The Night of His Arrival

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My left ear lay listening to his soft breathing and rhythmically beating heart, as my right hand slowly grips his inner thigh. At first softly, almost not even resting on his thigh, then I find myself teasingly squeeze once or twice. I looked up to see his eyes flicker with a surprise and a quick smile spread across his comfortingly familiar face. I decided to be the one to make the first move, again squeezing his inner thigh, not letting go so soon this time, I used his thigh as my support as I turned towards him and placed a soft, gentle kiss on his lips. Laying my head higher on his stomach I wondered about what I had just done.

All the while I was lightly, ever so slowly massaging my way from his inner knee up to his inner thigh. I could see the affect I was having on him and it excited me on a new, unknown level. Again I turned towards him and placed a soft kiss on his now scared lips, attempting to try what I knew I should not. I let the side of my hand tease the fabric that was – – not so convincingly – – hiding his semi-erect cock and attempted to slip my tongue into his mouth.

He pulled away in excited shock and confusion. Looking into my eyes he told me, “Let me get comfortable with this.” Smiling embarrassedly he returned his gaze to the movie and using his right hand to return my head to his chest.

Suddenly his words rang through my mind and I wondered to myself what “this” even was. This should not be exciting me, making me want to hold him in my arms, and have him hold me in his. Right as I began to doubt what I had so sinfully desiring, I felt his electric touch. He was brushing my hair off of my shoulder, exposing my bare neck to his every whim. I could feel him slowly lowering towards me, slowly placing his lips on the curve of my neck. Delicately he laid kiss after passionate kiss upon the smooth curve of my neck. All the while using his right hand to explore my hip and thigh that lay up turned to his every desire.

Each kiss was so exciting; it made my body tingle escort kartal from head to toe. Finally I knew he was getting used to “this” as his left had inched its way towards my full bosom. Once placing his hand upon my large breast I shifted and pushed myself up to face him. This time I looked into his eyes to find not only my excited passion reflecting in them, but his own excitement and passion shinning so intensely in his bright puppy dog like hazel eyes.

Cautiously leaning into his soft lips, I placed my lips on his and quickly withdrew them to look into his eyes again. Gently he placed his left arm under me to add support to my awkward position, then with his right arm wrapped about my left shoulder he intently pushed between my shoulder blades to bring me back into his warm lip lock. I placed one hand on his heart and the other at his strong jaw line.

“Oh my God! Is this really, really happening? Holy shit!” I thought to myself as his hand slipped under my night shirt, up my ever so sensitive spine.

Once his hand got to where a bra strap should have been, he made a noise as if surprised that I had none on. The same noise was elicited from him when his hand slipped beneath my pajama pants, to where a pair of underwear should have been. Almost by instinct, he squeezed my round, tender ass cheeks pulling me into him. I could not take it anymore, breaking our intense kiss I stood up and sat down directly in his lap facing him. His now fully erect cock was being held prisoner as I was grinding my hips back and forth on top of his lap, my thighs squeezing his hips, and me kissing him with all my heart.

While his hands began to wander from my ass to my nipples, my hands wandered from his nipples to his waist. Anxiously I tore at his belt, wanting only to free his unjustly imprisoned cock. Once his belt unbuckled, I undid his jean button and then his zipper to reveal a dark pair of boxer briefs. Without thinking I took his cock into my hand, while kissing him harder, maltepe escort and grinding against my cock filled hand. Pulling away from his lips with mine, I used my free hand to raise his shirt and began to lick and lightly bite at his gorgeous nipples.

I do not know what came over me, but I pulled my shirt off of my chest and threw it to the side, revealing my luscious 36D breasts and my soft, milky white stomach as I began to lower myself to my knees. Taking his cock in my hand I looked up at him, shyly I asked, “Can I?”

With pure delight he said, “Yes, only if you want to.” Anticipation filled his eyes and I felt his cock jerk as I returned my gaze to his boxer briefs.

Slowly I lifted the waistband up and over his erect cock. “WOW!” is all I could think when his cock sprang free of his imprisoning briefs and stood at full attention before my eyes. His size was more than enough to excite me to climax, I had never been with anyone that long or thick. I looked up at him and just said “Wow!” Then I looked down and took as much of his throbbing cock into my mouth as I could. His hips lifted to meet my lips, his hands lay on top of my shoulders, and he began to talk to me so softly, as if to not interrupt my intense sucking.

“Oh! That feels so good,” he said first.

Taking a fist full of my hair in one hand, “Oh yes! Take my cock in your mouth.” Slowly his hands ran paths between my shoulders, neck, and back of my head. Without force he guided my mouth up and down his thick shaft at a slow speed.

Then he softly told me, “Look at me, look at me while you suck me.”

With complete and utter erotic excitement I obeyed. I looked up at him, making sure to not let my mouth leave his cock, he was smiling and watching my lips encircling his cocks’ entire circumference. I could not stop myself. I was enjoying this too much to let it stop at a simple, heavenly blowjob. Without a word I stood up and walked out of the room to get my purse.

When pendik escort bayan I returned I found him sitting where I had left him, with his left hand fondling his cock and his right hand resting on his inner thigh. Setting my purse down as I sat back in his exposed lap, I felt him take hold of my hips and guide them to settle directly on top of his rock hard cock. The sensations that were assaulting my pussy lips, were f my big brothers perfectly shaped head. His head pushed beyond my pussy lips and into my soaking pussy. The only barrier between my body and my long awaited lover were my cotton pajama pants.

I could not stand it, all of this was making me go mad. Taking his hands from my hips and placing them on my bare ass check, I began to move my pajama pants from my crotch. My cleanly shaven pussy lips lay resting on his warm erection.

Looking at him for approval I began to grind against his exposed lap and running my fingers across his chest. I leaned in and kissed him, letting my tongue pass into his mouth in search of his tongue and to explore every bump and ridge in his mouth. He placed his hands on my hips and lower back holding me completely still. When I pulled my lips from his, I immediately placed them on his left nipple and them looked back at him for several moments.

As if reading my mind he took my face in his hands and spoke so gently to me, “Are you sure?” was what he asked first.

Then, “Are you sure about all of this? About sex?” Looking into my eyes he searched for the answer that was already at my lips.

“Yes, yes Clyde I am sure.”

There was so much fear running through my body, but I asked him anyways. I asked him, “Are you sure too?” as he shook his head yes and lifted his hips towards my wet pussy.

He suddenly said, “Good, glad we are both sure about where this is headed.”

Then he held me so delicately, as if I were a porcelain doll, and kissed me so passionately I thought I might orgasm. I took his cock in my hands and guided it between my pink lips. I leaned back from his kiss and watched his eyes widen as I slowly sat on the entire length of his eight inch rod.

Then I said, “I am glad we are both sure about this, too,” pausing I kissed him gently then finished, “big brother!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32