The Park Ride Ch. 05

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I got up Sunday morning and knew I had some explaining to do for getting in so late. I went ahead and told Jen that I was going to seek a divorce and I wanted to make it as painless as possible. We shouted a little at each other and she broke down and said she knew things were going downhill but loved being married and loved the security of it, just that she didn’t love me anymore like she thinks she should. I told her I felt the same way and I will be nice about everything so not to worry. I know I still must be careful because once she gets with her friends, they will tell her she’s entitled to everything and I should pay her alimony forever. That’s what I have seen happen to my friends who have gone through similar ordeals.

At one point, she asked if it was another woman and I replied, “No” because the truth of the matter is, Sondra is not the reason I am not happy with my marriage. I need both of them to know that.

I told her I needed to clear my head and was going for another motorcycle ride. I rode into the park and kind of felt depressed that I had just agreed to throw a 5 year marriage into the trash for someone I had only known for a few days. But then I had to think that I have been unhappy in my marriage for a while so it really had nothing to do with Sondra. She was just a good wake up call.

I arrived at Sondra’s camper and her brother was sitting outside. I almost rode by but at this point I needed to talk to her and I was not going to allow anything to stop me.

Nate, her brother asked, “You must be Dave?”

I kind of nervously replied, “Yes, and you Nate?”

He said, “Yes, good to meet you. I hear you’ve been entertaining my sister the last few days.”

“Yes, she’s a sweet girl, “I replied.

“I think we need to talk, “said Nate.

Oh crap, does talk mean I am going to get my ass beat? Does he know what is really going on? Nate invited me into the camper.

“Sondra, Dave is here, “he yelled to the back.

She came out in a shorts and the t-shirt I had bought her yesterday at the festival.

“Hey, Dave, “she said as she lit up like she hadn’t seen me in years.

Nate said, “Oh crap, is this what I think it is? What’s going on? You been fucking around on Alex?”

Sondra looked down and said, “Nate, you know I am not happy with it so what am I to do?”

A tear came streaming down her cheek. I wanted to reach over and wipe it away but I didn’t want things to be so obvious. I just stood there, looking at Nate, then back at Sondra, then back again.

Finally Nate said to Sondra, “Are you falling for this guy? Wow, you really know how to fuck things up, don’t you?”

She started balling then and I went over to comfort her. She said, “I have never fallen so hard in my life. I know this is right, I know it is. Fate brought us together these last few days and I have found something I never thought I would. Do you understand? Please forgive me, Nate, I’m sorry.”

Nate realized how bad she was hurting and how embarrassed she was and reached in to grabbed her arm and said, “Sis, I do understand, been there, done that, it’s just I wasn’t married to the girl that I had to break up with. It’s a little more complicated. Dave, are you married, as well?”

I replied with my head down, “Yes, but a divorce is in the works, trust me. I too have fallen hard and Sondra helped me realize how miserable I was with my own wife.”

Nate then said, “How can we be sure you are for real?”

I could only reply with, “Well, I guess my word isn’t the best since I have broken my marriage illegal bahis vows but I have no intention of staying with my wife and every intention of being with Sondra, for what it’s worth.”

Nate kind of warned, “Dude, don’t be messing with my sister. If you hurt her, you’ll be sorry.”

Sondra said, “I know what I’m doing and I am not a baby.”

I replied with, “I wouldn’t hurt her for the world, Nate, honest.”

We all settled down and Nate advised us not to rush into anything too quickly.

I knew this was our last day together so I wanted to do something special. I thought a drive out to the bluffs would be nice and romantic and we could get a bite to eat at a nice restaurant, more like a date. I talked it over with Sondra and went home to get cleaned up and get my car.

I got home and my wife was gone. I am beginning to think she has someone, too, but I don’t care. It would make us even, I suppose. I got cleaned up, got my car, and went to the campground. When I pulled in by Nate’s camper, my mouth dropped open at the beauty before me. Sondra was wearing a nice red dress that exposed her beautiful tanned shoulders, had her hair up, and high heels on. She got up from the chair she was sitting in and I met her half way to the car. I grabbed her hand and walked her to the car. She said, “This is nice. You enjoy your toys, don’t you, bikes and sports cars.”

I replied, “Why yes, I do, mam.”

I opened the door for her and she sat down on the leather seat. I gently closed the door. I walked around the front, got in, started the car, and began the drive out of the park. She said, “You look very handsome.”

I replied, “Well, you are absolutely stunning.”

She thanked me and kissed me cheek.

As we were driving along, she said, “So how serious are you about being with me, the every intention thing?”

I replied, “I am very serious, I can’t even put it into words. I feel like I have known you forever and there is nothing else around us when we are together. Love is a strong word but I feel like I am falling in love for the first time in my life.”

Sondra said, “I wish I was as good with words as you are because I feel the same way but just don’t how to say it other than I love you. I love you, Dave, I love you.”

She started to tear up again. I replied, “I didn’t want to scare you away by saying it yet, but I love you, too.”

She put her head on my shoulder as we drove to the bluffs. At one point she said, “I don’t want this to end, ever.”

I said, “It won’t, love, it won’t.”

We spent the day walking around local shops, playing goofy golf, and generally just chatting and acting like we were on a date. Later, we went to a nice steak and seafood restaurant to sit down and eat. I had never been to the place but it had been recommended a while back to an executive that was in town on business so I figured it was nice. We were offered the wine list and I realized we had never had a drink together. I offered for Sondra to order whatever she wanted but to my surprise, she just said, “Water is fine with me.”

When the waiter went away I asked her, “Do you drink at all?”

She replied, “I have a beer or mixed drink every now and then but I’m not really into the partying and drinking.”

After dinner, we walked the trails by the bluffs. They were nicely done with wooden walkways intertwined. There was a sign that said, “To prove your love, enter here.” We entered and walked a walkway that was in the shape of a heart. I noticed people had carved their initials into a piece illegal bahis siteleri of oak in the middle so I walked over and started to carve ours. She asked me to use her maiden name last initial so I did after she told me what it was.

We finished our walk and got back into my car to head to the campground. It was now early evening. In about 12 hours, Sondra would be leaving. On the way back, we were silent for a while. She then said, “We are leaving tomorrow.”

I said, “Yes, we both have things we need to do before we can be together for good.”

She asked, “What does that mean?”

I replied, “You know, divorce and all.”

She said, “No, you said be together forever.”

I replied, “Well I thought that’s what you wanted.”

She replied, “It is, but you’ve never asked me if that’s what I wanted.”

So I stopped the car at the top of the hill on a turn off, got out, walked around to her door and pulled her out. She said, “What are you doing?”

I got down on my knees and took her hand and asked, “Sondra, I love you and it is my wish that we spend the rest of our lives together.”

“I would love that, Dave.”

I got up and embraced her once again. We kissed for a few seconds and then I said, “We probably need to head back so I don’t get us lost again.”

I closed her door behind her and got into the driver’s seat.

As I put the gear shifter into 1st gear and started to let out the clutch. She reached in and started kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. I pushed the clutch back in and put the gear shifter into neutral. Sondra was kissing my neck very passionately. She reached down and put her hand on the soft part of my inner thigh barely brushing the head of my cock through the soft fabric of my slacks. I said, “Hang on a second, “as I reclined my seat back a bit. She moved her upper torso over the console and more on top of me. She rubbed my face with her hands as she met my lips with hers. Our tongues moved around each other’s and I could feel my erection slip underneath my loose fitting slacks and boxer briefs as it continued to grow. She started unbuttoning my shirt and moved her head down to kiss my chest and abdomen. I ran my fingers through her hair and unzipped the back of her dress. I slipped a hand down the back of her dress and started rubbing and scraping her back. I felt goose bumps all over her back. She undid my belt, unfastened my pants, and quickly unzipped the zipper.

She then reached into my underwear and pulled my cock out. She immediately put her mouth over the head and began sucking. It felt so good and I was trying to ignore the occasional car that happened to speed by when finally a car passed and hit its brake lights to turn around.

“Shit, “I announced, “A cop!”

She sat up real quick and I stuffed my hard cock back into my underwear, zipped, fastened, and buckled. I was bringing the seat back up as the trooper had turned around and was pulling up beside my car.

I lowered my window and he asked, “What’s going on in there?”

I answered, “Just talking, sir.”

He said, “Funny, I saw one head when I drove up and now see two. Better get lost before I change my mind, lovers.”

I said, “Yes sir. Thanks for keeping the roads safe.”

I put my shoulder belt back on and drove off slowly. Sondra and I started laughing so hard I nearly had to pull over again. Then Sondra said in a voice imitating the trooper, “I’m not done with you, lover.”

She reached back down and undid my belt again. She rubbed my cock through the fabric of my pants canlı bahis siteleri and said, “That must have scared you limp.”

I said, “Yes, pretty much did.”

She said, “Well, we’ll see if I can wake it back up.”

Then she unfastened the pants again, unzipped, and pulled my now growing cock back out. She put her mouth over the head and began sucking again. It felt incredible and within a minute, I was fully erect.

She continued to bob up and down, taking as much cock into her mouth as she could without being uncomfortable. I set the car on cruise at about 58 mph and took my foot off of the gas pedal in case I got a sudden urge to move my foot. I held onto the wheel with my left hand and slid my right hand back down her unzipped dress onto her back. I reached as far as I could and grabbed her ass. I worked my hand down into her panty hose and panties and squeezed her ass again skin to skin. She moaned. I wanted to touch her pussy so bad but I couldn’t get my hands that far down.

She lifted up and took my cock out of her mouth. She got back into her seat and reached up underneath her dress, took her panties and panty hose off and threw them back into the back of the car. She got up on her knees across the console and took my cock back into her mouth. I reached underneath her body with my right hand, pulled her dress out of the way, and found her mound. I leaned over just a bit to be able to reach the clit. She was already dripping wet. I rubbed my middle finger around in her juice and began rubbing her clit and lips. I ran my fingers across her clit, then between her folds, then back up across her clit.

She never missed a stroke on my cock as she cupped my balls with her right hand. She started moaning more and bobbing faster up and down as she came upon her first release. Her mouth never let me go and her muffled screamed tickled the head of my cock.

When she got done cumming, she said seductively, “I love sucking your cock. I can’t get enough of it.”

She put her head back down and began sucking again. As she sucked, I continued to finger her clit and as much of her canal I could get into from the position we were in. She was so wet now; it was running down my hand. I took my fingers out of her and brought them to my mouth. I licked and sucked them, tasting her pussy that I loved to eat so much. The scent and taste of her pussy along with her sucking my cock brought me to the edge and I warned her, “I’m gonna cum.”

She sucked harder and faster. I stuck my hand back down to her pussy and fingered her clit while my cock erupted into her mouth. She kept it all in as my ass rose up off of the seat trying to bury my cock into her throat. She kept sucking it down and swallowing it like she had before. Just as I was finishing up, she began cumming on my fingers again. She put her head in my lap facing the other way and put her right hand in her mouth while she bit down on her fingers. Her body bucked and moved as I rubbed her clit until she finally calmed down. She collapsed in my lap and said, “I might just take a nap here. Wake me up when we get back.”

I said, “Maybe you should save up a little energy for the grand finale later.”

She said, “I have had more sex in the past 4 days than I have had in a long time. And the best sex I have ever had!”

I said, “Me, too.”

She didn’t take a nap though. She gently gave my cock a kiss and put it back into my underwear, zipped, fastened, and buckled me, and then sat back in her seat. We didn’t talk much on the way back and I didn’t get lost either. When I wasn’t shifting, I was holding her hand. When we did arrive at the park, it was after 11 PM. We were both tired from the day and the sun we had gotten, but I was not about to drop her off and go home, knowing she was leaving in about 7 hours.

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