The Ryno Memoirs: Night Tutor

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During college, I tutored high school students for a few extra dollars. The subject I always excelled in was math, for some reason, it just came easy to me. It all started by accident really.

A couple summers before I had worked with a small construction company who needed a “grunt” while building a customhouse. The owner of the company, Robert, was a real nice guy and we became good friends. I continued to work for him every break I had from school and helped him build his own 3 story Victorian home. Shortly after moving in, his wife decided she wanted to leave and took his teenage daughter and son to live in a small house a couple of miles away. Robert was left with a huge empty house that was only occupied by his children a few days a week.

Since I had recently moved out of an apartment I shared with my girlfriend, Robert asked if I would like to rent out the top of the house. I jumped at the chance, and moved in immediately. The top of the house was the very cool. It was a bedroom, bathroom with shower, huge closets, and a studying area. He had designed it for his daughter to have her privacy when she began her college classes. But for now, she was mommy’s girl and still in high school. Lucky for me!

The house was a great place to bring women home to. The girls just loved it! On more than a couple occasions, we would have a huge breakfast together with our dates from the night before. Even though Robert was about 15 years older than I was, he still could bring güvenilir bahis home the young college babes. Sometimes we would hook each other up with friends of the girl we were with. It was like an endless supply of fun. Life was good!

One day, Robert’s teenage daughter Jaime was spending the weekend, and she asked me if I knew anything about algebra. Since I did, I sat down with her and helped her finish her homework. She mentioned that her teacher does not really explain it very well and can be mean if she asked too many questions. I assured her that if she ever needed any more help, I would be here. She smiled, gave me a big hug and said “thanks”.

For the next few weeks after that day, Jaime asked for help several times. She would come over and we would sit at the dining room table, or on the couch and work on her algebra. She seemed very determined to get her grade up from her dismal “C minus”. Finally, she did. She stormed in surprising me with a huge hug and her progress report with a big fat “B”. She also said that she had a few friends who needed help. It was then that I realized I could actually be a tutor and make a little money. From then on I tutored 3 or 4 students a week making about $100 for just a few hours of my time. Easy money.

Then spring arrived. The cold winter months filled with snow and ice disappeared, giving way for the suns warm rays. With the warm days, brought problems. Some of the students I tutored where boys, but many were girls. türkçe bahis Young, attractive girls who dressed for the weather. Gone were the thick sweaters and pants, replaced by short skirts and thin, tight revealing blouses. I was suddenly aware of how close the girls would sit next to me, the hugs, the sweet smiles and playful laughter. Not wanting to cross that line, I began counting down the days until the end of the semester.

Spring break arrived and a week of no tutoring for me. Robert’s wife took their son on a camping trip, but Jaime did not want to go and stayed with us. Jaime had become almost like a little sister to me and she often teased me about the other girls that I tutored, especially a hot little coed named Monica. Jaime herself was beautiful. Long brown hair, greenish blue eyes, pouty little smile and a body sculpted by many years of ballet. Monica however was pure sexkitten! Jet black hair spiraling down to the middle of her back, huge breasts that defied gravity, tiny waist, tight ass and always dressed to impress. She was dangerous for any man, any age.

I wasn’t able to afford a big trip out of town like many of the others at the University, so the local pub was quiet, so was the nightclub, and even the hideaway bars. I returned home one night after playing some pool and drinking many beers to a dark house. Robert and his daughter must already be sleeping I thought, and I walked as quietly as I could up the stairs to my room. I quickly stripped and fell güvenilir bahis siteleri into a drunken slumber.

My dreams were crazy. First I am playing pool with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman, and then I am chased by a bunch of zombies that said I cheated at playing pool. Non-stop wackiness. Suddenly my dreams turned erotic. I felt myself floating in water watching naked girls splash all around me. My cock felt hard and I wanted to cum. I could feel the tickle of the waves on my dick and it was driving me insane. Feeling my hips thrusting upward, I woke myself up. My eyes focused on the ceiling above me and adjusted to the dim light of the street lamp peeking in the window. Funny thing was, I still felt the water on my genitals.

Of course, there was no water. Instead, looking up at me with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth was Jaime. I was stunned, not exactly sure of what to do. My mind said, “stop”, but my lips could not make a sound. I watched in silent ecstasy as she devoured my hard flesh. Her hand gripped tightly around the base moving with short smooth strokes as her lips slid up and down my thick shaft. I simply could not hold out any longer. My head fell back onto the pillow and a low soft groan escaped my throat. Jaime held tight with her mouth and swallowed.

She continued to suck every drop of come from my pole before releasing her airtight lock. When I opened my eyes, she was standing beside the bed. She knelt down, gave me a quick kiss and left the room. I looked down at my wet limp cock. What the hell was that? Did that really happen? I starred out the window at the street lamp thinking. Finally, my eyes closed and I fell asleep again.

**This is a true story and continues…

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