The Night We Announced Our Engagement

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Aidra Fox

We lay in bed, curled into each other as close as we could get. My hand slowly slid down her back, barely touching. Cupping her smooth ass cheek in my wide, thick hand, I squeeze firmly. She moans into my mouth as we kiss. My hand slides further down her thigh and I pull her leg up over mine. Her lips are exposed to my gently probing fingers and I spread them open. Lightly, I trace her lips and circle her wet opening. Fingers dipping in and pulling back repeatedly stir her. Then, as I touch her protruding button, her hips jerk even tighter to me and her moaning becomes louder as her hips take on a rhythmic pumping motion. Suddenly she stiffens and lets out an almost howl as she explodes deep inside. Her arms try to crush me to her. I push two fingers deeper into her and wiggle them. She responds by saying, “Fuck me — fuck me — fuck me.”

I turn her face down, straddle her thighs, and push a pillow under her hips. Lining up the head of my cock with her slit, I slide the head up and down her lips, barely spreading them. “Oh god, will you put that cock into my cunt you sadistic fucker.” She growled at me.

I laughed and pushed inwards. My efforts earned me her deep throated growl of pleasure. I slide all the way in, touching bottom inside and feel my balls press against her thighs. “Oh Christ girl, you are so fucking hot and wet and snug around me.” I groaned.

I feel her rubbing her clit as I pick up the pace of fucking her wonderful pussy. Soon I am pounding into her. We are both grunting and groaning from the intense feelings and she is pushing back as I push into her. I reach down and grab a fistful of hair and pull her head back, shaking it as I fuck her with gusto and energy. I feel her begin to spasm around my shaft and hear her scream build in volume as I release my seed into her with a large grunt.

As my cock finishes jerking inside her I pull out slowly with a popping sound. She immediately turns over, slides her hands between my legs, grabs my ass cheeks, and pulls me towards her mouth. Her large liquid hazel eyes look up at me as she takes my wet cock into her mouth. I feel her tongue working along the bottom of my shaft and the roof of her mouth on my head. We both moan as she cleans me lovingly.

She fondles and licks my balls and shaft and says, “I love feeling your cock jerk in me as you put that warm fluid coating inside me.”

Looking into her eyes I respond, “And I love the feeling of you surrounding me with both your mouth and your pussy.”

Finally she says, “We need to get ready for work. Remember, Mom is coming over for dinner tonight.”

I flop down on the bed beside her. My fingers make small circles on her smooth belly. “We need to talk about that a little. Do we tell her we are engaged tonight?”

She replies, “I suppose it would be a good a time as any.”

“Ok,” I say, “Then there is one other thing. What am I going to do about her flirting with me?”

She smiles and says, “why not just fuck her and get it over with?”

I snort, “Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen.”

She looks directly into my eyes, “Honey, listen to me for a minute. I love you and I love her. She divorced my father when I was very young, I don’t remember him. Since then she has had three or four boyfriends with none for the last eight or ten years. I want her to be happy along with you. What better way is there to make the two people I love happy than to encourage them to have a little sex?” Suddenly she takes on a sexy little grin and says, “Besides, where do you think I learned some of those tricks you enjoy so much? It was from watching her with her boyfriends. I used to sneak down and masturbate while watching them.”

“You sneaky little slut,” I exclaimed. “Does she know that?”

“Oh god, no.” she replied.

I smiled and said, “Maybe, that is how I will introduce the subject then. Ask her if she knows what her sneaky little daughter used to do,” laughing as I said it. That got me a firm slap on the belly to end our morning session.

We have been living together for about a year and a half. I am Tim Smith, 23 years old, I am just short of six feet tall and weigh in at 220. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. Nature has blessed me with broad shoulders and hard work has given me thick arms and forearms. My fiancé is Kim Norton. Kim is also 23 years old, as a matter of fact we share the same birthday. Kim is about five feet five and weighs in at a nicely shaped 115 pounds. She has long brunette hair and those dark hazel eyes that melt me. Kim has a very nice figure with 34C very firm breasts, a nice flat belly, and round bottom that seems to fit my hands. We met while attending the University of Michigan, both of us majoring in sports medicine. We met as freshman, started dating as late sophomores, and moved in together as seniors. We meshed like we had known each other forever and are insanely happy.

All day long our conversation was in my mind. “Was she fucking with me or did she mean it?” “What bahis firmaları would the ramifications be if I did have sex with her mom?” I had to admit the idea was interesting and stimulating, causing me to fight off an erection most of the day. Finally, I thought, “I will ask Kim straight out if she was serious or not.” Her answer would go a long way in helping me make a decision. Of course, all this brooding about it would be moot if her mom wasn’t on-board with the idea.

That evening Kim’s mom came over for dinner about six PM. Sue is Kim 20 years older. Same hair, but shorter, same build, same sense of humor, they could be clones. We sat down to a nice dinner of sirloin tips in wine sauce over linguine with baby peas and a garden salad. During dinner the conversation was light, mostly about current events. At the end of dinner we moved to the living room with wine. I looked at Sue and said, “Sue there is something we want to tell you.”

Before I could continue Kim said, “And ask you.”

I looked at Kim and said, “Maybe we need to talk about that first before we ask her?”

Kim replied, “I’m good with it.” and winked at me.

Sue looked a little puzzled and then chuckled, “look tell me whatever it was you were going to tell me, then ask me whatever it was you were going to ask. Whatever it is you want, I am sure we can work it out.”

I smiled at her and said, “No beating around the bush then. Kim and I decided to make it official and get married.”

Sue squealed and shouted, “I knew it.” She hugged Kim and they both cried a little as Sue said, “I am so happy for you two. I was waiting to hear this. I just know you two are perfect for each other.”

Once they settled down Kim took her mother’s hands and said, “The question is kinda delicate, so bear with me ok?” Sue looked a little bewildered but nodded her ok. Kim went on, “Mom I know you sacrificed a lot as I was growing up and one of the things you gave up was men.”

Sue replied, “Oh, it wasn’t a sacrifice honey. Any parent would do the same.”

Kim said, “Mom, I know how much you like sex. I used to watch you when I was younger.”

Sue immediately turned red and spluttered, “Y-y-you what?”

“I used to sneak down at night and watch you with the boyfriends you used to have when I was younger.” Kim said.

“Tell her the rest Kim,” I said softly.

It was Kim’s turn to blush, but she continued, “Actually, I used to masturbate while watching you with them, but I learned a lot of things that Tim benefits from today.”

Sue turned a deeper shade of red. “Oh my, oh my.” She kept saying.

After an awkward silence Sue said, “Ok, you were naughty, but apparently it didn’t hurt you. Why tell me now?”

Kim looked Sue in the eyes and asked, “Mom, when was the last time you had sex?”

Sue looked a little stunned and said, “Uh…I’m not sure that’s any of your business.”

Kim said, “Mom, I know it seems nosy, but I also know your last boyfriend was when I was about 15 or 16. Why did you stop seeing men? I know from watching you enjoyed the sex part.”

Sue sat for a moment and then said, “I have to make a confession too Kim. I knew you watched me, at least most of the times you were there. I let you watch to learn and because….well because……dammit, it turned me on to have someone watching.”

Kim gasped and pulled her hands to her mouth. Then in a few seconds I saw her eyes crinkle in the way that I knew meant she was smiling. “Why mom, you kinky little slut, now I know where I get that from.” Kim said.

Sue sat there stunned by what Kim had said for a few seconds then they both started laughing and somehow some of the tension left the room. “That still leaves the question Mom. Why did you stop seeing men?” Kim finally said.

Sue sighed, “Well honey, I couldn’t seem to find a man I really loved and got tired of the merry-go-round. I also didn’t want you thinking that it was right to continue jumping from man to man just for sex. I found ways to cope for the lack of sex. So I guess, to directly answer your question, it has been about 8 years now. Why do you want to know?”

Kim hesitated momentarily, then said, “Mom I am deeply in love with Tim. And I think you know how much I love you. I want to share Tim with you. I want you to have some of what you sacrificed raising me.”

Sue’s eyes bulged a little and then she turned to stare at me. “Oh my, what you must think of me” she almost cried.

I moved beside her on the couch, took her hands, and looked into her eyes, “Sue, I love you almost as much as Kim does. I would never do anything to hurt you. Kim and I talked about this before you came here tonight and this isn’t out of pity or anything like that. We want you to share our joy. I know you like me. Be honest, you have been openly flirting with me since I met you, haven’t you?”

Sue kind of stuttered, “W- W-Well…, that was just being friendly. I mean….you are my daughter’s boyfriend, and kaçak iddaa ….” Then with a sigh, “Ok, yes I have. But, I would never have done anything Kim.”

I put my arm around Sue as Kim said, “I know you wouldn’t have Mom. That’s why we are inviting you to.”

Then Kim gave Sue a smirky little grin and said, “I’ll watch if it helps Mom.”

Sue gave a little jerk at that and gasped, “Oh my.”

I leaned to Sue and kissed her, my hand sliding up her inner thigh to the edge of her skirt. After a few seconds she moaned a little and opened her mouth to suck my tongue in and we tongue danced furiously and my fingers slid higher. Shortly my fingers were touching the outside of her panties. I broke our kiss and looked at Kim. “Her panties are wet. I think she has agreed.”

Sue almost panted, “I think you better take me in that bedroom and fuck me young man.”

Kim laughed, “There’s the Mom I remember.”

In about 10 seconds we were on the bed nude while Kim sat on a chair along the wall, also nude. Kim began rubbing herself lightly, watching us. Sue was almost identical to Kim. Her tits were a little softer and had a minimum of sag to them. She had just a little belly pouch that totally disappeared when she lay down. Like her daughter, Sue was shaved bare. I began kissing her and massaging her tits. My fingers found her nipples and rolled them while pinching and tugging them lightly. Sue moaned a little every time I did this.

I moved my lips down to find a nipple and sucked it into my hot mouth. My hand slid over her belly and I found her pussy lips. A single finger traced the outside of her lips. Like her daughter Sue had innie lips, the kind that don’t hang down. I slowly pushed my finger between her lips, just barely separating them. Slowly pulling my finger up her slit, my mouth worked even harder on her nipple. I touched her clit lightly and then continued the upward motion of my finger across the top of her clit.

Sue’s hips rose to meet my hand and she squealed and shuddered for a few seconds. “Oh FUCK that felt good.” She sighed, “it’s been awhile since I had an orgasm.”

“First of many tonight Sue,” I whispered into her ear.

I again started gently rubbing her clit. Not wanting it to become sore, I kept the pressure very light, almost teasing. I looked at Kim and told Sue, “Look at Kim, Mom.” Kim was rubbing herself with one hand and pounding three fingers of the other hand in and out of her pussy.

Sue gasped and said, “Oh fuck that is hot, even hotter knowing it is my daughter.” Just then my lips finished kissing down her belly and found her button. Sue’s hips bucked into my mouth as she let out a loud moan, “Oh god, it’s been so long since I’ve felt that. God, Tim, mouthfuck me. Don’t stop.” I happily obliged her, sucking her clit into my mouth through pursed lips and popping it back out again and again until she screamed in another orgasm. Just then I heard a similar scream from Kim as she came hard, spasming on the chair.

By now I had a raging erection and wanted some relief myself. I looked up at Sue and asked, “Do you want to be on top or on the bottom?”

“On top at first baby,” she replied.

I lay down beside her and as she straddled me I began massaging her tits firmly, squeezing and the tugging the nipples. Then I felt a hand on my cock and looked down to see Kim guiding me into her own mother. Sue slowly lowered her hips until my cock head was seated into her opening by Kim’s guidance.

Sue’s breath quickened as my cock began opening her pussy and she was panting by the time it popped thru her vaginal sphincter. Then, with a loud groan, she sank down onto me, taking it all the way in. “God Sue your cunt is so fucking wet and hot and tight, it reminds me of your daughter’s pussy,” I groaned, pushing up into her.

She held still for a moment savoring the feeling then began rocking slowly back and forth, lifting a little with each circle and then settling back onto me. Sue had tears running down her cheeks. Worried, I asked her, “Are you ok Sue?”

She said, “oh yes, I am perfectly fine. This feels so good, it’s been so long.”

Kim moved beside us and cupped her mother’s cheeks in her hands. “Mom I am so glad you decided to let us give you this.” Kim said softly and kissed her.

Kim turned and straddled me, putting her hands on the headboard of the bed. She brought her now dripping pussy to my lips. “Let Mom watch you lick my cunt while she rides you baby.”

I eagerly lashed her pussy with my tongue. I circled her clit and lapped at her opening as Sue rode me harder and harder, now moving up and down on me.

“That is so hot to watch while I am getting a cock in me. Sit up Kim.” Sue said.

When Kim sat up Sue reached around her and began massaging Kim’s tits and nipples the same way I was moving on hers. Kim immediately began moaning and her hips moved faster on my mouth. Suddenly Sue was grinding her hips on mine as she came with a loud “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.” kaçak bahis and flooded my groin with her cum.

When that happened, Kim released her pent up orgasm, grinding her pussy on my mouth and grunting, ” Yesyesyes.”

They flopped down on either side of me on the bed and slowly regained normal breathing rates. Sue sighed loudly, “It has been way too long between fucks for me. Thank-you both, darlings.” Then she looked down and saw me still erect. “Oh you poor boy, you need relief too don’t you?” She leaned down and with one gulp took me into her mouth all the way to my balls.

Kim massaged my balls as her mother went up and down on me, tickling me behind the testicles saying, “This is what Mom taught me men like.”

I grabbed the back of Sue’s short hair and groaned, “I’m gonna cum Mom” She kept bobbing on me so I released into her mouth.

She took the first shot then said sharply, “Kim.” When Kim looked she aimed my cock at her and my second and third shots hit her squarely in the face, coating her in my cum. Kim gasped and Sue laughed as the cum began to run down her cheeks. “You haven’t learned all my tricks yet,” she laughed. Kim giggled with her.

I pushed Sue onto her hands and knees saying, “My turn now slutty mommy.” I straddled her thighs and my still hard cock slid into her from behind causing her to moan in ecstasy.

“Yes, oh yes, that feels soooo gooood.” Sue moaned loudly. Kim slid in under her with her head under my balls and she proceeded to lick them as I fucked her mother above her.

Sue looked down at Kim’s swollen pussy lips and tentatively touched them. When Kim’s hips jerked upwards Sue began rubbing a little more firmly. Kim took one of my balls into her mouth and moaned. Sue said, “If we are going to do this, it may as well be all the way.” and dived into Kim’s cunt with her mouth.

Feeling her mother at her pussy, Kim reached up and pulled Sue’s hips to her mouth. Kim began to lick the bottom of my cock as it slid in and out of Sue and her mother’s clit in one long motion with the flat of her tongue.

My fingers dug into Sue’s hips as I forcefully pulled her back to me as my hips pushed into her. Grunting with the effort of fucking Sue, I was soon ready to cum. Kim and Sue came almost simultaneously just as I was ready. I began delivering an even bigger amount of cum than the previous load into my soon to be mother-in-law.

I dropped onto bed, spent, and Sue leaned over and took me into her mouth as I softened. Expertly cleaning me of our mixed cum. “Again, I see where Kim gets her talent from.” I groaned in pleasure.

We lay there all cuddled together, mother on one side, daughter on the other side. After resting a bit I suggested we get dressed and Skype my dad to tell him the news of the engagement. Kim had never met my dad, since he lives several states away, and thought it was a great idea.

I got the computer fired up and got onto Skype. Then I called Dad on my cell phone. “Hey, Dad,” I said when he answered. “Turn on the Skype. Kim and I have something we want to tell you.”

“Can’t you just tell me on the phone?” he grumped.

“Don’t you want to meet Kim?”

“Yeah, yeah I do. Give me a minute to synch up.”

A minute or so later he came up on the screen. We said hello and then I called out to Kim and Sue, “you guys ready to meet my Dad? He’s online now.” “This is Kim and her Mom Sue,” I said into the screen.

They walked into camera view and I saw Dads eyes get big and his mouth gape open. Just then I heard Sue gasp and she started to pass out. I leapt to catch her and eased her into a chair. I went back to the computer and told Dad, “I will call you back later, gotta go…”

As I cut it off I heard him say, “Tim, don’t , we gotta ta….”

Sue’s pale face had regained some of its color by the time I got back to her. Kim and I exchanged puzzled glances and then Kim asked Sue, “Mom, what happened just now?”

Sue took a deep breath and shakily said, “That man is your Father honey.”

It was Kim’s and my turn to almost pass out at that statement. Finally, Kim stuttered, “wha…wha….what do you mean Mother?”

She looked at me and said, “that makes you my little Malcom doesn’t it.”

I must have turned white faced. “How did you know that name? I have always hated it and never use it.” I rasped out.

As reality sunk in Kim and I looked at each other, dumbstruck. “YOU MEAN…” we both said at the same time. We gaped at each other then turned to Sue.

Sue said, “When I got my divorce I reverted to my maiden name, Norton. You two are actually twins. When we split up I took you Kim and your Dad took you Malcom Timothy. It never sank in why you always looked so familiar to me. In my mind, my son was Malcom and you were Tim. Now, of course, I see the resemblance to your father. She paled again, “Oh dear god, I not only ate my daughter’s pussy, I sucked and fucked my son. Sweet Jesus, what a mess.”

Kim and I looked at each other. As I said earlier, we have similar senses of humor. The irony of the situation did not escape us and we began giggling. Soon we were roaring. Sue looked at us like we were crazy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32