The Maid Pt. 03

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All three of them were on the bed enjoying a nice cool drink after their morning of wild sex. The wife had decided that her hubby had had enough of being tied to the bed and so they both loosened his bindings and set him free. Seeing as they had tortured him by denying his orgasm for so long, they decided it would be he who dictated the next activity. Secretly, the maid was excited at the prospect and she hoped his choice would involve his hard cock being inside her again. It made her pussy even wetter than it already was just thinking about it. In fact, she had been aroused between the legs since she first walked in the door of room 365. Even as she sat naked and cross legged on the bed, she couldn’t help but to occasionally reach down with one hand and touch herself, keep herself aroused. It didn’t embarrass her doing it and the other two didn’t mind either, their eyes glued between her legs each time her hand moved down there. He even tried it himself, reaching down now and then just to touch his semi hard cock while his wife laid on the bed her legs together but her pussy wet and throbbing with excitement.

“What’s it to be?” his wife asked, eager to have her aching pussy pleasured.

“Visitors first I think.” He replied, placing his glass of scotch on the bedside table. Leaning forward, he took the maid’s glass from her hand and placed it on the table next to his.

Her pulse raced with the thought that she was about to be fucked by that big cock of his. She watched as he slid of the bed and walked around it to her, stroking his cock, making it nice and hard for her. He stood right in front of her, his stiff member just asking to be sucked. She slid forward on the bed and placing the flat of her hand under the thick shaft, enveloped the tip with her mouth. He arched his back, pushing himself forward as her mouth slid down his shaft. She loved it in her mouth and eagerly she orally fucked him, forcing the huge head as far down her throat as she could until she gagged. Eager to fuck her tight wet pussy, he pulled out of her mouth, pushed her backwards onto the bed. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he dragged her cunt towards him and drove his throbbing cock into her.

“Fuck!” She cried out as the engorged head of his cock ripped her open and his thick shaft buried itself deep inside her. She pulled her legs up, spreading them as wide as she could; she wanted him deep, wanted every inch of her throbbing cunt filled. Egged on by her excitement and need for him, he started to fuck her with long deep thrusts, his entire length glistening with her wetness as he slid smoothly in and out of that lovely tight pussy.

Determined not to miss out, the wife crawled over the bed and straddled the maid’s face, crushing her dripping pussy down onto it. The maid’s chest heaved with arousal at the feel of his hard cock pumping her pussy and his wife rubbing her pussy all over her face. She lapped hungrily at the wife’s parted lips while trying hard to thrust her hips up to meet the husbands cock. The thrusting between her legs quickened and suddenly she was cumming, her body jerking in orgasm as she tried hard to stick her tongue inside the wife’s opening to drink the wetness pooled there.

She felt him bahis firmaları slip from inside her. She heard him walk around the bed. He pulled his wife of her face and she watched him keep her on all fours facing away from him. Forcing his wife’s head down onto the bed, he pressed against her rear. His wife waited with agonizing anticipation to feel his cock slide into her throbbing pussy but instead, felt the tip press against her ass. Before she could react, he pushed his glistening hard cock into her ultra-tight asshole.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed with pain as he slid his entire cock deep into her virgin ass. “Stop, oh fuck.” She pleaded the pain horrendous. Ignoring her pleas, he slowly kept thrusting, skewering her with his massive cock until, with the pain receding and pleasure taking over, she was pushing back, impaling herself on him, the new feelings of his cock in her ass exciting her, driving her towards orgasm. The maid watched enthralled. She had never seen anal sex in person and the sight of it had her tingling between the legs, wishing he would do it to her too. Suddenly, he pulled out of his wife’s ass and plunged his straining cock hard deep inside her pussy, pushing her over the edge into a massive trembling orgasm. She lunged forward, off his cock and onto the bed, her whole body twitching, both her pussy and ass pulsating in orgasm.

“Do my ass too.” The maid pleaded, eager to feel what it was like to be ass fucked.

He rounded the bed and once again, pulled her on her back to the edge of it. She pulled her legs up and spread them wide for him, exposing her glistening pussy and a tight little asshole beneath. Stroking his cock, he reached between her legs, covered his fingers with her wetness and then smeared it on her ass and the head of his cock. She was trembling with both dread and excitement. Bending slightly at the knees and holding his stiff throbbing cock, he pressed the head to her ass and pushed it just inside, holding it there. It was painful as she expected, but nothing compared to the thrill of feeling her ass violated. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her. “Fuck.” she cried out, panting as he filled her ass with hard cock. “Fuck my ass.” She begged him, new sensations filling her, arousing her like never before. He started pumping into her and she moaned with pleasure at every deep thrust. She wanted to cum badly. Her hand reached down and she frantically rubbed at her clit, wanting pussy and ass to cum together. Wetness poured from her pussy as she heaved on the bed. “Do me, do me.” She cried out, desperate to cum. Thrusting into her, he reached down and slid two fingers inside her. She almost screamed, her body bucking on the bed as her pussy and ass came, a massive orgasm ripping through her entire body. Sent over the top by her huge orgasm and writhing body, he wrenched his cock from her ass, just in time to spray thick ropes of cum all over her pussy and fingers. Still aroused, she smeared it all over herself between her open legs.

“Jesus.” came a voice from across the bed. His wife lay there on her back, legs spread and in the air, watching them, two fingers ramming in and out of her saturated cunt and another buried deep in her ass, cumming on all three of them.

Satisfied kaçak iddaa for the moment, they returned to their drinks and after some discussion had decided it would be nice to get dressed and go down to the hotel bar for a few more. As he got dressed, the women took themselves off to the bathroom to wipe off, get dressed and put on makeup.

“You are lucky, your husband has got such a lovely huge cock.” she remarked to the wife.

“Not when he jams it up your ass, the bastard.” the wife replied with false indignation and they both burst out laughing.

Dressed and ready, the three of them caught the elevator down to the first level and entered the bar. The wife spotted a booth and said they should sit there. She got the maid and herself to sit on one side together while her husband sat opposite them.

“Are you ready?” she asked the maid while her husband was up getting them drinks. She nodded that she was and they both sat there patiently waiting for the husband to return. The plan hatched in the bathroom was about to be put into action.

Unaware anything amiss the husband returned with the drinks and passed them around. They clinked their glasses together and all took a sip. The wife made to pick up her lighter of the table but accidentally dropped it onto the floor. Being the gentlemen, he bent under the table to retrieve it. The sight that greeted him caused him to suck in his breath. There under the table were two pairs of open legs with dresses ridden up and two perfectly shaved pussies staring right at him. The seconds he was down there seemed like minutes as he stared with longing at those moist pink slits with puffy swollen lips. Sitting back up again, he was speechless and turned on at the same time.

“Look again” said his wife. Looking around to make sure no one as watching, he ducked once again under the table. This time he was met with the sight of his wife’s hand between the maid’s legs, her middle finger massaging the maid’s hard clit. When he sat up again, they could see the arousal on his face and also the growing bulge in the front of his pants. All made worse when he saw the maid was excited and starting to squirm in her seat. He watched her starting to shudder, trying to hide her orgasm. The hard cock trapped in his pants belched out precum in his own excitement at seeing the maid’s face contorted in orgasm.

“My turn.” Said the wife and he saw the maids arm move slightly and his wife give a slight jolt, knowing she had just been touched. He wanted badly to look under the table and watch but it would have been too obvious so he just took a huge swig of his drink instead. Just like with the maid, he watched his wife’s arousal grow and grow until she went stiff, trying not to make a sound as she came. By now his cock had leaked so much precum in his excitement, he was afraid it might have started showing as a wet patch on his pants. Casually looking down, he saw with relief it hadn’t.

“Shall we go back to the room.” his wife suggested. They both looked at his face and started to giggle at the look of horror on it, knowing his predicament of having to stand up and walk out of the crowded bar with a raging hard on bulging his trousers out like a tent.

“All kaçak bahis right, you got me.” He gave in, smiling with them. Even with the discomfort of his bulging trousers, it was still all worth it for what he saw under the table. The vision of those two bare pussies side by side was still clear in his mind and he reveled in it. They stayed on for a few more drinks and then. All of them half tipsy, returned to room 365.

It was getting late and the maid would soon have to go. She wished she had taken two days off so she could spend the night with her two new sex companions, but then again, that was presuming they would want her to.

They were alone in the room, his wife nowhere to be seen. Presumably in the bedroom sleeping off the alcohol he thought. Walking up to him, she pressed herself to him, one hand reaching up to fondle his collar.

“Would you do me one last favour?” asked the maid, looking up into his eyes.

“What’s that?” he replied.

“Would you fuck me like you were doing to your wife yesterday when I walked in on you?”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Straight away, his hands were all over her and hers over him. Kissing passionately, they tore at each other’s clothes until they were completely naked. He steered her over to the sofa and bent her over the arm of it. She felt herself flood with excitement between her parted legs, her pussy open to him and aching for him to fill it. Slowly, he ran his hands up the backs of her thighs, his fingers curling in at the top to just lightly brush her waiting pussy. She was already moaning with anticipated pleasure as he ran his hands up were bare back and moved in behind her. Grasping his rigid cock he guided it between her legs.

She gasped when it touched her, waiting to feel it stretch her open and fill her. He gently thrust against her, rubbing the swollen head of it between her lips and over her aching clit. She braced herself. His next thrust found her opening and he was inside her. It was even better than she imagined and she groaned as his hard cock filled her from behind. His hands were on her hips and he was suddenly thrusting into her, harder and harder, deep as he could. He wanted her cunt, wanted it badly. He slammed against her rear and she howled with pleasure as he buried every inch of himself deep in her body. Sweat formed on his brow as he reamed her pussy, his balls slapping against her with each hard thrust. She was almost there, gasping, her legs shaking with her impending orgasm.

“Fuck!” Looking up, it was Déjà vu. Across the room near the door stood a maid, watching them fuck, her hand up under her skirt and inside her panties, rubbing herself frantically.

Only when he looked twice did he recognize his wife dressed in the maid’s uniform.

Smiling, he put his finger to his mouth, indicating to her to be quiet.

The next day, as she was leaving work, the Concierge handed her an envelope addressed to her. In the cab on the way home, she opened it and found a DVD and a note that read ‘A little memory of a wonderful day for you.’

As soon as she got home, she stripped off her uniform, put the DVD in the player and sprawled on the couch in her bra and panties as usual. Pressing play, she saw a familiar room with two naked women making each other cum.

She wondered if somewhere. Her two friends for a day were sitting on their own couch, watching the same DVD and masturbating to it like she was doing now.

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