The Library

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A quietly attractive woman is bent over a large desk; intently studying a computer screen. She breaks from this concentration, and announces into an intercom, “Attention patrons we will be closing in ten minutes; please bring your final selections to the check out desk.”

For the next eight minutes or so, people file calmly to the desk and are efficiently checked out. The woman looks expectantly at the clock as the last patron files out.

She is just about to shut down the computer; when a deep voice startles her, “Tell me I have one more moment … please.”

She looks up and almost blushes. A tall attractive, dark haired man is smiling at her.

“Well, I guess I could fit you in,” she says, smiling.

He looks intently into her eyes; she suddenly feels self-conscious and warm.

“Well, let’s get to your books,” she says.

She begins to handle his selections; a book on photography, a history book. She blushes as she picks up a book on mythology with an old world painting of a pair of nude lovers. He takes note of her blush and smiles; chuckling inside. It is refreshing to see a woman in her forties who is still a bit bashful. She reaches for the last book. It is a coffee table photo book on Venice. They begin to make a little idle chatter, seeing as they both had been to Venice in their younger days.

She is engrossed in him, his easy likeability, his intelligence and of course his sexy masculinity. Suddenly she realizes that it has grown quiet. She notes that all the patrons are gone, and the other library clerks also. They have even turned off the lights in the main areas of the library.

“Well, I should let you get home,” she says.

“I’m enjoying this discussion. Couldn’t we continue a bit longer?” he replies.

She hesitates. She notes the extra bit of interest in his statement.

“Well, I suppose I could stay a bit longer.”

“Let’s go over there, where we can sit down,” she says.

He bahis firmaları follows her, noting the curve of her body, and her movements with interest. She leads him to a dimly lit seating area with slightly plush seats, and tables. They find seats and continue talking. Each telling the other of their travels in Europe and the youthful times they enjoyed.

She is only half way listening to him. She studies his handsome face and the way he moves. She feels emotion stirring within her. A slight warm excitement she hasn’t felt for a while. While quite attractive, she ventures out seldom and her slight reticence keeps her from being noticed at times. It has been a long time; since she enjoyed a man’s attentions.

He pauses in his conversation, looks at her and smiles. He asks her a question. She suddenly breaks away from her examination of him; realizing he has questioned her.

“I’m sorry, I was momentarily distracted,” she says.

He senses why. He reaches across the table and takes her hand. He bends and puts his lips to it. Looking upward he gazes at her.

“I sense some tension in the air, good tension.”

She involuntarily shivers at the feel of his lips. She looks at him. He realizes that she has frozen, like a deer in the headlights.

“Am I assuming too much?” he asks.

Her reply is so soft he scarcely hears it.

Very quietly a soft, “No”, escapes her lips

Shyly she meets his eyes and he sees vulnerability in her eyes, and a yearning. He gets up from his chair and kneels beside her, very gently, and very softly taking her chin and tilting it up to him. He kisses lips which feel soft as rose petals and taste sweet. Taking her hand, he draws her to standing, puts his arms around her and feels a release of tension from her. She succumbs to his embrace, relaxing into his chest tentatively, returning the kiss. He pulls her in tighter as his kiss becomes more forceful. After a little gasp, she kaçak iddaa begins to return his ardor. His hands roam as far as they can; exploring every curve, every hard angle of bone, every soft pocket of flesh. His desire is aflame for her. HE WANTS HER! She is a bit shy. Nonetheless, her wanting begins to show in ever more energy, ever more touching. She seeks to feel one with him. He suddenly grasps her around her thighs and lifts her to the tabletop. She does not pause in her exploration of his chest, or his mouth. She is HUNGRY!

He buries his head in the space of her neck; behind her ear, breathing, kissing, and licking. He wants to devour her. He unclips her hair behind her head. Her blonde hair falls down cascading around his face. He wonders if anything ever felt as soft. She is alive with sensation. Her entire body tingles. It has been a long time since she has had treatment such as this. His big hands cup the sides of her breasts.

Coming up for air, he changes position and buries his face; this time in her cleavage. She moans just a little in the excitement of it all. He grasps her blouse, not wanting to take time to unbutton; he just rips down through the buttons. Her heart races. He quickly unsnaps her bra; pausing a moment he drinks in the view of her. Yet again, he buries his face in her bosom.

She moans in delight as he licks, kisses and suckles around each lovely breast. Circling in ever narrowing paths, he reaches her nipple. One hand pinches softly, the left nipple. He draws in her right one so gently; but quickly becoming firmer. She squirms on the table. This is the greatest amount of sensation she has felt in a long while. Her high pitched moans and squeals please him. He lightly grazes the nipple with his teeth.

Her moans go wild. She has completely given in to abandon. She is his now, to do with as he wishes. She has lost most control. She is almost a puppet in his hands, but she tries to give him some kaçak bahis stimulation as she feasts on his attentions. She explores his chest softly. She kisses his neck and collar bone. Now, she reaches between his legs. She touches him and she is excited by what she feels. His cock is rock hard beneath his pants, it tempts her.

He stops a moment and says her name softly, “Kat …”

He reaches up and removes her glasses. He stares into her blue eyes. He wants her, as surely as his cells want food. Her eyes say the same to him. He runs his hands up under her skirt. He flips it forward, looking a short moment; he then grasps the top of her bikinis and pulls them downward. She doesn’t think she could get any more excited. He takes in the view. The curly brown hair gives away the fact that she isn’t naturally as blonde as she seems. He knows she is excited. He can see a shiny glistening coming from between her folds. He draws nearer. She breathes inwardly, sighing, anticipating what is to come.

He gently begins licking, around her folds then lapping at her clitoris. She squirms. He runs his tongue up and down, slipping into, dipping into…… her pussy. She is moaning with the intensity of it all. He keeps teasing her. He laps at her clitoris, and begins probing with his fingers. He inserts two fingers into her sweetest spot, all the while never ending his attention to the clitoris. He strokes her now, with his two fingers. Faster and faster he goes, and his tongue too, on her clit, goes faster! Her moans grow louder and louder. He smiles inside.

He pauses just for the briefest second and she implores him, “Don’t stop. Please … … don’t stop.”

He has brought her to the brink of ecstasy and she is about to go over. She grabs his head. Pulling at his hair, she shrieks loudly. She exhales forcefully. He knows that he has fed her. She collapses in sexual exhaustion; back onto the table. He continues to give her long soft licks, from her clitoris down through her folds. It is almost too intense for her. He lies forward onto her, pressing himself to her, enveloping her in an embrace, kissing her lips.

“Oh, Christian…” she says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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