The Reunion Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age.


Day 3

We awoke the next morning and surprisingly, nothing was said about the fact that I was naked and that I had crawled into my parents bed. There was no recounting of the events of the previous night, but I assumed there would be interesting breakfast conversations.

As I lay in bed, I sensed a very pleasant fragrance. It wasn’t my perfume or my mother’s. It certainly wasn’t my father’s cologne but I couldn’t place it. Finally, I just assumed it was the detergent or softener that the housekeeping staff used on the sheets.

I turned to my mother, “Can you help me shave?”

“Help you? I haven’t had to help you shave your legs since you first reached puberty.”

“No, not my legs. My pussy.”

“Oh! Let’s go to breakfast. We can stop by the concierge and get something to shave with when we come back to the room.” Mom freshed up, brushed her teeth and “got dressed” which consisted of applying blush to her areolas and adorning herself with her ear rings and nipple rings. She brought out yet another different set of matching items. She wore azure dangle earrings and matching azure stones on a delicate chain that clung to her nipples. I couldn’t figure out how she had so many different sets of matching jewelry. When had she accumulated them? Did she buy them in anticipation of this weekend? Remember, she apparently didn’t even know that she would be nude until she met up with Lisa, Ingrid and Marta at the registration desk when we checked in. Or had she anticipated this all along. Had these items been in her jewelry box all these years?

She brought out another pair of ear rings and matching dangles for me. The ear rings consisted of a tassel chain and matching nipple dangles.

I was still self-conscious about my bush, so I did not have the confidence to go to breakfast nude although I had the desire. Instead I put on the jewelry and a pair of blue silk gym shorts with white trim. Dad dressed in khaki pants, dockers and a casual shirt and off we went.

We spotted a table with 3 empty chairs and sat down before going to the buffet line. I saw Lisa and Katy come in and was grateful there were no seats for them to join us. But Katy just couldn’t resist and came over and threw her arms around Mom and me. “Well I see our little incestuous lesbian has come out of the closet in more ways than one.”

I knew she was referring to Mom’s and my actions in Professor O’Brien’s class and not to my actions of last night. She couldn’t possibly have known about that; or could she? I figured Rob had filled her in after I walked away from them at the pool and that’s what prompted his snarky and crude remark. Mom and I both ignored her and I guess she felt the cold shoulder and walked away. Dad didn’t say a word and his face remained stoic. I guess Mom had filled him in on what happened in class. I allowed the subject to die of its own volition.

There was an omelette station set up; I was sorry Stacy wasn’t running it. I walked over and naively asked, “Can I please have an omelette with Gruyere, porcini mushrooms and prosciutto?”

Somewhat uncharacteristically for the usual politeness of the whole wait staff, the naked girl looked at me like I was crazy and with an edge in her voice asked, “How about pre-grated cheddar cheese, button mushrooms and ham?” I politely smiled and nodded my assent.

Dad had gotten a Belgium waffle with strawberry-blueberry compote and mom had a pair of canollli French Toast dippers. Ingrid Johansen came in by herself, came over and hugged mom and dad and me-the first time she had hugged me.

That was it! That was the fragrance I noticed in bed. It was all I could do to contain myself from pulling a Goldilocks and exclaiming, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” Instead I had the broadest grin on my face and I had to let everyone know that I knew so I said, “I enjoyed the scent of your perfume on my pillow this morning. It was very pleasant to awaken to.”

Ingrid smiled sheepishly and went to find another table. “How did you know?” mom asked.

“Have I ever been able to get away with anything without you figuring it out?”

“I guess you haven’t. I’ve always been able to figure you out.”

“Let’s just say it’s a woman’s intuition, or maybe I’ve inherited the ‘you-can’t-get-away-with anything’ gene from you.”

“God help your husband!” Dad cried out.

“Were you there last night, Dad? And where was Ingrid’s husband?”

“Eric, Ingrid’s husband, realized the importance of giving Ingrid some time alone to be with us to renew our old relationship. So it was just her, your mother and me.” And then he dropped the bombshell, “Just like it had been our junior year in college.”

“You were all in a manage-a-trois?”

“It was more like a polyamorous relationship.” There was no attempt to keep this converstion from the others at the table. And there reactions seemed to convey that I was the only pendik escort one at the table who didn’t know what had happened 20, or technically 22, years ago.

“What’s a poly-, a poly-uh, a polyamorous relationship?”

“Pumpkin, I don’t think this is a proper conversation for the breakfast table. We’ll tell you all about it some other time.”

I let the subject drop. Most of the rest of the breakfast conversation consisted of my telling everyone at the table about Stacy, Patricia, The Switch Hitter and The Absolute. It was an edited version, of course. If Mom wasn’t going to tell me all the details about them and Ingrid, I needed to keep some things private.

After breakfast Mom and I went to the concierge station. I said nothing and Mom turned to me and said, “Well, tell her what you want.” The concierge was an attractive redhead, completely naked, of course, who patiently waited for me.

She smiled in a comforting way when I finally shyly asked her, “Can I have something to shave with?”. The girl reached down and pulled out a pink box featuring a silhouette of a naked woman seated on an invisible flat surface performing some shadowy task between her legs. The Blanke-Schande logo was embossed on the box.

“There is a wet and dry cordless shaver with traveling pouch for you to keep with our compliments. There are sample packets of skintimate baby soft skintherapy moisturizing shave gel, cleansing wash and refreshing spray.”

“Oh, can I have one too?” Mom shouted with excitement. “Maybe I’ll go bald down there.”

The woman complied and gave Mom another kit.

We went up to our room and Mom and I had one of those genuine mother/daughter bonding moments as we proceeded to shave our pussies. She reached over to give me a few pointers. I must, in view of everything that had happened yesterday, both in Professor O’Brien’s class and at The Absolute, have started to get aroused by her attentiveness to my tender pussy. I reached down to return the favor and we just smiled at each other. We embraced. I wanted to recreate our intimacy of yesterday, but i was reluctant to initiate the action and she made no gesture beyond the embrace. When we had finished, she did say, “Here, let me apply the lotion. We don’t want you to get irritated down there.”

She rubbed the lotion on my pussy and caused the tingling sensation to return. I couln’t help moaning and Mom knew I was really getting aroused. She cut it short by saying, “Here, you apply it on mine.” Mom had been shaving her sparse pelt at the same time as I had been clearing my forest. I found a different kind of arousal from stroking her pussy.

The door to the bathroom had been wide open and Dad could hear what was going on. We paraded out to show off our new matching pussies.

“Wow, like mother, like daughter! You two could make one of those mother-daughter commercials.”

“I don’t think these products are advertised on television yet”, laughed Mom.

“Thank you, Susan.” I hadn’t blurted that out, I had thought about calling her that and finally decided this was the right moment. Mom, or Susan, glanced at Dad and he glanced at her.

“Am I Susan now and not Mom?”

You’ll always be Mom, but I kinda feel this weekend has elevated our relationship to a more mature level. Do you mind if I call you Susan?”

“Well, that’s my name and if you feel that is a more defining way to exemplify our relationship, I certainly have no problem with that.”

Dad spoke up, “Does that make me Frank?”

I want over to him, hugged his neck and said, “Of course not. You’ll always be Dad. And I’ll always be Pumpkin.”

We decided to walk around the campus. We had about 4 hours on our hands until the final planned event for the weekend which was a sit down luncheon where we were all encouraged to attend. I viewed it as my coming out party after the preview I gave everyone this morning.

We went to the Reunion reception table and I asked about the Hospitality School. I was told it was housed in the building adjacent to the Convention Center so it would be easy to get to. Even though it was Saturday and there were no classes, we were told it would be a beehive of activity. We were welcome to visit.

Sure enough, we found the halls buzzing with busy little naked queen bees and a few clothed drones. We popped into a couple of the, well, they could best be described as labs with elaborate kitchen set ups. We were greeted and made to feel right at home. I thought I recognized some of the people from the wait staff from the past two days.

The students were glad to strike up conversations with us. They invariably asked if my parents were in the hospitality field or if I was interested in pursuing that career. I honestly answered that I was thinking about it and I could see the puzzled look of my parents faces with the eyes in the back of my head. They ascertained that I was a senior in high school and that I was not planning on attending Blanke Schande.

They maltepe escort asked what my experience was. I stretched the truth by saying, “Well, I’m still building my resume.” That was a phrase that had never passed my lips. What resume? I’m not sure I knew what a resume was other than it was something I should have but didn’t.

“Keep working on it”, one of the more attractive blonds named Chelsea advised. “I started out as a fry attendant at McDonalds when I was 14.” Damn, I was already 4 years behind the curve. “I worked my way up and became an assistant crew leader at Chick-fil-A by the time I was 18. I was a hostess at Outback when I left for Blanke Schande.”

“That was an impressive resume you built for yourself in 4 years.”

“And I never had to work in a topless bar the whole time.” What a strange thing to say. And how ironic it was coming from someone preparing dough completely naked.

“Did you have any problem with the rules at Blanke Schande?”

“I came from a very strict home. Strangely enough my father had a problem when I said I wanted to come here, but my mother had no problem. She actively encouraged it and finally got my father to come around. My older brother still has some issues. Were aren’t really alienated, but he has never visited me here. But, oh, well, when I graduate next year I’ll get back into the textiled world and we’ll kiss and make up as if nothing had happened these four years other than my getting a great education.”

“In more ways than one.” I added ironically.

“Ha, ha! Yea, that’s very true. Excuse me, I have to form these loaves and get them in the proofer.”

Another beautiful brunette told us a similar story, at least as far as the career path went. But she said she was going into the hotel management field. She was graduating in June and had a great job lined up. “I’m going to be an Assistant Inventory Control manager for Couples Resorts.”

“Isn’t that a nudist colony?” my Dad asked.

Brenda, the brunette, kinda smiled with a little hint of contemptuousness and corrected him, “It’s an avant guard chain of resorts that promote naturism all within a clothing-optional environment. If you want to take your clothes off, you can. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

Dad looked intrigued. What is the dress code for the management staff?”

“Whatever we want it to be”, she said with a twinkle in her beautiful hazel eyes. I figured one of the first courses all students in the Hospitality School had to take was “Twinkle in the Eyes 101.” I know Stacy must have gotten an A+, and Brenda wouldn’t have been far behind her.

We finished the tour and headed back to the room to freshen up for lunch. It was to be served at 4:00 so technically it wasn’t lunch nor supper. I think down south they call it dinner.

The meal was a choice of linguine with spinach, bacon and clam sauce or lemon chicken and pea gemelli. There was a vegetarian alternative. The bread Chelsea was preparing was also served. A St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc was also served. Dessert was individual rhubarb tarts with pistachios, berries and shortbread crust. Not only had we dined well this weekend, but we all gained an appreciation for those who create such elegant meals. As if I needed anything more to elevate Stacy in my eyes, my making this realization certainly cemented my admiration.

After the meal was completed, Dr. Benson addressed the audience. There was the usual appreciation for all of us attending. Then she said, “I have some exciting news to share with all of you. The State legislature has passed a low that exempts all women attending an official Blanke Schande function from arrest or detention for public indecency anywhere in the state. I hesitate to use the term ‘indecency’ since none of us view what we do as what that pejorative term implies.

“Since all of you are here attending an official Blanke Schande function, we are going to present you with an official letter acknowledging that fact, personalized with your name and the dates and function. This will allow you to return home, uh, wearing your ‘official uniform’ as I believe you have referred to it.

“‘But, Dr. Benson, what happens when we leave the state for our home state?’ I hear you ask. There is a legal principal in the United States Constitution called comity. What this means is that there is legal reciprocity between the states. One jurisdiction will extend certain courtesies to other jurisdictions within the same nation. This is particularly done by recognizing the validity and effect of their executive, legislative, and judicial acts.”

She got a twinkle in her eye, “This is your get-out-of-jail-free card!”

Members of the host committee were well prepared and choreographed and on cue came out and handed out our letters. Of course Susan got one, but I got one as well. There was my name, “Sara Sussman is a guest of Blanke Schande College attending a 20th class reunion with her parents, Blanke Schande graduates kartal escort Susan and Frank Sussman. There were a couple of paragraphs of legalese.

“Well, I’m certainly going to take advantage of this on the trip home. Are you all in, Sara?”

“Uh, I dunno. I’m going to have to think about that one. That may just be too big a step to dive into the deep end of the pool when I just made it to the wading pool.”

“This is going to be an interesting trip home”, said Dad.

We were filled by the meal and certainly didn’t need any supper but Susan said she wanted to go to the Absolute, perhaps for an after dinner drink. “They do have a bar, don’t they?”

I assured her they did and welcomed another opportunity to see Stacy again.

We went up to the room and freshened up. Susan let me wear the earrings and matching nipple pendants she wore on the first night. She wore a fairly conventional pair of earrings but she had a gold neckless from which was suspended a ring. From the ring two other chains hung loosely framing her breasts and then came up to be attached by a pliable wire around her nipples. It looked quite formal.

Dad was casually attired. I put on sneakers and socks. I just thought it was titillating to have nothing on except a pair of socks and sneakers. Susan wore a sensible business-like pair of black shoes with a low heel which would be comfortable to walk in.

We went downstairs and they had a courtesy car available to take us to The Absolute. The female driver, naked, of course, made polite chitchat and went on and on about The Absolute.

When we arrived we entered the restaurant. I didn’t see Stacy and I figured she was busy in the kitchen. I didn’t want to disturb her. We sat at a table in the bar area. Susan and Dad ordered a cognac. I didn’t want to get Stacy in trouble so I just ordered a Mountain Dew. As the naked waitress was leaving, Dad stopped her and said, “and bring me a Yuengling chaser. The waitress looked at him as if to say, “That’s a funny combination.” But she was too polite to say anything.

We drank two rounds and still had not seen Stacy. It was getting near closing time and finally she came out of the kitchen. She kissed me, on the lips, but not passionately and did the same for Susan. She kissed Dad on his cheek.

“Things are winding down in the kitchen; do you mind if I join you?”

We told her about our tour of the Culinary labs and she squealed with excitement, like a little school girl. “Oh, I’m so glad you got to see the Hospitality school. I’m so proud ot it.”

Susan spoke up, “Stacy, I don’t know what you did, but I want to thank you for what you’ve done for Sara.” Stacy and I exchanged glances. Stacy’s look silently said, “Did you tell her about last night?” I didn’t thank there was any way for her to know unless that intuition gene kicked into high gear.

Susan continued, “No parent wants to admit that their daughter is less than perfect, and certainly we love her dearly. But I think even she will admit her life has been drifting since, well, since she reached puberty. She does alright in school, nothing spectacular. But she has just had no interest in anything. No sports, no clubs, and certainly no job. But I’ve seen a renewed interest in her this weekend to make something of herself.”

“Well, I don’t know if I can take any credit”, said Stacy as she shyly lowered her eyes.

“You’ve been a positive role model in the short space of one day. I can see the change.”

“Yes, I can too”, as Stacy took the opportunity to gently stroke my arm and thigh and to ever so subtlely brush my breast. Stacy turned to me and asked, “When did this change of attitude take place?”

“This morning; no last night when I saw how comfortable everyone in The Switch Hitter and The Absolute were with their nudity. I was envious.” I made up my mind to do something about it. We started down here.” I stood up for her to see what she obviously had seen as soon as she came over. “Here, feel how smooth it is.”

Stacy looked at me as if to say, “Are you crazy? You want me to pet your pussy her in a public place, in front of your mother?”

Susan didn’t give any indication of an objection so Stacy reached down and with the most gentle of touches felt my cunt. “I like it.”

“So do I.”

“If you’re going to be my mentor, you need to help me develop a plan to build my resume.”

“Doesn’t that job belong to a mother, or a father?”

Susan and Frank both said, “Oh, we don’t mind. We’ll take all the help we can get. You probably have more credibility than either of us do.”

“I’m going to work the breakfast buffet tomorrow morning. I’ll call in a few favors and come over and join you around 10:00, if that’s alright. We can talk more then.”

We said our goodbye. There was another exchange of embraces and kisses. This time Stacy lingered a bit longer on my lips, but just a bit. But similarly she lingered on Susan’s lips. I guess that was to camouflage she had lingered a bit on my kiss.

Susan wanted to walk back to campus. I protested it was two miles. “Well, if you had spent a little time with me in the gym, you wouldn’t have any problem. Look at this being the first step toward better physical health.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32