The Job – Webs of Deceit

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Note from Author: The following two part story is a tongue in cheek tale of an erotic author and is followed up with a hot sex story by the writer.

At first glance they may seem to be separate, stand-alone tales in different eras and with different people. But as the reader will realize, they give insight into the art of erotica.

The first story, The Job, is written as homage to the marvelous pulp fiction writers of decades past. A hard-boiled private detective, in the style of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, accepts an assignment from an old friend that will give him insight into the mind of an erotic author. Although light on sex, every erotic author will find much to identify with here.

The next story by the author introduced in ‘The Job’, is supercharged sex when a demure young wife is caught in the web of a sexual predator who is intent on seducing her.


The Job

It was an unseasonably warm day and I had given my secretary Velda the day off. I’m at my desk finishing up some old overdue paperwork and polishing off the last gulp of my coffee laced with grappa. Caseloads are low and I’m thinking of taking a few days off myself, maybe take out the old sailboat or just hang around some friendly bar for a while.

The more I think about it the better the idea sounds. I swallow the last dregs of my spiked coffee and am putting the bottle back into my desk drawer when I hear a knock at the door: “Yeah, come in. Doors open.” I bark out, none too friendly.

My eyes open wide as I watch her walk in and over to my desk. Veronica Lake style wavy-blond hair with a lock hanging over one of her crystal blue eyes; hips undulating under a sheer pastel blue dress and breasts moving sensually with each step she takes. I manage a grin as her spike heels take her to the front of my desk. My eyes travel up her nylon clad legs; linger at her lower belly before continuing on to her breasts and face. She is drop-dead gorgeous and has an amused smile on her ruby red lips as she begins talking: “Mister Hammer, we need your help in a very delicate matter.”

As she is talking, I am busy drinking in her beauty and sensuality. Her dress is so tight I can count the pubic hair at her groin. I am up to 146 when something she says catches my full attention: “The Colonel sent me. He says you are the only man for this job.”

The Colonel! Shit, there goes my vacation. There is no request I would ever refuse from The Colonel. We go back a long way, The Colonel and me. He has saved my life and, more importantly, my soul more times than I could count. I don’t hear from him very often anymore, but when I do, it is something damn important.

She is reaching into her small clutch purse and pulling out a card with a phone number written on it. I catch a sent of her lilac-musk perfume as she reaches over the desk to hand it to me. “Call the number on this card, he will tell you everything you need to know.”

She turns and walks back to the door, giving me a view of her legs with the nylon seam running up each one, clear up to her ass. Except for the garter belt holding them up, she is not wearing any underwear and through the gossamer fabric of her dress, I can make out a small tattoo on her left cheek. It’s a small rabbit head with the words “Bunny Momma” scrolled underneath. At the door, she turns, flashes me a smile and is gone.

“Whewwwww!” I whistle as I take out my bottle for another pull before picking up the phone.


Four hours later I am driving across the state, trying to find some jazz to replace the bible belt music on the Caddie’s radio. I borrowed the car from ‘Marco the Head’ to make the trip; he had also heard from The Colonel and had a garrote and stiletto ready for me to take along. “Here” he said, “better take these brass knuckles and sap too. And stay on your guard when you see Davito. He’s a big lummox, but I’ve seen him put three men in the hospital for just looking at him funny.”

As I was pulling out of Cicero’s parking lot I heard a whistle and stopped. It was ‘Fat Clemenza’ coming up to me with a paper bag in his hand. “Take this.” He said. It was a .45 cal colt automatic with a shoulder holster. “The serial number is filed off and there’s tape on the handle. Just in case.” He grinned.

I locked my snub-nose .38 in the glove compartment, strapped on the shoulder holster and put Clemenza’s cannon into it under my suit jacket. But before I got out of the parking lot I noticed ‘Paulie The Gimp’ hobbling toward me on his crutches. He just wanted to pat me on the shoulder and wish me luck. He also dropped something into my pocket and said: “Just in case things get hairy.”

I was anxious to get going so I didn’t look to see what it was, I just flashed him a grin as I stomped the gas pedal of the 450 hp El Dorado and burnt rubber onto the highway.


It was 3:10 AM when I coasted up to a stop in front of Davito’s house bahis firmaları with my lights off. I slipped out of the door and was starting to climb over the fence when I heard the growl of his guard dog, Seawolf. Fortunately I had picked up a heavy dose of dog tranquilizer from ‘Doc Feelgood’ so I wrapped a few pills into some hard salami and tossed it over to him. Then I sat down to wait for him to go to sleep.

As I waited, I thought about what The Colonel had told me and speculated on what he hadn’t told me about this job. His instructions on what needed to be done were clear, but he didn’t tell me why. I knew that Davito was one of The Colonel’s favorite writers and that he could be counted on to put in some white-hot sex action in his erotic fiction stories. Perhaps it wasn’t all fiction after all, I speculated, and one of the cuckold husbands he wrote about had taken out a contract on him?

Or, maybe one of the wives who entrusted Davito with her personal story found out that he used it in one of his books? “Beware of a woman deceived,” I mumbled under my breath. But, somehow I didn’t think that they were the reasons. DL Davito specialized in writing about forbidden sex – not the perverse stuff, but forbidden in the way that sex with another mans wife is forbidden. He wrote several books based on this “thou shalt not covet another mans wife” theme under his “Tenth Commandment Series.” But he hadn’t published anything for a while.

It didn’t really matter why he sent me, I was here to do a job for The Colonel and that’s what I would do.

The tranquilizers were working; I could hear Seawolf snoring peacefully by the doggie door. I made my way over the fence, jimmied the door and entered the lair of Davito.

I could hear snickering and chuckling coming from the basement as I made my way silently down the stairs. I could see a scruffy man in a wife-beater undershirt hunched over a computer terminal. From the bluish light coming from the screen I could make out his hands on the keyboard. They were wind and sun burned, as you would expect to see on a man who loved being at sea. The clincher was the signet ring he was wearing with the inscription “OMW.” I had my man!

I had the garrote in my hands as I made my way up to him from behind. Old pizza boxes and empty beer bottles were scattered around the floor… I heard a “snap” as I stepped on a bottle cap.

For a stout man he was surprisingly fast as he leaped from his chair and charged at me. Before I could get the garrote around his neck he slammed into my stomach and knocked me back against a bookshelf. Books on classic erotica and Oprah’s best sellers came tumbling down around us. I landed a right cross alongside his head and he stumbled back a bit. But then he kicked me in the groin so hard it knocked the air out of me. His fist connected with my nose and I felt the blood start to flow.

I caught my breath and smacked him across his forehead with my sap, but his forehead sloped so much it just glanced off.

One-two, one-two, one-two – I punched his face with my fists. He staggered back, then bellowing like a wounded bull, he and charged at me. His elbow caught me in my side and I felt a rib break.

As he turned to charge me again, I got my brass knuckles on and as he put his head down and ran at me I stepped aside and brought them down on his head. He screamed and went down and out.

I kicked him in the ear with my size 12 wingtips to be sure he was out. He was.


I tied him to his chair with the garrote around his neck and down his back to his wrists. He couldn’t move without strangling himself while I spent the next 20 minutes going through the files on his desk. I think I had found the answer to my “Why?” question. He had three or four novels started, but they only went on for a few chapters then stopped. None were finished, although some did contain the white-hot sex that Davito was known for.

I felt his beady eyes on me as I read through his last file. I cocked the .45 and walked up to him, pointing the gun at his nose. “What do you want Hammer? Who sent you?” He croaked through swollen lips.

“Who do you think Davito? You’re becoming an embarrassment to the gang. The Colonel is very disappointed in you.” A tear welled up in his good eye as I continued: “You know how much The Colonel loves reading your books, hell we all do. But you haven’t finished anything in months. What is the matter with you man?”

Tears were forming at his face now. He tried to speak: “No one ever tells me that they like my books, did you mean it when you said The Colonel does, Mike?”

“Hell yes!” I said. “I do too, no one writes hot sex like you do Davito, but you gotta realize – you write dirty books. No one admits that they like reading dirty books. Don’t expect to get stroked with any reader feedback or even many reviews of your stuff.”

I stood over him, gun pointed between his eyes and dripping blood from my nose onto his kaçak iddaa dirty white undershirt. “You fucked up Davito. You disrespect your readers by going silent and not putting anything out for months. And don’t tell me its ‘writers block’. I just looked at the stuff you’ve been working on and it’s pretty good. The Colonel says it’s better than viagra, and without the side effects.”

I did not see a trace of the fear of death in his eyes. “Do what you gotta do Hammer. But tell The Colonel that I just never knew if anyone read my work. It’s like a comedian telling jokes and no one laughs. But what you just said makes a difference. Tell him I’m sorry.”

I put the gun back into my holster, then took out the stiletto and placed it to his neck. I cut the garrote and freed him. “Tell him yourself. And prove you mean it by telling more stories. Publish some more sexy fuck-books like The Colonel wants you to.”

I turned and went back out to the Cadillac; Seawolf was still sleeping soundly as I stepped over him. My ribs were killing me as I got gingerly back into the car. I headed it back home and thought of my date with Bunny Momma as I drove. I reached into my pocket for a cigarette and found the pack of Trojans that Paulie had slipped me.

I found a good jazz station on the radio and listened to Coletrain as I drove into the breaking dawn.


A message from the author:

I hope you enjoyed my short story about a favorite subject of mine, the hard-boiled private detective of the film noir era. A tip of the hat to a prolific writer who inspired it, Mickey Spillane. Mickey would occasionally step into the erotic fiction genre under different pen names.

For anyone expecting to find some titillating sex, here is one of the stories Mike was reading at the desk of DL Davito, “Webs of Deceptions”


[Preface: A group of men find pleasure in the seduction and sexual conquest of other mens wives, especially young moms who had no intention of ever being unfaithful. Mrs Susan Dodge is caught in their web and coerced into sex with one of them. She thinks it will be a one-time only dalliance, but underestimates the power that the ‘gentlemen’ of the Other Mens Wives club will have over her.]

A Mutual Favor

Anthony Scala grinned as he watched this pretty housewife across the desk. He had just laid out the trouble she was in and offered a way for her to get out of it by doing him a favor. Susan assumed it would be for one of her homemade pies or cakes. “Of course Mr Scala, what would you like?”

“I’d like to fuck you Susan.”

It took Susan a few seconds to realize he was serious. Then she jumped up and ran to the door.

“If you go through that door, my next call will be to Legal to start your eviction process. Of course, we will also call in our loan and you will owe several thousand dollars in interest, fees and expenses on top of losing your home.” Scala spoke softly but his tone was ominous.

Susan’s hand was on the doorknob, but she didn’t turn it. Her mind was racing but she couldn’t think of any way out of her predicament. She turned and walked slowly back to the desk where Scala was now standing. Sue felt a wicked sexual tingle course through her body. She felt like she was in the middle of some kind of wet-dream nightmare.

She looked up at her boss with pleading eyes: “Please Mr Scala, don’t make me do this. I have never been unfaithful to my husband and I don’t want to be. And I certainly never led you on, at least not on purpose.”

Her eyes were welling up again, Tony put his arm around her waist: “You don’t even realize it Susan,” he said soothingly: “But you have a body that screams to be fucked. You are a very sexy woman and shouldn’t be limited to giving pleasure to only one man just because of that ring on your finger.” He pulled her closer and could feel her body trembling against his.

“But I love my husband. I don’t want to make love with other men”; she could feel the heat from his cock right through their clothes.

Tony’s hand dropped down to caress her ass: “Hell Sue, I’m not talking about making love. I’m talking about raw, untamed fucking!” He felt her resistance waiver, “And your husband need never know.”

His hand remained possessively on her hip as he led her to the bar: “Come on, I’ll fix you a drink to help calm you down.” Sue never drank during the day and certainly not this early in the morning, but she needed time to think of a way out of this crazy turn of events. She certainly had no intention of having sex with this man!

Sue walked slowly with Tony to the bar; she felt his hot hand through her skirt as it moved along her swaying buttocks. The same bar that she stood and laughed at with her husband and three men during the contract signing, and where Les poured her wine during her erotic photo shoot two days ago. She looked across the room to a picture window and thought about saving her honor by jumping through kaçak bahis it. But she knew she wouldn’t do that and leave little Timmy without a mother. Anyway, it was only two stories up and she would probably just land in a bush and scratch herself.

As Tony mixed her a martini, she asked: “Why on earth would you want sex from me? I am just an average housewife who happens to be in love with her husband, and a mother to boot.”

Tony shook the shaker as he said: “You just answered your own question Suzie, you are a sexy, hot, untouchable wife and a young mommy as well. There is something that comes over a woman’s body when she has a baby. She gets softer and shapelier than ever, and some women, like you Sue, exude sex appeal. Also, every man on earth secretly wants to have what is forbidden to him. Married women fit that bill perfectly, especially one’s who don’t fuck around.”

He handed her the martini, “Here, try this.” Susan sipped at the drink, and then took a big swallow. It was strong and she felt the alcohol course through her already emotional body! Her mind was spinning, but she wanted to keep him talking – if for no other reason than to delay the inevitable. “Please Mr Scala, Tony, I don’t want to commit adultery. Isn’t there anything else I can do? I’ve never even thought of having sex with another man than Tim since we were married.” She took another sip, “Really, I don’t have any experience in this at all.”

“I think you are a quick learner Susan.” Tony said as he reached out and felt her breasts. “Ahhh, just as soft and firm as I thought they would be.” Sue wanted to throw her drink in his face. But she knew that she would have to do what he asked to save her family from ruin. She swallowed the rest of it down instead. ‘Well, maybe just this once’, she thought. ‘No one would ever know’.

Tony went back to his chair and sat down: “Come here Susan, sit in my lap and give me a big kiss. “And make it better than the one you gave me in the car last week.”

God! It had been less than one week since she gave him that innocent kiss in his limo. The one she never told her husband about. “No one can ever know about this”, Sue said as she followed him on wobbly legs and sat on his lap. “Promise?” She said as she looked into his eyes.

“That will be completely up to you.” Answered Tony as he pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately. Before her mind could process what he meant, his tongue forced her lips open and snaked into her mouth. One of his hands caressed down her leg, then up under her skirt. Sue realized she had no choice but to go along. She was kissing him back open-mouthed and tongues entwining as she felt his touch on her bare leg, moving up slowly to her private place!

“Ummmmhhhhhh…” she moaned into his open mouth as she felt her own passions ignite. Her arms were around Tony’s neck and his left hand was caressing her inner thigh while his other hand was squeezing her breasts, and then began to unbutton her blouse. Sue tongue- kissed Tony ardently as she felt her blood begin to boil in sexual passion. ‘This is partially Tim’s fault for leaving me high and dry lately’, Sue thought as her hips began to rock and her passion intensified! She was pulling Tony’s face into hers and kissing him in tentative, but growing lust when the hand beneath her skirt touched her cunt. It was wet!

Susan felt the beginning of an orgasm build deep in her groin. ‘Damn you Tim, she thought: ‘this should be you’.

The thought of her husband brought her to her senses! “No, no, nooo” she moaned in this strange man’s mouth. She might have to have sex with him, but she didn’t have to enjoy it! Susan was pushing at Tony’s chest when she had another thought: If she got him to cum with oral sex, perhaps she could avoid the sin of adultery by keeping his penis out of her vagina?

Her skirt was pulled up to her hips and her blouse was wide open when she stopped kissing him and pulled back enough to look into his eyes. “Let me give you a blow job”, she whispered.

“Wonderful idea”, Tony said. He let her off of his lap and began stripping his clothes off. “Get yourself naked”, he said. “It might be hard to explain cum on your clothes when you go home today. But undress slow, I want to enjoy this.”

Embarrassed beyond belief, Sue slowly stripped for him as he sat in his chair and watched. She shrugged her shoulders and her loose blouse fell to the floor. She unsnapped her bra and bent forward letting it fall off too, revealing her large yet perky bare breasts to her boss. Tony couldn’t help licking his lips at the sight of this beautiful woman exposing herself to him. Her nipples were standing at attention.

While she unbuttoned and lowered the zipper on her skirt, Tony reached over and cupped her bare tits. He pinched her nipples as her skirt fell to her feet. For a few moments, Sue thought of leaving her panties on. But when she realized how ludicrous that would be, he would probably just rip them off. She pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them. Now, naked except for her high heels and wedding ring, she stood in front of him and let him feast his eyes on her, another man’s wife’s nude body – one that he had no right to see.

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