bra, letting them fall to the floor beside the couch. She put her right breast to her mom’s mouth and shoved it against her mom’s lips.

“Suck it”

Her mom simply looked at Eunice with a look of fear.

“Okay fine”

Eunice got up and striped her mom of her jeans, and proceeded to spank her mom’s pussy.

“Ohhh… Eunice…” her mom moaned

Eunice then leaned forward and licked her mom’s slit through her panties. Her mom moaned and grabbed Eunice’s head shoving it harder into her pussy.

Eunice looked up and smiled: “Looks like someone’s enjoying it”

Eunice then slid her mom’s panties off leaving her mom naked, before attacking her mom’s slit with her skilled mouth.

Eunice was enjoying herself so much she didn’t hear her dad come home and instantly saw his wife’s face and the female in between her legs. His first reaction as to storm in there and flip a table, but when he realized that it was his daughter between his wife’s legs, he stopped dead in his tracks.

When his wife saw him, she motioned from him to come over. Eunice didn’t even realize her father was there until he leaned over and kiss his wife on the cheek telling her they’d talk later. Eunice was too far gone psychologically to stop or have any reason.

Moments later his son, Jason, came home and saw the scene on the couch, he proceeded to grab Eunice by the shoulder and was thrown onto the single seat and before getting his bearings, standing up and screaming: “Eunice!”

Eunice then turned around at her brother and screamed “Fuck off!”

To which her brother replied “Eunice! This is exactly what you didn’t want to become! Don’t you remember what happens after this!” grabbing her on the shoulder and turning her

Eunice, realizing what she had been doing, instantly broke down into tears and fell forward onto her brother’s shoulder. Her brother who was considerably smaller then her, fell back in the single seat, proceeded to comfort his sister, and motioned for his parents to leave the room.

Eunice just cried on her brother’s shoulder for an hour before sitting up, naked, and whispered “Thanks for stopping me” before giving her brother a sisterly peck on the cheek. She gathered her clothes and ran upstairs to the washroom, taking off her pants and tossing it with the clothes into the hamper. She started the shower and hoped it would wash away her guilt.

The next morning, Eunice woke up and knew she had to face her parents. Just then her father knocked on the door: “Eunice, can I come in?”

Eunice didn’t respond and her father entered anyways taking a seat on the side of her bed. He reached over and brushed the hair off his daughter’s face. She looked up at him and with tears welling in her eyes, “Dad… I’m so sorry about last night… I don’t know what came over me…I can’t live on after that, I belong in a mental institution”

“Eunice, in 2 months, you’ll be going to university, are you sure you won’t end up raping anyone there? Because if you do, then you’ll really end up in there.” Her dad explained “Eunice, are you actually gay, or was that just a fantasy thing?”

“Mom didn’t tell you huh?”

“She said it would be better for you to explain, especially since you have a boyfriend… who you’ve had sex with, so this really doesn’t make sense”

“I understand, I’ve known since, like forever, that I’ve liked girls. I just never told anyone because it wasn’t ‘normal'” said Eunice using her fingers as quotations. “at the same time, I’ve always, as most girls, wanted a family. You know with children and all that. But I didn’t want a wife and children, I want my children to know who their father was, I wanted a normal family, with a wife, a husband, a couple children, something along those lines”

“You really are one of a kind” said her father running his fingers through her hair before getting up and leaving the room.

After brushing her teeth, she went back to her room, and sat as her desk, opened her laptop kaçak bahis and waited for it to boot up.

She was contemplating suicide.

Just then her phone buzzed, she got a text from her girlfriend Emily:

“hey babe, you wanna go watch some James Bond or something?”

Eunice thought about it and responded:

“Not today… my parents just found out I’m a lesbian, my dad took it surprisingly well, can you come over? We need to talk.”

A few seconds later:

Emily: “I can’t today, I have no ride”

Eunice remembered that Emily had no driver’s licence, nor did she have a bus pass. And transit from her house involved a long walk and multiple transfers.

Eunice: “Okay, I’ll drive over is that okay?”

Emily: “anytime girl”

She then packed a bag of some essentials and made her way downstairs. She entered the kitchen and was confronted by her mom. Eunice tried to back out but not before her mom saw her.

“Eunice, about what happened last night….”

“I’m so sorry mom” Eunice said going in for a hug

“Eunice, I’ve always said I love you and I always will, but a mother and her daughter should never love each other in that sort of way”

“I know mom, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Its okay honey” her mom said patting her on the back

“Mom, can I go over to Emily’s house?”

“isn’t she your girlfriend?”

“Uhh… well… yes… I umm…” Eunice shied

“Do her parent’s know?”

“Not as far as I know…”

“They’d better know by the end of the day, or I’m calling her mom and telling her myself”

“MOM!!! NO!!!” Screamed Eunice

“Sorry honey, from a parent’s view, I can’t let this go on without them knowing, Eunice, at least does your boyfriend know?” Eunice’s mom said shrugging.

“Yes mother, he does.” Eunice said rolling her eyes, looking in search of the car keys. “Where are the car keys?”

“You father took your brother to Future Shop”

“Can I borrow your car???”

Her mom fished out the keys to her Lexus from her pocket and held them up, and pulled them away when Eunice reached for them.

“Promise Emily’s parent does will know by the end of the day?”

“Yes… I guess they’ll find out either way huh…”

“I would’ve preferred to find out in a different way than yesterday”

She shook her head when her daughter left without responding.

Upon arrival at Emily’s house, she rang the doorbell and Emily answered the door.

“Hey Em”

“Eunice, come on in” Emily greeted as Eunice entered

“So… I guess now you two aren’t the only ones to know I’m Les, eh?” asked Eunice

“Guess not” Emily responded, “so what did you want to talk about?”

“Well… My mom said…” Eunice started, “do you want me to just come on out with it?”

“Of course babe”

“My mom asked me if your parents know about us… and if they don’t, you might want to tell them, or she’ll call them later, and tell them herself, I’m so sorry” said Eunice starting to cry on Emily’s shoulder.

“Well… I’ve sort of hinted at them about it, but I don’t think they know… I think my mom might have found the sex toys in my drawer though…”

“You’re taking this surprisingly well…”

“Well, were here for each other right?” said Emily before giving Eunice a peck on the lips. Before getting up and going to the kitchen. “Want anything to drink?”


“Very funny, honestly Eunice, I know you, if you were going to kill yourself, you would, you wouldn’t wait for someone else to do it”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence” Eunice said to an Emily out of sight


*Eunice and Emily watching TV*

“Hey girls, how you two doing?” said Emily’s mom

“Good” both girls responded together

“You two make such a good couple”

Eunice and Emily look at each other, and then look at Emily’s mom

Eunice’s mom looks at the two girls “Wait… are you two….. together? ”

“Yeah, about that mom…” Emily explained

Emily’s mom put her hand over her mouth and rushes out of the room.

“Well… what now?” says Eunice

“Hold on okay?”

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere right now”

Emily leaves to chase her mom

Emily searches for her mom and finally finds her in the master bathroom

“Mom” says Emily pounding on the door

“Go away you dyke!”

“Mom, can we at least talk about this?”

“GO AWAY!!!” Screams Emily’s mom

“Mom, I’m not going away until you come out here, either that, or I’m going to pick the lock”



Note from the author: the story will continue, with Emily as the main character in, The Story of Emily.

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