The Kid Goes to Work

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Lots of change for the Kid these days. He and Kelly had broken up a few months back when she left for a job opportunity in Chicago, and he had just graduated from college and found a grownup job of his own. He also moved out of his old apartment building and into a nicer place nearer to his new job, and since he was making more money, no more jeans and a t-shirt for him. He had been working out for about a year-and-a-half now, and he liked to show off his newly buff body with expensive tight shirts and similarly expensive tight pants.

One thing that hadn’t changed was the size of his dick. His monster was as big as ever, over a footlong, and so thick he couldn’t close his hands around it, and he believed it was even stronger after nearly a year of boning Kelly’s super tight pussy. It didn’t take him long for him to get back to smashing new hotties, and he quickly decided on a new goal: he wanted to bone three women in one day, and he wanted to do it at work. He had hooked up with one of the new interns last week in the supply room after hours, and she had spread the word about his cock. He figured now would be a great time to reach for his goal, and he had started scoping out potentials.

The first hotties on his radar were Sarah and Miko. Sarah was a tall leggy blond with a pretty face and a vaguely bitchy attitude, although she was flirty with him recently, and he had caught her checking out his package at the morning roundup today. Miko was a petite Asian girl with big boobs and an almost cheerleader-esque sunny disposition. She was fun and flirty and made no bones that she thought he was hot, even before word spread about his cock. They were first up.

Sarah typically took a smoke break about an hour after the morning roundup, and she was right on time today. The Kid made sure to bump into her as she was getting to the stairwell.

“How’s your morning going?” he asked as he held the door open for her.

“Great,” she replied. “Better now,” and she gave him a sexy smile. He made sure to gently put his hand on her back as she walked past him, and she looked back at him and bit her lip absently.

“I was thinking both of our days could get off to a really good start, if you want,” he said as they were walking down to the first level, side by side.

“What did you have in mind?” she said, pausing on the last landing before the ground floor.

He moved closer to her, close enough that she could feel his breath, and pressed his hips against hers. She could feel his huge bulge pressing against her thigh, and her eyes fluttered with desire.

“That works,” she said, and took his hand, guiding him down the steps to the sub-basement behind the stairs. She leaned back against the wall and pulled him in for a kiss. He gently grabbed her neck and pulled her into him, kicking the kiss up a notch, and they made out with abandon. They paused for a second while she reached under her skirt and dropped her panties to the floor, and he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his feet. His massive cock sprung out, and Sarah smiled, shaking her head in gleeful disbelief.

“That’s incredible,” she said, and grabbed his giant dick just below its head and guided him into her.

He slowly seesawed deeper and deeper into her, as she got wetter and wetter. She orgasmed inside of a minute, and he took that as his queue to step it up. He reached under her legs and scooped her up, pressing his knees to the wall and resting her thighs on them, and then he started pumping her with a purpose. She immediately orgasmed again, and within a couple of minutes she convulsed and moaned loudly, and he could feel her cum wash over his cock.

That’s when the Kid decided to put a bow on it. He started pumping her hard enough to lift her up with each stroke, and she came again a couple more times, spasming violently and moaning loudly throughout. He finally had to kiss her again to muffle her moaning, her cum pouring over his cock. Once she stopped moaning, he slowly pulled his cock out of her and helped her to gently settle to the ground. He gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, and then rubbed the tip of his big cock on her chin.

With barely a pause, she glanced up at him and took his cock-head into her mouth and began sucking it while stroking his shaft with both hands. After about a minute of her surprisingly good head, the Kid pulled back from her and aimed his huge hammer into the trash can beneath the stairs and unloaded into it. He came enough to fill a teacup and was vaguely amused bahis firmaları that it barely made a dent in his erection.

He stroked his thick cock a few times to push out the last driblets of cum, and then wiped it off with a couple of napkins. He looked over at Sarah as he stuffed his monster back into his pants, and she was still sitting there, blissfully exhausted. “I’ll leave you to that cigarette now,” he said, and headed back up the stairs.

* * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * *

Miko was up next. She normally took an early lunch out in the Volkswagen van that her and her dad had fixed up, and the Kid planned on getting that van rocking. He hopped up from his desk right at 11 and headed toward the far side stairs that were next to her favorite parking lot, but had to go around the long way because maintenance was working on the sprinkler system in the main hallway.

As he walked past the HR department, Lindsay called over to him. Lindsay was a cute redhead with a fit body and what the Kid figured was the single hottest ass he had ever seen. She actually had a whole social media side career built around that incredible ass and her tight body, and he was amazed she even needed this job. She generally kept work and play separate, refusing to date guys at work, and the Kid had not considered her as part of his plan.

Lindsay walked over to him looking very professional, a stack of paperwork in her hands. “Can I borrow you for a second?” she said, a hopeful smile on her face.

“I’m kind of heading to meet someone…” he replied, trying to brush her off and get to the parking lot.

“Please? It’s an emergency,” she said, giving that faux sad face that people use to guilt you into doing something.

The Kid sighed. “What do you need?”

Lindsay smiled and said, “Follow me.”

She led him to the storage room on the back side of the HR department, pushing the door closed behind them. She put down her paperwork on the nearest shelf and smiled at him, and then walked up to him and started rubbing at his crotch. The Kid was a little surprised at first but caught on quickly.

He smiled. “I thought you didn’t mix work and play.”

“No. I don’t date guys at work. I play all I want, and I want to play with you,” and she leaned in to kiss him. She was a surprisingly good kisser, and the Kid was hard very quickly. She pushed him to sit back against one of the storage racks and pulled his pants down, then turning away so he could see that fabulous ass again. She slowly wiggled her pants down to the floor and seeing her naked ass made his dick harder than ever.

Lindsay sat back, guiding his cock into her, and she moaned a couple of times as she slid down his long shaft, all the way down to his balls. Kelly had been the only woman to willingly take his whole cock, and it amazed him that Lindsay could do it. She slowly started bouncing up and down, grunting and moaning as she did, and she was tight enough that the Kid was thoroughly enjoying it. After a few minutes she shuddered from her first orgasm, and the second and third came shortly after.

The Kid could feel pressure slowly building in his balls, so he decided to take control. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting from his seated position, finally starting to stretch that pussy. She came almost immediately, and he stood up and started to really thump her. He thumped and thumped away, and she had a minutes long orgasm that poured cum over his cock. She was hanging onto the shelf across from them both, trying to steady herself, but he pulled her legs wide apart, her feet off the ground as pounded her senseless. Finally, she came so hard that she saw stars and she crumbled to the ground.

But the Kid wasn’t done. He pushed his fat cock into her ass, slowly but surely, and with pleasured groans from Lindsay all the while. He was able to get about two-thirds of his giant dick inside her, and he began pumping away again. He was pumping harder and harder, as Lindsay came over and over, and he finally hilted in her ass. Then he thumped her a few more times, and he was ready. He hilted again and held it there, pulling back tightly on her hips as he came inside her. He stayed there a moment feeling pretty good about the way his day was going, and then finally pulled out of her.

Once again, the Kid stroked himself a few times and then wiped off his dick, turning back to Lindsay. He helped her to a sitting position on one of the shelves and kissed her briefly. He pulled up his pants with his big dick dangling in front kaçak iddaa of her face, and before he could zip up, Lindsay stopped him, grabbing it with both hands. She gave him a look that could melt lead, and then kissed the head of his cock, and gave it a lick and a quick suck, before tucking it gently into his pants.

The Kid thought he might need to re-visit Lindsay sometime soon and he smiled back at her. He headed for the door and said, “Don’t forget your paperwork,” and walked out.

* * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * *

The Kid wasn’t unhappy with the way his day had unfolded, but after Lindsay he had missed out on two other possibles and it was nearly 5 o’clock. He walked around the second floor trying to figure something out when he nearly knocked over Issa.

Issa was of middle eastern decent, Israeli he thought, with pitch black hair and honey-colored eyes, and a body very reminiscent of his ex-girlfriend Kelly, meaning a slim hourglass figure with huge tits and a great ass. No offense to Kelly or Sandy, or any of the other women he’d slept with, but Issa had the most beautiful face he’d ever seen, and at least as great a body. His cock very nearly did a backflip when she bumped into him.

“Oops! My bad,” he said, held up his hands in mock surrender.

She laughed. She had a voice that made you think she was a singer, clear and womanly, and it made her laugh even sexier. “It’s okay. It hasn’t really been a day until someone tries to tackle me,” she said, a faint accent tinting her words.

“Well then I guess you’re day is made now,” the Kid replied, and he quickly looked her up and down, which she clearly noticed. She shifted her hips and put her arms behind her back, which made her massive tits nearly burst out of her top. The Kid’s cock twitched and shifted slightly in his pants. She noticed that, too.

“The day’s almost over. Any plans for tonight?” she said, checking him out this time.

He smiled and moved a little closer. “Working on it. As you know, it’s always about the company.”

She smiled and chewed her lip for a moment. “I have plans for later tonight, but I’ve heard some things, and I’m curious.” She looked right at his bulge and her chest heaved magnificently. His cock twitched again.

“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t take long to satisfy your curiosity. Besides, you might want to cancel your plans after we do,” he said, his swagger palpable.

“Perhaps,” she said, her eyes flickering to the small conference room across the hall. Most everyone had started heading for the exits, and there was no one nearby, so they both headed for the conference room.

The doors to the room were solid wood, there were no windows, and the room was sound proofed for phone conferences, so they had plenty of privacy. The Kid walked over to the large wooden table in the center of the room and leaned against it, smiling and waiting expectantly.

Issa chewed her lip again, her fingers absently rubbing against her thighs. The Kid was rock hard now, and his pants could barely contain his monster. He looked her over again and his cock twitched hard. He needed to smash her hard and soon.

She walked over to him slowly, the gentle swaying of her hips accentuating how incredible her body was. He looked up at her flawless face and realized it was the only thing that could distract him from her body. His cock full on spasmed, and he gripped the table to steady himself. She got close enough for their thighs to touch, her hot breath on his face, and she unbuttoned his pants, reaching into them to touch his cock. She cooed and her eyes went wide as she ran her hand down his incredible length. She squeezed his cock and marveled at his unbelievable girth, and she leaned even closer, her massive breasts against his chest, enabling him to start nibbling on her neck.

She pushed his pants down and began stroking his huge cock, gently biting at his shoulder and chest as she did. He leaned back and let her work, one hand rubbing at her hip and ass, the other squeezing one of her huge breasts. She took her hands off his cock for a few moments to remove her top and bra, and he started rubbing both her nipples. She kissed him passionately as she started stroking him again, using her other hand to rub his chest.

As things got hotter, the Kid stood up and re-positioned Issa sitting on the table, and he pulled her pants off. He worked the tip of his monster into her, which got a steamy prolonged moan from Issa, and then grabbed under her legs and around her ass, slowly pulling himself kaçak bahis into her. She gasped as his cock hit bottom and moaned as he slowly pulled out. The Kid was in no hurry and wanted to savor every second inside her, his strokes slow and steady. Issa started scratching at his chest and arms with her fingernails, and the Kid was harder than a diamond.

He began picking up the pace and Issa moaned louder and orgasmed suddenly, shuddering as if shaking off a cold wind. He leaned in closer, and they kissed again briefly, and he could feel his balls tingle. He started pumping harder, and Issa wrapped her arms around him and began biting him again, a little harder this time. She would have to stop often to let out a gasp or a moan, and she gripped him tightly as she shuddered much harder than before, cum washing over his big cock.

The Kid pulled Issa off the table and supported her, arms wrapped behind her back, and he started pumping so hard that he was tossing her up and down on his dick with just his thrusts. Issa began howling and came again, and the Kid’s cock was positively dripping cum. The walls dulled the sounds of them fucking, but his thumping was still loud, and she quickly came again, and then again, nearly going limp the second time.

The Kid paused for a moment and brought her to her feet, holding her steady, and he turned her to lean on the table, ass out. He pushed into her again and her legs nearly buckled, but he held her steady and she recovered quickly. He thumped her hard and steady and she came again, very nearly convulsing. He had finally stretched her enough to hilt, and so he did, holding it there while he rubbed his hands up and down her thighs and squeezed her ripe ass.

He pounded her a few more times until she came again, and then he decided to finish her off. He stuck his fingers in her asshole and rubbed around in a circle, and she purred and moaned. He slapped her ass once and pulled his cock out of her pussy, and with no preamble, shoved it into her ass. Her got most of the way on the first try but wasn’t satisfied and pumped her hard a few times until he hilted in her ass. She came again, and he held it there for moment to savor it. Then he started pounding away, and he had to keep sliding her further onto the table as she came nearly constantly throughout and could no longer support herself.

Each time his big balls slapped her ass he could feel the pressure growing in them, and he held off as long as he could. Finally it became too much and he hilted and let his cock explode inside her. He came like a firehose and it sent a shudder through his whole body, nearly buckling his knees. He hadn’t cum like that since Kelly, and it was a great feeling. He slowly pulled his huge cock out of her and helped her to turn over and sit on the table. She was woozy, but deeply satisfied.

“So how about those plans?” he said, smiling smugly.

“Cancelled. Permanently,” she said as she stared at his massive dick. She reached down and grabbed his cock, pulling him closer, and started stroking him again. He leaned closer and they kissed passionately, and he felt that old electricity in his balls again.

“I don’t think I can handle a round two today, but I’m not done with this cock just yet.” She gently pushed him back and gingerly worked down to her knees, grabbing a hold of his cock again. She slowly worked his cock into her mouth and down her throat, eventually touching his big balls with her lips. The Kid was pleasantly surprised, and let her continue working, as she bobbed up and down, occasionally backing off to breathe, her hands constantly working his balls or shaft. After a while he could feel the pressure building again and pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up to sit in the nearest chair.

He grabbed her hands and gently guided them to squeeze her huge breasts together and she smiled. He stuck his massive dick between her boobs and began pumping away, and they both closed their eyes in pleasure. The pressure reached its peak and the Kid stopped pumping and took a half-step back. He pointed his cum cannon at her great big tits and his cock unloaded like a volcano erupting, covering her huge rack, neck, and her mouth with cum. It was another fantastic orgasm, and the Kid was satisfied.

Issa licked the cum off her lips and smiled. “Maybe we can do this at my place next time?” she said and laughed again.

The Kid wiped off his slowly drooping cock and pulled his pants back on. “Sounds like a plan,” he said, and headed out. As he walked to his car, his huge cum-soaked cock brushed against his pant leg and it sent chills through his body, and all he thought was, Now that was a good day.

Goal completed, and maybe some new regulars. All in a days work for the Kid.

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