The King’s Son

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All person’s in this work are over the age of 18 years.

As a newly minted knight errant I wasn’t supposed to see battle for my first mission. Most first timers are put on a simple patrol assignment or guard post. But my experience was different. It was supposed to be routine. Escort a local caravan from one township to another. Both towns are tucked safe within our nation’s borders, far from the front lines. However on this particular day the orcs ambushed us. Most of my fellow knights were killed within the first ten minutes. The caravan was being over-taken, there wasn’t much I could do except to fight and die for the nation I love so much. But then I saw him. He had exited one of the caravan’s at the back.

His light blonde hair waved in the breeze, his youthful appearance notwithstanding, he had a strong musculature. All of that aside I recognized him, he was the king’s son. I had no clue why he was here, but my duty became crystal clear. I turned by steed around and raced towards him at full speed. He noticed me, his eyes wide with confusion. I grabbed him forcefully by the arm and pulled him on to my horse.

“Wait we have got to help them.” he said as he adjusted himself behind me on my saddle.

I ignored his pleas and headed straight back to the castle.

“I am sorry your highness, but my duty is clear in escort izmir these matters, I must take you to safety.”

Despite the anger he must have been feeling I felt his arms snake around my stomach. We were traveling very fast, he needed to hold onto me for dear life.

“All those people….”

I sighed.

“I know your majesty, but there isn’t anything we could have done even if we stayed.” I added glancing behind “If it wasn’t for your presence I would be dead right along with the convoy.”

He blushed and looked away.

As we road up the hill I slowed our pace. It was clear that the sounds of battle were far behind us, but I kept my guard up. No telling if more orcs were around the place. If they caught up to us killing us would be the least of our concerns. I heard how orcs kept and raped their captives continuously. I then felt something poking into my back. I turned to find out what it was then realised. The prince had an erection and it was prodding into my back. I he caught me glancing and turned crimson with embarrassment.

“I am so sorry sir knight, I don’t know what has come over me.”

I waved it away.

“It’s okay my prince, happens all the time on the battlefield. It’s the adrenaline. Can make it very uncomfortable for knights with steel codpieces.”

He laughed nervously behind escort izmir me.

I couldn’t help but notice his hands were subtly shifting from my stomach to my chest. He could feel my pectoral muscles through the leather jerkin I was wearing.

“Um, your highness…”


His hands went back to my stomach.

But the poking in my back continued. I then was acutely aware that I was also sporting a stiffy. I felt the prince’s head on my shoulder.

“It looks like I am not the only one with adrenaline coursing through his veins.”

I turned slightly and saw a cheeky grin on the prince’s face. We were getting close to the castle now. I was approaching from the south, all we had to do is go over the mountain range and we’d be there. But I knew of a secluded grove on the way..

I veered left suddenly. A few minutes later my horse cantered into a cave entrance. We stopped. Before the prince could say anything I swung myself around to face him. Our dicks straining against our pants were almost touching. I grinned at him.

“I can’t have us present ourselves to his majesty in our current state, don’t you agree.”

The prince smiled back. He put his hands down his pants, freeing his erection. I did the same. He took my member in his hands and I took his. We began jerking each other off. His hands were most certainly that of an aristocrat, soft and supple. The handjob was amazing. My calloused hand was also doing a fine job, the prince moaned in ecstasy.

“Ahhh yes, yes I am about to cummm.”

My balls started to lift. This was amazing.

“Ahhh fuck.”

Cum spewed forth coating the prince’s hand and the saddle. He came too, adding to the white mess. We panted together, our hands covered in each other’s cum. He lifted his to his mouth and started licking it with gleeful pleasure. I did the same. The taste of royalty in my mouth was joyful. He scooched forward, his limp dick flopping on top of mine. He kissed me deeply. We swapped cum, tasting each other for what seemed eons. After some gulping and slurping it was I who had to break for air first.

“Time is marching on your highness. We best get off to the castle.”

He placed a hand behind his head with a grin.

“Like this?”

I looked down at the stained mess.

“Okay, well, not like this. We will stop at a well, clean ourselves up and then go the castle.”

He nodded. I swung back, taking the reins of my horse.

Later that evening the kind himself rewarded me for my heroics and for bringing his son back. When he asked if there was anything within his power he could do for me all I said was the opportunity to continue guarding his son. The prince smiled when his father granted this request. He gestured towards his chambers. Apparently my tenure as his protector has already started….

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