The Shower

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I had the house to myself. Peace, perfect peace! The wine was opened, the lights dimmed, all I had to do was chose a film to watch from mass of DvD’s we had accumulated over the years. Or maybe I should get one from the secret stash in our bedroom; films that were not for general view?

My peace was disturbed by the doorbell making its annoying sound and interrupting my decision making. “Oh shit!” I said aloud, wondering who would be at the door. Hopefully not some loser selling double glazing or a religious nutter.

I opened the door to be greeted by my neighbour, Alex.

“Hi Will,” she said looking up at me smiling. “I am sorry to disturb you, but my shower has just packed up and I have just come back from the gym. I couldn’t use yours could I?”

Alex, stood there with her hair a wet mess, still on her gym clothes.

“Yes, of course, do come in,” I said.

“Oh thanks Will. Let me get my towel and change of clothes. I’ll be right back.”

Alex ran down the drive to her house opposite. I had admired Alex for as long as we had lived in the same street; a short, slim lady about the same age as me, late 40’s, a bum to lust after in skin tight leggings, a tight tee-shirt showing her small but nicely shaped boobs, shoulder length auburn hair and a fantastic smile. She and her boyfriend kept themselves to themselves but my wife and I sometimes got together with them for a glass of wine or a BBQ.

Alex was soon back with a bag and a towel.

“I really appreciate this Will. I always run back from the gym as part of my workout, and the bloody shower would only spray boiling hot water when I tried it.”

“No problem, any time. The one in our en-suite is best, let me show you.”

I led her upstairs and it felt really weird going into the marital bedroom with her. I opened the door to the en-suite.

“All yours Alex, enjoy!” I said stepping aside.

“Thanks,” she replied smiling at me as she went into the en-suite bathroom.

I left the room, shutting the bedroom door and went downstairs.

Putting the thoughts of a film out of my mind I poured a glass of wine and sat staring into space imagining what was happening upstairs; the lather and water cascading over her taught body. The nipples hardening as she stroked them as she washed. I felt myself harden as I thought about her washing between her legs. I wondered if she had much pubic hair? Was she shaven, a bit or totally? I tried to stop the thoughts as I felt myself get even harder.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by Alex coming down the stairs.

“Will, thanks so much.”

“No problem Alex, anytime. I would guess that you will need a new shower as these things are not built to be fixed so be prepared to be without one for a few days, but as I say, you can always come over here and use ours. The kids are away with Sue for the next week, so use this place as your own. Do you want a key?”

“Wow that’s really kind, but let’s see what Hugh can do when he comes home. He may be able to fix it or get a new one, but thanks I will let you know.”

“Sorry, how rude of me,” I said. “Would you like a glass?” I added looking at my glass of wine.

“Eh, I would love one, but I must get home and start dinner.”

“Ok,” I said trying to hide my disappointment and also trying not to stare at her in a lustful way because my mind was being filled up with visions of her naked in the shower again.

With that she headed for the door, turned around and smiled. “Thanks Will, you’re a life saver.”

I returned to the sitting room and decided a naughty porn film was now to be the order of the day so went online and spent the next two hours finishing a bottle of wine, looking güvenilir bahis at my favourite websites and trying to stop thinking of Alex.

The next afternoon the doorbell rang again at about the same time.

I opened the door.

“Hi Will! Me again, guess what?” Alex said smiling sheepishly at me.

“Come in, I guess the shower is still broken?”

“Yes, Hugh managed to make it work but now only cold water. He managed to have his shower this morning, but there is no way I am having a cold shower!” she laughed as I let her in.

“You know where it is, anything else you need?”

“No thanks,” she said, “I have everything.”.

“Ok, let me know if you want me to wash your back,” I joked.

“Will do, but I think I am OK,” she smiled.

I busied myself in the kitchen as Alex went upstairs and had her shower, my mind again full of thoughts at what she looked like and what she was doing, how she was cleaning herself, where she was rubbing.

I felt her standing behind me.

“Thanks again Will, I think we will be ok in a couple of days so if I could use yours again tomorrow….”

“Of course, use anything of mine you like Alex,” I smiled.

“Naughty naughty Will,” Alex said smiling as she wagged her finger at me in mock anger. “You behave, or I shall have to put you over my knee!”

Amazed at how the conversation was going, for in all our meetings there had never been any flirting or references to sex, I responded with; “promises promises Alex, I might like that!”

“I bet you would! Now I had better be going before….”

“Before what Alex?”

“Stop it Will,” she said playfully slapping me on the arm.

“See you tomorrow Alex, and don’t forget the offer if you want your back washed!”

“Ok will do Will, and I will remember your kind offer!”

The next day the door bell rang at about the same time again.

“Hi Alex!”


“How are you?”

“Will, I am so grateful, but thankfully we should be Ok tomorrow, so this will probably be the last time I bother you.”

“Trust me Alex it’s no bother.”

“Anyway thanks again.”

I smiled at her, “Back wash?”

“Nice idea, but no thanks.”

“Ok, maybe a massage after?”

She laughed, but then looked at me quizzically. “Are you serious?”

I paused. This conversation looked as though it may be going into dangerous ground. What should I say?

“If you want one, I would be happy to.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said looking serious for a moment.

With that she went upstairs and I soon heard the shower turn on and I was soon deep in thought. We all knew where massages often went. But even if I had misread the signs, there was no way I could massage Alex without getting turned on. It was impossible.

“Does that massage offer still stand Will?” came the shout from upstairs, interrupting my thoughts.

“Of course!” I replied climbing the stairs, trying not to appear to be too enthusiastic.

I walked into the bedroom, the bedroom I shared with my wife.

Lying on her stomach with a towel over her bottom and just a bra on top was Alex.

“Now Will, let’s be clear. I just want a straight massage, I know where massages can go, so behave, understand?”

“Perfectly,” I replied taking in the sight of her lying down on the bed.

I went into the en-suite and washed my hands and made them warm and returned with a bottle of baby oil.

“Ok?” I said.

“I think so, not sure this is correct, but OK. Just behave Will.”

I poured some oil on my hands and started to slowly rube her shoulders.

“Ok?” I asked.

“MMMMmmm yes. Nice.”

I started moving down her back, my fingers türkçe bahis and hands covering her back and trying not to get oil on her bra straps.

As if aware of what I was thinking, Alex reached behind and undid her bra, and lifting herself up a bit throwing it to one side.

“Better?” she asked.

“Yes, much.”

I made long slow sweeping movements down her spine to where the towel covered her bum. I went back up her body with more oil, taking in the sides but being careful not to go too far down the side and touching the sides of her now uncovered boobs; not that I could see them of course.

“That’s so nice Will, keep going, don’t stop. Sue is a lucky lady!”

“Thanks,” I mumbled. “Would you like your legs done?”

“Oh yes, but not me feet. I am very ticklish!”

“Ok,” I said as I moved towards the bottom of the bed.

I filled my hands with more oil and starting on her left leg, I massaged the calf and felt her open her legs a bit to allow me easier access. I then did her right leg, again just the calf and stopping at the back her knees. Getting more oil I returned to her left leg and started just above the back of her knee and massaged her thigh. Kneeding the back of her thigh with my thumbs I massaged the inner and outer thigh with my fingers. Again I felt her open her legs a bit.

“That’s really nice Will.”

I stopped doing her left leg and repeated the action on her right.

The towel slipped a bit as I kneeded her thighs showing that Alex had a pair of tiny briefs on.

“Sorry,” I said as the towel slipped a bit more.

“No problem,” she replied dreamily. “Take it off if it’s in the way.”

I did as she suggested and continued massaging her thighs wondering how high I dare go. I was within a couple of inches of the top of her thigh. I had encountered no resistance but I had agreed to behave. If I went any higher I would be touching her pussy. That was not behaving despite my overwhelming wish to do so.

“Will, that’s getting very close to being naughty.”


“Don’t be, it’s very nice but I think you should stop there.”

“Ok,” I replied, sliding my hands down her thigh back to safer ground just above her knee.

I started massaging her thighs again, with one hand rubbing each thigh.

“Oh god yes, that’s nice Will,” Alex sighed, opening her legs a bit wider.

I looked up and could just about make the shape of her pussy lips through her briefs, but could also see the unmistakable sign of a wet patch giving away the fact that this massage was turning her on.

Taking a chance I started moving up her thighs again, the response to which was her opening her legs a bit more and a sigh as my oily fingers rubbed the muscles of her inner thighs.

I was so so close to the top of her thighs, going slowly higher and higher, but this time there was no hint at her stopping me.

I was soon at the top and tried to rub between her legs without touching her pussy. I could see she was getting wetter and wetter. Her panties were now almost see-through.

Feeling bold now, I said. “Alex, is that Ok?”

“Mmmmmm, what do you think?”

I slowly rubbed her lips through her panties.

“Oh yes, yes!” she sighed.

I then slid a finger under the gusset of her knickers and felt her lips directly. Do flimsy material in the way. Sliding along her lips, I felt her open her legs even further and my oily fingers and her natural lubricant made it easy to enter her with my middle finger.

“Oh God yes!” Alex exclaimed as I entered her up to my second joint. I felt the muscles inside her grasp my finger. I withdrew it and continued the exploring of her wet pussy with one hand as güvenilir bahis siteleri the other pulled her knickers to one side.

I soon found her clit, standing hard and proud and as I gently rubbed it, I felt her stiffen and moan in appreciation.

“Yes Will, just there.”

“Let me take these off,” I said as I started to remove her knickers.

She helped me but lifting her-self off the bed and I was soon rubbing and stroking her again.

As I fingered her and rubbed her, her moaning became more vocal and she was soon crying out that she was about to cum.

“Make me cum Will, please!”

I had two fingers deep inside her fingering her, finger fucking and finding her gspot. My other hand was busy with a finger rubbing her clitoris.

I remover my fingers and went back to rubbing her pussy lips as I continued to play with her clit. Getting closer and closer she raised herself up on all fours, exposing her-self to my lustful eyes. Taking in her hairless shaven pussy, and now for the first time I looked at her tiny rose bud of a bum hole. Dare I, I thought?

I was soon taking her juices and rubbing her bum making it slick. I could see it open and close as I touched it and as she made it clear she was so close to cumming I gently put a wet finger in, immediately feeling the hole open to allow me in.

“Yes, thats it! Oh Fuck, yes. I am cumming!”

With that I felt her bum close tightly around my invading finger and she froze as her orgasm consumed her every nerve ending. As she calmed down, I stopped rubbing her clit and withdrew my finger.

Alex collapsed on the bed. “You promised to behave Will!” she said looking at me smiling in that post orgasmic way that women have.

“Should I apologise?”

“Yes, but that was a hell of a massage and trust me I did only want a massage. Well initially anyway,” she smiled.

“Well I am glad you liked it.”

“Oh I did, now maybe I should massage you, or should we just concentrate on massaging one part?”

I laughed. “That’s up to you!”

Alex sat up, allowing me to see her breasts for the first time. Small as I had thought, perfectly shaped with hardly any sag, and topped off by deep red hard nipples.

“Come on then, kit off and lie down Will.”

I did as I was asked, aware of my middle aged paunch compared with her finely tuned slim gym figure.

I was semi hard and as I lay down but I hardened as I saw her stand up and I could take in all of her nakedness.

She put some oil on her hand and started to gently rub my cock. It was soon rock hard.

“Nice?” she asked.


More oil and a faster action then followed. She then started cupping my balls and playing with them with one hand as she stroked me with the other.

“Oh God yes! I will not last long Alex!”

“Good, that’s the idea.”

I was soon fucking her hand. She kept her hand still and I thrust into it.

“Oh my God I am going to cum,” I shouted and almost immediately stopped thrusting as she grabbed my balls a bit tighter and I shot wad after wad of thick white sperm over her hand and my chest.

Cleaning herself and my chest she said “I think you needed that!”

“Oh yes, I did,” I sighed.

“Will,” she said looking at me seriously. “That was fun, but it was also wrong and it will never happen again. Ok?”


“I mean it, we have too much to risk. I enjoyed it, I really did, but if it started to become a regular thing I don’t think I could live with the guilt, and if we got caught…well.”

“I know,” I said. “I can’t help but agreeing with you in one way, but wishing we could do more another time.”

“We can’t. We mustn’t. Anyway my shower is fixed now.”

With that she stood up, gave me one last glimpse of her body, got dressed and gave me a chaste kiss on the forehead and left, looking over her shoulder to say:

“Bye Will, thanks for the shower, and the extras!”

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