The Randy Nurse

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Cassandra came into work today not in her usual purple scrubs outfit. The uniform she had worn for over a dozen years she had been working here. It felt strange to walk through the halls of the hospital with her form fitting white blouse and black pencil skirt. She knew her shift started an hour ago, but she had already had a conversation with her supervisor. A self absorbed cunt who was a decade younger than Cassandra with a decade less experience but two years more schooling and a few more certifications.

Working for Miami General hospital had been one of the best jobs Cassandra had in her life. Now at 38 years old, she had just told her supervisor the best damn words she had ever spoken. “I quit.”

While her cunt supervisor struggled to find enough words to describe the unprofessional nature of her quitting, Cassandra kindly reminded said cunt of all the unprofessional things she got away with as a supervisor. Pawning off her duties on subordinates, arriving late everyday, leaving early, taking two-hour lunches, making others work over when she didn’t even come close to clocking 35 hours a week…

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. By the time Cassandra left her office, her supervisor was fuming with her face beet red and Cassandra wore the first of several satisfied smirks of the day.

“Knock, knock…” Cassandra said as she knocked on the door to the dimly lit room. “Hey, Emily, I thought I saw you hiding in here.”

Emily looked up from her microscope with an embarrassed, small smile on her lips as she squirmed uncomfortably on the stool she sat.

“Oh, hi there, didn’t–didn’t see you there,” Emily said, barely opening her mouth to speak.

Emily was probably Cassandra’s shiest and quietest friend at work. Emily was a new hire. A 20-year-old girl who interned while in college for nursing. Due to how socially awkward she was, Emily spent most of her time in the dark lab down in the basement where she prepped samples for testing. Which was a shame, Cassandra always thought. The quiet, skinny girl always had a sexy way about her. Her 32DD breasts were tucked inside her scrubs, her long brown hair was tied back into a ponytail leaving just her thick rimmed black glasses for her to try and hide behind.

Cassandra saw Emily notice Cassandra’s wardrobe and then Cassandra’s body. Emily’s cheeks reddened before she quickly turned back to her work. Cassandra smiled as she entered the room. On more than one occasion, Cassandra had caught Emily giving lingering stares of interest at Cassandra’s body or another nurse’s ass when bent over. Emily, of course, would deny it. She was raised as religious as they come and was taught that sex was between a man and a woman and only for the purposes of procreating–never for pleasure.

Cassandra, being the middle aged bi-sexual she was, always took pleasure to teasing and tempting Emily while on break or in passing. Cassandra would never push it too far, of course. Like every other normal person in this world. She had fantasies about coworkers, patients, and certain supervisors, it was only natural. But like every other person, Cassandra never acted on them because she would be fired and lose everything. But now…

“So, I don’t know if you heard,” Cassandra said, leaning against a cold metal table against the wall. “Today’s my last day.”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” Emily said, making eye contact briefly before looking back down at the ground. Cassandra smirked at Emily’s propensity for apologizing all the time.

“That’s okay, no one did, I didn’t even until last week,” Cassandra said. Her long white legs and thick thighs catching Emily’s glances.

“Is-is everything alright?”

“Yeah, it’s great actually,” Cassandra twisted the blinds to the one window in the room the kept those in the hall from seeing inside the room. “I came into some money, so I guess you can say I’m taking an early retirement.”

“Oh, that’s, um, that’s great,” Emily spoke barely above a whisper. “It was nice, um, working with you.” She gave an awkward smile before turning back to the sample tray she stood over.

Cassandra smiled to herself as she pushed off the table, walking towards Emily. Feeling a warmth building in her sex, Cassandra stepped behind Emily and hugged her from behind. Cassandra’s arms easily wrapped around Emily’s thin hips.

“Mmm… I’ll miss you so much,” Cassandra whispered as her thick lips planted a lingering kiss on Emily’s neck. Emily went stiff and took a deep breath as she steadied herself.

“Oh, um-um, me t-too,” Emily stuttered.

Cassandra’s palms flattened on Emily’s taut belly and rubbed down to her thighs and then back bahis siteleri up to just below her breasts before lowering again and inching close to her sex before raising to cup her breasts. Emily froze. Her breath became dystonic and for the briefest of moments she could feel Emily press her ass backwards, into Cassandra’s crotch.

Cassandra smiled and released her hands, walking away from Emily who had to catch herself on the table. In the back corner of the dark room was a black leather couch that was put in place for nurses and doctors to wait while their sample took 20 to 40 minutes to finish its test. Cassandra sat on the left side of the couch, flattening out her skirt as she did.

“Hey Emily… why don’t you come have a seat with me,” Cassandra offered. There was some hesitation in Emily’s actions but no protests as she walked over and maneuvered to sit beside Cassandra. “No, no… why don’t you sit here…” Cassandra patted her palms on her lap.

Emily stared in confusion at Cassandra’s lap, not knowing if this was a test or a joke that she often didn’t get. She stood, not knowing what to do or how to respond.

“Come on, Em, I don’t have all day,” Cassandra said with a smile.

Emily, very stiffly, sat down on Cassandra’s lap, and with Cassandra’s guiding hands, were moved so that Emily’s back was against the arm rest and her feet rested on the spare seat beside Cassandra.

“There you go…” Cassandra said, her hand rubbing down the center of Emily’s small framed body.

Cassandra’s hand slipped down the front of Emily’s panties. Emily’s face was a mix of begging, pleasure, and panic as Cassandra’s fingers then her palm curved over the top of her crotch.

“Mmmm very good girl…” Cassandra said. “I love your panty choice, so cute!” The panties were hot pink with white glittery lettering off centered that read a single word.


The compromised position Emily found herself obviously through her for a loop. She sat stiff and uncomfortable looking in Cassandra’s lap looking up at Cassandra. Emily’s foot dangled above the floor while the other foot brushed the top of the black couch Cassandra sat on. Cassandra held onto the back of Emily’s neck firmly, but most of her back rested on the arm rest of the couch. It was how an adult held a child and not a 20 year old nurse woman. She obviously wasn’t used to being in such a compromising position and wiggled about from that fact.

Emily’s breasts jiggled beneath her matching hot pink bra, the bra barely looked as though it could hold her breasts down.

“I definitely agree you are sexy in those panties,” Cassandra said. “Do you like it when my hand does this?”

Cassandra’s middle finger protruded and pressed on her pussy lips through her panties and grinded circles into her lips over and over again until she stopped to drag her palm hard up and down on the curve of her hips, pressing down on Emily’s clit.

“Ohhh…” Emily squeaked bringing her hands to her mouth to silence the escaping sounds of shock she made. Her long hair draped over Cassandra’s thigh and the arm of the chair. Cassandra watched Emily close her eyes behind her thick black rimmed.

“Oh, do you like that baby? I thought you might… I thought you might really like me touching your pussy…” Cassandra gritted her teeth as she pressed harder into Emily’s clit and pussy with every word. “….just… like… that…. Oh… look at that…” Cassandra pulled on Emily’s panties up to see and saw the quickly widening wet stain in the center of Emily’s panties. “Oh, you are dirtying those pretty panties… you really like that don’t you?”

“Hm hmm hmmmm… yes,” the word whispered out of Emily’s lips as she squirmed in Cassandra’s lap.

Cassandra leaned forward to hear better, “what was that? Speak up, honey.” Cassandra said as she pressed her middle finger back down on the wet spot making widening circles on her sex.

“Oh I… ahh ahh Oh yes, I like… I like that…. Oh,” Emily cooed.

“Good girl,” Cassandra smiled down at her young nurse assistant. Her finger pressed the panties between Emily’s lips and felt the moisture and pressure of her pussy surround her finger through her underwear.

She watched Emily squirm and close her eyes. She looked away and covered her face, all the things she did to avoid the awkwardness of the submissive position she found herself in.

“It’s okay, baby girl. You can relax, honey,” Cassandra smiled down at her nurse. “Here, look at me, hun… look up at your mistress…”

Cassandra could see Emily’s brow furrow at the word ‘mistress.’ It was something she wasn’t familiar with. She was not comfortable with the demeaning canlı bahis siteleri connotation.

She didn’t know she was a submissive, yet.

“Emily, look up at me,” Cassandra repeated this time smacking her pussy with her palm. The sudden jolt of stimulation made Emily’s eyes jolt wide in shock and pleasure. She looked over and up at Cassandra’s eyes with worry in her eyes. “Mmm… I bet that was the first time in a long time you’ve been spanked, huh?”

Emily nodded her head and still looked at Cassandra afraid to look away. Cassandra smiled, “did you like the way that felt? The excitement? The worry? The anticipation… the spike of pain mixed with with reward of pleasure…”

Emily’s eyes flirted to go back in her head as Cassandra grinded harder on Emily’s pussy and Emily started to pant and bite her lip.

“Did you like it?” Cassandra repeated more sternly and Emily reacted immediately by looking at her and nodding in the affirmative.

Cassandra smirked as she made a show of raising her hand and smacking it down on Emily’s pussy.

“Oh!” Emily yelped. “Ohhhh….”

Cassandra made wide circles on Emily’s pussy making her squirm. “Yeah, you like that? Oh, god your panties are almost soaked through.”

Cassandra pushed her hand beneath Emily’s panties and felt the moist panties encase the top of her hand. The slick moisture of leaking from Emily’s pussy quickly coated her palm as she massaged her lips and her clit.

“Oh god… oh god…” Emily moaned, muffling her mouth with the back of her hand as she arched her back on Cassandra lap. “Jesus god…”

“Do you want me to keep going?” Cassandra asked.

“Yesss oh god… yes, please,” Emily begged.

Cassandra’s fingertips found Emily’s soaked clit and did circles around it over and over again. Slowly at first, then faster, bit by bit.

“Look at me baby, look at my honey, do you want me to keep going?”

“Ohh god ohh fuck ohmygod yes yes, please, yes,” Emily said, exasperated as she writhed in Cassandra’s lap.

“I’m not hearing what I need to hear, Emily, honey.”

Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Cassandra smacked Emily’s crotch making her jump and growl animalistically.

“Oh god, oh god– wha what, please tell me what to- oh god…” Emily writhed as Cassandra smacked her dripping pussy more.

Cassandra leaned forward whispering in her ear, “mistress… call me mistress…”

“Oh fuck, please, mistress keep going. I’m so ahh…”

Cassandra slipped her hand back inside Emily’s panties and made quickening circles around her clit. The speeding wide circles became closer and closer to the center. As they did, Emily’s arms and legs became more wild with each passing moment. Her screams became more primal. Her muscles contracted and spasmed as she lost control.

“Ohh god, oh god, I’m I’m cum-cumming oh no,” Emily grunted as she bucked.

Cassandra’s panties were glued to her pussy as Emily’s ass rubbed on her lap back and forth. Emily’s eyes were squeezed shut as the orgasm peaked and her body shook. Cassandra leaned forward getting nose to nose with Emily with her mouth wide and a smile in the corner of her lips as she enjoyed watching the forced pleasure wash over the nubile nurse’s body.

“Nnng ahm ahh…” Emily panted. “I can’t. I I I just ohhh….” Emily pushed her hands in front of her drenched panties as her hands trembled.

“It’s okay, good girl… good girl… lean forward,” Cassandra whispered as she reached behind Emily as she complied. With one hand Cassandra twisted the bra clasp on Emily’s back and released her breasts from the bra, tossing it on the floor.

Easing her back down on the arm rest of the couch, Emily was focusing on controlling her breath as she slowly opened her eyes and adjusted her thick rimmed glasses that were sideways. Looking up at her new mistress, Emily watched as Cassandra unbuttoned her white blouse.

Cassandra’s full round breasts hung freely beneath her shirt without a bra. Once her shirt was all the way unbuttoned she shouldered out of it allowing the shirt to drape behind her shoulders, leaving her large swaying breasts dangling over Emily’s face.

“You want to touch them? You can, go ahead…” Cassandra said with a smile.

Emily slowly reached up in the dark room with unsure hands. This was new territory for her. Her life was forever changed by this moment. Her hands grasping on the sides of Cassandra’s breast, she slowly and gently gripped them to feel how full they felt. How soft they were…

Cassandra released a small coo when she felt Emily’s fingers gently probe at her nipple. Touching and pinching it ever so slightly. It made Cassandra canlı bahis take deep breaths and a crooked smile to crack in the corner of her mouth.

“Mmmm put your lips on it, if you like,” Cassandra suggested.

Emily’s eyebrows went high as she seemed perplexed by the notion. This small town girl had planned on being a nurse until finding a good farmer or doctor to make her husband. Then she would push out a few kids and be a quiet stay at home mom. But Cassandra had altered all those plans in the last 20 minutes. Being held like a child, calling an older woman ‘mistress’ while being fingered to orgasm by that older woman.

So many questions must be going through her head. She’ll have plenty of time to answer those questions later. For now…

“Go on, my good girl,” Cassandra encouraged.

Emily raised her head to Cassandra’s left breast and wrapped her lips around her nipple. Cassandra felt Emily’s soft lips close on her and the warm wet lips massage her breast slowly.

“Ohhh… Ohhhh baby…” Cassandra cooed. Her eyes closed as she released a gasp. Emily must have been encouraged by what she saw, looking up at Cassandra’s pleasured face, because Cassandra felt hands cup tighter around her breast and lips squeeze harder on her nipple. “Oh, good girl.”

Cassandra’s hand slipped around the underside of Emily’s breast. Cupping and massaging it into her chest. Pinching and twisting her nipple. Her thumb flicked it over and over, again. Making Emily squirm and hum uncomfortably as she still sucked on Cassandra’s nipple.

Pushing her hand down the nurse’s belly, she forced her hand inside Emily’s drenched panties and found her moist lips. Hooking her middle finger inside Emily’s pussy, Cassandra noticed an immediate reaction in Emily’s body.

“Mmmmmmm!” Emily’s eyes went wide but her lips stayed on her nipple.

“Oh god, I love the way your lips feel on my nipple- ah ahhhmmm, don’t stop,” Cassandra moaned.

Cassandra’s fingers slipped in and out of her good girl’s pussy easier and easier with every thrust of her fingers. Emily’s pussy oozed juices freely as her thighs closed and opened wider with the overpowering pleasure that coursed through her limbs.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck! Ahh oh godd,” Emily’s lips broke free from Cassandra’s nipple as she gasped for air. “Jesus, gah oh my…”

Cassandra grabbed the back of Emily’s head with her free hand and forced her lips back on her nipple. Lost in the pleasured agony, Emily’s lips sucked tightly on her new mistress’s nipple. Cassandra felt her pussy wet and began to run her thighs together beneath her sub’s body. Grinding her own pussy on her thighs, Cassandra’s eyes flirted to roll backwards as the pleasure from getting her nipples sucked nearly put her over the edge.

“Mmmm! Mmmmm!” Emily writhed wildly, nearly falling out of place on her mistress’ lap.

Cassandra sloshed two fingers into her tight pussy lips and her thumb swiped over Emily’s clit. Faster and faster she rubbed her thumb in quick circles. Pumping her pussy harder she felt the tension building in ever panicking vibration.

Emily hummed and cried. Her lips sucking and pulling on Cassandra’s nipple.

“Ohhhh goddd…. Oh baby girl…. Don’t sto-op. Don’t…. Don’t stop sucking baby oh yes…” Cassandra moaned a guttural grunt.

Emily’s slick thighs clamped shut on Cassandra’s hand as an orgasm hit hard. Still, Cassandra’s fingers fucked inside her tight pussy.

“Mmm! Mmm! Ahhhmmm!” Emily groaned as her body shook violently. Her tits bouncing up and down as she rocked in Cassandra’s lap.

Emily’s teeth bit down on Cassandra’s nipple igniting an intense surge between Cassandra’s thighs that made her pussy dripped.

“Oh, Jesus, fuck ahhhh ahhh ohh god!!” Cassandra cried out as a shudder went through her body. “Ohgah- I’m cumming, baby!”

Emily heard Cassandra’s cries and sucked harder and bit deeper on her nipple. Cassandra groaned and released a shudder as her breasts heaved with every breath. The orgasm tightened every muscle in her body. It was more powerful than anything she had ever felt before. A fantasy buried beneath decades of repression finally released and finally fulfilled.

When the earth shattering orgasm finally passed, Cassandra sat there for a moment catching her breath while petting her hand over Emily’s brow. Emily, no longer the stiff, uncomfortable woman sitting in Cassandra’s lap, now curled into her position naturally, enjoying her submissive role.

A few minutes passed and Cassandra had her new pet stand and re-clothe herself and Cassandra did the same.

“Go ahead back to work, dear,” Cassandra said, buttoning her blouse. “I have a few more ‘goodbyes’ to say but I’ll be sure to find you before I leave.”

Cassandra’s palm clapped Emily’s rear end and an uncomfortable but exhilarated smile broke across Emily’s lips as she gathered her things.

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