The Night We Fucked

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The restaurant is nothing too fancy but nothing to scoff at. While we eat we talk about current events and spend sometime talking about our pasts. When we’re done I walk you out of there with your arm entwined with my own. I open the car door for you and I carefully close it behind you.

I walk around to my side with a smile on my face but my mouth isn’t the only thing that is curved up. I ask where you want to go and you reply “Your place sounds nice. We can have some alone time. Get to know each other better” You say this with a smile only known by angels.

I start driving, every now and then I shift myself to help ease the pressure on my cock. My pants are tight enough that when you look over, you see nothing but pure mountain of cloth with a nice peak. You can’t help but smile some more as you start to think of what’s to come. I noticed where you looked and the way you smiled. That only makes me harder and blush.

I ask if it would be alright if I eased the tension on my member. You say go right ahead darlin’. I unzip my pants and unleash canlı bahis a sizable cock. You can’t help but smile even more. You see it harden even more as I notice your smile. It’s twitching, wanting to be played with.

We finally arrive at my place, I don’t even bother zipping my pants up when I help you out of the car and pick you up in my arms and carry you inside with little trouble.

“Where would you like to begin?” I ask to which you respond,

“Anywhere is fine with me sugar” I smile a wolfish smile.

I calmly and confidently walk over to you and guide your head to mine as our lips lock. I can’t help but explore your body with my hands as we kiss so passionately. Your breast, plumb. Your ass, divine. We stop. You turn around, “Mind helping me out of this…restricting dress?” You say with a slight hint of what pleasures await.

I walk up and help you out of it and undo your bra without a problem. Still standing behind you, I turn your head and start kissing you again with the same passion as before while I grabbed and bahis siteleri massaged your breasts.

One of my hands starts to wonder down…further…and further…and further…till it finally reaches your panties. With one swift motion, I rip them off. “No panties in this house” I declare as I take off my own shirt and pants.

You notice I wasn’t wearing any underwear. All you could see now was a massive, throbbing, glistening cock before you and the man wielding it with fiery passion in his eyes.

I lay you on the couch near the edge. I kiss your mouth and slowly start kissing every inch of your body till I reach your soft lips between your legs. I stare in amazement at your beauty. My tongue darts out of my mouth and to your clitoris, surrounding it.

You start to moan softly as your feel my tongue pleasure you. I keep licking and circling your clitoris as I move my right hand up an start massaging the inside of your vaginal walls with two fingers.

You begin to let out louder moans. Fueling my hunger, I lick and massage faster bahis şirketleri and faster to the point where you can’t contain yourself anymore and you orgasm. Your whole body is quaking, shaking, and trembling from the immense pleasure.

I get up on my knees, massaging your clit now with my thumb, I give you a kiss on your lips as I enter you. You feel my hard, throbbing member penetrate your Southern Bell.

I make slow, shallow thrusts at first. My hips start moving faster, my cock is going deeper and deeper into your pussy. You’re moaning and gasping at the pleasure. I’m going faster and faster, deeper and deeper until I’m buried up to my balls in your love box.

The sound of my balls hitting your backside is loud and yet pleasing. I’m going faster and harder into you until I start to feel my balls tighten and feel like they’re about to explode. I slow down…but that’s to start a new rhythm. I go in deep and slow then change my pace, picking up momentum. I switch between the two until I’m ready to cum.

We’re moaning and gasping in perfect harmony as we both cum. I fill your pussy up to my hilt with my hot cum. At the same time your juices cover my shaft and my balls.

We fall into each others arm where we lay, falling asleep in each others embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32