The Preacher and A Virgin

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Vee was elated she was finally living her dream. Right there in the tight little room behind the choir stand. She loved the feel of Rev’s hard cock even through his fruit of the looms. He looked embarrassed but grateful for her amateurish hand job. She squeezed and rubbed until his dick grew twice its flaccid size. Then she leaned over and gently kissed the head that peeked out of the waistband before she reached inside to pet it as if it were a lost kitten. He stood up, grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth. He lifted her skirt and reached into her silky panties to lustily massage her derriere. His sudden manhandling took Vee by surprise but she opened her mouth and legs in surrender. She was going to be a woman, his woman at last. He reached down to lift the form fitting red top she had so carefully chosen. Vee moaned as he squeezed, then greedily sucked the freakish hard nipples he had so long waited to suck. Finally when his hunger for her breast was satisfied he grabbed her by the waist, spun her around, pushed down his underwear, pulled out his hard cock and planted it firmly between Vee’s billowy ass…

The Preacher

John Cherry III was a third generation preacher. He wasn’t blessed with the film star good looks and dash of his grandfather or the mellow easy going nature of his Dad, Instead he was the type of man women use to describe as a “good provider” and he prided himself in having integrity. He wasn’t totally lacking in charm, just not over flowing with it. He was the color of milk chocolate, stocky, above average height with a kind of a coarse or rugged handsomeness aided by his always meticulous dress and dignified carriage.

He chose to pastor the small family church after the death of his father John Cherry Jr. originally he graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in business. But like many others successful in the corporate world, he eventually came to experience the daily grind as meaningless in spite of the money to be made. He was at a stage of his life when he really wanted his time on earth to mean something; to leave his mark or legacy. So he entered the seminary and shortly after graduating he returned to his roots.

John’s grandfather had been a community leader and minister of the church during the civil rights movement. Those had been the church’s most progressive and prosperous years. He was eloquent, outspoken and very charismatic. He also took no crap from anyone black or white. Quite naturally women in the church were attracted to him and all his personal power. He was known to be strong at resisting temptation however because of his beautiful wife. He was fortunate enough to have won a beauty with brains and lots of energy. She worked tirelessly by his side to build the church and serve their community.

After about fifteen years as pastor, John Cherry Sr. then in his early fifties became fascinated with a not too bright young woman in her early twenties and he deflowered her. The young woman sustained minor injury as a result. Rumor had it that it was because Reverend Cherry had not been as patient as he should have been for a man so well endowed. The young woman was hospitalized at her mother’s insistence. Soon the church community learned the details of the incident and the culprit causing her injury. It was a mess. The Golden Reverend Cherry was a rapist.

In reality the young woman’s mother had been in pursuit of The Reverend Cherry for years but he had never succumbed to her charms. The fact that he was so dynamic and unyielding also made him enemies in high places. In the end Reverend Cherry Sr. received a 10–15 year sentence in the state prison for rape. There he died of a heart attack at age 57 five years into his sentence. His wife was devastated by all the drama, especially when she learned that there were friends and foe alike that were glad to finally find a chink in The Reverend Cherry’s golden armor. The people she had looked to for support and comfort. Gossiped incessantly and bad mouthed her man at every opportunity. She too died of heartbreak two years after the incident and his incarceration. After all they had done to build the church and community she cursed the town with her last breath.

John Cherry III had lived several places before returning home to the small Southern town. But it had always remained his favorite place in the world to be. The greenness, the slow pace and simplicity were what he constantly craved while in the city. He was very proud of his family church, though it had practically gone to ruins after his grandfather went to prison. He remembered fondly what it had once been and was determined to re-build. He had lots of ideas for the churches revival and ways for it to help strengthen the community. Finally he had found his mission.

Because of the incident with his grandfather John had always been extremely critical of those he called “Pulpit Pimps” Ministers who took advantage of their power and status in the great bahis firmaları chain of being and indulged themselves with the females of the church. Of course they all claimed to be seduced, but he knew from numerous accounts that it was usually a two way street; often shrewdly masterminded by the preachers. His hard nosed stance often alienated him from some of his colleagues who met occasionally at a conference or elsewhere over Jack Daniels and discussed their latest conquest. He made a point of changing the subject or leaving the room which did not endear him to the other ministers. He really felt that the clergy of all people should be a good example to the young men of their communities which were fraught with fatherless homes, poverty, joblessness, violence, crime, and incarceration. Living up to his beliefs was often exhausting but he always gave it a super human effort. As a result people respected and trusted him. His life motto was “do the right thing.”

John met his own beautiful wife in the corporate world and she loved it. She was a rapidly rising star when he made the decision for them to return to his hometown. She was offered a big promotion shortly before they moved so she desperately wanted John to re-think his decision. For him it was a done deal, and he certainly expected her to follow through with their plans. She was 10 years younger than John and they had also discussed starting a family. John was essentially very conservative in his opinions of what women should and should not do in his relationships and to some degree he even expected to be obeyed. He needed a wife and helpmate not some career chic. Neither of them were particularly religious though they considered themselves God fearing and spiritual, so Mrs. John Cherry III never really understood her husbands desire to be a minister; though she understood on some level that it was her duty as his wife to support him in whatever endeavor. But she decided to take the promotion and drive the three hours from Atlanta each weekend to be with her husband. Eventually that decision caused more and more of a strain on their marriage.

John was embarrassed to admit, even to himself that their incredible sex life is what he missed most about them living together. She was a fire cracker he could ignite just by blowing in her ear the right way or squeezing her pussy unexpectedly as they passed each other in the house. And after all their years of passionate lovemaking she fit him perfectly. John was very self conscious about his unusually thick cock. He’d learned the hard way that women only thought large dicks were a good thing. Often when they saw him fully erect, they weren’t as excited about the prospect of having it inside them. Unfortunately that was usually the case with women he genuinely wanted. It seemed the women who were less than his ideal could handle him well.

It was during his second year at Morehouse, while in route to the local grocery store that he met Marvetta, a single mother. She’d had an arm full of groceries when her two year old let go of her skirt as he had been told to do and ran toward the busy street. John did a short sprint and grabbed him before he dove into oncoming traffic. He chivalrously walked them home carrying a bag of groceries in one hand and her toddler on his shoulders. Marvetta was of course grateful and knowing that he was probably an ever hungry boy at the college, she offered him a home cooked meal in thanks. He took her up on her offer. Within days she had invited him again for a second meal and then into her bed.

Marvetta was the first woman who did not do a double take when she saw his heavy dick. Instead she looked ecstatic and said that she could tell from his thick fingers that he would have something good for her. Her pussy was equally ecstatic. It was the first time he had ever entered any female effortlessly; no-please wait a minute- no whimpering, nothing. He just slipped his fat dick in her big twat and got to stroking. He was grateful that her three big head babies had made things easy for him, and Marvetta was grateful to be filled up at last. Marvetta rocked his world. She was a tall -use to be pretty- caramel brown skinned woman with long limbs and sandy brown curls. She was about 8 years older than he was and maybe two inches taller. It Was Marvetta that taught him every conceivable way to use his tool and many other body parts. She confided in him that she had been turned out at an early age by an uncle who had married into her family. He was a World War II vet and had been to many countries in the world. He took great pride in collecting pussy and bragged about having been in every whorehouse from there to eternity. He had made it his mission to learn new ways to fuck wherever he landed.

John guessed that Marvetta had been more than a willing student. She really liked to fuck and she did it well. She was the first woman to suck his dick, and the only woman who could suck his dick and his kaçak iddaa balls at the same time; when he was soft of course. She had a big mouth to match her big twat. She was a virtual Hoover when she sucked his dick. She sucked so hard sometimes he wondered if he would get it back. She was also loud as hell. Even with all the kids running around the house or sleeping in the next room, she would always scream when his dick got good to her: Aw shit , Aw shit baby, come on, fuck it baby, fuck it, fuck it baby, Yeah fuck it!. Then she would hiss and start her motor. He was embarrassed for her, but his dick didn’t care..

He would try to go see her late at night in order to avoid the kids but they stayed up till all hours so it was always a crap shoot. The house was a roach infested mess, but she at least made sure her body was squeaky clean when he arrived. Sometimes the kids would let him in and he would go back to her bedroom to find her already on the greasy sheets playing with her freshly washed pussy. She would beckon to him with a long fleshy finger and when he got close enough she would grab his head and pull it down into her hole. He gladly obliged. He learned to love the taste of fresh pussy.

Marvetta was not at all shy about telling him exactly where to suck or lick and how. She even went so far as to demonstrate on the head of his dick exactly what she needed done to her clit. Everything there was to know about a dick Marvetta knew. She would shake it, suck it, lick it, fuck it; and anything else she could think of. She liked to open her legs wide while he was undressing and make her pussy talk. Her muscle control was phenomenal. She would make the lips open and close until they did indeed seem to be speaking. She could do the same with her asshole; and watching her butt cheeks shake and roll was a show unto it’s self.

Marvetta had skills: and a thick, wide, stretch marked ass that was always hot. The first time she got some Vaseline rubbed it on his dick and invited him to back door fuck her, he lost his mind. It was the only thing on Marvetta that was reasonably tight and he couldn’t get enough of it neither could she. It was the first and last time he was with a woman that would cum from being ass fucked. So she made sure he got to be real good at it. She would coach him to tease her asshole a little with the head of his dick. Then when it was open to go in straight, slow and rest easy a minute. Then she would say “hit it” and that was his cue to pump his fat cock in her ass like a randy Doberman. She loved it when he came inside her. Marvetta liked her ass fucked, her titties fucked, and her pussy well fucked. Even at 20 years old he had to beg off from exhaustion on occasion. Marvetta could out fuck him any day.

Marrvetta kept him well served in pussy for the rest of his time there at Morehouse. He could have well earned a degree in business and fucking at graduation. She was his blessing in disguise. She was extremely intuitive and also had a good understanding of human nature, so in those years she had talked him through a few life crises. Because she understood and accepted exactly what her role in his life was, she never made any demands for his time or attention which made his years at school easy. She gave him relief when he needed it without the relationship to negotiate, expensive dates, pregnancy drama, or jealously. This allowed him to remain disciplined and focused. John Cherry really liked the women in his life to be functional.

Over the years he and Marvetta remained friends and literally each others “ace in the hole.” She had married once or twice, but was frequently between relationships. When he started to make money and before he met Vivian, he would occasionally fly Marvetta out to meet him or plan a short trip to the Beach or the mountains and they would fuck all weekend like newly weds. She loved and appreciated it, and he delighted in doing it for her. He realized soon after meeting her, that fucking was probably her only outlet or mode of recreation. When she needed financial assistance he also gladly obliged. So over the years they grew to depend on each other.

Thanks to Marvetta when he met Vivian he was ready. He really wanted her, so he was reluctant to show her the size of his dick too early in the relationship. He thought it better to surprise her. He courted her in his most gentlemanly fashion; and the combination of his, intelligence, integrity, ambition, courtesy, class, rugged good looks and lack of desperation to get in her pants, drew her to John. So she was more than ready when he proposed they go away together. Marvetta had turned him into a pussy eating pro, so the first time they were together, though she was shy at first, he ate his soon to be wife’s pussy until she begged him to fuck her. He sucked and licked her pussy until she tossed and turned as if with fever. He would alternately eat her, and then back off so she wouldn’t come. He loved it that she wasn’t kaçak bahis on the pill. In his mind it was a good indication that she didn’t sleep around. Although he knew she wasn’t a technical virgin, He felt something pure and chaste in her spirit and tight pussy. When he himself couldn’t stand it any longer and he was certain she was ready, he rolled on a condom and gently whispered:

“Relax now, just relax now baby Ok.”

He held his meaty cock and patiently fed it to her delicate, but very wet pussy a few inches at a time. He pushed hard, but just hard enough for the head to enter, and then he pulled back. Next it was 2 inches of his shaft and he pulled back. He pushed hard and pulled back again and again until he felt her at bottom. Then they lay perfectly still for what seemed an eternity and matched each others breathing. She was whimpering just a little from the discomfort of her stretched pussy. It turned him on that she was willing to endure the pain his heavy dick inflicted in order to be with him. If it was at all possible, her whimpers actually made him hornier. He kissed her softly, and then he was ready. She screamed at his first hard thrust and he had to quickly cover her mouth because they were in a hotel. So while his hand still covered her mouth he locked his eyes to hers and slowly pumped and wound his hips until she loosened to accommodate him.

Finally when they were both comfortable and she began to respond with her own hips: he fucked her like his life depended on it. After only three sessions she fit around him like a glove. He loved when she would grab his ass and actually beg for him. He would rest on his hands and look down to watch his hard dick glide in and out of her temple. When she started to come her pussy practically bit him it clenched so hard. He thought it was the best feeling in the world. Soon afterward he would feel his balls contract as if cum was being pumped from his feet.

It was just before his explosion, during that comfortable third session, that all of his gentility faded and something very primal made him pull himself out of her, and brazenly snatch off the condom. He then pressed his naked hard cock all the way inside of her again and loosed his seed deep within her holy of holies. True he had long wanted to feel her velvety pussy around him un-sheathed, but he’d also decided at that moment that she belonged to him; so it was imperative he leave his scent. To John’s satisfaction there was no protest. She yielded to his presumption of ownership. He thought it a good sign that her pussy began to contract at that very instant as if to swallow his offering. Vivian moaned and pulled him even further inside her. She had decided long before, that John Cherry would be the father of her children. They married shortly after that weekend

He and Vivian would fuck anytime, anywhere. One of his favorite memories was in a high-rise elevator while visiting his sister in New York. It was a damp day in early fall, and they were wearing stylish rain coats. Her coat was long, and had a long split in back, and she stood with her back against him in the elevator. She had on high heels that brought her hips up to just above the crotch of his 5’10” inch frame. They were only halfway down to the first floor, and near the back of the packed elevator which was moving at a snails pace. People continued to get on and they were pushed even further back and into a corner. Her ass made contact with his crotch every time they moved. Soon Vivian started to tease him by rolling her hips, until he was rock hard. He was glad for the shield of his raincoat, on impulse he unbuttoned it, unzipped his pants and set his hard dick free.

He reached into the split of Vivian’s raincoat and pulled up the back of her skirt. He knew she probably wouldn’t resist because she loved the feel of his hard cock against her ass. He pulled down her panty hose and underwear then began to probe her pussy with his wide dick head. She gladly cooperated and spread her legs a little to assist. Then she leaned over ever so slightly so that “Big boy” could find his mark. The moist heat from her pussy was like a magnet. Big Boy found his way. She bent again and opened just and little wider and began to rock her hips back and forth and squeeze her pussy around him.

About 3 more people got on the elevator and they were as close as two humans could be. He wasn’t all the way inside her, but far enough to get in fourteen good, though shallow strokes of his favorite pussy nestled between her perfectly padded ass. He came hard. Vivian didn’t cum at all but she loved the idea of being fucked by him on the sly. Lucky she had on the rain coat because there was soon a river between her thighs, she begged to go back so that she could change her panties, or to stop so that she could buy a new pair, but he held her hand tight and continued to pull her along he said it was payback for teasing him.

“John please let’s stop I need to get out of these panties they’re soaked. You know you cum like a damned geyser.”

“Oh noooo, uh, uh. You wanna be a dick tease, you pay the price sugar. And there’s more where that came from,” He said patting her ass.”

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